The TEFL Courses have always been in demand as the English language is one of the important media of communication.


The English language has spread worldwide since the 17th century. It is the third most communicated in the local language on the planet and one of the official dialects in very nearly 60 sovereign states.

As the number of English language consumption increased, the desire to learn the language increased every year. Therefore, the demand for qualified English teachers went up significantly.  

The major European nation has increased in proud linguistic tradition, France with globalization in the virtual medium. The eagerness has increased for trained teachers and expectations. Therefore it needs some level of professional training as teaching abroad requires TELF certified holder.  

With TELF certified jobs teachers can travel across the world and also can earn and stay abroad for a long term.

Teaching, traveling, and enjoying prolonged vacationing in exotic places, seeing the foreign culture through the eye of locals. Through this course, we can educate the workers with English language and can change their lives.

Here is the list of


and find the best one suits for you  

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin provides an online self-managed AAEFL (American Association of EFL) guaranteed TEFL course of 120-hour. It is one of the top Edu-tech companies in India providing certification in TEFL.

The course requires 8-12 weeks for culmination. The course offered by Henry Harvin initiates from the rudiments and goes on to the ability level.

This course has stunning advantages like free access to Henry Harvin’s online LMS stage with bountiful substance. The program must be complete within a year of enrollment. 

The course expense is $600, which at a progressing offer is right now $299.It allows you to year-long access to the course for revision. The mentors at Henry Harvin are specialists who cover the course and devote to student learning.

Henry Harvin even extends employment opportunity support with 1200+ arrangement accomplices in excess of 42 nations in 7 unique landmasses. Media accomplices of Henry Harvin are Russia Today, Bloomberg, Japan News English, U.S.News, CCTV News. 

After fourteen days of the fulfillment of the course completion, the AAEFL certify authentication sent to effective students through email and this affirmation has a lifelong validation and doesn’t require any renewal.


  2. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

Top 10 TELF Certification Courses In France

The International TEFL and TESOL training have 120-hour long courses that are certified and all around perceived online just as in-class confirmed course accessibility. The ITTT has spread education centers in several areas. 

In-class course charge begins from $1500 and might ascend according to the variety in area. The online course expense is $240, which appears to be to some degree sensible. 

The educational plan offered by the International TEFL and TESOL training ideally satisfies universal prerequisites which we can just expect from the valid accreditation. 

The International TEFL and TESOL Training tragically don’t offer any employment opportunity support. This considers influences deciding for the best TEFL affirmation giving the course.


3. International TEFL Academy

The International TEFL Academy is licensed and the certification they give is all globally recognized.

The educational courses is of worldwide recognized. Universal TEFL Academy offers one of the most famous authorized TEFL on location just as online guaranteed courses. 

The courses areas are in 25 urban areas throughout the world, however, it is less in Asian nations for conducting TEFL affirmation. 

The course charge for offline courses is costlier than the online course offered by the International TEFL Academy. The online TEFL course charge for this umbrella establishment is $1399.

The on-location course expense (counting lodging charges) ranges from $2300 – $7000, depending upon your decision of the city. 

International TEFL Academy doesn’t ensure any job support.


4. I-to-I TEFL 

Top 10 TELF Certification Courses In France

I-to-I TEFL offers a 140-hour course through on the web and disconnected mode. TEFL confirmation cost is $275 (before it was $549).

It been around for a long time with in excess of 182000 students. They offer a TEFL course with accreditation ODLQC (Open Distance Learning Quality Council). 

I-to-I TEFL courses are conducted offline as well as online also.

The course is of worldwide guidelines as referenced on their site.It offers paid temporary position programs in Thailand ($1400), China ($1300) and Vietnam ($1300).  

The drawback of this course is that it is excessively costly since the entry-level positions and intermediate students get placements.


5. International Teacher Training Organization

Universal Teacher Training Organization (ITTO) cases to offer outstanding amongst other TEFL affirmation courses.

The online TEFL courses offered by ITTO have three choices to look over;

  • First is the essential TEFL course that is a $250 course with 100 hours of preparation,

  • The second is the standard 120-hour long course for $275, and

  • The third choice is the development course with 140 hours of preparation,

and the TEFL certification course charge is $325. 

They offer both are on location and online TEFL courses. The on-location areas are a significant decent number throughout the world in places like Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Canada, France, Thailand, New York, Spain, and so on. 



The TEFL Toulouse course is a 4 week of preparation at our training center in Toulouse, The 130-hour course includes 75 hours of teaching and grammar theory,31 hours of lesson planning help,6 hours of observed teaching practice with feedback, 6 hours of peer observation, 2 hours of receiving lessons in an unknown foreign language, and several other demonstration lessons 

TELF will give you the information and useful abilities you have to begin showing English expertly in France and around the globe. Fruitful students are provided with the Certificate in TEFL toward the finish of the month. 

