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Brief Introduction to Spanish Language

We know that Spanish is one the majorly spoken languages in the world and nowadays schools are also offering it as a second language to learn for the students because of its growing popularity.

So, there is no better time than right now to enroll yourself in a Spanish Language course.

Do you know that there are more than 500 million people in the whole wide world who speak the Spanish Language? Yes, In the USA the second most spoken language after English is Spanish. A big chunk of the population in the USA and Europe speaks Spanish. The Spanish Language is one of the current official and working languages of the United Nations. Spanish is the native language of around 21 countries in the world.

Spanish is a beautiful language which is also called the Romance language of the Indo-European language family which implies that Spanish is spoken by more than one-third of the world’s population. People in Latin America and Spain often call “Spanish” as “Española” and sometimes “Castellano”. We are going to share with you some benefits of learning this language.

Why Spanish Language Course?

Spanish is a magical language that has multiple benefits and you will be surprised to know them. Learning a third international language apart from your native and English language is going to add a special benefit to your qualifications and personality. Although learning any other language is an additional point for you but learning Spanish will separate you from the crowd as it is a unique language. Let us discuss the advantages of taking a Spanish Language Course.

1. Widen Employment Opportunities

If you want to work abroad, there are so many job opportunities for you if you have a certificate in Spanish Language Course. If you wish to work in Spain or any South American country, knowing Spanish will enhance your employment prospects there regardless of any sector.

The job market in these countries is expanding, so if you’re are a doctor, engineer, advocate or belong to any profession but possess a degree in the Spanish Language is surely going to make a difference for you. Therefore, knowing the Spanish language will be going to make it easy for you to get an edge over others in grabbing a lucrative job offer.

2. Business Growth and Expansion

If you are an entrepreneur, have a business of selling any product and your areas of operations are limited, don’t you think how great it would be for your business if you could promote it in other countries? Definitely yes, if you are successful in your own country, you can do it in other countries too and you will be able to do it more effectively if the language barrier is not there.

As Spanish is one of the most famous languages after English, that means a large percentage of buyers also speak Spanish. Therefore, taking up a certification in Spanish Language Course to promote your business overseas is a good idea as you can easily reach and interact with your clients, convert deals, make transactions easily with Spanish and Latin American firms.

3. Access to a new Culture

Learning a new language gives you access to explore a new culture that you haven’t experienced before. Spain is known for many things like literature, plays, music, movies, dance, etc., and if you know Spanish you can enjoy this cultural gift by easily conversing with different people, making new friends and thus widening your social circle.

4. Enhanced travel experiences

If we want to travel to a new country, the first thing that comes to our mind is the language barrier. Things become super-easy if you know their language. That way your trip becomes easy and you don’t need to depend on anyone for translation every time.

If you know the Spanish language, you can plan your trip for fun, learn, or work in many countries like Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia, Philippines, etc.

5. Boost Creativity and a strong knowledge base

Learning a different language opens the doors of amazing creativity as you learn and try to find different ways of communication with others. It stimulates our brain pathways and increases our creativity on how to use different new words to converse. 

Hence, doing a certification in a Spanish language training will surely improve your thinking creativity. It will strengthen the knowledge base of your native language as while learning a new language you have to think hard about how the idioms, conjunctions, verbs, and other grammar rules are applied to your native language. You will first think in your native language and then convert it to Spanish, it will help you to increase your understanding of both languages simultaneously. 

Career Scope and Job Opportunities after Spanish Language Course

Spanish is a global language, widely spoken in almost 44 countries in the world including the USA which is the fastest growing country in terms of economy, technology, business, health, etc. The Spanish language is also becoming a commonly used medium for content volume on the internet. It is gaining popularity as a foreign language in India.

Still, wondering? How taking up a Spanish language course can help you in your career building?

Let’s find out! We are sharing with you the infinite career possibilities you can have if you know the Spanish language.

