South Africa is one of the most rapidly changing and diverse countries in the world, tef

South Africa is larger than life. Homes of many wild animals like Lion, Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Zebra, African Elephant, Hippopotamus, and many more.

South Africa moved away from its legacy of apartheid and isolation, now growing into modern society and economy. Peoples of South Africa are moving towards high- tech, conservation, International Commerce, and tourism. 

There are 11 official languages in South Africa, mostly South Africans speak two languages and English has become the business language. As a result of this, there is a high demand for English teachers in South Africa who can teach English as a foreign language, making it an ultimate location to get your TEFL Certification abroad.

What is TEFL?

TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL Certification Course empowers the teachers to teach the English Language abroad. The TEFL Certification course is one of the fast-growing and has great opportunities.


This course is for both whose mother tongue is English and also for others who want to learn it for further education or job opportunities.

There is so much doubt among the candidates about where to take the TEFL Certification course. There are so many courses available in the market, in this blog, I will tell you the Best TEFL Certification Courses in South Africa.

 TEFL Course Online

Nowadays, English language students give more preference to TEFL courses online. Online classes are money and time saver. 

  • TEFL Certifications – Onsite At Home: $1,500-$2,000
  • TEFL Certifications – Onsite Abroad: $1,000-$2,000 including travel
  • Online TEFL Certifications: $250-$600
  • Hybrid TEFL Certifications: $300-$1,000

You can save a good amount of money, and use this money as per your need.

This course is a part-time course, so you can easily manage your current job or other work. You will be able to apply in multiple countries for jobs when you are taking a TEFL Certification online course from an Internationally recognized TEFL Institute like Henry Harvin TEFL academy, which is one of the most trusted and reputed institutes in the field of TEFL Certification online course.  

Best TEFL Certification course in South Africa

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

  • Henry Harvin is ranked no. #1 in the Best TEFL Certification course, offers 120- hours TEFL Certification course.
  • Full job support to the candidates.
  • Outstanding Academicians.
  • Best Pedagogical Practices.
  • Exclusive LMS excess. certification
  • Experienced trainer with 10+ years of experience.
  • Certified by AAEFL( American Association of EFL).
  • The course generally runs 8- 12 weeks

What are the Benefits of the Henry Harvin TEFL certification online course?

The whole course is designed to ensure that you can clear your TEFL Certification Course exam on your first try. The training will help you a lot to understand the modulation of teaching English to non-English speakers.

This course enhances your confidence level, it also improves your teaching skills and methodologies. You will be able to appraise pupils without bias and develop better and original lesson plans to teach the students.

The TEFL Online Certification course by Henry Harvin is the most credible and recognized course.

Reviews of ex-participants:

“Henry Harvin offers lifetime access to their online LMS program and job support free, which was unique and great in comparison to other institutes. The TEFL course from Henry Harvin is beneficial for me and highly recommended for those who want to make their career in teaching English as a foreign language”. -Jessica

2. CELTA Teacher Training in Cape Town

This course is for those who want a professional and internationally recognized qualification in English language teaching to adults. CELTA is one of the highly recognized and respected qualifications for the English language teaching centers in Cape Town(South Africa).

CELTA is awarded by the University of Cambridge, which ensures high standards and quality. It also increases opportunities to teach abroad due to its international 

Reputation. It is the original English teacher training course for English language teachers and based on the International House Certificate. Trainers are well experienced, the teaching atmosphere is good. CELTA is one of the best TEFL certifications courses.

Asian College of Teacher

tefl certification course in South Africa

Asian college of teachers online classes are well designed for TEFL candidates to directly interact with their trainers which provides the trainees the simulated classroom experience.

 Asian college of teachers offers an International TEFL certification course, this course is compact. The time duration of the Online TEFL certification course is 120-hours, providing a fundamental grasp of the methodologies so that candidates make their TEFL careers with full confidence and better teaching skills.

 ACTs TEFL Certificate is internationally recognized so that candidates will make their careers across the world. Both the online certification and distance mode of learning is available.

Bay Language Institute

Bay Language Institute was established in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2006.

Beautiful beaches and African wildlife are near the institute.

