What are level 5 TEFL courses ?

Searching for better job opportunities abroad?

And waiting to go outside India but confused about what to pursue and how?

There is nothing like a teaching job and having a full-fledged career in it.


English speaking is not everyone’s cup of tea so people even outside our country seek help.

For example, people from China if settling and become native in America need help and acquire help 

You can be one of those professionals to these help seekers outside the country.


  • What exactly is TEFL?
  • Level 5 TEFL course 
  • Benefits
  • This course is designed for?
  • Before choosing your perfect institute 
  • There are various similar courses
  • TESL
  • CELTA 
  • DELTA 
  • Level 3 v/s Level 5 TEFL courses 
  • Locations and regions where TEFL is practiced 
  • Various organizations to approach 
  • Time for making a decision 


TEFL is “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” or teaching English to non-native speakers.

This course is actually for the seekers of good career opportunities abroad as well as pursuing your love for teaching.

Tefl course helps you to be adaptive and design engaging data for the students of any age group.

So if you are a social owl and love to interact with different people this platform is favorably for you

Students are required to complete all certificate requirements within a year of enrollment.


  • Level 5 TEFL course is a certified course of a total of 168 hours.
  • TEFL  is much more economical than CELTA/TrinityCertTEASOL.
  • TEFL course will surely assure you to clear the TEFL exam in your first attempt.
  • THE Basic TEFL course is sufficient for teaching English abroad rather than spend loads on other courses.


  1. This course gives you a global level of recognition.
  2. The TEFL certification gives you the confidence of communicating with people outside the home country.
  3. This also helps people with VISA clearing requirements.
  4. The most favorable benefit is you can sit at home and get command on the students online sitting in different countries 
  5. You will get exposure to travel the world.
  6. CELTA and TrinityCertTESOL are time-consuming courses as compared to TEFL courses.
  7. This will enhance the skills of already exciting teachers as well as of the budding teachers.
  8. Here you will also get a placement opportunity abroad.
  9. This course will build up your confidence level and intensify your teaching skills 
  10. The faculty members are professional teachers themselves and nobody can explain the personal teaching experience than them.


 This course basically can be done by anybody from anywhere.

People with a keen interest in teaching can surely join this course.

Also, people and aspiring to be a teacher will surely love to enroll in this course.

As we are also getting a wholesome opportunity of moving outside the country, so people interested in settling abroad can also give a try for it.

Also, mortals with preoccupied jobs can do this course as a backup career option because this can be taught at home as well.


It is necessary to choose the standardized institutes that further follow the basic norms and regulations. As this course is internationally recognized for teachers all over the world the institutes must be strict with the standards to be followed.

Tefl course must be of at least 100 hours for the students and this course in most of the institutes are offered and preferred for about 168 hours.

There must be at least 6 hours of hands-on training that is real teachers and students interactions even if it is online.

The institute must be authorized/accredited by a renowned international organization for the safety of your future.

Whilst taking counseling sessions you must know about your lecturer who needs to be well qualified and of course must be an experience holder.

The organization must not only help you in teaching training but also should help in comprehensive job searches afterward which may include online teaching as well.

This is not an old era where our ancestors’ dint know what are they being fed. In today’s era, you must self feed ourselves with lots and lots of research work.


When you will search for the best way of teaching English abroad there will be various acronyms you will be surrounded with as soon as you will open the page.







 It is not just one single organization that is offering this course to people wanting to settle overseas, rather it can be taught by many institutes following prime standards so it is very important to search carefully the school you are going to be trained from


This stands for Teaching English as a Second Language. This course is basically to be done by those individuals interested to teach in regions where English is their first language example US, UK, Canada, Australia. This is taught to non-native English speakers. But if you are a person seeking to travel around the globe the right course Is TEFL.


You people must be coming across this term very often while searching for TEFL.

This term is used interchangeably with the TEFL course but though possess different meanings.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is the full form of TESOL.

