Content writing has become a very important part of the modern era, inspired by information technology. The imagination of the IT industry without content writing is close to impossible. In addition, to be an amazing tool for digital marketing and advertising, content writing is continuously creating a lot of job opportunities, especially for youngsters around the world. If you are looking to have a settled career with a good income, working as a content writer is surely a great option. 

Finding the right content writing jobs is not as straightforward as most people think!

There is a plethora of content writing jobs you can find online but filtering a few legitimate jobs can be a daunting task, as the content writing sector is also becoming a strong base for frauds and scammers. Here is everything you would want to know about online content writing jobs. Have a look. 

Why is online content writing job a wonderful option?

The flexibility offered by the job is one of the biggest positives that inspire especially the youngsters!

There are plenty of positives you can count about a content writing job. In addition, to be a very flexible option, it enhances your overall intellectual abilities. Let’s have a look at some other positives of content writing job in detail. 

Depending on your skills and abilities, you can opt from a wide range of job options!

  • Content writing isn’t about one-dimensional jobs: 

There are a lot of different types of options for people having different skillsets. You can opt from a lot of options like SEO writing, business writing, academic writing, freelance writing and much more. 

  • Huge opportunities: 

The content writing sector is only expanding with time, and it is giving a lot of opportunities for freshers. As a skilled content writer, you can work on a lot of different types of niches, including fashion, education, health, lifestyle, applications, and games etc. Once you enter the vast field of content writing, there is no limit whatsoever. 

  • You keep learning during work: 

Learning is a lifetime process, and the statement becomes even stronger when it comes to content writing. You’ll get opportunities for working with different types of people with different skills and mindsets. 

You’ll keep learning while working on different types of niches and topics. All these things are only going to make you an improved person. 

  • Your life, your choice: 

If you’re a content writer, especially a freelance content writer, you are the boss of your life. Content writing is one of the very few careers where you can work according to your choices and comfort. 

You are not under tremendous pressure of working for long hours. You can opt for your working hours according to your preferences. 

  • There is space for some other stuff as well:

Content writing allows you to focus on some other important stuff of your life!

You can earn more than enough by working smartly. Content writing is a job that doesn’t only test your writing and imaginary skills; it also tests how smart you’re at your work. 

There is a difference between “working hours” and “productive hours”. Depending on your productivity skills, you can easily spare a lot of time for some other things in your life.

Different types of jobs you can look as a content writer:

Content writing offers a wide range of jobs, depending on your skill sets and experience.

You can work in different capacities if you’re option content writing as a profession. Here are a few most preferred online content writing jobs you can look for:

  • SEO Writing:

Understanding the game of keywords is key if you want to become an SEO writer.

SEO writing is one of the most preferred content writing jobs, especially for those who are down with experience. SEO writing is all about usage and placement of keywords within a specific content. 

If you can learn the game of keywords, there is no reason why you can’t become a successful SEO writer. The keyword is not everything. Of course, good writing skill is a must, but if you don’t have much experience of working as a content writer, you can opt SEO writing at least as your entrance to the content writing world. 

Depending on your experience and writing skills, earning between 20,000 INR to 50,000 INR per month won’t be a huge challenge. 

  • Academic Writing:

Academic writing requires some advanced skills of writing along with the knowledge of a few different academic themes.

The demand for academic writers is only increasing in developing countries like India. Being an academic writer is not a straightforward thing as it requires more than better writing skills with deep knowledge of different academic themes. 

But if you are skilled and experienced enough, and you love to work on academic projects, academic writing is surely a great option. If you think you are good enough to work as an academic writer, you can look for a lot of online jobs available from various reputed magazines, journals, newspapers, and publishing companies etc. 

Academic writers are easily making more than enough money with their writing skills.

  • Freelance writing:

If you want content writing as a part-time job or a secondary source of income, freelance writing is surely a suitable option. 

As a freelance content writer, you’ll have to work for a specific client(s) or website(s). The deadline is one of the major parts of freelance writing where you’ve to submit your tasks on the fixed deadlines. 

Freelance writing is ideal for students, homemakers, retired people, and even for those who’re looking for an extra source of income. 

Depending on your writing skills and experience, earning 10,000 INR to 50,000 INR monthly won’t be very tough. 

  • Business writing:

The demand for business writers is only increasing with an increase in competition at the global business stage.

Business owners are hiring content writers at very good salaries. You need to have more than better writing skills and experience of at least a couple of years to become a successful business content writer. To get full knowledge about content writing opt for an online content writing course.

If you’re aware enough about the ups and downs of business, there is no reason why you can’t make a very successful career as a business writer. 

Depending on your writing skills and business knowledge, you can earn somewhere around 40,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR per month without much fuss. 

  • Social media writing:

As social media has become a strong platform for information and advertisements, business owners are looking for skilled writers who can write catchy and attractive contents for their advertisements on various social media platforms. 

Like SEO writing, social media writing also depends heavily on keywords. So, if you are good at writing attractive lines for businesses and brands, you can definitely work as a social media writer. 