 Creative teaching, fun, result-oriented learning, and small classes concentrating on individuals’ attention. Bay Language Institute is great for those students who wanted to experience effective learning with fun and exploration.

This TEFL course covers the language, linguistics, and theory of education.

Reviews of the ex-participants

I went to the TEFL Courses and it was just a wonderful experience for me. The teacher was very helpful and her teaching techniques were really good. The location and the atmosphere of the institute were awesome, highly recommended institutes for TEFL Certification Course.”- Joseph

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TIES- The International English School

The International English School has offered TEFL Certification courses since 1995.

The TEFL certification course is a highly intensive teacher training course specially designed for candidates to teach English as a foreign language or as a second language for international candidates.

The time duration of this course is 120- hours over 4 weeks. Trainers are well experienced and teach the candidates the theory of language teaching, as well as the candidates, get the practical experience in the classroom.

Program Highlight:

Join in an intensive 4 week TEFL certification course.

A cost-effective teacher training course in a natural environment.

Providing fourteen hours of grammar workshop.

Location : 

South Africa: Cape Town, Somerset West.

Qualification and Experience:

Language skills required English.

No experience is required.

Age Requirement:

Age requirement varies.

Reviews of ex- participant:

“Having an amazing experience in TIES, it was an intensive 1-month course.

Teachers are highly professional and supportive. All the staff is very friendly”. – Xolisa

3. i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i is one of the best TEFL certification Course providers globally, founded in 1994.

i-to-i trained over 182,000 TEFL Graduates. Their English government regulates courses, and these courses are endorsed by language school globally, which means you have a great chance of securing the best jobs!

i-to-i provides online training, it boosts your confidence and teaching English skills. After getting a TEFL certificate you will be able to teach abroad. i-to-i offers paid TEFL placement in China, Thailand, Spain, and Vietnam.

Reviews of ex-participant:

I found this course useful and very easy to follow, and I was impressed by the teaching skills and methodologies”.- Amy 

4. TEFL International Egypt

It offers a TEFL training program in Alexandria, Egypt for 4 weeks. The rich history of Alexandria attracts visitors. The duration of the course is 120-hours and is held in the language center in the Stanly area in Alexandria. 

Students of the TEFL Course will enjoy the accommodation at Bianky, a beautiful beach resort area.

5. Get TEFL Certified in Marrakesh

The Via Lingua TEFL Certificate Course contains essential concepts and strategic skills for teaching and living abroad. The trainees learn many cross-culture skills which are helpful to analyze different cultures.

Via Lingua Marrakesh offers an intensive and interactive program for the TEFL certificate. Marrakesh is one of the most comprehensive and up to date courses, providing 130 hours of expert tuition and 10 hours of assessed teaching practice, making their students good in classroom management, Phonology, and English grammar.

After completion of the course, you will get the Via Lingua TEFL Certificate which is globally recognized.


  • Internationally recognized certificate.
  • Individual job guidance and assistance.
  • TEFL South Africa

TEFL South Africa is one of the leading TEFL institutes in South Africa, will get you certified, and prepare you for English teaching jobs online, or virtually to any part of the world.

Here you can learn how to teach kids, teens, and adults. You will get confidence and better teaching skills to teach properly, plan, and deliver relevant and interesting lessons to your English students.

6. TESOL Certification Course

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of the other Language, being a TESOL teacher you’ll get many benefits, but first, you need to get certified in TESOL.

There are different TESOL certification and training are available in the market.

The certification course will offer you good teaching skills, methodology, and many more.

 Most of the TESOL jobs provide training, this training will be beneficial for candidates. Once you will get a TESOL certificate you will be able to teach in an ESL around the world. ESL teachers are high in demand worldwide.

There are two ways for the TESOL Certification course

  • An online TESOL Certification course
  • In-person courses 

You can select any of such courses according to your convenience.


Is TEFL Course for you?

TEFL Course for all native and fluent English speakers, who want to make a career as an English language teacher abroad.

For the TEFL certification course, no special qualification required, teaching English as a foreign language is a very popular career nowadays, if you are a travel and fun-loving person then this will give you a chance to explore new locations and enjoy teaching abroad.

