What is a TEFL course?

  • TEFL that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and TESOL that is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These are international courses for teachers’ who look for a global career opportunity.
  • With English being famous as the universal communicative language in different corners of the world, eager students wait for a skilled teacher to guide them.
  • TEFL certified trainers have opportunities in Schools, University, other education platforms, Corporate Houses, etc. 

TEFL programs are for teaching in countries where English is not the primary language in use and not widely spoken in, but due to the global requirements have a rising demand; like in Russia, Argentina, France and many Asian countries like China.

“TESOL is the overall worldwide name giving to the field of English language teaching. “

A TEFL (a.k.a TESOL) certified course would provide an individual with all the necessary skills to become an effective teacher. These skills will help you regardless of where you go or which set of audience you have to face. The experience an individual will gain from this training will mould in creating teaching methodologies of their own, break free of the age-old bound of teaching procedures and think out of the box.

Who is this course for?

A certified TEFL course is for anyone who wishes to dwell in the teaching field. One might be from a non-linguistic area (be it technical or commercial backgrounds) and can still change tracks to become a TEFL certified professional. For many, the course has been a path to make their dreams come to reality. Be it exploring the different culture or travel different places to volunteering or might as well be work from home, TEFL certified teachers have plenty of beneficial opportunities.

A TEFL course opens up hundreds and thousands of doors for employment, providing one with high paying job opportunities. The requirement for a teacher with TEFL certification promises a quality education to the students. This qualification helps in making selection easier.

How should one choose a TEFL course?

The task of choosing a certified TEFL course is rather crucial before opting for this profession because worldwide recognition plays a significant role in your career. 

Accreditation from a globally renowned independent body for TEFL courses is mandatory for the standard TEFL certification. Schools or places that will hire you will also look into the accreditation of your session along with your certificate.

According to international standards, a TEFL certified course would incorporate a minimum of 100 – 150 hours of class time. The curriculum must be accredited by a recognized certifying administrative body that will fulfil all the global requirements. 

The pricing of the TEFL course is to be checked. The TEFL certified course fee ranges typically from $500-$1200. 

Hands-on experience is one of the critical requirements for providing the background for one to become comfortable and become a confident professional English teacher. Hybrid online classes for TEFL certification are great places that offer these experiences. 

The course trainer must be a domain expert and have a senior degree and experience in the teaching field. Tip to know more about the trainers is to check the reviews on them. Students would leave good reviews if the trainers were impressive.

Make sure the institute that is providing the course also offers job-support. Placement is an important criterion to look for if you want to get paid soon after the session. Check the websites and reviews to see if the course comes along with internship and job opportunities. 

50 Best Certified TEFL Courses

I will provide readers with 50 such TEFL certification providing institutes that either offers an online or an on-site course of English Teaching. And after giving details about all the 50 courses, I will conclude by declaring which of them is the best and ranks number 1 among the 50 courses. 

The comparisons will be critical and based on the following points:

  • Accreditation
  • Curriculum and course span
  • Course fees
  • Trainers
  • Project/ Hands-on Experiences
  • Certification
  • Job support

Rank #1:  Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin offers a 120-hour online self-paced AAEFL (American Association of EFL) certified TEFL course. The program must be completed within a year of enrollment.


The course fee is $600, which at an ongoing offer is currently $299. It is an affordable course with amazing benefits like free access to Henry Harvin’s online LMS platform with abundant content. 


The trainers at Henry Harvin are senior domain experts who cover the course with ease and are very dedicated to students’ learning.


The course usually requires 8- 12 weeks for completion. And the course doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge. 


Henry Harvin even offers job support with 1200+ placement partners in more than 42 countries in 7 different continents. Media partners of Henry Harvin are Russia Today, Bloomberg, Japan News English, U.S.News, CCTV News.

After less than two weeks of the completion of the course completion, the AAEFL accredited certificate is was sent to successful students via email and this certification has a lifelong validation and doesn’t require any renewal. 

Website: https://us.henryharvin.com/tefl-certification-course-online/index.php
Address:  355, Serrano Drive,
                  10C, San Fransisco,
                   CA-94132, United States-85253
Contact Number: +1 408-834-8824
Email Id: tefl@henryharvin.com


Rank #2: International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy offers one of the most popular accredited TEFL on-site as well as online certified courses. 

The on-site course locations are in 25 cities all over the world, but the count is very less in Asian countries for providing TEFL certification.

The course fee for on-site courses is costlier than the online course offered by the International TEFL Academy. The online TEFL course fee for this umbrella institute is $1399. The on-site course fee (including housing charges) ranges from $2300 – $7000, depending on your choice of city. 

The International TEFL Academy is accredited, and the certification they provide is globally recognized. The curriculum too is of international standards.

