What are TEFL Courses?

The acronym of TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Teachers or aspiring to be teachers who have a plan to teach English and to settle outside the boundaries of their country can have their hands on this course.

I  will basically travel you to the best top 10 TEFL courses in Idaho and also will answer the queries about the TEFL course and its complex types which tend to confuse most interested candidates. These trained teachers move abroad and teach people around whose mother tongue is not English.

For Example, when a person from India travels abroad, they have difficulty in speaking English and as the language, we follow are totally different from country to country, thus to settle there and to communicate with people they require teachers to teach English to cope up with the country’s level of English. 

Well aware of the fact that COVID-19 has a great impact on our lives. This disease has changed lives from top to bottom. One such change includes acquiring education online. People from sitting far away can learn the required education material, for shifting to another country.


There is growing and increasing access to TEFL, TEFL, and TESOL, across the board all because of the flipped teaching methods.

English teaching requirements in Idaho

There are certain needs to be fulfilled for the purpose of teaching in IDAHO.

  • You need to at least hold a bachelor’s degree to teach English as a foreign language in other countries.
  • Next is you need to clear the required examination to study in Idaho.
  • Another important step is to apply for the required teaching course you are planning to do.
  • Renew English teaching certificate.
  • The other option can be better than onsite training in Idaho by doing the course online. And now when the whole world is digitalized, we can attain a certificate of the essential courses by sitting in our own comfortable space.


The first and most important requirement that you need to do the TEFL course is the amount of interest in English as a subject or your love for English.

Also, this is a course for teachers and aspires to be teachers.

It will be even better if we select the age group we find interesting to interact with so that we can do the course automatically. For example, if a person finds it comfortable to teach to adult generation or above 18 groups they can prefer doing CELTA, but it’s an expensive choice though.

Individuals with already existing jobs but trying to shift outskirts can opt for this course as an opportunity.

The basis of Ranking the best course

There are some standards according to which it will be decided why the first lister is awarded this rank.

  1. Course Providing Institute must abide by the norms or rules regulated by the recognized organization.
  2. The price must be reasonable and must not be overcharging courses as this course is chosen over CELTA which is way more expensive than any other TEFL course.
  3. The study guide must be efficient and serviceable and must not be a waste of money.
  4. The time limit must be at least 100 hours to get a functional job abroad. Mostly this course is provided for 168 hours on most sites.
  5. It must necessarily be accredited by a renowned international organization because there must be a trusted name on which people can rely to do their course and stay relaxed on safety points of view.
  6. Pre information about the qualifications and degree held by the professionals going to teach us as students. 
  7. Must provide with the job facility, and online teaching internship as well, so that communication skills increase and no fear of facing the audiences remains in the student’s heart.
  8. I award extra points to the 1st rank holder as I have personally experienced their education services and they do amazing jobs in what they say they excel in. They not only provide you with the education facility but also with after-sale services by providing a face to their education constantly keep us updated about the jobs and internships. I assure you all that you will experience the best TEFL certification course.

Top 10 TEFL Courses in IDAHO

  1. Henry Harvin Education
  2. i-to-i
  3. Bridge TEFL
  4. University of Toronto TEFL Online
  5. Premier TEFL
  6. UNI-Prep Institute
  7. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)
  8. My TEFL
  9. The TEFL Academy
  10. International TEFL academy 


Henry Harvin grants you the money worth educational services and the best TEFL online certification

They provide you with 120 hours of live interactive classes, with geographic flexibility all over the world.

They impart you with a TEFL course from the most reliable and professional instructors who can be approached with doubts online one to one basis.

This  TEFL course online gets the prestigious AAEFL Certification. American Association of EFL  is internationally renowned and a big name to attain TEFL certification from.

This course is not just about 120 hours, you will be available with the online brush-up sessions even after the course is over. 

Their new batches start every week with a price of $299 which is quite more affordable than CELTA over which we tend to choose this course.

TEFL courses are available in many more cities like California, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, and more than 30 cities.

They even offer us exclusive LMS access to their content for over one year so that if something gets missing during the course it can be brushed up afterward.

This is the best TEFL certification course because they even provide us with job support afterward to teach people online or on-site, whichever suits.

2. i-to-i

They have been providing their amenities for more than 26 years. Thus giving the best TEFL certification experience to the audiences.

They have TEFL courses and diplomas available with ODLQC(Open and distance learning quality council)which is the U.K. government regulated. They are also accredited by Ofqual, through which the company is constantly watched and controlled by these authorities for the safety of the audiences.