1. Translator  

Knowing Spanish apart from your native language is going to give you an edge over others as you can easily fetch a much demanding job as a translator in today’s growing industry. MNC’s do business in various countries, and translator has to simply convert written information from one language to another.

If you have a degree in the Spanish language course and you have mastered your skills, you can easily grab this high-paying job in the corporate world. You can work as a freelancer or even start your own business as a translator.

2. Interpreter 

While translation is mainly converting written material, the Interpreter acts as a bridge between two tongues. It is more about converting spoken information from one language to another. Assume, for a business purpose two managers or two ambassadors meet together to sign a deal but they don’t understand each other’s language, that’s where an interpreter comes in who help in bridging up this communication or language barrier.

The role of an Interpreter is to make them understand what the other person is saying to reach a mutual decision to sign the agreement. As an interpreter, you can easily work in MNCs, media houses, the medical industry, public meetings, court interpreters, sports arena, and many more.

3. Hotel Manager 

The hospitality industry mainly deals with customers coming from various countries. They hire skilled language learners to handle their clients effectively. Spanish is becoming the most common language now, it will be a feather in your cap if you have certification in the Spanish language, you can easily land a lucrative job as a hotel manager. You can work in Spain or you can also work in your native country at a hotel that encounters lots of Spanish visitors.

4. College Lecturer 

As the number of people enrolling in Spanish courses is increasing every year, jobs for Spanish teachers or lecturers are and will be in high demand. Globalization has made it possible for the world to get united through the internet, almost every college is now introducing faculties of different languages.

Being multilingual is not common, therefore with exceptional Spanish language skills and required qualifications, you can easily find yourself a respected and well-paying job as a Spanish lecturer in any university in this world.

5. International Sales Marketing 

International sales industry is booming with the rise in globalization. This is an era of MNCs where a corporate of a particular origin expands its business operations in multiple countries. Hence, there is a constant demand for multilingual professionals who can tackle the international sales marketing for B2B dealings. With your impeccable Spanish language skills, you can easily work in the sales & marketing department of any MNC and negotiate deals for their cross-border business.

6. Tourism Guide 

The tourism industry is flourishing worldwide; a tourist guide plays a crucial role in keeping engaged the tourists and keeping them abreast of the cultural vibes of the place they are traveling. After having a certification in a Spanish language course, you will be working as a linguistic tour guide either in your home country or abroad. It is a well-paying job that includes interaction with tourists.

7. Work in Embassy 

With proper qualifications and an additional certification in the Spanish language, you can land yourself in Spanish Embassy in your home country or any Spanish-speaking country. There are all sorts of jobs in an embassy like front desk, IT operations, Office administration, logistics, customer care, Finance, and many more. The embassy does pay well and it is a respectable job too as you will be working for your country’s or other foreign embassies.

8. HR Recruiter 

Globalisation has rendered corporates to hire employees worldwide. For this, the demand for recruiters with foreign language skills has gone up. Your specialized command of the Spanish language and knowledge of recruitment can get you into the Human Resource Department of a corporate in your country or abroad where you will be interacting with potential employees to hire them. It’s all due to effective communication which leads a recruiter to the best quality candidate.

9. Language Youtuber 

Making YouTube videos is on-trend in today’s world. Someone with good speaking skills plus an in-depth knowledge of the foreign language, can effectively make videos on any area of interest in that language, post it on a youtube channel, and can target a good audience for it.

Spanish is the most popular language in the world, as a result of this, your videos in this language will fetch you a big pool of viewers on your website or channel. As a language blogger, you can help your audience to learn this language, sell multiple products, and do promotions. You can earn well through affiliate marketing and advertisements on your channels. More subscribers fetch you more money.

10. Content Writer 

The content writing profession is in much demand in the current digital world. With Spanish language skills, apart from writing in your native language, you can attract foreign clients to write for them too. Adding a foreign language, Spanish, to your resume will make you stand out from the crowd. As a creative thinker with strong Spanish language skills, there are lots of opportunities for you in the corporate market for content writing which indeed are the well-paying jobs in the industry. 

