Do you know that learning Spanish gives you more employment opportunities? Yes, it is true. Spanish is one of the six official languages in the United Nations and is the second popular language in the United States. Learning a language entirely different from your native tongue makes you more competent. By mastering Spanish, by doing a Spanish language course you will be able to develop and maintain communications with more than 500 million people in the whole world.

Most of the trading partners of India belong to the United States, and if you are proficient in a language used in that country, it gives you more chances of getting noticed. If you love to travel to places around the world, then Spanish can greatly help you. By learning an additional language, it can boost your memory, and it can help you improve your English skills. Spanish learning can also improve your chances to go abroad.

If you are residing in Bangalore, you might be doubting whether there are many Spanish language course in Bangalore. The answer is yes, and to be specific, there many Spanish language course training in Bangalore.

in Bangalore, and the most efficient ones are discussed below: 

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1. Henry Harvin

henry harvin logo

Henry Harvin provides the best Spanish training when compared to other Spanish language courses in Bangalore.  Henry Harvin provides live online classroom sessions for the learners. The classes are interactive and improve your interpersonal skills. You can access the recorded videos of classes by availing Gold-Membership. Based on your level of knowledge, they provide separate training sessions. Even if you are a beginner, this course helps you develop your language skills and be an expert in the Spanish language.  

The different levels of training provided are A1 (The Beginners level), A2 (The Upper Beginners level), B1 (The Intermediate level), B2 (The Upper Intermediate level), C1 (The Advanced Level) and C2 (The Upper Advanced Level).

They provide a 9 in 1 course, integrated curriculum, lifetime support and access. Through internships, you will get more ideas about using the language both for personal and professional purposes. They offered you the chance to work on various projects. The certification provided by them helps you to showcase your skills before multiple employers. They are delivering 100% placement assistance after completing the course. Every week more than ten job offers will be made available for you. Regular boot camp sessions will be available for one year.

Trainers are experts in this language and have more than fifteen years of experience. They have provided more than three hundred fifty lectures, and they will teach about the grammar rules of the Advanced Spanish language. 

Through this course, you will be getting exposure to millions of jobs in the field of the Spanish language. You will get the opportunity to get hired by top international brands like Google. This course assists you to work either as a highly paid freelancer or as a professional. You can stand different from others and have greater chances to get noticed by employers. 

Compared to other Spanish language course in Bangalore, this course provides you with exceptional job security and the opportunity to grow. An additional unique feature that they offer is that if you are not satisfied with the course after completion of the first session, they will refund you the entire amount, which makes it unique among all the Spanish language course in Bangalore. Hp, IBM, Accenture, Adobe, Philips, McAfee, SAP, New York state of opportunity are their trusted course and certificate partners. Student reviews are available on their website.

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

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Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Zee5, Asian News, United News of India, APN Live, Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:


Also, check this video

To know the student reviews about this course, click here.  

2. Inlingua

inlingua LOGO

Inlingua is one of the ten best institutions which provide Spanish language course in Bangalore. It is one of the few Spanish language course in Bangalore and is one of the leading organizations that provides training for over twenty different languages and has 300 centers that are spread out in 35 countries. Inlingua helps you to become proficient in Spanish.

Virtual training will be provided for your learning by trainers who have ten to fifteen years of experience in Spanish. Online exams they conduct helps you to track your language growth, and international certificates are provided based on your performance.  The certificates they provide will be helpful for jobs, travel, visa, and admission to foreign universities.

The primary clients of Inlingua are Xchanging, Wipro, Terex and Tenova. Inlingua has fifty years of experience and can be trusted, which is an added feature to make it one of the best Spanish language courses in Bangalore. It is the most extensive training institute which teaches different languages. They provide you with the opportunity to access either weekday or weekend batches based on your convenience. They provide instructor-led video training in all foreign languages. 

Inlingua has provided training for more than five million students. Inlingua offers six levels of learning, and the course fee is INR 12500. Inlingua’s curriculum for training is as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Levels. Their clients are tech Mahindra, Tata, Swiss re, etc. Reviews of their students about their training quality are available on their website, ensuring that it is one of Bangalore’s best Spanish language course in Bangalore. 

3. Indian Institute of Foreign Languages

Indian Institute of Foreign Languages is  is found to be one of the best Spanish language courses in Bangalore. Based on your knowledge, they provide training in six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). 

Given below are the course fee for different levels :

For A1 and A2 – INR 13800 (for each)

For B1 – INR 18800

For B2 – INR 28800

For C1 and C2 – INR 1000/hour

For A1 and A2, the course duration is sixty hours and for B1 and B2 is 70 hours. For C1 and C2, they provide training on an hourly basis. They provide audio CDs, textbooks and workbooks for your learning. Their expert trainers with years of experience will assist you in learning better. Students will face the international certification exam, and at the end of the course, they conduct an internal examination to test their level of understanding. 


