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The first word a child speaks becomes a language for him. Over the next formative years, we learn a lot of worldly things with the help of language. Language opens the world in front of you. Normally our mother tongue is our first language, but we often learn more languages as we grow since “Learning a language is like opening a new window from which you look at the world. The past few years have seen people learning languages other than English like French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, to name a few. Learning the Spanish Language  has become very popular especially if you are in the travel sector or teaching sector. Spanish Language jobs are seen as lucrative options, once you have learned the language.

One can learn the Spanish Language from a reputed institute like Henry Harvin, who teaches the Spanish Language at various levels namely beginners level, upper beginners,

Intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, and upper advance level. Thus you can gain proficiency in the Spanish Language. Learning the Spanish Language helps students trying to study abroad, professionals looking for better work opportunities in other Spanish Language speaking communities, and individuals who want to learn the Spanish Language Course  to apply for Spanish Language jobs. Let’s look at a few questions you may be asked while you apply for a Spanish Language job.

Basic Questions

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Q1. In brief, tell us a bit about yourself?

Ans: The recruiter wants to know you more than your resume. 

Your edge: Keep this answer basic, concise, and to the point.

Q2. According to you and the way you see yourself, what is your biggest strength (Cuáles son tus fortalezas)?

Ans: This answer will give deep insight into your personality

Your edge: Keep the answer professional by giving a sneak peek into your professional personality.

Q 3. After knowing your strengths, what are your weaknesses (Cuáles son tus debilidades)?

Ans: Once again the recruiter throws a googly for knowing the negative traits of your character

Your edge: Pls let your answer have no cliques.

Q 4. Tell us about your family background?

Ans: This question is a test to know how well grounded you are, is your personality boisterous, are you laid back or ambitious. 

Your edge: To the point let the recruiter know about your immediate family only parents, spouse (if married), kids (if any), or siblings (in case you are unmarried, you may include siblings).

Q 5. What are your goals (¿Cuáles son tus objetivos)?

Ans: As a professional you visualise yourself growing successful, the recruiter wants to know what is that objective and how will you reach there.

Your edge: analysing your current status ex: you may be a student, answer the question in present but looking at future. You may say that “I am studying and I aspire to be a good engineer speaking fluent Spanish)

Q 6. How do you utilise your free time? (¿Qué haces en tu tiempo libre?)

Ans: The team is trying to probe into knowing how you keep up with the latest trend and development in the market

Your edge: Apart from stating your hobbies, you can make the recruiter aware subtly how you are aware of the latest trends and developments in the market. When you apply for technical jobs this will come in handy.

Q 7. How do you know Spanish Language, where have you learned it? (¿Cómo sabes el idioma español, dónde lo has aprendido)

Ans: Since one of the prerequisites of the job is the Spanish Language, the recruiter wants to your proficiency level

Your edge: You can mention the opportunity to be a Spanish Language job, so the knowledge of the language. You can mention the place from where you have done the course  ex: Henry Harvin

Job-related/behavioral questions

Q 8. What do you know about the company, tell us in brief ( ¿Qué sabes de la empresa y del puesto)?

Ans: You may be appearing for the interview after seeing the ad in the newspaper and have done some recce before appearing for the interview

Your edge: Well prepared is half done, this proverb fits here well. Once you get a call from the company, read as much as you can for the post and about the company. It gives you a cutting edge

Q 9. Why do you want to work with us and this company ( ¿Por qué deseas trabajar en esta empresa)?

Ans: The recruiter is trying to find your readiness for the said post.

Your edge: thoroughly read the requirements of the post and understand the responsibilities of the post. In case it is for a technical opening, keep your answers read in Spanish.

Q 10. Why did this position interest you? (¿Por qué te interesa este trabajo?)

Ans: The question looks the same as above, but this is more specific to the profile.

Your edge: The interest in the profile must look apparent and you can also talk about learning the Spanish language since the post would be offered for a Spanish Language job.

Q 11. The job you held previously had you at what position? (¿Qué puesto ocupaste en tu último trabajo?)

Ans: The question will validate your claim in the resume

Your edge: Be honest about your previous experience. Refrain from any negative words around the previous experience. Clarify your stand on the switch of the job. This answer will determine your readiness

Q 12. How do you handle confidentiality in your work (¿Cómo maneja la confidencialidad en su trabajo?)

Ans: As a professional looking for Spanish Language Jobs, it is important for the recruiter to know your ethics

Your edge: Let the team know your moral code of conduct.

Q 13. How well organised are you (¿Que bien organizado estas?)?

Ans: As a leader or for a particular Spanish language job, you have to be organised so that you can multitask.

Your edge: Multitasking in art, without being organised. If you have a particular system that you follow to stay organised, share it.

Q 14. Describe your management style (¿Describe tu estilo de gestión?)?

Ans: You may be assertive as a leader or loyal as a teammate. The recruiter wants to know that

Your edge: By telling them your style you may inch the Spanish Language job towards you or away from you. Choose proper words while describing it

Q 15. How do you motivate your team (¿Cómo motivas a tu equipo?)?