They say that they abide by the law and standards of the U.K. Government for giving the quality structure to the people from the outskirts as well.

This guiding school provides a TEFL course by dividing it into two levels 3 TEFL courses and Level 5 TEFL courses.

Level 3 TEFL courses are the basic level of TEFL certification online and onsite offered by them. They are bifurcated further based on time and price.

Level 3 TEFL course at i-to-i is of 120,180 and 300 hours with preferable benefits with an increase in time and money.

The cost charged for a 120hour TEFL course is $139.60.

The cost charged for 180 hours TEFL course is $179.60.

The cost charged for a 300 hours TEFL course is $259.60.

Level 5 TEFL courses are more relatable to the CELTA level courses. This is the best TEFL certification type as it is better in terms of affordability, qualification, accreditations, and attainment of better job opportunities abroad.

Level 5 TEFL Course at i-to-i is of 180 hours,240 hours, and 300hours.

The cost charged for 180 hours TEFL course is $398.00.

The cost charged for the 240 hours TEFL course is $478.00.

The cost charged for a 300 hours TEFL course is $518.00.

They even provide TEFL internships in cities like Vietnam, China, and Thailand for attaining exposure and gaining teaching confidence for further.

3. Bridge TEFL 

This institute is quite a reputable platform in terms of the TEFL course online and is considered the best E-learning platform.

Accreditation by ACCET which is the  U.S. Department of Education recognized agency makes it different from others.

They have divided their TEFL course structure into two types of certificates:-

Foundational certificates

International certificates 

 Foundation certificates include the TEFL course with the most basic and introductory level education with 40 to 60 hours of training.

The price charged by them for this course is $154.00 for 40 hours and $234.00  for TEFL/TESOL training.

The international certificate is the TEFL/TESOL certification course which specializes in imparting specialization in teaching skills and meets the TEFL job requirements including a TEFL course of 100 hours,120 hours, and 150 hours. 

The prices charged for 100 hours professional international TEFL course,120 hours master TEFL certificate, and 150 hours bridge IDELT  TEFL diploma are $308.00,$391.00, and $995.00 respectfully.

They claim their 120 hours TEFL course to be the most popular course and 150 hour TEFL diploma as the most advanced online TEFL certification.

They even provide you with a basic level featured specialized certificate course of very short term and at affordable prices to improve your knowledge of just 60 hours.

4. University of Toronto 

They have various TEFL course options for further settlement abroad.

There is a basic level course of 100 hours which is an online self-paced course. This is cost price charged is of $995.00.

The other “Most popular course” for 120 hours qualifies to teach English online in various parts of the country. They guide in 100 hours of the core curriculum and 20 hours to choose specialization units.

The most premium course of 150 hours is of the cost price of $1495.00. They include 100 hours curriculum,20 hours of specialization units, and 30 hours of 3 additionals units.

They claim to provide job assistance after getting admission to the TEFL course.

The course curriculum is designed by OISE (Ontario Institute of Study and Education)which is the world-renowned faculty and group of instructors coming together. The other institution that provides access to jobs is Teach Away which is the largest teacher recruitment agency worldwide. 

5. Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL specializes in guiding students for teaching English as a foreign language.

They are accredited by TQUK(Teaching Qualification UK) which is regulated by and works under Ofqual, which is a UK government-oriented organization. 

54000 certified teachers of 89 countries are bound by this institute to further guide you people with great excellence.

       They provide TEFL certification in further 2 types. One is the fast-track online TEFL course and the other is the Level 5 online TEFL course.

The fast track TEFL course is 120,240, and 250 hours.

The cost charged for the 120 hours  TEFL course is $40.00.

The cost charged for the 240 hours TEFL course is $70.00.

      The cost charged for the 250 hours TEFL course is $299.00.

The level 5 TEFL course online is further bifurcated to 168 hours, 290 hours, and 300 hours.

 The cost charged by the 168 hours TEFL course is 199.50.

The cost charged by the 290 hours TEFL course is  369.50.

The cost charged by the 300 hours TEFL course is  369.50.

They even persuade you to join the TEFL course by attracting us as they give job assistance and also on-site internship programs including airport pickups so that you gain all the confidence while teaching to the foreign students.

6. UNI-Prep Institute 

They are a world-class institute that provides not only TEFL courses abroad also includes business courses, management courses, and TESOL teacher training.

 They are accredited by a renowned company ACCREDITATION (Accreditation of TEFL/TESOL and Training )

They have a TEFL course of 120 hours with an online format for $250.00.

The other course they offer is of 250 hours online and the price charged by them is $399.00.

