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Spanish is the language originated in the northern part of Spain. It is the official language of Spain, Equatorial Guinea and most Latin American countries.  It is the world’s second most- spoken native language and fourth most spoken language in the world. 75% of the modern vocabulary is derived from Latin.

Why to learn Spanish?

  • It is a global language spoken in 21 countries
  • Communicate with Spanish speakers
  • Boost your resume with additional language skill set
  • Increase job prospects
  • Rewarding travel experiences
  • Enjoy reading books and watching movies
  • Increase awareness on culture
  • Keeps your mind sharp

Who can learn Spanish language course?

  • People who aspire to make a good career in global world
  • People who are passionate about language

What are the possible career opportunities?

  • Education
  • Bilingual Educator
  • College Professor
  • Business
  • International Relations Consultant
  • Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Proofreader
  • Importer/Exporter
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • International Account Manager
  • International Banking Officer
  • Bilingual customer support
  • Culture and tourism
  • Cultural Events Coordinator
  • Travel Agent
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Escort/Interpreter/Guide
  • Government
  • National Security Agent
  • Immigration Officer
  • Court Interpreter
  • Cultural Attaché
  • UNESCO Official
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • FBI Agent
  • Foreign Diplomat Missionary
  • Foreign Service Officer

Top 9 Spanish language courses in Pune

The institutes fall under top 10 Spanish language courses in Pune are

1. Henry Harvin language Academy

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin provides the best Spanish language courses in Pune being a significant contributor of many professionally courses. The course is designed as per SIELE and DELE Exams conducted by Instituto Cervantes. Simulation Exams and native speaking trainers helps to converse the language fluently. The trainers have 15 + years of experience and training partners are recognized by various organizations. They have been invited to more than 15 keynote classes for Spanish language course and delivered more than 350 lectures with domain experts of Henry Harvin Language Academy.

The course has 9 key features

  • Live Interactive online sessions
  • Projects in Spanish language
  • Internship to attain practical experience in Spanish
  • Certification – Government of India recognized
  • 100% placement assistance for one year
  • E-learning access
  • Bootcamp sessions for 12 months
  • Hackathons and Competitions
  •  One year Gold Membership

The training programs has different levels.

A1 – The Beginner’s Level- This level focus on basics of Spanish language in speaking. The learner will have an understanding on common expressions and phrases used in the language

A2- The Upper Beginner’s Level – Candidate have a good understanding in framing sentences and certain expressions which helps to communicate in a simple way

B1- The Intermediate Level- The level of other 3 skills of communication such as writing, listening and reading which helps to understand the sentence structures in Spanish language.

B2- The Upper Intermediate Level- This level focus on Spanish dialects and complex sentences. The candidate gain knowledge on speaking at length in Spanish by organizing their complex thoughts

C1- The Advanced Level – Candidate will be able to understand and comprehend long texts. They can express their thoughts fluently in a constructive manner.

C2- The Upper Advanced Level – The level helps the candidate to comprehend and summarize everything in Spanish language.

For more details on Spanish language courses, visit their website and also you can reach them @ 9015266266

Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course Fees

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Media Coverage

Henry Harvin® Spanish Language Course Ranks #1 in India by Indian Express, Daily Hunt, Asian News, United News of India, APN Live, Times Education

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Spanish Language Course is Provided:


2. Lets Talk Academy of Foreign Languages

Contact No:099230 66166


Lets Talk Academy is founded in 2004 and trained more 17000 students towards the language learning courses. This academy provides one of the best Spanish language courses in Pune.

The Spanish Language courses prepare to write and clear the international certified examination at all levels. It enhances the 4 major skills set- Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The Knowledge on Verbs and sentence structure and Vocabulary acquisition.

The Spanish language courses had two assessments to check the level of progress of the students.

During the course, an e-book access will be given along with textbook. An online course material will be provided including reading & listening practices, grammar and vocabulary lists.

The Spanish language courses are conducted on weekdays from Monday to Friday and also special batches on weekends.

The Spanish language courses has five levels

A1: Elementary level – 70 hours

A2: Pre- Intermediate level – 80 hours

B1: Intermediate level – 100 hours

B2: Pre – Advanced Level – 150 hours

C1: Advanced Level – 250 hours

Types of training

  • Group training consists of 8 to 10 students per batch for Elementary level where other levels batch size will be around 6 to 8 students.
  • One to One training if for those students who needs individual training and more focus. The course will be customized as per the student’s level and their requirements.
  • Private group training will be conducted to a certain group who wish to learn privately.
  • Corporate training is done for companies and corporate houses with specific requirements for the employees of the organization.


Contact No:093710 04329

iteskul logo


ITESKUL established in 2001, is a platform provides classes foreign languages, English communication and computers. It is one of the leading Spanish language courses in Pune.

