“No e-mail, no work environment.” a work environment without e-mails may be a kind of a void ground for play. Writing emails has become the need of the hour. Email communication is the most important method of communication in today’s technological era. Nowadays learning to write an email in a neat presentable way has become a herculean task. Email writing styles differ from person to person along with a special vocabulary. A clear crisp message needs to be delivered to the person along with a catchy headline. The headline should deliver the gist of the message. There are alternate ways to write down an email. Some of them are.

  • Business Emails
  • Personal Emails
  • Notices and Informative Emails
  • Meeting Invites through Email
  • Advertisements through emails

Email writing courses are being conducted across the country to teach the art of email writing to people. Let us discuss the top 10 email writing courses in India. 

1. Henry Harvin Writing academy


An enterprising organization that helps its students to excel in email writing. It conducts the email writing course in a well-organized way. It brings out the student’s potential and helps them understand their strengths. It has been awarded the finest Email writing course in Asia. This organization has numerous tie-ups with 160+corporate and 60+ colleges which aid in job support for the students. It provides an alumni status so that the student can use peruse the course again. It has well-experienced, knowledgeable trainers to guide the students.

Advantages of Henry Harvin:

  • The foremost advantage is 8 hrs +training+24 hours online brush-up sessions, and 50+hours e-learning access are bestowed upon the candidates.
  • Email writing terminology Comprehension is made easy for the students.
  • Coaching of email communication’s importance and its process
  • Provision of Study Material and also 8 hours of a live training session.
  • CEWS certification is provided to the students and supports them in excelling in the same.

The course is available in two options:

 One is the self spaced course which costs a fee of 2700/-. It offers 24* 7-lifetime free guidance. The other one is the most preferred with live classroom sessions which costs a reasonable price of 3000/- only. The Classroom sessions provide a flexible schedule under the mentorship of award-winning trainers. 1- year Gold membership is an added trump card for the candidates which enhances their learning prospects. A No Cost EMI option is given by the organization which no other email writing course has provided to date. 

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

Content Writing Course Fee Structure please check it here:-


Henry Harvin Provides Content Writing Course in these Cities:


Check out Henry Harvin’s other courses:

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Udemy is another major organization in India that conducts email writing courses. The ratings provided by the customers are in second place amongst the email writing courses in India after Henry Harvin. The course syllabus is similar to that of Henry Harvin. This firm is well established in its way. It helps in improving the written communication styles for business purposes. The course enhances the ability of the candidate to make their workspace a success. An awareness of email etiquette is created among the candidates to under client relationships. It boosts their energy level and makes them victorious employees in the work environment.

Benefits at Udemy:

  • 5 hours of on-demand video sessions are provided to the candidate by well-versed trainers.
  • Articles to be written through email are another added advantage to the course.
  • Udemy provides full-time access to their candidates for this email writing course.
  • Anytime downloadable resources are always at one’s fingertips for easy accessibility.
  • Practise tests are conducted at regular intervals by the training team.
  • Before the course completion, a final exam needs to be taken by the candidate that aids in the comprehension of the email writing course.
  • A course completion certificate is awarded to the candidate by the organization.

 Udemy’s course fees are reasonable for a layman who can pay at 1280/-only. An engrossing feature of the course fees is a 30-day money-back guarantee. None of the other email writing courses in India provide this opportunity.

 Udemy conducts classes across India as it is an online-based firm. The other courses that the organization manages are

  • Content Writing Courses
  • Technical Courses
  • Art Courses.
  • Free Online Spoken English Courses

3. Coursera

 Coursera is another renowned organization that is tops in conducting email writing courses in India. Its tagline is “Learn without limits” which inspires every one of us to absorb the skill. It provides a stable;e platform to earn a degree through leading foreign universities. They collaborate with one of the best universities abroad. Well-skilled trainers from these universities tutor the candidates for an email writing course. Tutors from the Georgia Institute of Technology teach the candid date the art of email writing. Professional and Business styles of email writing are covered in this course. It improves the vocabulary, analyses the tone, and makes the candidate understand the cross-country culture. 