They also have various specialist courses with a fee of only $99.00 from teaching from teenagers to teaching IELTS  etc.

7. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

This is a well-renowned name in the field of TEFL and TESOL training institutes as they have 25 years of experience and also have a vast number of schools worldwide. 

They have designed their curriculum and divided them into TEFL online courses, onsite courses, TEFL certification online, combined courses,s and specialized TEFL courses.

TEFL online courses are the most convenient way of gaining a piece of education, having a cost price of $199.

They also gift you with online diploma courses, designed for you to attain higher education at your doorstep. The price charged for this course is $499.

In-class courses are the ones that provide 4-week training at the international sites, charging the price $1490.

They also understand the needs of the student and even offer combined TEFL courses by mixing online and in-class training. The price charged for this will be $1195.

Specialized TEFL courses are also provided that give training focused on certain subjects such as teaching business English, teaching young learners, etc which are quite affordable to purchase. They offer this at $175, designed only for some special concerned target groups.

All its TEFL courses are validated by Lamar University (USA), the Paris College of  International Education (France), and Siam Technology College(Thailand).

Further, their online Tefl courses are accredited by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency which is of high standards in the teaching training industry, especially in TEFL certification online courses.

This institute was in need to be in the top 10 best TEFL certification courses.

8. My TEFL

This institute has 35 years of teaching experience with your type of ideal practical and online TEFL courses. 

They have planned their course curriculum as the basic level, standard level, advanced level, and professional level, each having its benefits and mortals can choose according to their preferences. 

The basic level TEFL course of 40 hours of training in the fundamentals of classroom management is the cost price of $139USD.

The standard level of TEFL certification online course guides about teaching techniques and methods. This course is for about 60 hours at a cost price of $189USD.

The next level course is an advanced type that further teaches you advanced approaches and grammar. This course is of a total of 80 hours at a cost price of $249USD.

The most professional level of the TEFL course is of 120 hours as a Master TEFL expert teacher. The price charged for this wholesome course is about $299USD. 

They at “my TEFL” provide free job facilities in parts of the whole world.

My TEFL and the parent company Footprints Language Education Ltd (FLE) are further institutional members of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).

Their online courses are accredited by two organizations:-

  1. Online TESOL and TEFL Standard Agency (OTTSA)
  2. International TEFL Accreditation Council(ITEFLAC)

9. The TEFL Academy 

They are not the oldest of all but they are one of the best TEFL certification courses.

They are the providers of online level 5 TEFL courses which is the most counted upon course in teaching abroad.

This course is of 168 hours of online TEFL certification.

They also have top-up courses for about 30 hours such as teaching young learners, teaching business English or teaching online one-to-one.

There is also an amalgamated 198 hours for the comfort of the students.

Their price for Level 5 TEFL courses is of $265 which is an offered price.

They have received official recognition from government-regulated bodies in the US and UK. Their course is DEAC approved which is the US Department of Education National Accreditor. Also, their course is regulated by Ofqual the U.K. government department.

10. International TEFL Academy.

They grant TEFL  certification all around the globe by offering a total of 170 hours program from Monday to Friday. This course can even be completed at a fast pace by a 4-week full-time program.

 The 11 weeks part-time online TEFL course is to be charged at $1199.00. The availability of batches is shown on the website clearly for attaining the TEFL certification.

 The other TEFL course of rigorous 4-week program costs $1799.00 and the vacant time slots up to next year are shown on their website with the amount charged.

The 170 hours online TEFL certification course is internationally accredited by TQUK, an awarded organization recognized and regulated by Ofqual, The British Government Organisation.                                                         

 They even assure a job guarantee as soon as the whole payment is made, even during the period when the course is still going on. This gives the confidence to go over and do this course as they swear to job satisfaction.

Decision making 

People must take their decision of doing a TEFL course with deep research work. This course can create someone’s life by changing their place of origin. Also, individuals must have a keen interest in the teaching segment because without any attentiveness in the subject there is no point in taking classes just to pursue dreams of moving abroad.

Also, there are many forgery cases as this course relates to shifting outside the country, Robers wait for you to make mistakes, and as this course is online oriented people do get trapped by digital payment issues.  So, before taking any decision we need to make the right research 

Similarly, we even need to see the standards followed by the chosen institute. The institute must be accredited by an internationally recognized organization so that when we change the place of origin we we must have certification which is valid worldwide .

Job assurance must also be given by the institutes so that it becomes easy for you to confidently step into the new world .

Rest is to be sure and be confident you will make it to the best TEFL courses .

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