The Spanish language courses have 6 levels.

A1 Level – Break through or Beginner

  • Everyday expressions and basic phrases
  • Self-introduction and answer questions on personal details
  • Simple conversation with slow interaction

A2 Level – Wastage or Elementary

  • Understand the expressions and sentences on basic and personal details
  • Communicate familiar and routine tasks in simple way
  • Communicate about personal background and environment in simple terms

B1 Level – Threshold or Intermediate

  • Understand the familiar inputs often encountered in work
  • Communicate while travelling
  • Produce simple texts on areas of interest or familiar topics
  • Describe ambitions, dreams, experiences and events and give reasons for opinions

B2 Level – Vantage or Upper Intermediate

  • Start the speaking and writing practice of the basic language and speak on most important everyday situations
  • Speak and write on specific events in daily life
  • Understand and discuss about managing personal and professional life, to express opinion and develop possible solutions
  • Understand, compose and paraphrase information about past events
  • Describe future events and ideas and also discuss its pros and cons

C1 Level – Operational Proficiency or Advanced

  • Understand the longer texts and recognise implicit meaning
  • Able to express thoughts and ideas fluently and spontaneously
  • Flexibility in language for academic professional and social purposes
  • Provide detailed text on complex topics and showing the usage of organizational patterns and cohesive devices in a controlled manner.

C2 Level – Mastery- Proficiency

  • Easily comprehend thorough reading and listening
  • Able to paraphrase from different written and spoken texts, reconstruct it with coherence
  • Able to express spontaneously and very fluently in the most complex situations

ITESKUL Spanish Language Course Fees In Pune


4. Institute of Spanish studies with Fees 

Contact No:094802 08123

Institute of Spanish studies logo

Institute of Spanish studies provides class room and online Spanish language courses in Pune. It is internationally recognized by Spanish SIELE. It has employment oriented Spanish language courses for students and Weekdays & Weekend Spanish language courses for working professionals.

The weekday sessions will be from Monday to Thursday and weekend sessions will be on Saturday and Sunday. The duration of the session are for 1.5 hours or 2 hours per day as per the slot chosen by the learner.

The course duration and fee structure for all levels are as follows

A1 – 60 hours – INR 14,750

A2.1 – 50 hours – INR 14,175

A2.2 – 50 hours – INR 14,175

B1.1 – 60 hours – INR 15,750

B1.2 – 60 hours – INR 15,750

B2.1 – 60 hours – INR 15,750

B2.2 – 60 hours – INR 15,750

A1 + A2 – 160 hours – INR 43,000

A1 + A2.1 – 110 hours – INR 29,000

A2 (combined registration) – 100 hours – INR 30,000

B1 (combined registration) – 120 hours – INR 30,000

B2 (combined registration) – 120 hours – INR 30,000

Employment oriented course (A1-B2) – 420 hours – INR 1,05,000

5. Thrive Edge

Contact No:91-8237396740


Thrive Edge centers offers classroom classes for Spanish language courses in Pune. They are equipped with best infrastructure with technologically aided training by expert trainers.

The Spanish language courses has various levels.

Level A1 Beginner

  • This level is for those who don’t have prior knowledge about language.
  • Focus on asking and answering questions about themselves and possessions
  • Able to construct simple sentences of routine use

Level A2 Elementary

  • Able to talk simple and daily situations in life
  • Able to talk in simple past
  • Understand frequently asked questions and express thoughts about oneself

Level B1 Intermediate

  • Able to express opinions, asking for clarifications, set out complaints, talk about past and future events
  • Able to write familiar simple texts. Also describe experiences, events and opinions

Level B2 Advanced

  • Able to debate, defend opinions, expose to pros and cons of issues, converse fluently by the end of the level

Level C1 Superior-

By the end of the level, the learner will be

  • Able to speak fluently and precisely
  • Able to communicate in cultural, social and professional environments
  • Able to write clear and structured texts. Make the right usage of cohesion and articulation of the texts

Level C2 Proficiency

  • Able to comprehend whatever read or listen
  • Reconstruct the information spoken and written
  • Coherent and concise the texts
  • Express spontaneously and fluently

Thrive Edge Spanish Language Course Fees in Pune :12,500

6. Symbiosis Institute of Foreign & Indian Languages


Symbiosis Institute of Foreign & Indian Languages was established in 2000. It caters Spanish language courses in Pune along with other foreign languages. They offer basic, intermediate and advance level Spanish language courses.

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign & Indian Languages is a campus of 2500 sq. meters which has 21 AV classrooms, 100- seat AC Auditorium, three Digital Language Labs, a well-resourced library, two AC audio-visual Conference rooms and a Cafeteria.

It is a department of Symbiosis International (Deemed University), re- accredited with “A” grade by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council).

