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Due to globalization, companies need more and more translators. So, if you dream of becoming an interpreter or translator, you must learn a foreign language. But which language you can learn quickly and easily? 

 As per the FSI study, you can learn Spanish in Chennai in three months. For native English speakers, Spanish is among the most accessible language to learn. After finishing Spanish classes in Chennai, you can work as a Spanish language trainer, customer care executive in BPO and KPO, writer, and many more. Moreover, all of these pay well and offer opportunities for advancement based on your performance. 

We’ll look into some of the best Spanish Classes in Chennai with Fees, Certification, and Syllabus. It will help you make a suitable decision about where to begin your journey.

 Benefits of learning the Spanish language in the international market

  •  Spain has a rich and friendly culture, beautiful scenery, and delicious food, which makes it the most visited tourist place in the world. Knowledge of the Spanish language can enhance the experience of traveling.  
  • Spanish is the official language of twenty-one countries. It is the world’s third spoken language after English and Mandarin. Over 500 million people speak Spanish. Spanish is becoming a global language. 
  • Spain has a high economic growth rate, many companies are investing in their growing properties. The Spanish language is an asset in business collaboration. It will help to boost job possibilities for global corporations.
  • In the United States,13.3% of the people speak Spanish. So it has become an unofficial second language of the country. Spanish speaking people will get better opportunities to study and work abroad.
  • Spanish speaking people get easy immigration in Spanish speaking countries.

Top 10 Spanish  Language Courses in Chennai

 1. Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Hervin ranks No.1 for the Spanish language Course in Chennai by the industry experts. Henry Harvin is a Global Edtech company in US and India. Henry Harvin Spanish language training enhances the interpersonal skills of the candidate.

Recognitions –

Henry Harvin is the winner of the Top corporate training award, Game-based learning company of the under forty business world Award. 

Affiliated with American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affair, MSME, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute.

Course Structure:-

Henry Harvin designed the curriculum as per the DELE and SIELE exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes.

Project training is provided by the native experienced Spanish trainers, with twenty-five thousand vocabulary and building blocks of Spanish grammar.


A1 (Beginners Level)

 It is the basic level of learning the language. Spanish words, phrases and commonly used expressions in the Spanish Language are acquired.

A2(The Upper Beginners Level)

Candidates get to know about the types of sentences and expressions related to relevant areas.

Basic level communication skill development like the exchange of information at this level.

B1(The Intermediate Level):- Skills like writing, reading and listening are gained by the student. Candidates can build structured sentences in the Spanish language.

B2(The Upper Intermediate Level):- Candidate learns Spanish Dialects and complex texts at this level. Knowledge to create long speeches in Spanish and complex thoughts are stated.

C1(The Advance Level):-At this level candidates will know the long text and identify the meaning of texts. Fluency in the language will be acquired.

C2(The Upper Advance Level):- Candidate will get command of the Spanish language, can read and understand everything.

Why Henry Harvin

The Spanish language course is ‘9 In 1 Program’

  • Training:- 30-40 Hrs of interactive training at each level of the course.
  • Project:- Different projects in the Spanish language enhance the implementation and strengthen the language skill of the candidates.
  • Internship:- Opportunity to gain practical experience of the learnings.
  • Certification:- Government recognise certificate will be provided
  • Placement:- Henry Hervin guarantees 100% placement support for one-year post completion of the course.
  • E-Learning Access:- LMS comes with videos, audios, worksheets etc.
  • Bootcamps:- Access to boot camp for one year.
  • Hackathon:- Entrance to #ASKHenry Hackathon and competitions.
  • Membership:- 1year Gold Membership for the Spanish language will be provided.

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course in Delhi Fees

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

German Language CourseKorean Language CourseJapanese Language CourseFrench Language Course

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Asian News, United News of India,  Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:

DelhiMumbaiKolkataOnlineHyderabadPuneGurgaonFaridabadBangaloreChennai, Noida,  LucknowGurgaonChandigarhJaipur

Also Check This Video :

Check Henry Harvin Students’ Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is my first training program in Henry Harvin’s and my experience till now has been great. My trainer Amrish Sharma explains the concept with utmost clarity and live examples. He Clarifies every student’s quire and makes the concept understandable. Thank you

This is my first training program in Henry Harvin and the experience has been amazing till now. In fact, the program has taught me how to unlearn and relearn. My trainer Mr. Sunil Agarwal is ensuring that we understand each concept in depth and with utmost clarity. He encourages us to ask questions, explore further and find out more about the topics. The fact that he takes us to the grass route level and ensures topics are explained in a very simple manner. He pays attention to everyone and never shies away from addressing any question. In fact, hearing him speaking in one of the classes, my hubby wanted to join the course and attend his class. Thank you, Henry Harvin !!

