Let’s understand what is machine learning and python 

Machine Learning 

“Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed”.

Machine learning amalgamates data with analytical tools to speculate output.it focuses more on software applications for the development of computer programming so that the outcome can be more accurate.

Machine learning is an application that can be learned from illustration without being explicitly encrypted by programmers. It uses algorithms data and can learn from experience and projects output values by formulating answers. Machine learning is closely related to effective data collection, computer processing, and dynamic analysis of sequence data (Bayesian predictive modeling) or  Machine learning is closely related to data mining and Bayesian predictive modeling. An archetypal machine learning chore is to provide recommendations, they are broadly divided into three categories regulating the nature of signal and feedback available to the learning system

Supervised learning 

In supervised learning, the machine uses most of the labeled data with correct answers which can be compared to learning. A supervised algorithm grasps training data and diagnoses the outcome of unforeseen data.

Unsupervised Learnings 

In unsupervised learning, the machine uses unlabeled data and works on its own to discover patterns and information which was previously scanned. Its algorithm trains the unlabeled data and performs complex learning including consolidations, deviation detection, and neuronal network.

Reinforcement learning 

Reinforcement learning is an area of machine learning where it exhibits how intelligent agents take suitable actions to maximize the opinion of accumulated rewards. Reinforcement learning is one of the three basic machine learning paradigms and its algorithm provide negative or positive feedback by navigating and completing the task on its own

Here’s a video about machine learning  click on the link to understand better 


Python is one of the high-level programming(coding) languages designed for simple reading and easy implementation. it’s an open-source coding language mainly used in web development, mathematics, and system scripting. Python has simple syntax corresponding to the English language which helps the developer to write a programming language. Its software creates the workflow and connects the database system to modify files. It runs on an interpreter system means prototyping can be done easily. Many organizations like Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, NASA use python which helps them to run various web and software applications, specific series, web browser operating systems, and some games.

Python is being embrasure to JAVA and the NET virtual machine and the new integral modules are easily written in C or C++depending on the chosen implementation or other languages. It analyzes the scripts and runs them immediately. It can palliate developed programs that are mostly used as programming modules.

Here’s a video link to give more insight on python 

Is It Necessary To Learn Python In Machine Language?  

Yes, python is necessary to learn machine language as it has established many modules to help programmers. And for beginners, it’s the ideal language to use and to start with as it is gaining higher acknowledgment in the technical industry. Beginners can start with R programming a framework of python which is gaining popularity and have extensive variations of statistical facilities like Graphical techniques, Time series analysis, Linear and Non-linear modeling, and are extensively used in machine learning. 

Learning Python in machine language helps you to understand and learn hyperparameters, algorithms, visualizing as there are committed libraries for completing the task. The conception of the deep learning algorithm in python is so facile and flexible since it has open sources like Keras, Tensorflow and Scikit-learn allows access to GPU for large scale computations. For machine Learnings, python contains special libraries like SciPy(Scientific Python) and NumPy(Numerical Python) Pandas (general purpose data analysis) Seaborn( data visualization) to get a good amount of knowledge in linear algebra and kernel methods.

Python is great to use and many operating systems like Windows, MAC OS, Linux are accessing it because it works in most of the operating systems, third-party languages, and its algorithm has a simple syntax. Learning Python in machine language will help you to assimilate the combination of theory and practical aspects making it significant.

So if you wish to learn coding without wasting your time and money, Youtube is a great place to find the best python tutorials for beginners. And to help you find the right resources to learn python for web development, data science, or machine language. 

Here’s sharing 15 youtube channels that will help you save time and focus on learning the right tools 

  • Al Sweigart
  • Anaconda Inc
  • Chris Hawkes 
  • Christian Thompson
  • Clever Programmer 
  • Corey Schafer 
  • CS Dojo 
  • Harshit Vashisth (Hindi)
  • Data school 
  • Free Code Camp 
  • Pretty Printed 
  • Programming With Mosh 
  • Py Data 
  • Real python 
  • Telusko 

Al Sweigart

It is one of the youtube channels to learn python programming, It is one of the best platforms for beginners who are new to coding and web development program 

Author of “Automate The Boring Stuff With Python” and other programming books helps you to sharpen the coding skills and with endless videos airing hard techniques, completion code to build a program, suggestion on modifying and experimentation with codes. The programs are ranged from classic cards, board games maths and mid libs, etc.