The TEFL Certified English teachers are high on demand in non-English speaking countries.

 7. Information about South Africa

South Africa is the southernmost country of AFRICA, officially known as the Republic of South Africa. The population of South Africa is over 59 million and it is ranked 24th in the most populous country in the world.

The largest city in South Africa is Johannesburg. South Africa is a country of diversity, there is a wide variety of cultures, religions, and languages. In South Africa, there are 11 official languages out of which the two most spoken languages are Zulu and Xhosa. English is the commercial language here. 

8. Best place to teach English in South Africa

In comparison to other countries, there is less demand for an English teacher in South Africa, so if you’ll want to teach English in South Africa you need a high level of TEFL Certification for a job.

The larger cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and  Durban provide many opportunities for  English teachers. In Johannesburg, The British Council’s South African office is located with many job opportunities for English teachers.

Cape Town is another big and safe city to teach in South Africa. In Cape Town beautiful beaches, famous Table Mountain and wildlife centuries are waiting for you, the nightlife of this city is also very famous, so you can enjoy your TEFL Certification Course with your friends.

Durban is the other big city in South Africa, which is perfect for teaching.

Sapphire coast is a beautiful place to spend your weekend. In Durban, 77.7% of the population speaks in Zulu and 13.2% in English, here students are mostly poorer.

Cost of living

In South Africa, you will be able to live a cozy life. Many English teachers have managed to save 20-25 % of their salary when their teaching contracts have ended. Flats are available on rent according to your budgets, suburb areas rate are lower than urban areas.

The cost of food is also very pocket friendly. 


South Africa experiences high temperatures with rainfall about just half of the global average, increasing from west to east. Western Cape has the Mediterranean climate with winter rainfall, in many parts of the country falls summer rain. 

In South Africa, the coldest days are from June to August. South Africa experiences hot and dry weather during the El Nino phase. 


The transportation facility in South Africa is not so good. Buses in the big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg are extensive, but sometimes you need to wait for the buses. 

South African cities also have minibus facilities, but these buses are not good in condition, they don’t have designated stoppages. So it’s better to avoid such transports, it’s better to live within walking distance of work. 

9. Best online English teaching jobs for South African Teacher

Online English teaching jobs in South Africa

There are many options for native South African ESL teachers in South Africa.

  • ABC360

ABC360 is an online ESL company, founded in 2011. ABC360 is a China-based company. This company hires ESL teachers with neutral accent and brilliant communication skills.

The minimum qualification required for ABC360 Company is a Bachelor’s degree and dedication of at least 12 teaching hours per week. TEFL /TESOL teaching certificates and earlier teaching experiences are bonus points.

The pay ranges from $11 to $15 per hour. ABC360 organizes training sessions and seminars for English teachers.

  • Hujiang

Hujiang is also a China-based language learning platform. They are teaching multiple languages such as English, Japanese, and Korean. In Hujiang the base pay is $16 to $20 per hour. The booking rate in Hujiang is approx 100% which is excellent! If you want to teach English at Hujiang you must be a native of South Africa(or other native English speaking countries). 

The minimum qualification required for Hujiang is a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL /TESOL Certificate. You must have earlier teaching experience with young learners.

  • Palfish

Qualification for online teaching jobs at Palfish is Bachelor’s degree and TEFL / TESOL Certificate, prior teaching experience is like a big plus for you. In Palfish the base pay is $10 to $18 per hour or even more.

You will get paid through the pioneer or your bank card.

  • SayABC 

SayABC is a part of the VIPKID, hires native speakers from South Africa for teaching ESL online. For three months, you will teach a group lesson of four students. You will get paid $15 to $28 per 40-minute lesson.

If you want to teach online English at ABC you must have a Bachelor’s degree, having a TEFL /TESOL certificate is a plus point for you. Those candidates who passed the screening process are signed for a three months contract by SayABC.

  • Micro Language

Micro language is a China-based company established in 2012,  Micro Language hires online ESL teachers. They will get paid $18 to $22 per hour.

 Qualifications required for online English teaching jobs at Micro Language are a Bachelor’s degree, TEFL or TESOL certificate, and 1+years of teaching experience.