There are plenty of other options for you if you’re looking to work as a content writer. Everything comes down to your writing skills and work ethics.

How to find the write content writing jobs:

Don’t get trapped by attractive advertisements!

Finding the right and legitimate content writing job is not the easiest of things. You need to be extra careful while searching for writing jobs online. Here are a few things that can help you to find the right content writing job as a beginner. 

  • Ask your friends, family members and others who’re already working:

The best way of avoiding possible scams is to ask someone you know personally. Having someone already working as a content writer will help you immensely. It won’t only be helpful to find a few better options; it’ll also help you to head in the right direction. 

Ask a content writer friend about various important aspects like how to find the right clients, how to start working on different niches, what are the basic rules of working as a content writer etc. It’ll definitely help you to get started. 

  • Start with a few guest posts:

Attracting a few clients towards your writing skills is way better than searching for a few. And posting a few posts on popular websites and social media pages is one of the best ways of doing that. Look for the websites where thousands of people can easily read your writings. 

There might be a few potential clients among your readers! Pitching a few advertisements is surely good, but if you don’t have enough samples of your writing skills, it can be hard to land quality clients. 

So, where you should start writing?

There are plenty of amazing websites with thousands of readers and viewers where you can start writing without expecting payment. You need to be a little patience, and there is no reason why you can’t get the right clients. 

  • Contact with other freelance writers:

Expanding your scope of research can definitely help you to expand your work.

Networking with other freelance writers is another great way of enhancing your chances of getting some content writing work. It’ll also help you improve your overall writing and communication skills. 

There are numerous ways of finding and contacting a few freelance writers. Expand your scope of research! Don’t only get stuck to your family and friends. Always remember one thing, nothing will be served to you on a platter! You’ve to make more than enough efforts to find the right work. And networking with a few experienced content writers can go a long way to help you to get some work. 

  • Say, I’m available for hire:

If you are on social media, advertise that you’re available for hire. People won’t know if you have the time to manage more clients until you advertise properly and clearly. 

If you’re advertising that you’re ready for hiring, prospects will find it easy to learn, and if they need a new writer(s), they will surely think about getting in touch with you. 

  • Join different Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are more than better places to find more than a few legitimate clients.

Knowing about a few groups can help you immensely to find new clients. You can regularly post that you’re looking for some content writing work. This approach takes a little time to build a strong relationship with clients, but if you’re potential and patience enough, there is no reason why you can’t find a couple of new clients. 

If you’re looking to get engaged on Facebook groups, keeping a few samples handy will be very helpful, as most of the clients demand the samples as soon as you try to approach them. 

  • Have your own website:

Having your own website can be immensely helpful to find suitable content writing jobs.

If you’re looking to attract high-paying clients, you must have an informative and attractive website with all the information about your writing skills and expertise. 

You can invest in a self-hosted WordPress website, which is not only going to be cost-effective but would be very productive too. You can look for different freelance websites to get an idea about what you need to do to make your website professional and informative enough. 

  • Find out a few websites that offer online content writing jobs:

There are a plethora of websites claiming to offer high-paying content writing jobs. They might be the great sources of frauds and scams, especially if they’re asking for something like “registration charge” or “application charges”. 

Legitimate websites don’t ask for anything like that! They’ll pay you only what you deserve. There is nothing like “high-paying” content writing jobs. It all comes down to your ability and skills. You can ask a few freelance writers about a few right and legitimate websites that offer the work without asking for any charges. 

That’s all about online content writing jobs. Hopefully, the write-up was informative enough for you to learn every aspect of content writing job. Always keep these important points in mind while finding new jobs. There is a lot of positives associated with these jobs, especially if you’re willing to give your best. A huge thumbs up for your efforts of finding the right jobs.

What is content writing all about?

Content writing is the professional kind of writing. It involves the series of steps like content planning, content writing and content editing. The motive of the content writing is to produce unique online content for any website.

Give the future prospects of Online content writing jobs?

Online Content writers are the peoples designated as professional writers who creates unique and quality content for the promotion of products and services for any kind of business. People engaged in online content writing has wide range of career prospects, viz. Copy Writer, Creative Writer, Technical Writer, Free Lancers, Bloggers, Web content Writers, Ghost Writers, etc

What are the steps for the content writing online?

Writing any content online whether an article for any website, a blogpost, a web content like press release, etc or any e-book needs several tips to be kept in mind. 1- Select a catchy headline for your topic that you have selected. 2- Research a lot for the generation of new ideas and keywords. 3 – Explore your own unique style of writing 4 – Try to be creative while writing and stick to the topic.5- Your first paragraph should have your desired keywords. 6- Edit your text.

Suggest several tips for the beginners who want to start content writing online?

The beginners can start content writing online as free lancers. Online content creation needs several tips to be followed . Emphasize on headline. It is important. Your content should be engaging and valuable. It should be according to the need of the reader like a formal content is required for a business work. Your concluding paragraph should be powerfull enough to be remembered by the readers. Do remember to pay attention towards the feedback given by your readers. This will upskill your quality of the content for future generation.

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