International TEFL Academy does not guarantee any job support.

Website: https://www.internationalteflacademy.com/
Address: 916 West Diversey Parkway
                  Chicago, IL 60614
Contact number:
Local : 773-634-9900
U.K : +44-203-318-6930

Rank #3: International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

The International TEFL and TESOL Training have online as well as in-class certified course availability. The ITTT has educational centres in several locations. 

The 120-hour long course is accredited and globally recognized. The curriculum offered by the International TEFL and TESOL Training hopefully fulfils international requirements which we can only assume from the valid accreditation.

The in-class course fee starts from $1500 and might rise as per the variation in location. The online course fee is $240, which seems somewhat reasonable. 

The International TEFL and TESOL Training sadly do not offer any job support. This factor affects in choosing for the best TEFL certification providing the course. 

Website: https://www.teflonline.net/
Contact Number:
Within the USA or Canada: 1-800-490-0531 (TOLLFREE) 
Within the U.K: 01423861216
Thailand: 065-420-0224
Outside the USA, Canada and the UK

Rank #4: The Language House TEFL

This is a Prague based TEFL course provider. The location does not make the course reach worldwide participants. They concentrate on the more communal and intimate learning experience by emphasizing on individual’s potential level training. Their website also introduces the availability of online course taking option; the online course has level 5 accreditation.

The course that the Language House TEFL provides is accredited and certified. 

This is a month-long training program we are talking about in the beautiful city of Prague. They also include teaching survival Czech for social communication. 

The online course fee is $1399, and the on-site standard course fee is $1525 (might vary with housing choices).

They do offer job assistance, and past students almost have 95% success rating for employment in Czech and Asian countries. 

Website: https://www.thelanguagehouse.net/
Address: Education Centre SPUSA
                  Na porici 1038/6
                  110 00 Prague 1
                  Czech Republic
Contact Number: +420 773 935 048
Email Id: info@thelanguagehouse.ne

Rank #5: I-to-I TEFL 

I-to-I TEFL has been around for 25 years with more than 182000 students. They offer a TEFL course with accreditation ODLQC (Open Distance Learning Quality Council).

I-to-I TEFL course is available in some on-site locations and online as well. The course is of international standards as mentioned on their website. 

The 140-hour course via online and offline mode for TEFL certification cost is $275 (before it was $549).

I-to-I TEFL offers paid internship programs in Thailand ($1400), China ($1300) and Vietnam ($1300).

The downside of this course is that it is a little too unnecessarily expensive since the internships are critical features for a student for placement.

Website: https://www.i-to-i.com/
Contact Number:  +44 871 423 9941
Email Id: tefl@i-to-i.com

Rank #6: Premier TEFL 

Premier TEFL offers online accredited certified TEFL course. They offer TEFL courses with a span of 120 hours. The certified course is internationally recognized and must be completed by students within six months of enrollment.

The TEFL app grants 24/7 study access; they also provide study planning and grammar learning e-materials. 

The course fee ranges from $150 to $400, and after the course, there is an opportunity for paid internships in different countries (prices will differ). 

This course too seems a little too expensive for the internship prices. 

Website: https://premiertefl.com/
Contact Number: +44 1273 782869

Rank #7: MyTEFL

MyTEFL hosts on-site courses in Argentina, Spain and Thailand, and they also have online TEFL course. The course taught is accredited and of 120 hours span. 

The course fee for myTEFL on-site training in Thailand is $1990, in Argentina is $1980. And in Spain is $2195. The online 120 hour-long professional TEFL course certificationcost is $300.

They do offer internship opportunities in Argentina, Thailand, South Africa and Myanmar, but with the back draw of being paid (which is not included in the course fee). 

This course too ruins the excitement with being expensive and not very structured. This will push out this course from becoming one of the best TEFL certification providers.

Website: https://mytefl.com/
Address: Footprints Language Education Ltd.
                  #207-1425 Marine Drive
                  West Vancouver, BC
                   V7T 1B9, Canada
Contact Number:
Canada: 1 778 807 9619
USA: 1 917 580 3653
U.K: 0 203 318 9697
Email Id: admin@mytefl.com

Rank #8: TEFL Worldwide Prague

 This is again a well established TEFL training institution in Prague. TEFL Worldwide Prague offers an accredited and internationally recognized TEFL course with certification, in the city of Prague of the Czech Republic. 

The course span is of 4 weeks. They provide all the course books and materials along with interview assistance. 

The TEFL Worldwide Prague training and TEFL certification cost are $1275.

They also conduct a TEFL Job Workshop and offer post-course assistance to students. The alumni network has worked in over 60 countries. 

The course does seem quite promising, but the specified location and the heightened expenses might hold back participants of other regions from enrolling.