Knowing the Spanish language is a vital skill for a promising career in the IT domain and learning through Henry Harvin’s Spanish language A1 course in Noida gave me the most significant advantage of mastering the language from Ajith sir. His training helped me understand basic Spanish conversation and my clients’ needs.

2. Instituto Cervantes Spanish Classes in Chennai fees

Contact No:01143681900

Instituto Cervantes logo


The Instituto Cervantes is a public institution founded by the Spain government in 1991. Fostering knowledge of the Spanish language is its main motto. The institute is located in 44 countries with 78 centers. The main headquarter is in Madrid. Representatives of cultural and literary communities guide the work of the institute.

     The objectives of the Institution are much more than giving training in the Spanish language.-

  • To create general and special Spanish language courses, also Spain’s co-official languages.
  • To carry out the work of Hispanists and cultural promotion activities.
  • Libraries are stocked with the latest technology for the public.
  • To plan a program that aims to promote the Spanish language.
  • Provide up-to-date training of professors and teaching methods.
  • Schedule exams for DELE and issue certificates on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Professional Training.

Course Structure-

The University of Salamanca with the collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes designed the testing module and the exam evolution for the issuing of the DELE.

Students must score “opt” on all the test (Reading comprehension, listening, writing and speaking)

The CEFR divides Spanish language learners into three groups, in turn, subdivided into six levels:

A.Basic user

  •  A1(Breakthrough)
  •    A2(Waystage)

B.Independent user

  •   B1(Threshold)
  •   B2(Vantage)

C.Proficient user

  •   C1(Effective Operational Proficiency)
  •   C2( Mastery)

Why Instituto Cervantes Spanish language course in Chennai:

  • Diplomas in Spanish from their institution as foreign language certificates are accredited certificates from Spain and second language, in each level.
  • Internationally recognized by companies and the education system.
  • The Spanish Ministry for the education culture of sports issues the certificate.
  • Native and non-native speaking teachers teach with modern technology.
  • The certificate is provided after the completion of the course.

Fees for the Spanish language course in Chennai :

A1- Course fee:4000 INR, Course duration:60 Hrs

 A2 -Course fee: 4500 INR, Course duration:60 Hrs

B1 – Course fee:5500 INR, Course duration:60 Hrs

 B2 -Course fee: 6500 INR, Course duration:60Hrs

 C1 -Course fee:7000 INR, Course duration:60Hrs

, C2 – Course fee:7500 INR, Course duration:60Hrs

Other branches for Spanish language courses are  Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi.

 3. Let’s Talk Academy of Foreign Languages Spanish classes in Chennai With Level

Contact No:099230 66166

lets tallk academy

Let’s Talk Academy was established in 2004. More than seventeen thousand students have been assisted by the Let’s Talk Spanish Language course in Chennai.

Spanish language courses in Chennai are categorized into two groups-

  • Kids’ online courses (8-17 Yrs)
  • Adults’ online courses (above 18Yrs) 

Why choose the Let’s Talk Academy Spanish language course in Chennai:

  • Group Training is training in a group of 8-10 students at the elementary level, 6-8 students at the pre-elementary level.
  • Offers One to One training for the learner’s requirement. Customized courses and timing are available as per individual needs.
  • A private group who wants to study together privately can join this academy.
  • Corporate Training is provided in companies as per business needs, schedule and budget of the employee.

Course Structure-

LetsTalk trains to clear international level exams of the Spanish language at all levels.

Highly educated trainers help to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through their course program.

They follow their two-way assessment to evaluate the progress and knowledge of the candidates.

Ebooks of the supported textbook on Passages, grammar and vocabulary lists with audio practice are provided to the candidates.

Five levels of training at Lets Talk Academy: 

A1 (Elementary Level) with  70 Hrs duration

A2 (Pre-Elementary level) with 80 Hrs duration

B1 (Intermediate Level) with 100 Hrs duration

B2 (Pre Advanced Level) with 150 Hrs duration

C1 (Advanced Level) with 250 Hrs duration

Course Fees of Let’s Talk Spanish language course in Chennai start with 7000 INR for the A1 level.

