Are you a South African? Are you an aspiring teacher? Are you looking for the best English teaching job? Then the best choice for you is to go for an English teaching job abroad. In 2021, with the whole pandemic, it might not seem that easy but teaching English abroad is always a good choice. Despite all circumstances, just you have to be extra cautious in these pandemic situations. 


1. Why go for English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

Teaching English is a fairly enjoyable job with a chance to explore more. You might have a knack for travelling. If you do, then you can earn in between your travelling. English has become a widely used language in recent times. People all over the world wish to have knowledge of this language. This way you will always have people coming over to learn this language. So, it is always good to go for an English teaching job. The best part is that the major qualification is just a TEFL Certification. 


If you have decided to go for an English teaching job, then there are certain things that you have to plan. Going to a new job has its own requirements. When you are going for a job in an entirely different country, the planning should be doubled. There are certain things you will have to plan to teach English in 2021. To make it easy for you we are providing you with a list of 10 things for South Africans to plan to teach English Abroad in 2021.

1. Visas

The nickname for South African passports is “The Green Mamba” because many countries are not keen to welcome you with your leather-bound passport alone. Most of the countries expect you to apply for a special visa. Let’s say you are going to teach English in Europe, then you will need to look up the requirements for getting yourself a Schengen Visa. 

Many countries require a special visa like this. These special visas require tons of paperwork and it will cost you much. Keep this in mind, when you go for a job in another country. Countries like South America and Central America are good choices when you want to teach English. At the same time, when you are going to a new country make sure you check the routes.

2. Cost

Before you make plans for going to foreign countries, you should take it into account the amount of money you will have to spend. You will have to spend money on the TEFL Course you take up. Then there are plane tickets, your moving in costs, transportation, food and other unexpected expenses. Then never forget the expenses will differ from one country to another. Also, the value of money will differ from one country to another. 

When you are choosing a country give preference to countries with nearly the same value for Rand. You won’t have problems with the difference in value. There are certain websites that will help you in figuring out the expenses. Columbia is one of the best choices in terms of expense. Because the value of Rand is more or less near. If you go for let’s say Japan, then it is not a favourable situation in terms of money because the value of Yen is way more valuable than Rand.

3. Language

South Africa is also called the rainbow nation. Owing to the fact, it has eleven official languages. But teaching English abroad requires you to be a native English speaker. If not, you will have to have English as your first language or the language you used for your education.

Nearly 10% of the South Africans are alone native English speakers. Many South African have languages like Zulu, Xhosa or Afrikaans as their native language. In that case, you must have certain proofs that will help in qualifying you to teach English Abroad. You will have to have transcripts that will act as proof of your schooling being done in English. 

Along with your TEFL certification, you need this to prove your expertise in English. Make sure, you are very well aware of the language. When you are going to teach a bunch of learners, you yourself have to be profound. It won’t look good for you to stumble when you are teaching someone. 

4. Dress Code

If you are asked to name professions that require you to dress properly, then one of your answers will be teaching. A teacher will have to dress in the most proper of ways. The important thing about this is, you will have to know what is considered proper in the country you chose. Every country will prefer their own way of dressing up. 

It’s better to keep in mind the expense of the clothes. Also, remember to make sure you find the correct clothes.

5. Availability of Jobs

When you are going abroad to teach English abroad it’s better to already get a job rather than go there and search for it. It is safer. Then you have to choose a country that has the best opportunities. It will serve as an alternate.

You should also decide which category of students you will be teaching. This will help you in choosing the appropriate country for yourself. Check the feedback and review of the organisation that hires you.

6. Choose the right Country

We have already given you certain things you should consider before going abroad to teach English. Then also there are many more things that will need you to plan out. Those you can plan only if you decide the country. 

Decide the country carefully. Consider all things before deciding on it like transportation, travelling, expense, job and many more. When you have decided the country plan according to it. 

7. Brush Yourself up

Teaching requires you to be well aware of what you are teaching. When you have decided on whom you want to teach, prepare according to that. It is never a good thing to stumble on your words when you are a teacher.

Be extremely thorough with the grammar part also. Never assume you know everything and quit preparing. It is better to be safe than sorry. You may have read it way back, so just go through it.