Website: https://teflworldwideprague.com/
Address: TEFL Worldwide
                   Freyova 12/1
                  190 00 Prague
                   Czech Republic
Metro Stop: Vysočanska / Tram stop: Nádraží Vysočany
Contact Number: +420 603 486 830 / +420 283 893 145
Email Id: info@teflworldwideprague.com

Rank #9: Maximo Nivel

It is an internationally established TEFL teaching institution in centres at Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. Maximo Nivel has had more than 5300 TEFL graduate students since 2004. They offer an accredited TEFL certification.

The Maximo Nivel tuition fee of TEFL course starts from $495. The course contains 12 hours of practical teaching and observation as well.

They also engage students in teaching real ESL classes. And offer lifetime job-finding assistance to students post-course completion.

Website: https://maximonivel.com/tefl-tesol/
Contact Number: +1 800 866 6358

Rank #10: Teach Away 

This is a program offered by the University of Toronto, which is one of the world-renowned universities. The Teach Away accredited TEFL course is an initiative of the University of Toronto faculty.

The 150 hours premium TEFL course is 100% online and self-paced. This course offers job assistance. An individual after the course is qualified to teach English online, in China, Japan, Hong-Kong, UAE and more. 

The Teach Away 150 hour premium TEFL certification cost is $1495. 

Website: https://teflonline.teachaway.com/
Contact Number: +1 (855) 833-5665
Email Id: teflonline@teachaway.com

Rank #11: Oxford TEFL

The Oxford TEFL course offers both on-site and online training programs. They offer a TESOL certification and an advance TESOL diploma to students that can enhance one’s resume. This is a 4-week course offered by Oxford at a price of $1400. 

International level educators teach the TEFL certification course offered by Oxford. The offline option only comes with a very few locations and maybe insufficient as per the world-wide participant demand.

Website: https://www.oxfordtefl.com/
Address: Oxford TEFL,
                  Carrer Diputacio, 27908007
Contact Number: +34 931 74 00 62
Email Id: tesol@oxfordtefl.com

Rank #12: Global English TESOL Courses

They offer courses in on-site and online mode. Global English TESOL has a location in England and Scotland. They offer mini (<30 hours), short (40-100 hours), standard (120-140 hours) and long (150+ hours) TESOL courses. They offer certification for TEFL/TESL/TESOL courses. 

The course of Global English TESOL is accredited by ACTDEC (Accreditation Council for TESOL Distance Education Courses). 

Website: global-english.com
Address: Senate Court, Southernhay Gardens
                 Exeter, Devon
                 United Kingdom, EX1 1NT
Contact Number: + 44 1392 411 999
Email ID: lwalsh@global-english.com

Rank #13: Let’s TEFL

Let’s TEFL was found by a group of English teachers and recruiters with more than ten years of experience. Though the overall TEFL course might have many things one aspect surely doesn’t play in their favour, their course neither shows a solid accreditation proof or the validation of the globally accepted certificate.

The absence of the points as mentioned earlier surely makes us question whether the course is up to international standards. The course fee of Let’s TEFL was $500, but currently, their site is offering the course for $200. 

Do not be tempted by the affordability of the course because the course lags in some significant aspects.


Rank #14: Teaching Nomad- Teacher Link

They are offering TEFL courses offline and online. Teacher link has partnered with the University of Northern Colorado to provide either a 120-hour course or an advance 150-hour course. Even though the course mentions international recognition, but there is no sign of accreditation. 

The course offered follows the same curriculum as one of a Shanghai University TEFL course. 

The online TEFL certification cost ranges from $250 to $480.And the offline course fee covers from $1400 to $2200.

Website: https://www.teachingnomad.com/
Address: North Zhongshan
                  Road No. 2000, Zhonqi Bldg, Suite 250,
                  Putuo District, Shanghai, PRC 200063 
                  3401 Quebec Street, Suite 9150, Denver, 
                  Colorado, 80207
Contact Number: (+86) 21-8025-3905 / (+1) 720-531-6136
Email Id: info@teachingnomad.com

Rank #15: International TEFL and TESOL 

The ITT offers online self-paced TEFL courses that give a student opportunity to learn in leisure time. The course has four types; they are Basic (60 hours), Standard (120 hours), Advanced (120 hours) and Professional (180 hours).

The most popular among the four choices are advanced type. 

At the end of the course, a student can choose a TEFL or a TESOL type of certificate. And ITT claims that their course is accredited and internationally recognized.

The course doesn’t have any final examination, only quizzes and assignments throughout which is quite peculiar for I am not sure if an international standard level best TEFL certification course is supposed to be conducted in this manner. 

