Are you a teacher in love with travelling but is stuck to the daily up & down to the school? Have you ever dreamt of travelling to a faraway country and do what you’re doing right now? If teaching English is your passion and travelling to unseen countries is your dream, and if you have been trading off one for another for years, without knowing that you could be a travelling teacher – just like Kate, and now wish that your passion no longer restricts you from fulfilling your dream, then stick on to this blog through the end.

Now you can get the best TEFL certification in Utah, and start applying for jobs right away in countries where you otherwise could have gone only for vacations!


But But But…… How could I be a teacher abroad, is that so easy, why didn’t occur to me anytime till today? – Your inquisitive brain must be questioning, more so if you have already read about Kate’s life above.

What’s TEFL all about anyways?
“TEFL” (read as TEFEL) is the abbreviated form of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The course is specially taken up by natives or non-natives of English Speaking Countries to teach English in countries where English is not the primary language (So much of English out there). As a Utah, you’ve undoubtedly grown up speaking English, but that won’t be enough of a qualification to bag a job as an English Teacher in India, China or Vietnam; You’ll need to be a certified TEFL teacher for that.

 Is Excitement pouring out to become a TEFL Certified teacher? 

But wait, what makes a TEFL Course best, and who offers that

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“The best TEFL certification” in Utah?

Read on find out:

There might not be a typical yardstick dedicated for measuring the “bestness” of a TEFL course, but the below-listed points would surely come in handy while making a decision:

1. Carefully Composed Study Material:

While you need not be English or English Grammar savvy to pursue the course and get a TEFL certification, a Good TEFL course mandatorily has to have basics written, shown, and explained in detail, because you’d be teaching those to the Children abroad. Also, the course should offer good knowledge about teaching to students from junior to senior classes. Though you might be a teacher for a long number of years now, teaching in your country and teaching abroad would differ immeasurably, and hence your TEFL course would have to prepare you accordingly.  You would be indeed learning to teach afresh, and that’s how your chosen course ought to be – designed to prepare you for your teaching abroad.

2. Designed for you:

Yeah, your TEFL course should be designed to match your needs, requirements, and learning pace. Most of the available courses out there are short-term ones, and even the best TEFL certification course would last for a brief span only – Maybe for 130 hours only. So How do you get to your chosen one? Look for the available schedules, number of hours a course takes up in a week, and the availability of the attended lectures in a recorded format. For the course to move at your pace, you also would need the study material designed accordingly.

3. Enhances the Teaching Experience:

A best TEFL Course will enhance your experience and transform you into an influencer post the completion of TEFL course. Yes, “influencer” is the right term. You’d influence your students’ abilities to learn things differently, your being a foreigner will influence their behaviors and might mold them into a kind of learners that they otherwise might not have become. But prior to all of this happening, you need to get influenced by the course, and how to know if the course will truly influence you and enhance your experience as a teacher? The answer is simple: Refer to the curricula you’ll be having every day throughout the TEFL course, refer to the pedagogical methods that are used in teaching you how to teach, and above all subscribe to the demo lectures – If that enhances your teaching experience even by a bit, and introduces you to something you never taught to your students, then it might be what you are looking for after all.  

4. Adds to the Quality of your Being a Teacher:

If you are a teacher who has always applied a qualitative approach while tutoring your students, or even if you might not be a teacher but considering getting a TEFL certification in Utah, then there is one quality you must look for in the course before subscribing to it, and that is its ability to add to your quality of teaching. Now, how would you conclude before subscribing to the course that the intended course would assuredly add some qualities to your being a teacher? The answer is again simple: look for the new skills you’ll learn while pursuing This particular TEFL course. Ask if the intended TEFL course is designed to inculcate in you the ability to handle your classroom more efficiently; Ask if this TEFL course adds to your presentation skills required to perform efficiently in front of foreign students? These are the questions that will need to be answered before registering anywhere.     

5. Has a Large Number of Subscribers to it:

Stand with the Crowd to benefit: This might not always be the case, but when deciding to subscribe to a TEFL certification in Utah, make sure that you stand with the crowd. Look for the number of successful students the particular  TEFL course has transformed into efficient teachers. If the numbers are high, the chances are also high that you might be at the right place and at the right time to get enrolled.  