8. Whom are you Teaching?

Like we said before, it is necessary to know who you will be teaching. You should know whether you have the calliper and patience to teach a particular age group of students. You will have to plan your study plan and prepare everything based on the learners. 

9. Money you get Paid

Apart from the cost, you also will have to know how much you get paid. Countries like Saudi Arabia pay more to teach English than a country like Georgia. Make a perfect Budget before you reach the country and start teaching. Check your contract, its end date and other minute details so that you can have a perfect plan for handling your finances.

10. Get TEFL Certified

The first and foremost thing you have to do when you decide to teach English abroad is to get TEFL certified. TEFL Certification is the major qualification for you to get TEFL Certified. This is an unavoidable thing that you got to do. Nowadays, getting a TEFL Certification has become extremely easy. You can do it both online and in the classroom. In this pandemic, it is hard to go out and take up a  course with constant fear nagging at the back of our heads. In this case, you can go for an online course.

When you go to the right place, you will be able to get TEFL certified with ease. One of the best places for you to get TEFL Certified would be Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification.

2. Why go for Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification?

Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification is ranked as a No.1 Course. They also offer you a 100% interview guarantee. It is an instructor-led training and certification program on TEFL. Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification comes with so many benefits, that it can easily become your first choice.

Benefits of Henry Harvin TEFL Course

  • You will be able to clear the TEFL Certification Exam.
  • You will be able to easily teach nuances of English to non- English Speakers.
  • You can evolve and enhance your confidence in class.
  • You will also be able to enhance and evolve your confidence in class.
  • You can also gain an in-depth understanding of learners psychology,  
  • The best part is you will be able to improve your job profile.
  • You will also be able to create a niche for yourself.
  • You will be able to gain the most valuable certification.
  • At the end of the course, you will be capable of thinking out of the box and use innovative methods to teach English to learners.
  • You can earn opportunities to explore new places and countries.
  • You will be able to manage time perfectly for your classes.

Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification is an instructor-led 120-hour live class with the trainer, that you will be able to clear your doubts from time to time. The training is taken by trainers who are experienced in their field. You can choose the TEFL course from Henry Harvin and get yourself TEFL Certified.

I hope you found this article. We would also like to recommend you to prepare a checklist of all these things you have to consider before going abroad. All the best.

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3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How much does the TEFL Certification Course from Henry Harvin Costs?

Henry Harvin charges you $299 for the TEFL Certification Course.

2. When does the next batch start for Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification Course?

Every week a new batch starts. So, you can enrol anytime in Henry Harvin’s TEFL Certification Course.

3. What is the Scope for the TEFL Certification?

TEFL Certification is the necessary qualification for teaching English abroad. With this certification, you can travel around almost all countries and get yourself a job. Most of the countries have recognised English as a necessary language, so learners of English are plenty. You just have to have a passion for English and teaching it to new learners. You should also have a good command of the language. 

4. How to Find out the Value of Rand in other Countries?

You can visit a website called Numbeo. This website can provide you with all the expenses, costs of living of a country. You will know the value of Rand in other countries as well using this website. 

5. Is it Mandatory to have English as a Native language to Teach English abroad?

It is not mandatory to have English as a native language to teach English abroad. You can either have English as your native language or your educational language. If you do have English as your educational language, you will have to have the necessary proofs for that. 

6.  Will my doubts and questions be cleared right then and there owing to the fact it is an online course?

Yes, all your doubts will be cleared in the session itself. You can ask your question to the trainers in the class itself where it will be cleared right then and there.

7. Till when is the TEFL Certification Valid?

TEFL Certification is valid for a lifetime. But, we would recommend you to use it within two years because there are chances it might arise questions in your interview.

8. Does a TEFL Course really take 120 hours?

TEFL certification is an acclaimed certification. They will expect you to be competitive when you are TEFL Certified. Without 120 hours of training, you won’t be able to fulfil the industry’s requirements in terms of your skills. So, it is necessary for you to take 120 hours of TEFL Course. 

9. Is it easy to get a job with TEFL Certification?

Getting a job, in the beginning, has its own hurdles. But, a TEFL Certification will help you in navigating through the process easily. With experience, getting a job is easy. Without it, TEFL certification is the best choice for beginners.

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