Advantages of Coursera:

  • Self-analysis of the style of email writing and improves overall English.
  • Creates an idea on the difference between business email and personal email writing. 
  • Learning how to write a subject line for the email is an important aspect in email writing is taken care of.
  • Aids in building a professional portfolio.
  • Self-paced learning is provided to all the candidates according to their convenience.
  • Practice Quizzes are available for the candidates to work and excel in the skill of email writing.
  • Graded Assignments are given by the trainers and proper feedback is shared with the candidate.
  • Graded quizzes are also conducted and encourage the students to perform better in their email writing course.
  • Assignments are given to the candidates and they are graded according to their accomplishments.
  • A valid certificate is provided to the candidate on successful course completion.

This course is free and Coursera provides a 7-day trial run. Coursera financially aids the candidates who cannot pay. This is one of the best among the email writing courses in India.

Coursera conducts the courses from an online point of view so that the candidates can attend them at their comfort. There are other technical and Language-based courses from Coursera that rate as good as the email writing course in India.

4. BM Consultants India.

This firm is one of the ranked institutions that provide email writing courses in India. It provides an online course format. It conducts the email writing course for professionals, management trainees, corporate executives, and also promotion seekers. It has well-trained tutors to conduct the sessions across the week and the weekends as well. A powerful subject line that makes an email effective is the mantra of this course. It also guides the candidates to skilfully draft clear and concise emails. Email etiquette is concentrated upon along with the improvement of vocabulary and grammar skills. The organization has produced enriching results under this email writing course. Some of the benefits for selecting this institute among the email writing courses in India are


  • A well-organized course with flexible timings for candidates.
  • Proven results from the alumni of this organization.
  • Interactive learning sessions are conducted for the candidates that help in easy comprehension.
  • Writing assignments are provided to the course attendees to enhance their skills in email writing.
  • Well-certified Senior trainers are always available to take up the learning sessions. They also assist by providing proper feedback to the aspirants during their assignment period.

The fee is reasonable and the aspirants have a flexible advantage on timings and batches undertaken.

They provide other courses 

  • Business English Course
  • Basic English speaking course which goes high on demand.
  • Advanced Spoken English Courses
  • Voice And Accent Training Course which is another course on-demand after the email writing course.

 Their major center is located in Pune. It has other training centres in and around the suburbs of Mumbai

5. Knowledge Academy.

Knowledge Academy is one of the best email writing courses in India. This organization is one of the top 10 email writing courses in India. Its major location is Pune, but it conducts the email writing course online, self-paced, and also an instructor-led training. The course syllabus covers the importance of email and its writing style. Email considerations and pitfalls are also part of the course syllabus. It helps the aspirants to bring out their potential to write clear messages. The benefits of the ABC approach are also taught to the candidates.

Benefits of Knowledge Academy:

  • Digital signatures and certificates are also included in this email writing course.
  • Cyber skills are upskilled to the students as a part of this course.
  • Chain letters, mail bombing, and hoaxes are comprehended in this course.
  • A special manual is provided to the candidates so that they will keep in touch with the subject.
  • Course notes are exercises are conducted for the candidate’s benefit.
  • Experienced tutors are always available for doubt clarification
  • Instructor-led training is conducted with the help of a virtual classroom. Interactive sessions are conducted and make it easy for the students to understand the styles and importance of email writing.
  • 90-day access is provided to the student for an online self-paced class.
  • Exercise files and case files are available for perusal. The time frame for this course is 8 hours.
  • As told earlier 24/7 support is always available for the candidate
  • After the course completion, a certificate is issued to the aspirant.

The fee differs for both the instructor-led training and self-paced online course training and is reasonable

This organization administers other courses. Some of them are

  • Business Training
  • Technical IT courses
  • Advanced English course

6. Dynamic Financial Market Institute

This firm is well-rated among the top 10 email writing courses in India. This institute conducts this course with at most sincerity and provides support to the candidates on comprehending the email etiquette and style. They are majorly put up in Delhi and provide face-to-face classes. Email writing course is an on-demand course from this firm. The validity options are varied in this course. DMFIT is a well-versed firm in acknowledging their candidates and help them in excelling in the course. Around 5000+ candidates have benefitted from this course. The course syllabus covers on special vocabulary required for email writing. Practical insights are also provided at advanced levels of the email writing course. A well encouraging course that helps hesitant students to achieve in email writing

Advantages of DMFIT:

  • Practical real views of email writing are shared with the students for a better understanding
  • Business Proposals are also taught in this course
  • Practical situational email writing is an added advantage in this course.
  • A team of well-versed chartered accounts tutees the students, which is a special feature among the other email writing courses in India.
  • Demo class is available to gather the attention of the students.
  • Course material is provided in PDF formats along with which exercises are also taken care of as a practice.
  • The course completion certificate is issued to the candidate on the submission of assignments.
  • The course video is available both in Hindi and English

The validity of the course materials is varied for periods at discounted rates.