6. Certified by an Institute that has Affiliations to Renowned Institutes:

This is the often-overlooked major characteristic you must look for in any TEFL course you intend to take up. Affiliations to major Universities or renowned agencies has their benefits and luxuries, and below listed are a few such merits for you:

  • Recognized by a large number of schools and colleges worldwide
  • Offers Job placement assistance post the completion of TEFL course
  • The inclusion of a renowned University’s name in the TEFL certificate will bring you a good reputation amongst your peers
  • Getting TEFL certification in Utah from any major institute increases your chances at getting on the top of the hierarchy of payscale

There are numerous other benefits in getting enrolled with a renowned institute, but none can match the benefit of getting job placement assistance post the completion of the TEFL course.

So choose your TEFL certification course wisely !

7. Assistance Post the Completion of the Course:

While this is the most underrated point by many, it shouldn’t be taken for granted under any circumstances by you. There’s always room for learning new things and improving, and what can be of more assistance in that process than remaining in touch with the basics that helped you become a certified TEFL teacher? From planning lessons to preparing extra-curricular activities, from working out on new skills to polishing the older ones, you’ll need assistance at every step, for a little bit of time, till you get completely adapted to the new style of teaching that involves a completely distinguished set of students. All of this assistance should be gotten from one place, and that source should be the good old institute that helped you accomplish your TEFL certification course.

Now that you know what makes a TEFL Certification  Course Best, Let us look at who offers it !

Have you decided whether to pursue an In-class TEFL certification or an On-line TEFL Certification?

Both in-class and online TEFL courses have their benefits, but keeping in view the time we are in, it is best to go online! I mean no prejudice against in-class TEFL certification though.

And to reward the patience you have shown while reading this blog, I have Got for you top 10 TEFL certification in Utah that are offered in both the formats: in-class and online, by a few of the most renowned institutes across the Globe

Beginning with the No. 1 :

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Certification Course


Henry Harvin is the current leader in providing the best online TEFL certification courses across the Globe. With a considerably high number of enrollments every year, Henry Harvin has more to offer than one can grab. Along with being an institute with an online presence across the globe that offers a carefully planned and composed online TEFL certification course, Henry Harvin is also home to a host of such certification courses. 

With its experienced faculty, self-learning methods, and a pace of tutoring that matches your learning pace, you’ll go through a lot of new experiences,throughout the whole course, that’ll come handy when you are abroad. 

The certificate you’ll receive after the completion of course will be a conferment from the American Association of EFL 

Check what Lynda, a TEFL certified teacher in China, has to say about Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin ranks No. 1, with an approval rating of 4.8 out of 5, in the field of providing best online TEFL certification. The buck doesn’t stop here; With its globally spread network, Henry Harvin also assists you in finding a job post the completion of your TEFL Course that matches your expectations. 

2. International TEFL and TESOL Training:

International TEFL and TESOL Training is the institute you would choose in Utah to fulfill your dream of pursuing an In-class or online TEFL certification course. ITTT has been a market leader in providing high-quality teacher training programs since 1993. With thousands of graduates graduating each year through ITTT’s wide range of online and in-class and combined training courses, ITTT is an institute committed to serve and cater to needs of its pupils, and this quality has ensured over the years that ITTT maintains the position of one of the most highly regarded organizers of both In-class and Online tefl/tesol certification training.

With its newly opened up branch in Utah, ITTT is not so far away! 

3. International TEFL Academy:

Founded in 2010, International TEFL Academy (ITA) has to offer the gold standard in TEFL certification for teaching English abroad. International TEFL academy provides you with the finest internationally accredited TEFL-classes both online and in-person, in 25 locations across the globe. With a record of certifying 6,000 people every year and having produced a similar number of graduates teaching in over 80 countries to this day, the TEFL course at the International TEFL Academy meets and exceeds international standards. Choosing the right TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification course plays a critical role in rendering you with the training and qualifications needed to get a job placement in the desired country, and ultimately get hired to teach English abroad and online. 