Thus, the spectrum of career opportunities is quite broad if you possess strong Spanish language skills. Not only the above mentioned but there are a lot of career options you can choose from.

You can work in the Airlines industry, Health industry, as an ESL Teacher, Language Corporate Trainer, Research Analyst, in Government Agencies, as a Brand Specialist, International Journalism, and many more. Once you have a certification in a Spanish language course, the possibilities are endless for you. 

Syllabus/ Curriculum of Spanish Language Course

The course content of the Spanish language is broadly divided into 6 modules worldwide. It is a meticulously designed syllabus that will start from a beginner level and will take you to the advanced level. Let’s give you an overview of these modules 

A1 – Beginner Level

Focus is on imparting root level functional and cultural content with grammar knowledge to create a basic understanding of common words and vocabulary in the Spanish language. Learners will be familiarized with daily expressions and basic phrases. After completing level A1, trainees can introduce themselves to others in Spanish and vice versa, and a simple interaction can be gradually done in Spanish.

A2 – Elementary Level

A knowledge base is created where the learners can comprehend sentences and everyday used expressions on the areas of immediate relevance like personal and family details, interests, geographical details, employment information, etc. It is more about expressions and making basic sentences to converse in Spanish by a simple exchange of familiar and basic information about one’s background, family, environment, and education.

B1 – Intermediate Level

Learning is on the description of events, situations, feelings, tenses, pronunciations, reading, and writing. Learners will be able to structure sentences in Spanish on their own. Slowly, learners will be able to understand regular information they encounter during their work, school, environment, etc in a much better way. They will be able to describe their aspirations, dreams, hopes, etc. in Spanish and can briefly provide explanations and reasoning of their plans.

B2 – Upper Intermediate Level

Focused deeply on dialects and complex thoughts. The candidate will learn to make a hypothesis on past and future and will be able to build long speeches in Spanish. Thereafter, it also includes learning technical aspects in a learner’s specialization. After completing the B2 level, the candidate will be confident enough to interact with the native speakers with a good degree of fluency without any problem with either party.

C1 – Advanced Level

The candidate will gain knowledge in understanding the meaning of long texts. He will be able to express his thoughts and ideas fluently and effectively in the Spanish language. Candidates will be able to understand the implicit meaning of the text or conversation and can express their views and thoughts spontaneously without any lack of expressions. Trainees can efficiently communicate in Spanish for their professional, academic and social purpose by using clear and well-structured text on complex topics.

C2 – Proficiency Level

The learners will be able to structure the speech, express hypotheses, produce different texts. Basically, at this level, the candidate will be at ease in reading, writing, and understanding the Spanish language without any difficulty. The learner will now be proficient in summarizing information collected from various spoken or written resources and reconstructing it coherently. After completing the C2 level, candidates can express confidently, fluently, and precisely with a complete understanding of all the aspects of the Spanish language.

Eligibility for Certification in the Spanish Language Course

Certification is a full-time course in the Spanish language which can be from 6 months to 1 year. For this, interested candidates are required to have a minimum qualification of 10+2 and a passing certificate from a recognized board for the same with at least 50% passing marks to be eligible for the certificate course in Spanish.

One of the internationally recognized Spanish proficiency exams is DELE (Diploma of Spanish as Foreign Language) which works on the guidelines of CEFRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) and administered by Instituto Cervantes, recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture & Sport of Spain. The certification by DELE is accepted by all the institutions all around the world and has lifetime validity.

The other official Spanish Language Exam is SIELE promoted by Instituto Cervantes. It is a single online exam to test your aptitude and skills in the Spanish language. These exams will test your qualifications as a fluent Spanish language speaker. 

Till now, we have discussed the importance and benefits of the Spanish language in today’s world. Also, now we know what all career options you can have after you complete the Spanish language course. But it is important to get your certification from one of a reputed and leading institute as it will be of great value to add in your qualifications, skills and resume too.

Let’s discuss some of the leading and top Spanish language institutes offering Spanish language courses. 