Ans: This will be a classic question if the post you have applied for is at the senior level

Your edge: The team makes a success or a failure depending on its leader. Your motivational tool has to set an example. Cite previous examples to make your case strong.

Q 16. Rate your computer skills (¿Califica tus habilidades informáticas?)?

Ans: Computer lingo and tools help in data generation, analysis, and forecasting. Your comfort with software has been found out.

Your edge: If you know tools like SAP or other tools that would be necessary for the post, make it known to the recruiter along with how it benefits you and the team.

Q 17. What problems did you face in the previous job (¿Qué problemas enfrentó en el trabajo anterior?)

Ans: The reason for the job switch is been probed

Your edge: Be assertive while answering and choose words that either make the previous post look unimportant or the organisation look in a bad light.

Q 18. What were the qualities that your previous employer liked about you (¿Cuáles eran las cualidades que le gustaban a su empleador anterior de usted?)

Ans: The recruiter is not satisfied by your previous answer so the probing continuous

Your edge: Hold on to your words. Don’t falter and speak ill about the previous job. Yet bright forth your qualities that would be appreciated irrespective of the post or the organisation.

Q 19. Do you take work home often (¿Te llevas el trabajo a casa a menudo?)

Ans: This question is again to judge your time management skills. When you take work home it is often denoted that you are not able to complete a particular task during office hours.

Your edge: Speak on how you manage the schedule so you do not carry work home. Tell them exceptional cases when work follows you home.

Q 20. How will you be an asset to the company (¿Cómo serás un activo para la empresa?)

Ans: It is a polite way to ask you again why you should be hired.

In the middle of the session, this question is asked again to unnerve you

Your edge: maintain your calm and composure while answering it

Q 21. Professionally, name your biggest achievement (¿ Profesionalmente, nombra tu mayor logro?)

Ans: Do you rest on your past laurels, this characteristic of yours has been probed.

Your edge: You can explain your achievement in detail and add that you look up to achieving a new achievement once you come on board in this organisation

Q 22. Are you a good leader for a team (¿Eres un buen líder para un equipo?)

Ans: Again a googly to see if your nerves are made of steel. Your management and leadership styles overlap, so the question is posed again

Your edge: Answer assertively and empathise on the pointers coolly. Choosing Spanish Language words is important.

Q 23. When is the time that you disagree when at work (¿Cuándo es el momento en que no estás de acuerdo en el trabajo?)

Ans: Behavioral skills are extremely important when the team is under duress hence this question. 

Your edge: You may be a team leader or a team member. Your way of expressing displeasure is always noted as constructive regressive. Choose your style clearly

Q 24. When was the time you made a mistake at your previous job (¿Cuándo fue el momento en que cometió un error en su trabajo anterior?)

Ans: Acceptance of failure or mistake is seen as a personal character of a candidate

Your edge: State clearly if you feel you made a mistake, if none then be extremely clear in expressing your views on this matter.

Q 25.Tell us about a failure of the past (¿Cuéntanos sobre un fracaso del pasado?)

Ans: The recruiter is not convinced so he is probing to see if he can get a peek into the same

Your edge: Stick to your stand 

Q 26. What is the work environment that you prefer working (¿Cuál es el entorno de trabajo en el que prefiere trabajar?)

Ans: This question is posed to see if your expectations match the work culture of the organisation. An important assessment pointer

Your edge: You can spell out your preference like no gender disparity or Spanish Language use frequently, or a friendly and supportive work environment

Q 27. What is your biggest motivation for this post (¿Cuál es tu mayor motivación para esta publicación?)

Ans: What motivated you to give up the previous post to opt for this job.

Your edge: Your answer could be anything like the salary, post, Organisation work ethics. Anything that you feel is best for your career growth.

Q 28. What is your unique quality that sets you apart from others (¿Cuál es tu cualidad única que te distingue de los demás?)

Ans: It is why should we hire you to put in a different way so that you open up to your quality

Your edge: Your unique quality could be vague like ‘I am spiritual’ or that I can ease up a tense situation. Whatever be the answer, be honest and don’t frame something you are not.

Q 29. What would be your immediate task once you start this job (¿Cuál sería su tarea inmediata una vez que comience este trabajo?)

Ans: They might be seriously considering you now and it depends on your few answers

Your edge:If the post is technical and you need to reorganise, make it known

Q 30. Would you relocate yourself for this current position (¿Se trasladaría a este puesto actual?)

Ans: How important is this job for you and how you look at it as a growth parameter

Your edge: Make it known if you are willing to relocate or even if you have apprehension

Q 31. Can you give an insight into the industry scenario in the present context (¿Puede darnos una idea del escenario de la industria en el contexto actual?)

Ans: At a senior level, how do you look at the market and also know your knowledge?

Your edge: The latest trends, market movement, and stocks change can be discussed

Q 32. How do you handle conflict at work (¿Cómo manejas los conflictos en el trabajo?)

Ans: At a senior level handle, conflict at the team level is mandatory

Your edge: Interpersonal conflict resolution ideas can be discussed

Q 33.What is your opinion about a leader, should he be feared (¿Cuál es su opinión sobre un líder, debería ser temido?)