You’ll require about an extra 400+euros for convenience (see our convenience page) and cash to live on for the month. The typical cost for basic items in Toulouse is about equivalent to in a medium measured city in the UK or US.


Check Out The Global Ranking For Best TEFL Certification

7. Teach to Travel Academy TEFL Courses

TEFL courses in France have effectively met the entirety of the International Accreditation Organization (IAO’s) accreditation requirements.

120-Hour On-Site Certification, there 4 weeks, authorized TEFL course in France accommodates a top-notch commonsense preparing 

 A significant part of the program is getting ready, educating, and assessing classes. The course can be practice by students from local or immigrants. 

You are free to take Free French classes all through the span of the TEFL course in France. As an alumnus, you can proceed with your practice for 50 Euros for every month for as long as you wish.



Angloville the biggest supplier of language drenching programs in Europe. It has more than 8000 students intake every year and 210 hours of course experience

An all around perceived authentication of fulfillment perceiving your on the web and genuine world TEFL educating aptitudes .

Free convenience at one of the unique hotels over a few European nations, with food included. An opportunity to meet, associate and gain from students  from different European nations 

A chance to travel and find out about worldwide societies. Free tours through a portion of Europe’s most known cities, for example, Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Krakow, Warsaw and Bucharest .

Travel Europe and get training while supporting European as an English talking coach.


 9. The Language House TEFL

A 4-week course of The Language House TEFL is a complete authorize and universally certified program that offers its courses in France.

It offers a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course which furnishes English instruction preparation to those with practically no English education experience. 

The TEFL course is directed by IATQuO which is more than 120 hours of class-time and it follows The British Council models.

Upon completing the program, it gives work help with your quest for ESL occupations in France and anyplace on the planet where there is an interest for English

The TEFL Certificate Course fee is 1690 euros and Virtual TEFL Certificate course is 1290 euros  which includes all course materials, the TEFL program, notably teaching Business English, Teaching Young Learners and our ESL job advice.


10. TEFL Prestige Course

TEFL Prestige is an exchanging division of Prestige Interlanguage, a notable language school that gives proficient, people and youthful students with great language courses 

Its a 4-week escalated program instructed by profoundly qualified and experienced teachers for (140 hours), least 6 hours of showing practice with criticism meetings

Your place on the course get register after a token price of 600€. The full sum of 1600€ must be received at the end goal for admission to the course. 

A key to seeing the world and show English in any remote nation is just as the chance to get a remunerating line of work in France.

With this course, job opportunities are provided.


Whats is TEFL Courses?

The abbreviation TELF stands for Teaching English as a Foreign language. TEFL courses are for teaching in countries where English is not the primary language or its a non-native English-speaking country.

The other abbreviations used in different countries to describe the same program are  

  • TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages),

  • ELT (English Language Teaching) and

  • TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

These are international English teaching programs for teachers’ who look for a global career 

The requirements in English teaching courses have increased in  Russia, Argentina, France and many Asian countries like China. Teaching program like TELF are on high demand.

Benefits of Having TEFL Courses

With TELF course one can gain all necessary skills to become an efficient teacher. It will build the creative teaching methodologies and will think out of the box. 

TELF course is a great way to start teaching online. It provides options for teaching online or full time or earn some money on the side.  Earning a TELF CERTIFICATE in France can make it easier if you stay on and teach after the course


A certified TEFL course is for everyone who is fit and healthy and wants to put their first step in the field of teaching.

Any age group and background can change their track to become TEFL certified professionals.

It is not necessary to possess a university degree to teach TEFL. In certain countries to meet certain required a professional degree is needed for a work permit or visa.

TEFL certification promises a quality education and opens up thousands of doors for employment with high paying job opportunities.


  • To Choose a TEFL course the most significant approach is to have a guarantee that the course you pick is a satisfactory one for your own individual plans

  • The courses should accomplish universal guidelines and should be worthy of English language instructing confirmation. 

  • They should offer courses in-class that incorporate a minimum of 6 hours of viewing showing practice with the English language with studies. The online courses should incorporate 100 hours of preparation and information.

  • It should encourage materials and preparing strategies and ought to be refresh routinely to reflect advancements in language instructing.

  • It should cover crucial showing abilities, study hall executives, language mindfulness (syntax), phonology subjects, and apply these adequately in the homeroom.

  • In this course the coaches and online mentors must be experts and well qualified . 

  • This course is coordinate and research by a free indicating body. The certificate should offer high-quality and internationally recognized by employers.


When it comes to getting your TEFL statement in France, the expenses can change on the location from where you pursue your TEFL as it is one of the most important factors.

Fortunately, there isn’t much difference in the price of the TEFL course in France, in spite of the reality that there are various corporations running institutions all around the state. Maximum projects price round $1750, with approximately 33% of that due honest as a store.

There are likewise a collection of summer season camps and volunteer tasks that individuals can take part in without visa difficulty.

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