Even though these terms are not of much difference even while hiring they will be recruiting you with the persuasion of TEFL/TESOL but the only exception is that if you need to do a degree course or a master you must go for this course, not the TEFL course. Usually, a minimum of 120 hours of course requirements must be fulfilled to pursue an online teaching job.


Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

This course is specially authorized by the University of Cambridge’s non-profit assessment organization, Cambridge English Assessment. It is trained to teach the adult only and is an intense course as the number of hours for the number of subjects to be covered is very less. 

At the same time, the price of this course cannot be ranged as a normal selling course and is a bit on the expensive side. As it is designed to teach only adults so if you are interested in teaching children then the TEFL course is a way better choice for you.


This course is similar to the CELTA but requires adults to already have teaching experience.

Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults is also awarded by the University of Cambridge’s non-profit assessment organization.

So if you want to go outside your country, do not require to accomplish this course rather can go for a much reasonable as well as an easier option that is the TEFL course.


People after searching for the Tefl courses are getting snow blinded as they are seeing plenty of options. And as to settle outskirts we need to be 100%sure about the course we do.

This course is an eye to eye course designed full time for 35 days(4-5 weeks) or rather a part-time for over half a year (6 months)and are also online courses that are independent learning course for over 6 months and also may not include a 20-hour weekend program depending upon the institute. This is equivalent to the A level in the UK. An individual needs to have a native level of English speaking otherwise you will face difficulty while coping up with the course requirements.

People often prefer 6 hours of face-to-face training as you get to work with real students in real life which will ultimately be built up your confidence level where former lets you teach the dummy audiences and that too online.

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  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hongkongkong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mongolia 
  • South Korea
  • The Middle East and North Africa 
  • Taiwan 
  • Thailand


  • Costa Rica




 They offer customized and designed TEFL courses as well as TESOL courses to the aspiring teachers of the society.

The most endearing thing about there course is they provide all their courses online as well, with eye to eye teaching with great professionals.

They include 120 hours online  TEFL course with a personal tutor with each student with 20-hour practice including extra cost.

They even provide us with a hard copy of our certificate which kind of gives safety and with that, you will get the transcript by post with safe packaging.

Bestowing course online and offline both.

Extra given by an introduction to the APOSTILLE SERVICE with a discounted fee if requested by your employer. 

INTESOL worldwide is accredited by ALAP, a specialist by ELT  awarding organization.

  • i to i (teach English abroad and online ) 

At i to i they grant us with 2 TEFL courses, level 3, and level 5 at a single platform, wherein the former is considered to be a level A qualification and whereas latter is considered to be the foundation degree.

They also have combined choice for doing a TEFL course whether from home or at location 

For level 3 the entry requirement is fluent English speaker and for level 5 it is a native or near-native speaker.

The total time for completion of Level 5 TEFL course via highly professional teachers is of about 15 weeks 

 Level 5 TEFL courses at i to i are of 180 hour,240 hour, and 300 hour.

The cost they are charging for 180hour is $398.00

The cost they are charging for 240hour is $478.00

The cost they are charging for 300hour is $518.00

Their specialty in this is they even provide combined course wherein you will be doing online sessions of a minimum of 180 hours and then weekend classroom practice, where you will visit the location n get practice sessions from the tutors.

The combined TEFL course is of 200hour,260hour and 320hour 

The cost they are charging for 200 hours is $597.50

The cost they are charging for 260 hours is $647.50

The cost they are charging for 300 hours is $747.50

They assure that online Level 5 courses are UK government-regulated “Ofqual”,

Their tutors recommend you do an online level 5 TEFL course than doing a level 3 which is mostly recommended for beginners.


They provide the best TEFL certification courses n of about 120hours with the assurance of getting a job for $3000 per month.

They proudly flaunt their accreditation with the American Association of EFL (AAEFL), recognized globally, on their website.

The cost of their 120-hour program is about $299.00, which is quite affordable than CELTA OR DELTA.