Compared to studying abroad for a semester usually costs at least $3000 – $5000 per semester, or even going on a vacation in Europe for a couple of weeks would cost you the same, but investing $1200-$2000 for a quality TEFL certification will enable you to get paid and to live and work in foreign countries like China, Spain, and Argentina for a year or more. It literally pays for itself within just a couple of months post the completion of the course.

4. Teaching House TESOL & TEFL Certification

The “Teaching House” runs the University of Cambridge CELTA (the Certificate in English Language Teaching), the most widely accepted TESOL program across the globe.

Teaching House TESOL/TEFL certification provides you a tutoring of 140 hours, including 6 hours of  teaching practice. The TEFL course is specially developed and delivered by TH CELTA trainers based on their whopping experience of 10 years, and from the feedback that they’ve received over the years from their produced graduates working overseas. To keep the course as efficient as possible, only 8 per teacher trainer are coached at once in a group. 

5. The TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy provides you with the very best in the domain of accredited TEFL courses, which means your qualification is recognised across the Globe. The TEFL Academy is one of the world’s leading best online TEFL certification course providers. Whether it be through their specialist online TEFL course or the combined TEFL course, pursuing this course can help you acquire the skills needed to teach English as a foreign language. To  find out which might be the best TEFL option for you, have a look at this TEFL courses comparison page for gaining a deep insight into the specifics of the course.

The Level 5 TEFL Course that is offered is DEAC-approved and meets the criteria for Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC) status. The DEAC is a U.S. Department of Education National Accreditor. The TEFL certification course offered by TTA is regulated by Ofqual (UK government department) and is awarded by Qualifi, a UK government recognised awarding body. 

6. BridgeTEFL:

Bridge TEFL offers a well curated course of 120 Hours to its pupils that is tutored by an experienced faculty of the TEFL domain. The Course is affordable, is designed to match the pace of its subscribers, and is flexible so that your daily schedule doesn’t get interrupted. With all of this, you get a TEFL certification stating your achievement at the end of the TEFL course, and Access to their global job network via the BridgeTEFL Job Board where you can get matched with the preferred employer partners through BridgeTEFL Connection, and bag the dream job you’ve been waiting for.

7. World TESOL Academy

Through this online TEFL certification course, offered by World TESOL Academy, you learn the foundational skills needed to become an English language teacher abroad. This course consists of an essential understanding of how the English language is framed and structured, along with a range of classroom management skills and language teaching techniques.

By the end of this course you’ll earn your TESOL/TEFL qualification and acquire a set of skills that can be utilized to teach English abroad and online.

This online TEFL certification course provides job assistance to the subscribers of its course right here. You also get personalized help in finding jobs abroad post the completion of the course 

8. The University Of Utah

The certification course conducted by the department of linguistics of Utah University, prepares students to teach English to learners in the United States or abroad. The TESOL Certificate is a basic level program, and is somewhat identical to the TEFL course. This certificate may or may not be in line with another degree program or as a stand-alone program. It also may be taken as part of an undergraduate degree in Linguistics.

9. The University Of North Dakota:

ESL is a thriving field, and a lucrative opportunity for those seeking Jobs abroad.

The master’s degree in EFL provides you with the required knowledge and skills needed to teach English abroad.

As a graduate, you’ll be eligible for the North Dakota ELL teacher endorsement and may completely or partially fulfill ELL, ESL or TESOL endorsement requirements in other states.

Your proficiency in this course will include understanding the complex linguistic, educational and cultural variables involved in teaching English language to learners.

Besides, you’ll have an opportunity to become a collaborator, leader and advocate for ELL / ESL populations in schools and society.

10. The TEFL Institute of Ireland:

Described below in detail is the overview of TEFL course  provided by the TEFL Training Institute of Ireland In their Own words:

The TEFL Institute of Ireland is an Irish based course provider with a global reputation that offers Independently Accredited & Level 5 Ofqual UK Government Regulated courses through our online training platform. Together our team has over 20 years of EFL training and teaching experience, which shows through our committed job assistance and continued lifetime support to our customers.

