Education is the best way to remove poverty since it helps the children and youth to have a bright future and, on another hand, it allows the men and women to get rid of their poverty cycle.

Teaching English overseas brings a great opportunity for the travelers to educate the children or empower the women or guide the youth through different activities and skill development programs. More than 1.7 billion people are likely to use and learn English all over in the world which makes you have a bigger chance to teach English without a degree in foreign countries.

Teaching English abroad without a degree allows you to travel and teach across the world with any background or skills. If you are not able to stay abroad for a long time you can just assist the local teachers to teach basic English or you can help in administrative works

What you all need is a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification course and you are qualified for teaching English overseas without any previous teaching experiences. It gives you the opportunity to get a teaching job as a professional and paid internship in several countries worldwide.


In this blog, we will talk about the top 10 teaching English abroad programs that you can consider for teaching English abroad without a degree. So, check this out—


1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Henry Harvin TEFL course is one of the best teaching English abroad programs that will help you to develop the English speaking skills of non-English speakers worldwide.

This online certification course is affiliated by the American Association of EFL (AAEFL)  and designed in such a way that you can qualify the exams at first chance.

 The robust teaching methodologies of this course will not only enhance your confidence but also help you to develop in-depth knowledge about the student’s psychology. 

You can also learn how to make a practical lesson plan so that you can evaluate your students without any prejudices. With class and time management skills, you can improve your productivity. It will definitely help you to connect with the students effortlessly.

If you are interested in teaching and have a good knowledge of English, you can easily apply for this course. Having this TEFL certification course will help you to become a successful and highly paid EFL teacher.

Teaching in China

In China, 98% of students complete their secondary Education, and 65% of students go for a college education. It means China has a big market for aspiring teachers who want to teach English without a degree.

You can have an excellent opportunity to teach in the public schools. Private and language schools can be a better option for work with a lucrative salary.

Since the Government of China hires the ESL teachers, they get a large number of benefits to teach there.

They have a well-maintained schedule so that the teachers can make a proper balance between their work and leisure time.

Moreover, as a certified TEFL candidate, you can teach online. You are also able to join various administrative posts available in China. 

Besides teaching, you can enjoy the beauty of the cities of this country with some delicious cuisines. The cost of living is not so high, and you will be offered a handsome salary that will be enough to lead a moderate life.


2. The Language House TEFL

The Language House TEFL is a teaching abroad company that is mainly based in Prague and owned by an American. This company has a worldwide connection; therefore, you can go to any corner of the globe after getting certification.

This company provides you a TEFL certification course with a duration of 4 weeks. After completion of this accredited course, you are able to teach English without a degree.

You can check the official website for more details including videos, stories, dates, and stories, as well as you are provided additional information about Prague so that you can determine to teach English there beforehand.

The Language House is considered as one of the most noteworthy teaching English abroad programs in Europe.  That is why this award-winning TEFL certification course is also highly recommended by the graduates.

The Language House offers you some exclusive facilities that make them stand out from other TEFL certification courses across the world. Along with on-hand teaching practices, it provides post-course services as well as an amazing graduate community.

It is just not about a 4-weeks TEFL certificate course but here you will also learn how to adjust your new life in foreign countries. You will surely get a job opportunity within a week after graduation as it works dedicatedly for your success.

You must fulfill the requirements to qualify for these TEFL courses like you have to speak English fluently and you are expected to be a minimum of 21 years old. Though prior teaching experience is not essentially required, you need to have a University BA/BFA and present students can apply as well.

Tips for getting an English teaching job in the Czech Republic

You must need a TEFL certification to teach English in the Czech Republic but before that, you should talk to an advisor for all your inquiries and then you have to be prepared enough to visit the country. 

It is always a better idea to start as a private tutor or teach English online initially. Visit the largest cities and try to go on the period of the heaviest hiring season. Make sure that you have enough financial capability to cover up the initial start-up costs.

Get a new mobile number as soon as you have arrived in The Czech Republic and clean up all your social media account so that the employers will not have a bad impression from the start.


3. Maximo Nivel

 Maximo Nivel comes up with the best opportunity with its teaching English abroad programs to volunteer teaching English and internships in Latin America.

It offers a 4-weeks TEFL course along with a wide range of programs and you can get an online TEFL certificate as well.  Another important thing is that you can select for specialization from the onset so that you can be a master in teaching English or guiding students for different international exams.

