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Are you interested in learning a new language? With the advent of globalization, knowing foreign languages has become quite important.  Mastering any Global Language gives you an edge over others in this cutthroat competitive market.

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Spanish is a global language. Around one-third of the world’s population speak Spanish. It is also known as español.

It is part of the Indo-European family of languages. Spanish and English share much of their vocabulary linguistically. That is because both languages derive many of their words from Latin and Arabic. 

Spanish Language Course Online

The online platform is a  boon for learners. It’s possible to get a quality education with online Spanish courses.  This platform allows one to maintain a proper balance of work and studies.  It is possible without giving up on anything. Flexibility and convenient timings of web-based learning have made it more popular.

You need proper training to achieve proficiency level in this widely used language.  One must be able to clear one of the two famous Spanish Proficient courses, Tests, DELE or SIELE within 2-3 years.

So are you ready to make a mark and master the Spanish language.

To narrow down your search, we have enlisted Top 10 Spanish language course online herewith

Here are the Top 10 Spanish Language Courses in India: 

 1. Henry Harvin Language Academy (Spanish Language Course Online)

Henry Harvin ranks No 1 among the  Top 10 Spanish language course online.  It is a  prestigious EDtech company. Aiming to enhance and polish the talent of the learners.   

Why Henry Harvin?

Course Details:

The course syllabus is split into 6 levels. Commencing with The Beginners Level and culminating with the Upper Advanced Level. Learn Building Blocks of Spanish Grammar.

After this course, you can master all levels of Spanish Language Exams.

This is one unique program with 9 in 1-course benefits.

You should be able to strike a decent conversation in Spanish after the

successful completion of your course. 

On completion of this course  Get Certification of Spanish Language Course Online from Henry Harvin. 

Enjoy Gold Membership benefit at Henry Harvin.  You can attend Unlimited Live sessions with the membership.

Download the Spanish Language Course brochure, and learn more about the course.

For more details, contact as mentioned below-


Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

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Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Zee5, Asian News, United News of India, APN Live, Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:

Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Online, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Noida

2. Institute Hispania

Hispania ranks 2nd in our list of Top 10 Spanish courses online. This Institute is in business of teaching Spanish for last 20 years.

Why Hispania?

Instituto Hispania is for curious learners. They provide private tuition on one to one basis.

Course Details:

Hispania has structured course syllabus into three broad categories.

The Basic Level Certificate course is a 70 hour course.

Instituto Hispania focuses on all necessary communicative components. These components are reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar.  Actually, these components enable the student to learn and speak Spanish.

Hispania caters to the linguistic requirements of the Indian student. Each level lets the student achieve the defined linguistic capacity. Special attention is given to the areas of comprehension skills, grammatical understanding, and communicative proficiency.

After successful completion of the course, candidates are awarded certification/diploma.

For Enquiry Contact

Phone No: 011 40809918

3. Prajaktas Institute of Foreign Languages

Prajakta’s Institute of Foreign Languages is based in Thane, Mumbai. PIOFL is a foreign language school recognized by the SIELE foundation of the Spanish govt.


PIOFL claims that their online Spanish course is extremely helpful for Jobseekers.

Course Details:

Online course syallabus is divided into 6 levels.

It is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) pattern. Internal assessments are held regularly. PIOFL prepares students for DELE, DIE & SIELE exams. These exams are conducted by Instituto Cervantes, FIDESCU & SIELE Foundation respectively.

For Enquiry Contact





[email protected]

4. Cervantes International (Spanish Language course online)

Cervantes ranks 4th in our list of Top 10 Spanish courses online. This institute is for advanced study of the Spanish language online.

Why Cervantes?

Cervantes offers General (Extensive), General (Intensive) courses on their platter.

Cervantes’s extensive course syllabus is designed for those that want to learn or perfect their Spanish at a more relaxed pace.

Course Details:

Cervantes’ intensive course syllabus consists of 4 main levels. The word “intensive” is very apt. This course expects the student to attend 10 hours of online group classes. Students have to adjust 40 hours of study around that.

Cervantes’ main focus lies in developing the student’s ability to use the language in a variety of contexts. Which involves attention to the differences in Spanish accents.

You get a certificate on completion of the course.

This course comes into a premier range as far as the fee is concerned.

For Enquiry Contact

Contact : Phone: 011 40809918


CLIC ranks 5th in our list of Top 10 Spanish courses online.

 Why CLIC?

CLIC  is the first of its kind on our list as it caters to young learners. CLIC syllabus is specially designed for children and teens aged 9-14.

If you want your child to have a cutting edge, make him or her learn Spanish. This language t has many cognitive benefits. Children pick up very fast.

Course Details:

The syllabus has been tailored keeping young learners in mind. For this reason Games, music, drama, and cultural activities are incorporated while teaching young minds.