 4. Instituto Hispania

Contact No:098713 08911

Instituto Hispania logo

 The vision of the Instituto Hispania is to build linguistic and intercultural competence in a global world. Instituto Hispania originated in 1997.

The institute is affiliated with the Centre of FIDESCU under the Ministry of Education, Spain. International Exams like D.I.E and conducted in Centre. Instituto Hispania is working in five cities in India. This institute is one of the top five best Spanish language course in Chennai.

Course detail of Instituto Hispania Spanish language course in Chennai:

Instituto Hispania follows its own designed syllabus as per the international standards.

Highly experienced and academic background teachers are recruited from different colleges and universities all around the world.

Instituto Hispania academy provides one-to-one classes for business, tourism, or technical Spanish as per the need of the candidate.

Three Module are as follows-

  1. Basic Module 
  • A1(Hispania Uno)
  • A2(Hispania Tres)
  1. Intermediate Module 
  • B1(Hispania Cuatro)
  • B2(Hispania Seis)
  1. Advance Module
  •   C1(Hispania Ocho)

Instituto Hispania Spanish language course in Chennai provides job placement through its recruitment process.

Instituto Hispania is also located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Patna

Instituto Hispania Spanish Language Course Fees:-8,000.00/

5. Institute of Spanish Studies India

Contact No:094802 08123

institute of spanish studies logo

Institute of Spanish Studies India holds a good rating in google review for the best Spanish language course in Chennai. The Spanish language course is the only service they provide. Love for their Spanish literature and culture led them to promote the Spanish language in India. It is a SIELE authorized center in India.

Course detail-

Institute of Spanish Studies India follows the international curriculum under CEFR(Common European Framework for References)guidelines. A certificate from the institution has a great value in the international market. Students can apply for education in foreign universities or for employment in any company.

To develop confidence and learn the Spanish language in a short span of time, regular assessments are monitored by the teachers.

This institution also offers customized timing and courses as per the requirement of the student.

A maximum of eight-ten students is placed in a class, that each student can get individual attention in the learning process.

Courses also focus on the Spanish culture, history and civilization to give detail of the country.

Institute of Spanish Studies India Spanish Language Course Fees:-8850

  6. In a Word

in a word logo

In a Word Spanish language course in Chennai was set up in 2000 by Zenobia Irani. The aim is to provide high-quality language training to the students. Skilled teachers train in small groups with an interactive session.

”In a Word Classrooms satellites have launched in collaboration with Qual-ET Education and Training.

Designed courses and schedules for different sections of people like Entrepreneurs, IT, application for immigration, tourism, etc.

Course detail-

Three types of courses are available 

1. In a Word Flair course for individuals

2. Affinity program for corporate clients

3. Range of foreign language courses for young learners.

 Classes are conducted in the Spanish language so that the student learning process becomes easier.

Highly interactive classes with projects and assignments are delivered in this institution.

The Common European Framework of reference for language provides the guidelines related to language courses.

Spanish language course have two levels-

A1(Break Through) – 100 Hrs duration.

B1(Threshold) – 50 Hrs duration.

B2(Vantage) – 50 Hrs duration.

In A Word catered to the needs of different learners and customized the course design. It offers both group classes and one-to-one as per requirement.

In a Word Spanish Language Course Fees:-18000. 

 7. FITA(Focused IT Academy) Spanish Language Course With Fees Structure and Duration

fita logo

FITA is a leading IT and Language training center academy specialized in one hundred and twenty courses with more than fifteen years of experience in IT. It offers one of the best Spanish learning courses in Chennai.

Helped more than thirty thousand students to build their careers. FITA has placement tie-ups with more than twelve thousand companies.

Course detail-

  Global certification exams such as DELE and SIELE are provided by FITA for Spanish language course in Chennai.

   Flexible Spanish language course batches are available at FITA academy. Students can change their timing as per their needs.

 FITA provides extensive training to make you familiar with the language in detail. 

Regular brush up and test help to strengthen the learning process, and also keep a track of the development.

 courseware designed by the experienced teachers of the academy help to clear the international exams to get the certificate.

Spanish language teachers at FITA have more than ten years of experience. They focus on Spanish grammar structure, vocabulary and pronunciation of the language.