Anaconda Inc 

Anaconda Inc is one of the greatest platforms to learn python for data science and machine learning. Its an allocation of python and R programming language for machine learning applications, large scale data processing and aims to simplify package management and deployment.

 Anaconda Inc is one of the most popular learning platforms for python machine learning and data science and offers some valuable lectures on how to use the language with intermediate and advanced level applications. The company holds webinars, sessions, chat introductions to educate learners with new python skills.

Chris Hawkes 

Chris Hawkes channels are clubbed with various tutorial videos and programming languages with frameworks such as ASP.NET Core, and JavaScript ES6. This channel gives you a clear insight on Introduction to python programming, web designing, Reactjs, Django forms applications, and more.

Website: https://codehawke.com/

Christian Thompson

Christian Thompson is one of the middle school teachers who teach python and believes everyone should learn computers.

For beginners wishing to learn python, this is one of the best places. As being into the teaching profession he knows how to explain things clearly. His tutorial and practical videos “Christians python Basic” will help you to build fun games and will get you a hang on how python and its syntax works.

Clever Programmer 

Clever Programmer is also one of the best youtube channels to learn python programming as it is the channel that uploads new videos weekly and streams live coding videos. Clever Programmer mainly covers plenty of programming language and python.

It’s the channel which has half  million of subscribers and share videos containing answers for  fundamental  questions like 

  • How and why one should learn a python programming language?
  • What can you do with python?
  • How to Get a Job as a developer?

If you are keen on learning web development and web application check out his video tutorial  “6-part python Django Tutorial”.

Corey Schafer 

IF you are a beginner or intermediate learner Corey Schafer’s videos on the youtube channel is packed with various python instructions and introduction concepts by setting developmental environment tutorial, working with syntax, practical projects, and much more. 

The videos mainly focused on software development and programmers including   various videos tutorials on python, Git, SQL, Javascript etc

CS Dojo 

CS Dojo is the youtube channel that provides clear and conscious video tutorials for beginners and intermediate students. It majorly explains how the language works and provides tips on how to solve coding problems 

Harshit Vashisth (Hindi)

This is one of the most go-to channels for beginners who have a problem understanding English. As most of the channels teach the python language in English this is the only channel that delivers video content in Hindi containing an introduction to python and its coding. Harshit Vashisth tutorial consists of more than 250 videos which are free to access as they are mostly equipped with resources by content creators over the internet.

 Data School 

Data school has some in-depth videos for beginners interested in python learning with the basics of data science. It helps you focus on the right topic to achieve goals and shares major topics covering open source tools with python and R

Free Code Camp 

 If you don’t want to invest in online courses here’s presenting Free Code Camp youtube channel which provides free full-length online access to web development and coding programs and in-depth knowledge of python.

It provides brief details about popular tools and languages like python Javascript HTML etc.

Pretty Printed 

Pretty Printed is the youtube channel for beginners learning python programming. However, their videos are uploaded weekly and teach you to build your web page with the help of python and Django.

Programming With Mosh 

Program With Mosh is one the best youtube channels that have created tutorial videos of six hours on python providing wide knowledge on programming and how to build coding projects on your own.

It is one of the booming channels who share videos with full description which are easy to understand.

Py Data 

Py Data is an educational program of Num Focus that provides lectures and presentations on data science and data analysis using many languages like python, Julia, and R through its videos.

Real Python 

Real Python is one of the youtube channel who resolve the queries of learners like

  • How to make money as a Python developer?
  • What Python projects to build to get a job?
  • Where to start learning coding as an absolute beginner?
  • How to write clean, readable code?

Real Python guides you with the basic tutorial of python and screencasts it every week 


Telusko is a youtube channel with 800k followers who are interested in learning python programming and its work with syntax. There are more than 100 plus videos uploaded to level up the skills of learners. 

This channel provides videos on Core Java, Advance java, Python, Android Development, Django and flask technologies, Blockchain, and many other languages.

NOTE: None of them is listed, They are  based on their popularity as they mainly focus on students learning as beginners 

Henry Harvin is one of the reputed institutes which provides Machine learning course Using Python and guides you with the detailed insight and practical training 


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Python, Advanced Excel

 Here are some FAQS 

Q1) Can you do Machine Learning with Python?

***The best way to get started using Python for machine learning is to complete a project. 

Q2) How long does it take to learn Python?

***It takes around 8 weeks to learn Python basics on average.

Q3) Is Machine Learning a good career?

***In modern times, Machine Learning is one of the most popular career choices.


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