  • IQBar

IQBar is a UK based Online Teaching Company, which connects native English speakers to Chinese students. Teachers of IQBar either have a flexible working schedule or standard schedule. IQBar is good for part-time jobs.

  • Amazing Talker

It is a marketplace for language instructors and professional tutors. Amazing Talker connects teachers of different languages(French, Arabic, Spanish) to the language learners.

  • Cambly

It provides a Good Part Time Income, Cambly is a mobile phone app that helps to matches you as a native English speaker with English language learners worldwide.

The main focus is an informal, casual conversation in English about a fixed topic.

Salary of TEFL certified teacher in South Africa

The average salary of newly qualified TEFL teachers in South Africa is 16,000-26,900 ZAR / £900-1,500 / $1,100-1,900 per month, but if you are an experienced teacher with higher qualifications you will expect more than this.


The main summary of my blog is :

  • How to get a TEFL Certificate in South Africa?
  • Best TEFL Certification courses in South Africa
  • What is the TEFL course?
  • Benefits of TEFL Certification
  • What are the qualification and other criteria for TEFL Certification? 
  • Salary of TEFL Certified English teacher in South Africa
  • Piece of information about South Africa
  • Accommodation, transportation, and cost of living in South Africa
  • Information about Best online English teaching jobs for South African teachers
   1. Where can I study TEFL in South Africa?

Get TEFL Certified with Henry Harvin TEFL Academy, which is one of the best  TEFL courses online.

CELTA Teacher Training in Cape Town.
Asian College of Teachers.
Bay Language of Institute. The average salary of newly qualified TEFL teachers in South Africa is 16,000-26,900 ZAR / £900-1,500 / $1,100-1,900 per month, but if you are an experienced teacher with 
higher qualifications you will expect more than this.

TIES The International School
i-to-i  TEFL.TEFL International in Egypt.
Get TEFL in Marrakesh.
TEFL South Africa.

  2. What is the highest TEFL qualification?

DELTA is the highest of all the TEFL qualification levels, equivalent to a master’s Degree.

3. How do I get TEFL Certified?

You have three options for getting TEFL certified.
Online courses.
Home-based onsite course.
Or getting certified abroad.

Each option carries different challenges and advantages.

4. How much TEFL certified English teachers earn in South Africa?

The average salary of newly qualified TEFL teachers in South Africa is 16,000-26,900 ZAR / £900-1,500 / $1,100-1,900 per month, but if you are an experienced teacher with higher qualifications you will expect more than this.

5. What is the cost of a TEFL Course in South Africa?

In South Africa, the cost of the TEFL course ranges from about $900 to $1,650 without travel cost.

6. Is Teaching a good career in South Africa?

In South Africa, there is a strong demand for high-quality teachers, and the Government of South Africa spends more than any other sector that’s why becoming a teacher in South  Africa can be a good career opportunity.

7. Where can teachers of South Africa teach?

The countries have the highest demand for South African teachers are:
Thailand has a high demand for English teachers.
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

8. Which countries paid the highest to the English teachers?

These countries paying most to the EFL teachers

The United Arab Emirates. US$3,500 – 5,000 per month.
Japan. US$2,200 – 5,000 per month.
Saudi Arabia. US$3,000 – 4,000 per month.
Kuwait. US$2,600 – 4,000 per month.
Oman. US$2,000 – 3,500 per month.
Taiwan. US$2,000 – 2,400 per month.
South Korea. …

9. What is the TEFL Certification course?

TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL Certification Course empowers the teachers to teach the English Language abroad. The TEFL Certification course is fast-growing and has great opportunities.

This course is for both whose mother tongue is English and also for others who want to learn it for further education or job opportunities.

10. Which certification course is better: TEFL or TESOL?

TEFL-Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL-Teaching English to Speakers of a Second Language, if you want to teach English abroad then TEFL is good for you, but if you want to teach in your home country then TESOL is the best option for you.

11. What are the interesting facts about South Africa?

The world’s longest Stretching wine route is present in South Africa.
Table Mountain in South Africa is one of the oldest mountains in the world.
The largest producer of meat in Africa is South Africa.
The most luxurious train Rovos is in South Africa.



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