The very basic course of CLIC allows the child to appear for various exams like DELE A1 Escolar Exam. Escolar Exam is the most prestigious and internationally recognized Diploma.

For Enquiry Contact

+34 954502131. 

6. Coursera (Spanish language course online)

Coursera logo

Are you planning travel to any Spanish speaking country? Coursera will come to your rescue. It is specially designed for beginners. Those who want to read, write and speak for personal, travel, or business use.

Coursera’s focus lies in letting learners develop sets of vocabularies. Learners start with the basics. Eventually by end of it they become proficient in functional vocabulary.

Course Details

The program is structured into 4 courses. Each new course level is based

on the skills learned in the previous level. The course ends with a project that allows learners to apply their knowledge and language skills.

Get your certificate on successful completion of your project.

For Enquiry Visit

7. SpanishBOLO 

SpanishBOLO logo


SpanishBolo is based in Hyderabad. It ranks 7th in our list of Top 10 Spanish courses online. 

Why SpanishBOLO?

SpanisBOLO has recently ventured into providing Spanish Language Course online.  Their aim is to impart knowledge in the easiest way.

Course Details:

The course module is a complete Spanish course from beginner to mastery level. It is as per CEFR guidelines. SpanishBOLO range consists of a basket of tools. It ranges from Personal Coaching to Business Spanish courses.

For Enquiry Contact 

+91 7660961742

Email at:

[email protected]

8. Academia De Español

Academia De Español logo


Academia De Espanol ranks 8th in our list of Top 10 Spanish Courses online.

Why Academia De Espanol?

Academia De Espanol is a Spanish language institution that caters to the linguistic needs of Indian learners. They offer the very best in the field of the Spanish language course online available in India

Course Details:

The syllabus of Academia De Espanol is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The course syallabus is divided into 6 levels.

An exam is held after each level. Based on their performance students can move to the next level.

For Enquiry

Contact 937 22 50 533 / 982 00 76 770

Email at:

 [email protected] 

9. Hispania Horizons

Hispania Horizons logo

Hispanic Horizon ranks 9th in our list of Top 10 Spanish Language Course online.

Why Hispanic Horizon?

Hispanic Horizon is run by Spanish Nationals in India. They ventured recently into providing Spanish Language course online.

Course Details:

Hispanic Horizon has divided online courseware into 3 levels. 

Certificates are awarded on successful completion of the course.

Certificates are authenticated with the Instituto Cervantes accreditation logo. The certification for Spanish language courses is of international prestige. Hispanic Horizon has new courses rolling out every month.  Each course is open for 6 months. 

For Enquiry Contact


Phone Number +918082647938 / +919769379739

Mail Address [email protected]

10. Maitrese

Maitrese ranks 10th in our list of

Maitrese logo

 Top 10 Spanish Language Course online. It was set up in Hyderabad in 2008. Since then it has trained over 7000 students.

Why Maitrese?

Maitrese has the best teachers from around the Spanish speaking world. You get to learn from native speakers from countries like Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, and Honduras.

Course Details:

The courseware is designed by combining matter from modern textbooks and online resources. At Maitrese learning is fun as they engage a student in various activities using different methodologies.  Maitrese prepares students for international certification tests like DELE and SIELE. 

Course registration remains valid for a year. You don’t need to worry about your missed class.  Catch up on recorded classes any time later. 

For Enquiry Visit



Seeking knowledge has never been this easy. It was not easy even for Lord Rama or Lord Krishna. They had to leave the comforts of their palaces to seek knowledge faraway in gurukuls.

Online education has brought education to our table.   

Technology has evolved to revolutionize the education sector along with other sectors. 

Elearning is a potential game-changer.

Learning a new Global Language is not a farfetched dream anymore. Its just a click away. Pick anyone from the list mentioned above and master Espanol.

Good luck with your future courses.

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Q1. Why Learn Spanish?

Ans.Spanish is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world. It is the second most important language of the business world. There is demand for Spanish-speaking personnel. As there are more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

Q2. How will Spanish help boost my Career?

Ans.It’s a globalized world. The need to interact on a global level has increased tremendously. Growth in business ties with Latin America has increased the demand for Spanish speaking professionals. There is a huge demand for Spanish-speaking personnel in the US. Spanish is widely used in the BPO industry.

Q3.Is it difficult to learn Spanish?

Ans.Not at all. It is fun to learn. It is easy for those who know English. Like English, Spanish is also a phonetic language. So for the most part, its words are pronounced the way they’re spelt.

Q4. How quickly can one learn Spanish?

Ans.If you start as a novice and dedicate one hour from your daily routine to learning, you can speak fluent Spanish in less than a year. 


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