They give TEFL certification from outstanding professionals online to help you virtually all the time with LMS exclusive access

This institute doesn’t let you go without taking your assessment sessions in which they take two exams to check the material understanding so that you can crack the real exam out there in the real world.

“I did a short-term course from HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION personally, and my review to them was a five-star rating for which I have mentioned them as the best institute. They not only provide on course duty for you but with that, they give us after-sales service of their course that is getting you to the goal of your dream job.”

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  • TEFL Org 

They gift us with numerous TEFL courses as the name suggests they specialize in such course academy.

From a 20-hour virtual classroom course to 198 hours of TEFL online course.

They assure you access to the online job centre of their page for further job requirements.

They will furnish you with TEFL course certification from TEFL org and TQUK a renowned international organization.

The main level 5 TEFL course is of  2 types 120 hours and 168 hours.

120-hour premier online TAFL Course include 50 hour TEFL Methodology, 30-hour Grammar, 20-hour Video Observation, 10-hour Telephone Teaching, 10-hour Teaching Large Classes.

The cost of a 120-hour program is $254.50.

168-hour program includes 79 hour TEFL Methodology, 30-hour Grammar, 20-hour Video Observation, Level 5: 19-hour The Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language Course, 10-hour Telephone Teaching, 10-hour Teaching Large Classes.

The cost of the level 5 TEFL course 168-hour program is $429.

 They even provide you with combined courses of 130hours, 150 hours, and 198 hours 

The cost for 130 hours TEFL course is $579.

The cost for 150 hours TEFL course is $609.

The cost for 198 hours TEFL course is $629.

They are regulated by TQUK(Teaching Qualifications UK)which is an Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) recognized as an awarding organization. 

  • Premier TEFL 

They have 2 types of TEFL courses, a fast track online course and an online level 5 TEFL  course 

The fast track course has further 3 types of 120 hours, 240 hours, and 250 hours.

The cost for 120 hours  TEFL course is $40

The cost for 240 hours TEFL course is $70

The cost for 250 hours TEFL course is $299

The online level 5 TEFL course has 3 types as well 168hours,290 hours, and 300 hours.

The cost for 168 hours TEFL course is $199.50 

The cost for 290 hours TEFL course is $369.50

The cost for 300 hours TEFL course is $369.50

They are regulated by TQUK(Teaching Qualifications UK)which is an Ofqual recognized as an awarding organization.

Payment conditions worldwide

As we know the work we do and the experience we attain we are mostly paid on that basis. But in this case wherein we have to change our place or location of origin and go abroad to teach an altogether different set of groups of other countries this basis change the payment conditions as well.

It is not sure that if we go to the outside world there is a lot of money than our country. This is just the perception. Every country pays according to its economic development conditions.

The employees must fully research first and then must go on target the country to teach in according to their economic status. the employer may even exploit the employer in terms of working hours, working days, sick salary.

 Spain has been criticized for dodging the teacher’s social security contributions and using them as their means of profit.

Thus budding teachers please be aware of these facts and do research and go for the courses outside your country. also there will be these schools and academies to guide you where to go and through what path.


Now that you know about all the courses on the single page you need to clear your doubts about how to pursue your teaching goal while traveling to the places of your choice. This course is like a light in the darkness for those who must have dropped the idea of settling overseas and were always dreaming about the same.

Everyone out there is well aware that this pandemic situation has been a crisis for everyone all around the world. This COVID 19 has not spared any person out there whether rich or poor. but the only thing which has let us all stay together is the utilization of technology. This technology has helped everyone from teaching to learning. people are getting aware of the courses online through webinars which were at some point were called seminars.

We don’t know by now when will things get back to normal for schools and colleges and the education system so we must not stop at any means and must go on learning. even if you are dreaming of going beyond your boundaries and teaching you must surely not stop. You, youngsters, have lots to attain in this short span of life and the adults who have attained something must not limit their knowledge and must go on. Level 5 online TEFL course is a light in this darkness for everyone so go on and get yourself enrolled in this amazing course which can be done online from anywhere and everywhere.

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