 Fees Structure and Duration- 

A1 – Fees 16000-/, Duration – 60 Hrs

A2 – Fees 17000-/, Duration – 60 Hrs

B1 – Fees 18000-/, Duration – 60 Hrs

 8. SESHAA Linguatech

SESHAA Linguatech logo

SESHAA provides services in training Spanish language course in Chennai, educational counseling and preparing for competitive exams.

SESHAA is well equipped with the latest modern technologies to support digital Learning. It is a private training institute for foreign languages and NEET(UG) (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test).

Fees of the SESHAA Spanish language Course in Chennai start from 19750 INR(A1 Level).

  9. ACTE Education

acte logo


ACTE Education has a Spanish class design for students, professionals and corporates. Both skilled professionals and native Spanish speakers train the candidates.

ACTE has a strong relationship with seven hundred small and mid-sized companies. They claim to give placement after completing the course.

ACTE Spanish language course in Chennai provides lifetime access to the student’s portal with a job-oriented program.

ACTE Education Spanish Language Course Fees:- 12000 

10 Sprachlingua

Sprachlingua logo

Sprachlingua started with a motto to train the Spanish language without following any books or syllabus. They follow the way, a child learns their mother tongue. They offer three modes of classes- Online, Offline, Corporate classes. Sprachlingua offers fast-track Spanish language course in Chennai.

Course Structure-

Sprachlingua offers from basic to advanced levels. They focus on the foundation of the language rather than passing the exam.

   Sprachlingua is the first training institute in Chennai to follow no book and homework. Imparting vocabulary is their methodology of teaching Spanish. 

They create an interlink with the known language and teach the new language that helps in clear understanding and remembering it for a long time. 

Different tips on remembering the vocabulary and learning the language are provided by the tutors of the institution.

Customized courses for- 

  • Students who need a job after studies. 
  • People who want to learn the Spanish language as a hobby.
  • Business executives who want to communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients.
  • Colleges that want to provide Spanish language courses in Chennai for their students.
  • Employees who want to enhance their job profile and also can handle their European clients.


 The Spanish language is not only easy it is a beautiful and romantic language. Many words are similar to English.

Spanish is a phonetic language, meaning words are written as they are pronounced. Ten diphthong sounds and vowels are there in Spanish grammar. 

Experts suggest that within 22-24 weeks, you can read and speak Spanish properly.

Learning foreign languages opens the door for better job opportunities and enhances your resume.

Studying a language enables one to know the culture and literature of the place. One can explore the country more properly and also save money.

Studies show that Bilingual people have more creative minds, better memories and listening skills.

Bilingual people are more confident and always have a positive attitude.

If you are a music lover, you can enjoy the music of famous singers like Shakira, Enrique, and Ricky Martin in the Spanish language.

Recently, CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) has also included a foreign language in its Three Language Formula curriculum. Young students have started to enroll in foreign language courses. Many institutions have special design courses for the kids’ group as per their school curriculum. 

Recommended Reads


Q1 -Suggest a method to improve the Spanish accent.

Ans. – After completing the course,  practice speaking Spanish with your batchmate or any other who knows the language. Read Spanish books, watch movies and listen to Spanish songs.

Q2 – What is CEFR?

Ans. – The council of Europe established CEFR(The Common European Framework of Reference). CEFR aims to set an international standard for describing language ability used by the Spanish Institute.
Language is examined on a Six Points A1(Beginners) to C2(Mastered)

Q3 – What SIELE and DELE in the Spanish language course?

Ans.  DELE(The Diploma of Spanish) and SIELE(The International Spanish Language Evaluation Service) are two types of exams by the Cervantes Institute. The DELE is presented by the Ministry of Education and Professional Development of Spain. It is a lifetime certificate with no expiry date. Whereas SIELE is certified by the Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Salamanca. It has five years of validation.

Q4 – What jobs can I get after completion of the courses?

Ans.- There are so many doors of opportunities open once you complete the course.
  1. Job opening in the Export & Import business.
2. Opportunities in foreign embassies. 
3. Carrier option as the Spanish language teacher, Mentor, trainer.
  4. Spanish Translator or interpreter are traditional career options for any foreign language teacher.
  5. A career in Tourism and hospitality industries.

Q 5. Which Certificate is the best?

Ans. – DELE’s diplomas are internationally recognized. It is a lifetime Certificate with no expiration date and also certifies mastery of the Spanish Language.

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