Top Spanish Language Institutes in India

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin


The course in Spanish Language Training by Henry Harvin is a detailed course which is divided into six levels to equip the trainees with in-depth knowledge and skills of this language. Henry Harvin is a leading Spanish language institute where trainers with more than 15 years of experience have designed the curriculum as per DELE and SIELE exams which are conducted by Instituto Cervantes. The course content will enable learners to have a strong command of both verbal and written language skills.

Course Features

  • 1. Online Live interactive classroom training with experts.
  • 2. Get experience by working on Spanish language Projects.
  • 3. Internship opportunity to have hands-on experience.
  • 4. Govt of India recognized certification of Spanish Language Training Course from Henry Harvin.
  • 5. Access to LMS, video content, boot camps, Hackathons, and 1-year Gold Membership.
  • 6. Placement support for 1 year post-completion of course.

Duration and Spanish Course fee details

Level Duration
A1 30 9,500
A2 30 9,500
B1 40 12,500
B2 40 12,500
C1 40 15,000
C2 40 15,000

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

German Language CourseKorean Language CourseJapanese Language CourseFrench Language Course

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Asian News, United News of India,  Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:

DelhiMumbaiKolkataOnlineHyderabadPuneGurgaonFaridabadBangaloreChennai, Noida,  LucknowGurgaonChandigarhJaipur

Also Check This Video :

Check Henry Harvin Students’ Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is my first training program in Henry Harvin’s and my experience till now has been great. My trainer Amrish Sharma explains the concept with utmost clarity and live examples. He Clarifies every student’s quire and makes the concept understandable. Thank you

This is my first training program in Henry Harvin and the experience has been amazing till now. In fact, the program has taught me how to unlearn and relearn. My trainer Mr. Sunil Agarwal is ensuring that we understand each concept in depth and with utmost clarity. He encourages us to ask questions, explore further and find out more about the topics. The fact that he takes us to the grass route level and ensures topics are explained in a very simple manner. He pays attention to everyone and never shies away from addressing any question. In fact, hearing him speaking in one of the classes, my hubby wanted to join the course and attend his class. Thank you, Henry Harvin !!

Knowing the Spanish language is a vital skill for a promising career in the IT domain and learning through Henry Harvin’s Spanish language A1 course in Noida gave me the most significant advantage of mastering the language from Ajith sir. His training helped me understand basic Spanish conversation and my clients’ needs.

2. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages (IIFL)

The Spanish Training academy of IIFL offers certification in Spanish Language courses in Bangalore. IIFL is one of the leading Spanish Language institutes in India. The content is designed according to the pattern of DELE and SIELE. Currently, online sessions are going on for the course.

Course Features

  • Certified and experienced Trainers
  • Free demo classes and webinars
  • Learning in small batches for better understanding
  • Standardised Curriculum

Duration and Spanish Course Fee details

Level Duration Fees
A1 60 13,800
A2 60 13,800
B1 70 18,800
B2 100 28,800
C1 Hourly 1,000 /Hr
C2 Hourly 1,000 /Hr

3. El Instituto Cervantes

It is one of the largest Spanish language institutes in the world to promote the teaching of the Spanish language and culture with 86 centers in 45 countries worldwide. The course is designed on the framework of CEFRL and offers certification in DELE. Presently, online and for some beginner level offline batches are going on. Learners will also have access to the library to know Spanish culture, newspapers, literature, etc.

Duration and Spanish course Fees Details

Level Duration
Fee (INR)
Fee (INR)
A1 Morning Batch 60 15,000 16,500
A1 Evening Batch 60 15,000 16,000
A2 Morning Batch 60 20,500 21,500
A2 Evening Batch 60 20,000 21,000
B1 Morning Batch 60 21,300 22,300
B1 Evening Batch 60 20,800 21,800
B2 Morning Batch 60 22,500 23,500
B2 Evening Batch 60 22,000 23,000
C1 Morning Batch 60 23,000 24,000
C1 Evening Batch 60 22,000 23,000
C2 210    
Spanish Course duration and fees of Instituto Cervantes

Contact – (+91) 011 4368 1900

4. Instituto Hispania

Based in New Delhi, it is one of the leading Spanish Language Institutes in India. The pedagogy is trained and is experts in their field so that the learners achieve maximum Knowledge in minimum time.