A1 – 100 hours

  • Able to understand and use basic phrases and daily expressions
  • Able to do self-introduction
  • Able to ask and answer personal information related questions

A2 – 100 hours

  • Able to comprehend sentences and regularly used expressions
  • Able to communicate in simple sentences
  • Able to describe about past events and experiences

B1.1 & B1.2 – 90 hours each

  • Able to describe emotions, hopes, dreams, events and experiences
  • Able to give details and descriptions for opinions

B2.1 & B2.2

  • Able to understand complex sentences
  • Able to interact in Spanish fluently
  • Able to construct detailed text on wide range of topics

Fee structure

Level Regular Weekend Books Administrative Charges (Non- refundable)
Spanish A1 8200 8700 695 50
Spanish A2 8700 9200 695 50
Spanish B1.1 8500 9000 695 50
Spanish B1.2 9000 9500 695 50
Spanish B2.1 9500 10000 695 50
Spanish B2.2 10000 10500 0 50

7. Instituto Hispania Spanish Language Classes Pune With Fees

Instituto Hispania logo

Instituto Hispania provides the best and sophisticated Spanish language courses in Pune. The Institute was founded in 1997 which assist the learners to learn Spanish language classes to cater their personal and professional goals.

All the trainers are certified who have been trained under their own training programme. They are well-versed with content to train the learner to enter into Spanish language world.

The course content covered under various levels are

Hispania Uno A1

-Introduction to the language with Verb SER (to be), Alphabets, Numbers, Self-introduction

– Frequent question, professions, parts of speech

– Questions and answers to acquire personal information

– Definite articles, Indefinite articles, Colours

– Verb ESTAR (To be), Adverbs, Prepositions

– Basic vocabulary acquisition

– Many-Much, Time, weather

– Seasons, Months, Days of the week

– Verbs ending with -AR and -ER

– Direct and indirect object

– Verbs ending with -IR

– Irregular verbs, Infinite verbs, Reflexive verbs

Hispania Dos A2.1

  • Degrees of comparison, Present continuous tense
  • Verb GUSTAR (to like), Expression of opinions, Pronominal verbs
  • Possessive Pronouns, Verbal paraphrases, Direct and Indirect object
  • Expressing obligation, Pronouns with prepositions, Ordinal Numbers
  • Speaking about plans, Giving advice, Indefinite adjectives and Pronouns
  • Superlative ending with -ISIMO, Gradation of adjectives
  • Interrogative Pronouns, Comparative and Superlative adverbs
  • Collective nouns, Verb + indefinite
  • Irregular noun constructions, Imperfect future of indicative
  • Imperative verb

      Hispania Tres A2

  • Travel vocabulary, Frequency Adverbs, Exclamative: ‘Que’ and ‘Cunato’
  • Giving directions, Imperative form of ‘nosotros’, Relative adjectives, Verb ‘Soler’, Imperfect past tense
  • Media and communication, Relative adjectives with and without preposition, Periphrases, Indefinite past tense
  • Descriptions, Contrast of past tenses, Relative pronouns, Emphatic adjectives and adverbs
  • Irregular particles, Conjunctions “ ‘Ya’; ‘aun’; ‘todavia’, Perfect past tense, Environment
  • Future perfect tense, adverbs, hospitality, Pluperfect tense
  • Shopping, Imperfect vs. Indefinite past tenses

      Hispania Cuatro B1.1

  • Uses of subjunctive, Present Subjunctive
  • Express remorse, Express wish and suggestions
  • Offer opinions, express prohibition and give permission
  • Subjunctive tense for expressing possibilities and doubts
  • Using Cuando + subjunctive
  • Subjunctive and conditional sentences, Continuous for subjunctive
  • Cultural differences, Express past complaints and suggestions
  • Discuss holidays, Conditional tense, Express nostalgia, Express possibilities in future
  • Express and discuss superstitions, Past perfect in subjunctive mode

Hispania Cinco B1

  • Uses of subjunctive, Irregular methods of subjunctive
  • Express hopes, feelings, wishes and possibilities
  • Knowledge of festivals in the Hispanic world, Give opinions and orders
  • Conditional and future tense and uses with subjunctive
  • Express tourism, travel and future plans
  • Imperfect in subjunctive mode, distinction of tenses and modes
  • Hypothetical situations, Conditional sentences
  • Express medicine, illness, potential situations
  • Past perfect in subjunctive mode
  • Review of subjunctive tenses and uses

     Hispania Seis B2

  • Introduction of Indirect style present and past, Passive voice
  • Colloquial expressions used in a work environment, Relative pronouns
  • Types companies in different sector, Tourism sector business, Job interviews
  • Indirect speech in giving orders
  • Current news and political and economic issues
  • Temporal reference using ‘desde’. ‘desde hace’, verbs ‘hacer’ and ‘IIevar’
  • Uses of ‘consigo’ and ‘si mismo’, Debate current life topics
  • Review on advanced terms using tenses and modes