  • 1 month at a rate of 299/-
  • 6 months at a rate of 399/-
  • 12 months at a rate of 499/-
  • Lifetime validity for 1599/-

A partial Refund of 50% is also available in subject to communication within 24 hours.

Other courses offered by this institute are

  • Stock Market Courses
  • Cyber Security Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Sales and Promotion Courses

7. Soft Skills Development                                  

Pune is one of the cities that trains people for soft skills. There are two in the list, added to it is Soft skills Development. A well-developed firm that trains all age groups in email writing courses. It ranks among the top email writing courses in India. It helps in reducing confusion and misunderstandings in email writing. This firm covers two types of email writing courses. One is the professional email writing course and the other is the business email writing course. The business email writing course is where the aspirants on how to communicate business through email channels. Contracts are signed digitally through emails. A professional email writing course is where the candidates are trained in professional email etiquette and how to write emails in the work environment. Soft Skills Development has knowledgeable trainers to conduct the training sessions.


  • This course is open to homemakers and students as well who want to improve their presentation writing abilities.
  • Industry experts are available to clarify doubts.
  • Different teaching methodologies are used to train the students
  • Gain knowledge by expertise with practical experiments and graded assessments
  • Personalized attention is provided to the candidates in a small batch of aspirants
  • Special batches are made available for students and other working professionals.
  • The batch timings are flexible with the students.
  • Facilitators take the initiative to train the candidate at the expert level and make them pros in email writing

The fee is affordable and the course is available in both online and offline modes. The email writing course is conducted in Pune, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nasik, Sholapur, Kolhapur, and other cities of Maharashtra. Some other courses that are readily available with this firm are

  • Business Soft Skills Course
  • Sales Training Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Aptitude Training Courses.

8. Momentum Training Solutions

Among the top 10 email writing courses in India, Momentum Training Solutions conducts the email writing course in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It covers softening of negative messages, punctuations, grammar, and spelling required for the email writing course. Handling flame mail is also taught in this course. On a major note, general email etiquette is covered in the course syllabus. A lot of benefits are available in this course.


  • 8 hours of training is provided to the candidates by the course team.
  • Powerpoint presentations are put up for a study that aids in the comprehension of the topics.
  • A maximum of around 15 participants is present in each batch and personalized attention is given to each of them.
  • Well-organized training sessions are available with printed handouts as notes.
  • Assessments are conducted to assess the aspirant’s comprehension during the training by the instructor.
  • Certificates are given to the candidates after the assessment’s feedback by the team.

This course is also an online course with an affordable fee and also it can be attended as classroom-led training.

The other courses conducted by this firm are

  • Marketing Courses
  • Communication Training
  • Online coaching
  • Leadership training

9. Emphasis

Emphasis is an online-based training firm for email writing courses. People do consider this among the top 10 email writing courses in India. Email etiquette is well covered in the syllabus, made clear, and helps the candidates write readable professional or business emails. This course is mainly for non-native English speakers and masters their skills in writing an email. Uniqueness in this email writing course pre-course writing analysis. Delegate precise writing needs are also taught in this course. It caters to people at all levels to gain expertise in email writing.


  • 3 to 7 hours of consistent training in email writing is provided for the aspirants’ benefits by the organization.
  • 4 people are trained per organization.
  • Personalized attention is given to the students and is well assisted in the same.
  • Live online sessions are conducted for the candidates by tutors.
  • Certificates are provided after the training by the firm.

This is an online-based training and the fee is reasonable and affordable for all users.