The course fee for Basic – $80, for Standard- $100, for Advance $120 and Professional- $160. I will again warn readers not to be fooled by the low prices of the course, for many don’t offer the value for what little they might charge. 

Website: https://internationaltefltesol.com/
Email Id: contact@internationaltefltesol.com
Skype: jaydee81_1

Rank #16: TEFL Org UK

The TEFL org UK offers online, classroom and combined TEFL courses. I will share some information on the online course for the ease of students all across the globe.

They offer two online TEFL certified course. First, that is 120 hours long ($400) standard level TEFL course, and the other being a level 5 168-hour long course ($565).  

Online learning helps you with flexible timing and ease of learning from any place. The trainers are qualified and support students throughout the course. 

Website: https://www.tefl.org/
Address: TEFL UK, 8 Winmar Leigh Street,
                  Warrington, Chesire WA11JW
Contact Number: 08003689848
Email Id: info@tefluk.com

Rank #17: UK-TEFL

UK-TEFL offer both online and offline classes, and again for better comparison perspective. Their standard online 120 hour TEFL classes are to be completed in 90 days of enrolment. 

Experienced TEFL mentor Dani Mundy writes the course, but on the website, there was no mention of accreditation or international level TEFL certification course. The course includes video lectures, lesson plan, a series of podcasts presented by the mentor. 

The standard 120 hours online TEFL course fee of UK-TEFL is $150.

The course doesn’t require any external reference content to prepare for the final assessment, the weekly or daily homework, and several quiz assessments prepare a student for the end course evaluation. 

Website: https://www.uk-tefl.com/
Address: 21 Farihaven Road,
                  Lytham St Annes
                  Lancashire FY8INN
Contact Number: 01253542659
Email Id: info@uk-tefl.com

Rank #18: Global Language Training TEFL

Global Language training offers five types of online TEFL courses accredited by the ACTDEC. 

The first TEFL course is the Specialist course of 40 hours. This course trains an individual for online teaching and offers personalized support, resources, and the Global TESL/TESOL certificate. This course price is $160.

The second TEFL course offered by Global Language Training is TEYL (Teach Young Learners) course. This is a 40 hour long online interactive course where an individual gains experience to teach children of ages 4 to 12. This course has a fee of $160. This course too offers a TEFL/TESOL certificate.

The third type of training that Global Language Training provides is the Advanced Course. It is a 120 hour long online standard course for teaching young learners, business English, and English for specific purposes. This course is the best for jobs, and Global Language TEFL does offer job support.

Through this interactive and resourceful learning, an individual is trained to perform well being a teacher. This particular course includes one week in-class training (terms and conditions apply). This course of TEFL certification cost is $330. 

The fourth type of course that Global Learning Training provides is the Master Class 150 hour-long training program. This course teaches everything like the advanced course, but it also additionally trains the individual for teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP). The course fee of the master class is $500.

The fifth and last type of TEFL course that Global Learning Training offers is Expert course that includes the content of all the other four courses. This is a 250 hour long intensive course with intensive training that can make an individual expert of the English teaching domain.

The course is offered at a price of $740. Global Learning Training offers Job Support, as well as a letter of recommendation participants. 

Website: https://www.globaltefl.uk.com/
Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road
                  London N1 7GU, England
Contact Number: 440203 435 6821
Email Id: info@globaltefl.uk.com

Rank #19: TEFL Express

TEFL Express offers accredited online TEFL courses like the 150 hours long Comprehensive Teacher’s Kit, 150 hour-long TEYL Professional Course, 125 hour-long TEFL Essentials, 25 hour-long TEFL Lesson Planning course, and the 25 hours long TEYL Module. 

I will discuss the TEFL Essential Course in details. The course is online accredited. This course includes Classroom management, essential teaching skills, phonology, grammar and methodology training. They also offer 2-day free trial course access to participants. This course of TEFL certification costs $380.

Website: www.teflexpress.co.uk
Address: 181 Earls Court Road,
London, Greater London,
England SW59RB
Contact Number: 09636416
Email Id: teflexp@gmail.com

Rank #20: TEFL Full Circle

TEFL Full Circle gives us options of 120 hour-long 17 module TEFL course or the 160-hour long course that comes with two sets of classes and two certificates (2-in-1 course). 

Both courses are internationally accredited and taught by domain expert instructors. TEFL Full Circle offers VIP job assistance and the 160 hours course comes with specialization in TEYL.

The 160-hour course of TEFL certification cost is $250. And the 120 hour-long professional course fee is $200.

Website: www.teflfullcircle.com
Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street,
London WC1N3AX
Contact Number: +443308280042
Email Id: info@fullcircle.com

Rak #21: CIEE TEFL

CIEE TEFL is an international establishment that offers four different types of TEFL certification course. World TEFL Accreditation Commission accredits the course offered by CIEE TEFL. 