Hispania Seite C1.1

  • Advanced expressions, Review of indicative and subjunctive modes
  • Verbs ‘costar’, ‘tardar’, llevar’ , E-commerce
  • Differences of ‘por’ and ‘para’ and usage in advance level
  • Information technology in daily lives, Verbs with preposition and passive voice
  • Connectors in temporal and final sentences
  • Debates and law, Consumerism and shopping
  • Direct and indirect style of speech, Uses of concessive sentences
  • Verb ‘ponerse’ ‘hecharse’ with infinitive, Verbs expressing a starting action
  • Sentences with impersonal ‘Se’
  • Advanced constructions using ‘ya’, ‘mira’, ‘no sabes’ ‘no te imaginas’. Periphrases and verbs followed by gerund

Hispania Ocho C1

  • Able to handle Spanish language in any situation
  • Understand any topic related to working place, school, at home or leisure
  • Follow TV and radio programs
  • Personal feelings can be communicated
  • Mange during travel at normal situations

The course levels and its fee structure are

Course Name Duration Fee (₹)
E-learning Hispania 1 – A1 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 2 – A2.1 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 3- A2 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 4- B1.1 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 5- B1 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 6 – B2 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 7- C1.1 60 hours 13,265
E-learning Hispania 8 – C1 60 hours 13,265
E- Learning Spanish Voyagers (8-11 years) 12 hours 6,000
  • Spanish Pop

Spanish Pop provides exclusive Spanish language courses in Pune. They have Spanish language courses for

  • Crash courses for kids – 12 sessions Age 3+
  • Tailor made courses for school students
  • Advance course for kids
  • Spanish for travel
  • Personal tutoring
  • Spanish level courses for adults/professionals – Age 12 +

8. Blend In Language Services


Blend In is a one-stop solution for Spanish language courses in Pune. They provide services on Spanish

  • Coaching
  • Proof reading
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Assistance to Foreign Nationals
  • Travel to Spain with Blend In
  • Visit India

The extensive personalized and preparation courses at this institute is

  • DELE (Diploma de Espanola Como Lingual Extranjera)
  • SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Espanol)
  • School curriculum
  • Personal tutoring (in classroom of Blend In as well as at the student’s location
  • Corporate training and workshops
  • Classroom training and workshops

9. Insignia

inlingua LOGO

Insignia provides Spanish language courses in Pune unique materials and exceptional trainers. The various types of courses are

Group courses

  • A perfect platform to learn by interacting with other students
  • Small groups of 4 to 8 students
  • Beginner to advance level are available
  • The schedule will be once or twice in a week

One on One course

  • Flexible and learn at own pace
  • Customized to focus on language skills and specific needs
  • Can decide the venue either home or at the center

Crash courses

  • An intensive personal training
  • More focus on speaking
  • Customized content

Insignia Spanish Language Course Fees In Pune:-8,600


Spanish is a language that is very prominent and unlocks lots of opportunities. This article is about top Spanish learning institutes in Pune. You can also search by “Spanish language courses near me” to know about other nearby locations to learn the language.

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1 Que.How many Spanish levels are there in Spanish language classes in Pune?

Ans: There are six levels in Spanish language classes in Pune: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2. A1 is for people who have never learned the language before, and C2 is for people who are very good at it and can almost speak it like a native. The relevant language institutions for each language then make themselves a guideline for the proposed contents at each level.

2 Que. At which level can one speak Spanish fluently? 

Ans: If you want to be able to speak and understand Spanish well, you should aim for a C1 level, which means you can talk and communicate well. A C1 level doesn’t mean you know every word in the language, but you can handle most conversations and some tricky topics. Mastery is reached at the C2 level.

3 Que. How long does it take to be able to speak Spanish well?

Ans: If you start as a beginner and work on your Spanish for an average of an hour a day, you should be able to talk fluently in Spanish in 8 to 12 months. 

4. Que How can I learn Spanish more quickly?

Ans: Build up an extensive Spanish vocabulary. The building blocks of a language are its words.

  • Take a Spanish language course in Pune to learn Spanish.
  • Or you can find an online Spanish teacher.
  • Don’t worry too much about Spanish grammar.
  • Read as much Spanish as you can.
  • Make the Spanish language a part of the way you live.
  • Don’t go out of the country to learn Spanish!

5Que. Is it worth it to take Spanish language classes in Pune?

Ans: If you want to learn Spanish, taking classes from Henry Harvin is a great way to do it. You should find a Spanish language course in Pune that fits your needs and budget. 

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