We’re here to help you connect with the best employers, learn about captivating cultures and have memorable experiences. The TEFL Institute is a trusted and globally recognised TEFL trainer. The academic team is responsible for developing course materials and delivering our distance learning to the highest standard. Employers around the globe can verify the qualifications of any student online via employers verification page giving them the confidence and knowledge that your TEFL training is of the highest calibre.

The academic team is confident about the TEFL training that is delivered and take your needs seriously. So if you decide to go another direction within 14 days of purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee.”

This would be an online TEFL certification course.

Key Takeaway:

One dream – TEFL – and numerous paths to achieve it. Which one to travel?

Before clicking on that choose -your-course button, think and note-down what your preferences are, which country you wish to work in, the number of years the work permit would remain valid. How many countries does your institute cover in its network web?

Pursuing a TEFL certification course from the best institute lands you in a good job, but you would have to first define what a good TEFL course means to you. Amidst the situation that we are in, taking up an online TEFL course seems to be the best option, and is currently the most preferred one too (Remember: Stand where the crowd is). While there are many best online TEFL certification courses, you need to choose which one suits your time, learning pace, and budget.

As said earlier that there is no typical dedicated yardstick to measure the best online TEFL certification course out there, I can only wish that you choose the best !

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  1. Nice Blog! TELF course in Dallas is something I’ve been looking into recently. It was a great help to get perspective on things. So, good job! It was great to give it a read. I totally appreciate your range and your recommendations look reliable. Also, the research gone into it is truly amazing! Kudos to you!

  2. Jhones Martin Reply

    Very Useful blog!

    It was great stumbling upon your blog and very useful for me. It was of great help to get perspective on things. So, good job! It was great to give it a read. I totally appreciate your range and your recommendations look reliable. Also, the research gone into it is truly amazing! Kudos to you!

  3. Emmalee Adams Reply

    Nice blog.

    Henry Harvin is really a tremendous institute in Utah. I am not comparing to other institutes because they don’t exist anywhere in front of it. The trainer are using the advance methods for teaching English. I am Emmalee. I have had a good experience there. If you are thinking to transform your life, you should join Henry Harvin TEFL course and enhance your skills.

  4. Ollie Stamm Reply

    Yes its true Henry Harvin is the rank NO.1 institute for TEFL Certification in Utah.
    I really liked his methodology and approach which changes according to trainee’s level… Modern way, interactive classes, lot of activities and predominantly classes are regular..

  5. Amina Leuschke Reply

    Henry Harvin is the best institute to learn English and teaching skills. The trainer is the best mentor I have ever got.
    I was very under confident when I enrolled in the course, but now I can surely see some positive changes in my personality.
    You will get the solution to all your problems here. Be it grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation issues or speaking skills, this course and the hardwork will solve all your issues.

  6. I would highly recommend to everyone to join Henry Harvin TEFL course to get your dream abroad job. I really learnt a lot from here. Being a current student i can see transformation in my knowledge and teaching skills.

  7. I searched a lot for the best TEFL certification course in Utah before joining Henry Harvin. And I must say joining Henry Harvin was one of the best decisions.

    A self environment helps to understand all the concepts easily and in an enjoyable manner.

  8. Dulce Braun Reply

    Thanks for the blog.

    Hey all. I live in Utah since my childhood and after completing High school, I decided to get a teaching job abroad. I heard about TEFL certification so started searching for the best TEFL training center in Utah.

    Last night I was simply searching on Google and I found these top 10 TEFL courses which are available in Utah. But I am still confused about choosing the best one among these 10 courses.

    Anyone can suggest me??

  9. Alexandria Farrell Reply

    Amazing blog.

    Truly speaking I was looking for best online TEFL school in Utah from last two week and I found your blog. After going though your blog, I got much clarity in deciding which course should I choose.

  10. Shawna Price Reply

    Good Post.

    I appreciate your work. Many people like me search for best TEFL programs in Utah. After reading the blog, it is easier to compare among the courses. Thanks buddy.

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