The CIEE TEFL course fees range from $1250 to $300, according to the span of the course and the type of curriculum taught.

Website: www.core.org
Address: 300 Fore St. Portland, ME04101
Contact Number: 207 553 4000
Email Id: contact@ciee.org

Rank #22: Enjoy TEFL

Enjoy TEFL offers internationally accredited two TEFL courses, one with a standard 120-hour span and the other with 180 hours. 

The 120-hour course for $115 will train participants for teaching young learners from all over the world along with Mindful skills that will help in the course of their work. 

The 180 hours course is also internationally accredited to train participants to Teach English to Young Learners (TEYL) along with teaching methodology skills. The course fee of TEFL certification for the 180 hours TEFL program is $160.

Both the courses offer materials as a reference to study from and activities for engaging participants and assessing their learning. Enjoy TEFL offer job assistance to their students.

Website: www.enjoytefl.com
Address: 23 Victoria Avenue Harrogate HG1 5RD
Contact Number: +443308080411
Email Id: info@enjoytefl@gmail.com

Rank #23: ICAL TEFL

120-hour online course of TEFL that ICAL TEFL offers is self-paced and is internationally recognized. The 120 hour TEFL course fee is $270. And they also claim that they offer placement assessment.

The course doesn’t have any prerequisite requirements and the certification at the end of the course is sent to participants via electronic mode.

Though there was not enough proof in the reviews or on the website of accreditation or guaranteed job support.

Website: www.icaltefl.com
Contact Number: +01 815 366 8089 / +44 2089 355 017
Email Id: admin@icaltefl.com

Rank #24: Marshall University

Marshall University has partnered with International TEFL Academy to train for teaching English abroad. The applicants who have completed the AATC application can opt for the 11 –week online TEFL course at a price of $1400.

Other details about the course are the same as the International TEFL Academy course about which I have discussed earlier.

Website: www.marshall.edu
Address: Old Main 358
                  Teach in China
                 One John Marshall Drive
                 Huntington, WV 25755
                 The U.S.A.
Contact Number: 304-696-6250
Email Id: gochina@marshall.edu

Rank #25: TEFL Boot Camp- TEFL Educator 

TEFL Bootcamp presents a variety of TEFL course for interested participants. These TEFL courses are internationally recognized and accredited. The course fee includes certificates, tutoring fee, examination fee, etc. 

Among all the other TEFL courses provided by TEFL Bootcamp, I will further discuss only the 120- hour TEFL professional course, if as a reader anyone is interested in the other courses then I would suggest them to check their website. 

The professional TEFL course of TEFL Bootcamp consists of 60 hours of fundamental TEFL training and two ESP programs and the TEYL course. The TEFL certification course fee for the professional course is $188.

The course trains participants for teaching Business English, Teaching TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and other standardized examination, and for teaching English to Young Learners. This course will benefit individuals because it comes with two certificates at the end of the course span, one for TEFL/TESOL and the other for ESP (English for Special Purposes).

Website: www.teflbootcamp.com
Address: 610 E. Bell Road #348
                  Phoenix AZ 85022
Contact Number: +1 602 888-0334

Rank #26: International Teacher Training Organization

International Teacher Training Organization (ITTO) claims to offer one of the best TEFL certification courses. They offer both on-site and online TEFL courses. The on-site locations are quite a good number all over the world in places like Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Canada, France, Thailand, New York, Spain, etc.

The online TEFL courses offered by ITTO have three options to choose from; first is basic TEFL course that is a $250 course with 100 hours of training, the second is the standard 120-hour long course for $275, and the third option is the advance course with 140 hours of training, and the TEFL certificationcourse fee is $325.

Though ITTO claims that they are accredited, I doubt the accreditation to have worldwide recognition. Also, probably they offer job support only in Mexico.

Website: www.teflcertificatecourses.com
Address: Madero No.469 (Historic Downtown Area)
                  Guadalajara, Jalisco, 44100, Mexico
Contact Number: +(52)33-3614 4886, +(52)33-3658-5858
Email Id: worldwide@teflcertificatecourses.com

Rank #27: TESOL International Association

Even though the TESOL International Association has become an internationally established umbrella institute for TESOL, but the website provides inferior information about the courses.

All I could understand that the course is certified an internationally recognized and the course fee is $945. For more information, if anyone is interested or curious, then I would suggest contacting the institution personally.

Website: www.tesol.org
Address: 1925 Ballenger Avenue, Suite 550
                   Alexandria, Virginia 22314-6820 USA
Contact Number: +1 703.836.0774
Email Id: info@tesol.org

Rank #28: Uniprep Institute

The 120 hours TESOL certification course offered by Uniprep is an online course. The course is accredited and internationally recognized. The course is covered with video lectures. The course fee is affordable for $200. 