Thus, the focus is on all the important aspects of the course that is reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar of the Spanish language. They have multiple centers across India, although presently online classes are also going on.

Instituto Hispania has divided its Spanish Language curriculum into 8 modules from Hispania Uno (A1) to Hispania Ocho (C1). The duration, of course, is from 4 to 5 weeks in weekdays batches and it is from 8 to 10 weeks in weekend batches.

Spanish Course Fees – It is INR 15,300 for each level.

Contact – :+91-987 130 8911

5. British School of Language

BSL is an Indian organization and one of the top Spanish Language institutes in India. It has many branches in the northern part of the country like Jhansi, Lucknow with its head office in Noida. BSL follows the teaching system of CEFR to test the ability of a learner in a foreign language.

Course Features

  • Free Demo class
  • Access to LMS Software
  • Learning through a Cloud-based virtual classroom
  • Flexible Timings

Spanish Course Fee Details – INR 12,500/- from A1 to B2 level.

Contact – +91 8009000014

Apart from the above discussed, there are other institutes also which you can explore and select according to your suitability. Other platforms providing Spanish language courses are Udemy, Coursera, Duolingo, Multilingual, Symbiosis Institute of Foreign Languages, etc. 

Conclusion: The Next Step!

From this blog, you must have got to know that there are ample good reasons to start learning the Spanish language. So, when you learn Spanish, it will unlock a door for endless opportunities for you. Therefore, not only your knowledge but your personality, confidence, career graph, social circle, and concentration will also improve. Each one can have a personal motivation to choose to learn the Spanish language but the truth is that learning a new language will only bring positivity to your life.

So, what are you waiting for? Without hesitation just enroll yourself in a certification course in a Spanish language course in a top Spanish language institute and see yourself flying high in your career and personal growth. 

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Q1. Is it necessary for me to know basic Spanish before enrolling in a course?

Ans : No, even a complete beginner who does not have any knowledge of the Spanish language can enroll himself in this course. The first module of this course is A1 that is Beginner Level which will be taking you through all the basic knowledge of the Spanish language to start with. 

Q2.  Is learning the Spanish Language difficult?

Ans :The level of difficulty for you depends on different factors like your mother tongue, age, ability to grasp new things, etc. But for starters, Spanish is not a much difficult language to learn. The beginner levels are easy and you can even start pronouncing in Spanish in a few days. However, the higher levels are difficult which you will master over some time with practice. 

Q3. Can I learn the Spanish language online?

Ans : Absolutely yes. In today’s digital world, online learning is proving to be a boon in the education world. You can very well learn it online with all the available software tools at the comfort of your home at any convenient timings. Expert trainers are taking online classes all over the world in weekday and weekend batches. 

Q4.  What are the benefits of learning the Spanish language?

Ans : Learning Spanish as a second language will boost up your career prospects.
· You will have access to universities abroad for education.
· It improves your employment opportunities in other countries too.
· It will keep your mind sharp, increase confidence and build your personality.
· Multiple career options are there if you have a good command of the Spanish language
· A whole new world of art, music, culture, new people will be opened up for you.
· You can expand your current business to other countries. 

Q5.  How many levels does a Spanish course have?

Ans : As per the guidelines of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL), there are 6 levels to complete a Spanish language course starting from Beginner Level to Proficient level– A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.


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  53. kuldeep singh Reply

    Your blog tells me that learning the Spanish language is fun and highly beneficial for my career. Thanks for this post.

  54. ranveer singh Reply

    Amazing posts on the Spanish language.Hope to see more like this from you.

  55. piyush kumar Reply

    If you want to go to European countries, knowing the Spanish Language has an add-on benefit for conveying with people there.

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