Ans: At a senior level, one needs to know if you handle a team with an iron fist or with a feather’s touch

Your edge: Strong character points need to be put up

Q 34. Tell us about your academic qualification (¿Cuéntanos sobre tu titulación académica?)

Ans: Slowly they might be inching at knowing extra courses that you may have done since your resume mentions your academic poweress

Your edge: Learning Spanish may not be mentioned or an SAP course, but mention it subtly.

Salary Questions

Q 35. What remuneration do you expect from this job and why (¿Qué remuneración espera de este trabajo y por qué?)

Ans: Do your and their expectations match on remuneration

Your edge: Clearly state your salary expected with proper reasoning

Q 36. What is your notice period in the current job and what is your salary (¿Cuál es su período de preaviso en el trabajo actual y cuál es su salario?)

Ans: They need to know how soon can you join and what they are going to offer matches your expectation

Your edge: Be clear and concise

Q 37. Would it be ok if we pay you the same salary even next year (¿Estaría bien si le pagamos el mismo salario incluso el año que viene?)

Ans: Just checking if you are desperate for this job

Your edge: No should it be

General questions before closing the interview

Q 38. Who is the person who charted the course of your career (¿Quién es la persona que marcó el curso de su carrera?)

Ans: Your edge: Name the teacher or person who has been influential in your career

Q 39. Five words that describe you are (Cinco palabras que describen que eres)

Ans: Your edge: 5 very strong positive traits of yours

Q 40. What dreams do you want to be fulfilled? (¿Qué sueños quieres que se cumplan?)

Ans: Your edge: Very general and professional. 

Q 41. Which personality trait of yours are you proud of (¿De qué rasgo de personalidad tuyo estás orgulloso?)

Ans: Your edge: Name any professional one

Q 42. What is the biggest fear in your life? (¿Cuál es el mayor temor de tu vida?)

Ans: Your edge: Any that does not interfere with job prospects

Q 43. Will your previous employer back you with your claims (¿Su empleador anterior lo respaldará con sus reclamos?)

Ans: Your edge: Honest answer here

Q44. Who are the people who you look up to as a hero (¿Quiénes son las personas a las que admiras como un héroe?)

Ans: Your edge: Historical is preferred

Q 45. What magazines do you often read (¿Qué revistas lees a menudo?)

Ans: Your edge: Honest mention

Q 46. What is your favourite memory as a child (¿Cuál es tu recuerdo favorito de niño?)

Ans: Your edge: Share a small significant emotional event. They probably want to know your emotional quotient

Q 47. Name your favorite movie till date (Nombra tu película favorita hasta la fecha)

Ans: Your edge: Mention it

Q 48. Which car do you drive lately (¿Qué coche conduces últimamente?)

Ans :Your edge: State it

Q 49. Other than work what is your biggest accomplishment (Aparte del trabajo, ¿cuál es tu mayor logro?)

Ans: Your edge: Let them know

Q 50. When do you expect to hear from us? (¿Cuándo esperas saber de nosotros?)

Your edge: Mention what is your expectation

Ans:Attending an interview for a Spanish Language job will open a plethora of opportunities. Before that, it is important to learn the Spanish Language from a reputed institute. The Spanish Language helps in many sectors, especially in the travel sector. In many countries, the Spanish Language is the preferred language. Spanish Language jobs are offered to teachers, IT professionals, and travel bloggers. So why wait for the doors to open. Push open the doors of opportunity by learning the Spanish language today.

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Q 1. Why should one learn the Spanish Language from a reputed institute?

Ans: The Spanish language can be tough to learn, keeping in mind the tongue-twisting pronunciations. Learning it from a reputed institute helps you learn the language holistically. The pace at which it is taught becomes important if you are a beginner. The precise grammar helps if you are looking for a Spanish language Jobs that require the language to be learned at an advanced level. 

Q 2. During a Spanish Language job, should the interview be done entirely in Spanish or bilingual would be ok?

Ans: The course of the interview has to be charted by both parties. To know your proficiency level in the Spanish language, the recruiter may conduct the entire interview in the Spanish Language. They may also choose it to be a combination of English and Spanish language and the proficiency of both the languages is checked.

Q 3. Can I ask questions to the recruiter at the end of the interview?

Ans: Many times towards the end of the interview, the recruiter would ask you if you need to ask any questions about the post or the company. This is a good time to ask your doubts if any and get them resolved. It may so happen that you may not be given this opportunity. In such a scenario gauge the mood of the recruiter and then politely ask him/her if they were ok to answer your queries. If the answer is affirmative. Go ahead and clarify your doubts.

Q 4. For a Spanish Language Job conducted online, What care must be taken?

Ans: In pandemic times, when things have gone on the digital platforms. It is necessary to keep in touch with the Spanish language and converse in it. Other than that the following things may come in handy:
– Clearly mention your user name and profile picture
– A stable internet connection is mandatory
– Choose a quiet place for the interview
– Be on time for the virtual interview
– Be confident while answering the question and wear your headset perfectly so that
your voice does not sound hoarse
– Be 5 min before the scheduled interview and keep a confident smile on your face


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