This course is very similar to many other courses I have already discussed in the list, and I am sure many more such institutes and their courses will appear to be similar.

Nothing awe-inspiring is about these types of courses to make them stand out to be the best TEFL certification course.

Website: www.uni-prep.com
Address: 4455 Murphy Canyon Rd #100, San Diego, CA 92123, United States
Contact Number: 1-888-244-1106
Email Id: info@uni-prep.com

Rank #29: OnTESOL

OnTESOL offers fully online internationally recognized TESOL course. The course is of 120 hours and provides another 20 hours of optional practicum module. TESOL Canada and ACTDEC UK approve the trainers.

The OnTESOL introduced course is taught by using video tutorials and recorded ESL lessons. Marshall University also provides job assistance with the TESOL course. The OnTESOL 120 hour’s course fee is $465. 

Website: https://ontesol.com/
Address: 2 Bloor St. West – Suite 700
                  M4W 3E2 Toronto, Ontario
Contact Number: 416 929 0227
Toll-Free USA/CANADA: 1-877-778-3749
Toll-Free UK: 0-808-101-3459
Email Id: info@ontesol.com

Rank #30: TEFLPros

TEFLPros offers an impressive 120 hours long TEFL course for $350. The course is very well structured and accredited by ACCREDITAT. The TEFL program consists of 10 modules and a quiz for every module, then the final examination is conducted and lastly the final portfolio submission for high graded job interviews.

TEFLPos also give the TEFLPros Activity Book, the TEFLPros Interview and Resume Guide, and six interviews with real TEFL teachers on their experiences along with free access to ACCREDITAT’s development materials and resources.

Website: https://www.teflpros.com/
Address: P.O. Box 18561
                  Asheville, NC 28814
Email Id: contact@TEFLPros.com

Rank #31: Vantage

Vantage is accredited by American Academy which is internationally recognized and validated by the Lamar University in Texas. Vantage offers only in-class and combined course (not fully online). Two sets of courses are available to opt for in Vantage institution.

The first TEFL course is the 120 hour in class TEFL course and the third option is the combined hybrid course. The combined hybrid 120 hour long TEFL course is for online theory study and then the observed practice sessions (OTP) conducted in the school in Bangkok.

The four weeks in-class TEFL course tuition is $1500. And the combined course tuition fee is $1300.

Website: https://www.englishatvantage.com/thailand-tefl-teacher-training
Address: Vantage Siam Co., Ltd.
                  1873/15-16 Sena Center Phaholyothin Road,
                  Ladyao Chatujak, Bangkok 10900
Contact Number: 02-511-3516
Fax: 02-511-3515

Rank #32: Bridge TEFL – Bridge Education Group

Bridge TEFL offers a full online TEFL course and like any other course in this list Bridge TEFL also offers a certified course that opens to thousand doors. Bridge TEFL course is accredited by the ACCET (Accredited Council for Continuing Education and Training).

The feedback response is quite well by the tutors. The course though is self-paced, but an individual has to complete the course in three months or less. The Bridge TEFL’s certification course cost is $720. For more details about the curriculum, refer to their website.

Website: https://bridge.edu/tefl/
Address: 225 East 16th Avenue, Suite 120, Denver, CO 80203
Contact Number:
Toll-Free US and Canada: 1-800-437-0413
Direct: 1-303-785-8864
Whatsapp: 1-720-919-9267

Rank #33: Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel offers a TEFL certification course in the offline and online mode of training. The in-class locations are in Costa Rica, Italy, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Spain and the Czech Republic.

The online course is an interactive course with tasks like reading, peer-graded assignment, essays, etc. that helps the participants to build such necessary English teaching skills. It is a 170 hour/ 11 week-long TEFL certification course conducted by a university professor online.

The course fee is $1300 that comes with an internationally recognized certification. 

Website: https://greenhearttravel.org/programs/adult/tefl-certification
Address: 200 W. Superior Street, Suite 300,
                  Chicago, IL 60654
Contact Number: 1-888-ABROAD-1

Rank #34: TEFL Campus

TEFL Campus offers only on-site and combined TEFL courses. The four weeks full-package on-site TEFL course that TEFL Campus offers is for $1500 and $1600 (depends on the location).

This course is easy, convenient and accredited by Lamar University. The certification courses will help participants to explore many job opportunities worldwide.

