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Founded by Paul Edelman, who himself is a former New York City public school teacher in 2006, Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the world’s most popular online marketplace for original educational resources with more than four million resources available for use today.

We look at the concept and working of Teachers pay Teachers to understand how it works, is it worth spending the time and effort to maintain and create an online store on the website.

The aim is to understand the need for such a marketplace. Is there a need for it? If so, what is the earning potential of the registered sellers? There is a commission to be paid, how is it calculated?

Any venture has advantages and disadvantages; we also have a close look at these about Teachers pay Teachers. You must understand and see the view from both sides before you make the final decision.
The most appealing thing here, is that the opportunity is available, the question is what do you make of it? You can think of this as a hobby and sell original content you’ have already created for the classroom or you can take the full plunge. The final decision is yours!

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