The other courses include

  • Soft Skill training 
  • Business Writing course
  • Report Writing Course
  • Sales Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course

10. Instructional Solutions

This is the last best email writing course in India which is organized by Instructional Solutions from abroad on an online basis. It trains in a well-written email writing style. The course harness the power of true email writing. They aid the students in skill practicing and also have a delegated instructor with feedback. Valuable tools are provided to the candidates as a part of the course. There are several benefits to joining this email writing course. Some of them are

11. Skill Share:

This is another learning platform that offers plenty of email writing courses. Skillshare also has a lot of free classes. Apart from the email writing course, it also offers many courses in graphics, animation, technology, etc. Some of the top courses that help our email writing skills training are the following

  1. Professional Email writing 101- Offered by the freelance circus and helps anyone to learn from basics to write a professional, grammatically correct email.
  2. Build an Email list – Teaches effective strategies for email marketing. It covers everything from content creation to selling.
  3. Professional English Emails – This course will help learners to write clear and impactful emails to avoid misunderstandings among their clients. 

12. Alison:

Another online learning platform that offers email writing courses including free courses as well. Alison has been in the field for 15 years and at present has around 25 million learners around the globe. They offer more than 4000 online courses for free to students. Alison offers plenty of courses under the email writing course category. If you are looking for good email writing skills training, you can check out the following in Alison.

  1. Writing Emails and taking notes 
  2. Email marketing
  3. Gmail – Maximize your Email Productivity
  4. Writing better Emails
  5. Gmail from Distraction to Productivity

Some of these courses in Alison can be learned for free as well.

13. Digital Marketing Courses:

This institute is situated in Chennai and offers a lot of digital marketing-related courses including email marketing. It is an educational platform of Zuan Technology, a leading company in the field of SEO, web designing, and web development. It is one of the best email writing courses as they offer the latest course curriculum as well as industry exposure. This course will be the best choice to improve email writing skills training. Both classroom and online training are available and teach everything from writing creative emails to marketing effectively. Anyone who has completed 10th or +2 can take up this course.

14.Bombay Chamber:

This institute is situated in Bombay and offers one of the best email writing courses. The Email writing course is called the Advanced Professional course on writing effective Business Emails. The course is suitable for everyone who has a need for writing emails in their work. It covers everything from the introduction and effective tips and strategies. This course will teach the advanced levels of drafting professional emails. However, a good knowledge of basic English grammar is essential to understand the course well. The course fee is ₹3000 for the members of the Bombay chamber and 3500 for non-members. Ms Shastry, the trainer has about two decades of work experience in the field.

15. Ecorp  training:

This training centre is situated in Hyderabad and offers an email writing course called Email Etiquette Training course. Ecorp training offers many training courses globally including India and offers one of the best email writing courses. This course will be suitable for anyone who wants to improve their email writing skills training. The email writing course is available both online and offline. Job support is available in the course and the duration of the course is 20 hours. Ecorp training has certified industry experts and offers free study material to students. The course is 40% theory and 60% practical and is for 10 days with 2 hours duration each.


  • The response rate for the emails are taught to the candidates
  • A decrease in email writing time is an advantage in this course
  • Productivity of emails is comprehended to the students
  • This course can be attended by all age groups, mainly for professionals who want to enhance this skill in their work environment.
  • On completion of the course, a certificate is issued to the aspirants which are valid to display in the Linkedin profile.

Online instructor-led training and also online self-paced classes are present. The fee that is given is affordable. Special Group discounts can be availed.

The other courses conducted by this organization are

  • Business Advanced Writing Techniques
  • Sales Writing
  • Report Writing
  • Proof Reading and Grammar
  • Customer Service Writing

We have come across the email writing courses in India and the best can be selected according to your convenience. As mentioned, no work environment is possible without email communication. Emails need to be very precise and perfect. These skills can be enhanced by enrolling in one of the above institutes and emerging with perfection. Comparisons are available in the above 10 email writing courses in India. The covid pandemic has brought in a change in training aspects and made it comfortable for all. Email writing course helps in gaining confidence in oneself and excelling in future




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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best among the top 10 email writing courses?

   Henry Harvin would be the choicest option as it really caters to the needs of the aspirants. It also has a No Cost EMI  option for any course that you enroll.

2. Which is the best choice for Professional Email Writing Course?

Soft Skills Development is one of the top 10 email writing courses in India which conducts a separate Email writing course for Professionals. A valid certificate is provided after the course completion.

3. Is Henry Harvin’s course valid?

Henry Harvin has collaborated with the University of London that makes this course valid. It also is validated by the MSME department of India along with the Writers Association Of India


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