Website: https://teflcampus.com/
Address 1: TEFL Campus Phuket-
                     32/185 Phunphon Road,
                     Talad Neua Amphur Muang,
                     Phuket 83000
Address 2:TEFL Campus Chiang Mai-
                     25/2 Sanambin Kao,
                     Su Thep Ampur Muang,
                     Chiang Mai 50200
Contact Number: (+66) 81 968 9334 / (+66) 76 213 006
Email Id: info@teflcampus.com

Rank #35: ESLinsider

ESLinsider has constructed a structured TEFL course for students who wish to teach English in foreign countries and especially in Asian countries.

The course has 18 levels, with interactive 60 or more videos for targeted learning, a library full of tools that focus on the methodologies of teaching and interactive feedback sessions with the instructor.

All this at a fair price of $260 and for TEKA II the course fee is a little more that is $439.

Website: http://www.eslinsider.com/
Email Id: contact@eslinsider.com

Rank #36: TEFL Training College

TEFL Training College offers a 150 hours long online TESOL course for $119. The course features interactive learning, TEFL videos, Tutor support and flexible schedule.

After specializing in all four special segment training, the participant will receive an in a total of 5 certificates. The course can be extended on an additional fee when it expires.

Website: https://www.go-tefl.com/
Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street,
                  London WC1N3AX, U.K
Contact Number: +44 020 3287 6918 (U.K)
Email Id: admin@go-tefl.com

Rank #37: GlobalU

GlobalU has a wide range of on-site only courses in some exotic locations as well with a course fee around $2250 (depends on the site of choice). The TEFL course offered is covered in 140 hours, and this course comes with an internationally recognized certification..

The classes are available in Thailand.

Website: https://goglobalu.com/online-tefl-course/
Email Id: info@goglobalu.com


Rank #38: LanguageCorps

LanguageCorps offers 150 hours online TEFL certification course that is usually completed within 4-6 weeks. This course also includes 15 hours of live Skype tutoring and 6 hours of practice teaching with a live student.

The course also includes job finding workshops and a letter of recommendation. Unfortunately, they keep their course fee very discrete and hence I couldn’t provide it in my review.

The course offered by LanguageCorps only accepts participants from the following regions, American, Asian, Australian, British, Canadian, European, Irish, Kiwi, South African on a worldwide basis. 

Website: https://www.languagecorps.com/visa-requirements/
Contact Number: +18003763180

Rank #39: Live TEFL Prague

Live TEFL Prague provides internationally renowned TEFL accredited four weeks, and the course fee starting from $1150. 

The TEFL course offered by them is an on-site course, and one must follow the application procedure before getting selected for the course.

Website: https://www.liveteflprague.com/
Address: Nám. Míru 15 120 00 Praha 2 Prague, Czech Republic
Contact Number: +420 222 517 869
Email Id: contact@liveteflprague.com

Rank #40: TEFL Trainer

TEFL Trainer has four online plus classroom TEFL courses. I will discuss each course and also mention the tuition fee. The first course is that of 160 hours and Skype training for $190.

The second course is 160 hours course plus 20 hours in the classroom in Spain for $500. The third TEFL certification course offered by is of 120 hours and is 100 % online, and the course fee is $74.

The last and fourth course is a free course for only Erasmus course, and it is a level 5 TEFL course. 

Website: https://tefltrainer.com/tefl-certification/
Contact Number: +44 (0)203 286 1659
Email Id: contact@teflinternshipspain.com

Rank #41: TESOL- Direct

TESOL-direct offers two professional TESOL courses that are internationally recognized. Both the programs are online courses that allow an individual to learn at their ease and pace. There is end course final exam, but they evaluate students on their performance throughout the course. 

These courses are globally recognized by ACCREDITAT and structured into modules for better coverage. The 150 hours TESOL professional course fee is $370 and the 110 hour TESOL course fee is $250.

Website: https://www.tesol-direct.com/
Address: 53 Greenhill Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9SU, UK
Contact Number: +44 121 449 2221
Email Id: info@tesol-direct.com

Rank #42: International House Sydney

International House Sydney provides options for CELTA courses, like the full-time course, the part-time course and the online (blended) course. 

These course offered by the institute was costly, i.e. $3725, which seems entirely unnecessary after witnessing all the institutes that provide quality TEFL course at a much reasonable price.

Even if after this someone is intrigued by the class then I would suggest them to go over and check out International House of Sydney’s website. 

Website: https://ihsydney.com.au/teach-english/cambridge-celta/
Address: Level 1, 203 Clarence Street, Sydney
                  NSW 2000, Australia
                  Postal Address: PO Box Q895, QVB Post Office
                  NSW 1230, Australia
Contact Number: (+61 2) 9279 0733
Email Id: info@ihsydney.com.au

Rank #43: EBC TEFL Course

EBC offers a TEFL program in offline and online modes. The on-site locations for TEFL course of EBC are in Madrid, Spain, Chania Greece, and Boracay Philippines. 