The course includes an introduction to language structure, sentence construction, grammar, listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills, writing skills, translation, etc.   


FluenC logo

FluenC is one of the best Spanish language course in Bangalore. Language courses are available in most regions, but Spanish languages are not very common. FluenC provides the best learning experience to all their students, and they ensure that the trainers, the method followed by them and the learning atmosphere are all perfect for their students. They make sure that their students succeed both in learning and at work by providing effective training.

They provide different levels of education tand thereby ensure that they are one of the best providers of Spanish language course in Bangalore are A1, A2, B1, B2.1, B2.2. Students who complete each level of education within six months will be qualified for the next level, and the Spanish government recognizes their certification. 

They provide Conversational Spanish course to those willing to learn about speaking this language. FluenC provide the study material in which are two modules, and they are the basic module and the business module.

In the basic module, they provide the basics of the Spanish language. Those who do not have any basics in this language can learn this, whereas, in the business module,  they teach the ability to converse during work or related situations. 

The feature that makes it notable among the Spanish language course in Bangalore is that they provide private or one-on-one courses. In this course, time is allotted based on the convenience of both the trainer and the student. For this type, of course, assessment for each individual will be done and based on the assessment, they provide trainers. The course rates will be on an hourly basis. 

If you want to earn high and travel to different places, Spanish language course in Bangalore such FluenC can do it.

5. Instituto Hispania

Instituto Hispania is one of the Spanish language course in Bangalore which helps students excel in communicative competence and provides a learning-friendly environment. They help strengthen people with linguistic competence and thereby provide opportunities for growth in both the personal and professional areas. 

They provide various levels of learning are A1, A2.1, A2, B1.1, B1, B2.1, B2 and C1. They give both weekday and weekend classes, and you can choose based on your convenience. 

The trainers they provide include both native speakers and trainers from India. Indian trainers are chosen based on their performance in a Spanish qualification conducted by the institute. This is a unique feature provided by only some of the Spanish language course in Bangalore. The Indian and native Spanish trainers are selected based on their teaching experience and performance.

This institute is a centre affiliated with FIDESCU with the Ministry of Education, Spain, enabling them to conduct international exams DIE. They have centres in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai, and all these centres are the accredited centres of examination in the different regions of India.

Instituto Hispania has a tie-up with the Consulates and Embassies of the countries that speak Spanish. If you cannot follow a specific schedule for learning, then private tuitions are also available. They allow a particular time based on the timing convenience of both the student and tutor. You can either attend the classes at their centre or from home. In private tuitions, they decide the pace of study based on the student’s needs. The course fee is determined based on the number of hours you have attended daily. To know the course details and its course fee, fill their enquiry form.

To ensure jobs for all, they provide placement services.

6. Institute of Spanish Studies India

Institute of Spanish Studies is one among the best ten Spanish language course in Bangalore. Anyone who wishes to learn Spanish can join this institute. The learning module includes practical and theoretical knowledge, and experienced trainers teach it using a well-defined methodology.  

The Institute of Spanish Studies is present in the major cities of India and is a premier Spanish institute in India. Their prime objective is to concentrate only on teaching Spanish, making it one of the best Spanish language course in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai, Patna, Bhopal and Jaipur. This institute is an authorized centre for the official examination SIELE. They want to impart their love for the Spanish language to all their students, which will help them learn about this language in detail.

The levels of coaching they provide are A1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2 and the advanced levels are C1.1, C1.2, C2.1, C2.2. They provide translation, interpretation and corporate training, which is the essential requirement of any Spanish language course in Bangalore. Institute of Spanish Studies aims to promote the Spanish language and its culture in India.

They provide a complete detail about the training and the expert trainers before enrolling for the course, giving you an idea about them before joining. Their service ensures that they offer one of the best Spanish language course in Bangalore. They provide Spanish for Young learners, an employment-oriented course in Spanish.  

7. Inventatq

Inventatq is another institute among the best ten Spanish language course in   Bangalore. They are one of the few Spanish language course in Bangalore that are job-oriented, and they provide job-oriented training with certification. They offer courses to all age groups and hence age is not a barrier. Before enrolling for the course, they offer a free demo class that shows how genuine they are, and this allows you to be sure that you have not selected the wrong institute. 

They offer Spanish language training in just six weeks, making it one of the best among the other Spanish language course in Bangalore. If a person is proficient in English, he/she will find it easy to learn Spanish. Even though the grammar rules of both languages are different, learning will be relatively simpler. 

Since both English and Spanish have Latin roots, a large number of words of both languages look quite similar, making you more comfortable learning. Even if you are not an English expert, never worry; trainers of Inventatq will assist you in learning Spanish.  

As mentioned before, this institute is placement oriented and ensures that the students that come to them will leave them only with a proper job. All Spanish language course in Bangalore do not guarantee this. Inventatq provides real-time projects in the Spanish language, which helps you to have a direct link with this language. 