The premium 150 hour TEFL online course offered by EBC is training with expert support. The course fee for the online TEFL course is $330. The course also provides e-materials for reference, and the TEFL certification ensures plenty of job opportunities globally.

Website: https://www.ebcteflcourse.com/
Address: Calle Orense 16, 2E, 28020 Madrid, Spain
Contact Number: (+34) 915 553 975
Email Id: info@ebcteflcourse.com

Rank #44: Promise Open Doors 

Promise Open Doors is one of the pioneer institutes of America to train for the English Language to teaching to Foreign Students in Korean.

This English teaching course is specially designed for those who want to become English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher, and with the use of the internet. The full-length course incorporates 60 hours of training and for a price of $250. 

Website: https://www.promiseopensdoorstesol.org/
Address: 4041 Forest Park Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63108
Contact Number: 1- (877) 636-1435
Email Id: inquiries@promiseopensdoors.org

Rank #45: Greensboro College

Greensboro College offers TESOL course as a part of the University programs. This course will train students to become an expert trainer for Teaching English to Students of Other Languages.

Greensboro College provides an internationally recognized certified degree for the TESOL course in the Master of Arts Department. 

There are a few admission requirements like Bachelors Degree from an accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA or higher, two letters of recommendation and writing

Website: https://www.greensboro.edu/academics/post-bac/master-arts-teaching-english-speakers-languages/
Address: 815 W. Market Street Greensboro, NC 27401
Contact Number: 800.346.8226 / 336.272.7102
Email Id: adults@greensboro.edu

Rank #46: UC Berkeley TEFL course

The Robertson Centre for Intercultural Leadership (CIL) at the International House of UC Berkeley has developed a certified TEFL course in collaboration with experts at Teach Away.

The course span is 120 hours, and it is a Degree course at the university with their accreditation. For students who spend two to three hours daily, they complete the course within six to twelve weeks. The TEFL certification course at UC Berkeley is offered for $1095.

Website: https://cil.berkeley.edu/tefl-certification-course/
Address: International House Berkeley
                  2299 Piedmont Avenue
                  Berkeley CA 94720-2320
Contact Number: +1 510.642.9481
Email Id: cil@berkeley.edu

Rank #47: TEFL Iberia

The one month Trinity CertTESOL course of TEFL Iberia is an on-site course located in Barcelona. The course doesn’t require any pre-knowledge and is perfect for beginners who wish to pursue a career in teaching English. The course span is 160 hours.

The course fee is $2077, and TEFL Iberia offers placement help with a job opportunity at their host school. Dedicated expert trainers deliver the course, and the course also includes more than six hours of teaching practice with real life-learners.

Website: https://www.tefl-iberia.com/
Address: Calle Valencia 275, 3rd floor 08009 Barcelona of Spain
Contact Number: +34 934 875 116
Email Id: info@tefl-iberia.com

Rank #48: Christian TEFL

The Christian TEFL offers more than two online TEFL courses that differ in the number of teaching hours. The accredited Classic TEFL course of Christian TEFL is a traditional online program with 120 hours course span with a tuition fee is almost $250.

This course usually takes six to twelve weeks to complete, and it is open for all native and non-native English speakers. The best reason to join this course might be that all the benefits go towards supporting one of seven Christian TEFL’s missionary partners.

Website: https://www.christiantefl.org/
Address: Christian TEFL, Senate Court, Southerhay Gardens,
                  Exeter EX1 1NT
Contact Number: +44 (0) 1392 346555
Email Id: info@christiantefl.org

Rank #49: OISE – University of Toronto

The University of Toronto of Education (OISE) has designed a certified TEFL program in collaboration with Teach Away. The course offers a University accredited certification that helps in finding teaching opportunities all over the world.

The three courses introduced have a course span of 100 hours, 120 hours, and 150 hours, and the course fee of those varied spans are $995, $1295, $1495, respectively.

Website: https://teflonline.teachaway.com/?doing_wp_cron=1586924671.6493439674377441406250
Address: OISE University of Toronto TEFL at Teach Away
                 171 East Liberty St, Suite 324
                  Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6K 3P6
Contact Number: +1-416-628-4334
Toll-Free: 1-855-833-5665
Email Id: teflonline@teachaway.com

Rank #50: Cultural Route

The Cultural Route offers two choices of TEFL courses, one that is a 60 hour long TEFL course and the other that is a 120 hours long TEFL course. OTTSA accredits the courses offered by Cultural Route.

The website unfortunate doesn’t provide tuition fee information publically; if anyone is interested, then they can inquire about it by contacting the Cultural Route team. 

Website: https://cultureroute.com/?utm_campaign=GoAbroad_ProgramPage_VisitSite&utm_medium=Go_Abroad&utm_source=Listing_Site

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