They provide classroom training, online training and corporate training. If you go through their website, you can see the reviews of various students about the best training provided by Inventatq, which will help boost your confidence to join them. 

Many media sites like the times of India, DD news,, Forbes, Hindustan times, daily hunt, Deccan chronicle have covered Inventatq. You have the opportunity to talk with the trainer before joining the course. They have a Spanish language testing module that helps to increase job opportunities. Their hiring partners for placements are hp, Infosys, collaborate, Capgemini, tata consultancy services, imshealth, Genpact, ITC infotech.

8. LangEcole 

LangEcole logo

One of the ten Spanish language courses in Bangalore is LangEcole. They provide quality training that maintains an international standard. They provide both audio and visual learning experiences with AC classrooms. Subject matter experts are always available for help. The institute offers free seminars focused on interviewing skills, personal branding and career development. In addition to all these services, they provide internships for their students.   

The best service they provide, which makes them one of the best Spanish language course in Bangalore, is free and unlimited online practice, which will help the students boost their confidence in speaking. They provide any time accessible extra materials for practice available in their portal, and the materials contain solutions and sample questions. They offer various practice tests, video materials, study plans and a lot more. 

They offer customized training solutions and make you go through various mock interviews and personal development, which many of the Spanish language course in Bangalore do not provide. LangEcole permits the students to enhance their learning environment at their own pace and unique style. This learning environment helps the students to identify their learning pace and also help them to gain insights from their success and failure. 

They provide one-on-one training, which is not available in most of the Spanish language course in Bangalore. They offer training faster, and the trainers help the students know more about the exam style. Trainers help the students develop their knowledge and skills, thereby assisting them to achieve higher grades. Trainers make the students more adaptable and flexible and help them achieve their best

9. Go Lingua

Go Lingua is one of the best Spanish language course in Bangalore. They provide training for all the six levels which includes A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. Their certified trainers help the students to achieve 100% success in examinations. They provide textbooks that are of international standard and based on the student’s requirements, and they provide course materials. 

In addition to Spanish, they provide training for ten other languages. They provide corporate training, language translation, soft skills training, personality training and many more. Many of their students are now working in translation, translation, interpretation, mass communication, hospitality, finance, etc. Due to the exceptional quality of their services, this institute has become the name of trust, authenticity, and reliance.    

They hold on to the mantra that if a student is bilingual, there are more chances of getting a job and earning more. They always focus on making their students learn more and excel in their careers, making it one of top ten Spanish language course in Bangalore. 

10. IITE

IITE, which is one of the ten Spanish language course in Bangalore, is a premier professional language training institute that provides educational and professional services. They collaborate with top educational institutions and research institutions in India. They focus on transforming the lives of people by providing quality training.

They provide training in all six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). There are both weekend and weekday classes available for the students. Their course includes listening and communication skills, pronunciation, telephone skills, note-taking, email writing, letter writing, negotiating meetings, business presentations, sales, marketing, translation and socializing skills with colleagues. 

IITE helps to know about the Nordic countries, which is a unique service not provided by many of the Spanish language course in Bangalore. IITE has twenty years of experience and has about 1300 batches, 4210 students and 159 awards. 


Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the whole world. Learning such a language will help you communicate with people better and will aid you in finding jobs and also for traveling to Spanish speaking countries, which is a great advantage. Looking on to the current trends, Spanish is becoming highly important in business needs. Becoming proficient in such a language will help you enhance your business and develop more professional and personal connections. 

Spanish language course in Bangalore are not much prevalent in our country, and most of the Spanish language courses available in India are not providing quality training. Residing in Bangalore and searching for the best Spanish language course in Bangalore might be tedious. This site has made your task easy by providing the best Spanish language course in Bangalore based on their performance level. 

Learning Spanish at this particular level will help you develop a niche for yourself in the business industry and develop yourself to be a competent person.

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Q1. What are the main advantages of learning Spanish in Bangalore?

Ans: To get a better job and earn, Spanish learning can help you. If you wish to travel to different places, learn Spanish, which is the second most spoken language in the world.

Q2. If I am a beginner, which level should I choose to learn?

Ans: The beginner levels are A1 and A2. So you can choose that.

Q3. What are DELE and SIELE exams?

Ans: DELE is a certification exam provided for all six levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). They are available for school children, young, and adults who use Spanish as a second language or foreign language. 
The SIELE exams certify the mastery of each level of the Spanish language. They are available to both young and adults who use Spanish as a second language or as a foreign language, and it is also available to native speakers.
The Cervantes Institute offers both.

Q4. Are online classes available for Spanish courses in Bangalore?

Ans: Yes, online classes are available. To get more information, contact the respective institutes by referring to the institute names provided on this website.

Q5. If I am not satisfied with their course, will I get a refund?

Ans: Not all institutes provide a refund. But institutes like Henry Harvin provide you with a complete refund if not satisfied with the first training session.


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