Maximo Nivel has collaboration with several local schools and NGOs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru so that you can teach English without a degree. It makes sure that you can get a job for teaching English overseas after you complete your TEFL certification.

Costa Rica has a bigger job market to teach English without a degree since more than 100 language schools recruit almost 1000 foreign teachers to teach English every year.

Since in those countries, there are fewer chances of standard quality ESL programs, therefore you have to educate the students for a brighter future career. You need to teach in different public schools, community centers, after schools’ programs and more.

Your duty is not only limited to teaching but also you need to make lesson plans, help in tutoring and plan new games and activities. Maximo Nivel’s TEFL certification program is like a key to get an English teaching job around the globe. These courses offer you 15-hours long practical classes along with observations of experienced teachers. 

There are almost 12 modules of this TEFL certification that includes Learning and Teaching theory, Class management, Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary, teaching speaking/writing/reading/ listening, assessing the learners etc. You can also have a special overview program for different International exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Why should you choose Maximo Nivel in Costa Rica?

These certification courses help you to get an English teaching job in Costa Rica as well as makes you eligible for thousands of other opportunities to work worldwide. This course includes all aspects of English teaching as a foreign language so that you teach like a professional teacher effortlessly.

Must Check US Ranked No. 1 TEFL Certification Course Online

Start-up costs are comparatively low in Costa Rica for the English teachers, therefore, you do not have to invest much initially to support yourself.

The live practice teaching session enables you to get a clear idea of the classroom in reality and it also makes you prepared to adjust in foreign countries so that you can have a job searching guidance for your whole life, whether it is in Costa Rica or the rest of the world.

4. Premier TEFL 

Premier TEFL is a paid internship that provides an incredible opportunity for teaching English abroad without a degree. It is quite different from other online TEFL courses that make you teach English in countries like China, Thailand, Spain, Colombia and more. 

This program includes complete orientation, placement, living allowance, meals, accommodation and other necessary things for teaching English overseas. The candidates must complete fifteen hours of teaching every week.

A degree is not compulsory for qualification but a candidate must speak in English fluently as well as the need to be enthusiastic in culture. You can easily apply in spite of being a non-native English speaker.

It is better to have previous teaching experience but not mandatory. With this teaching English abroad programs, you can have some amazing memories of cultural excursions that you can cherish throughout your life.

Tips for getting a job to teach English in China

No doubt, China is considered as one of the largest job markets for teaching English in foreign countries because more than 300 million Chinese people are likely to learn English.

With this TEFL course, you can get a job as a professional English teacher with good salaries and you are able to save around $500 – $1000 in every month easily. This TEFL course enables you to find a suitable English teaching job in China however you need to talk to an expert person for all of your queries and start to research.

Start applying for positions and interviews from your home and moreover, get prepared with all your necessary documents so that you can begin your new life in China quickly.

How to get hired for teaching English in Thailand?

You can easily get a job of teaching English in Thailand if you have a TEFL certificate along with a degree from a four-year university. You need to be a native English speaker whereas having prior teaching experience is not compulsory.

It is better not to know how to speak in Thai so that the students can only communicate with their teacher in English and it will help to maintain a English-speaking classroom with a view to practice their skills efficiently.

In order to have an accurate idea when and where to apply, you must do thorough research. Try to target the public schools rather than Government ones for a better payment though the living cost in Thailand is relatively less expensive. 

With this program, you will get a work permit and be trained in such a way that you become respectful and enthusiastic about Thai culture.


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5. International TEFL & TESOL Training (ITTT)

ITTT provides you the passport with its exclusive teaching English abroad programs to teach any part of the world like a professional English teacher.

Besides online courses, this program also provides in-person courses and combo courses so that you can choose any of it as per your requirements in order to teach English without a degree all over in the world.

In spite of having any prior teaching experiences the aspiring candidates can obtain jobs in foreign countries with ITTT’s high quality and accredited courses. 

ITTT offers a 4-week (160 hours) course with a guarantee of a job after completing the course. You can also have a wide variety of programs like 60- hour introduction TEFL courses or 470- hour course packages.

ITTTS allows aspiring students to apply for the courses without any limitations of age, sex, race, and nationality. It also ensures that the participants can obtain any job in any corner around this planet.

Teaching English in Spain

ITTT is one of the topmost courses to teach English in Spain which is also accredited by the BOAA. With a 4-week classroom course, you will be enabled to educate students in Spain. 

There are numerous numbers of private school and ministry programs under the Government which open the opportunity for the aspiring candidates to teach English in Spain without any degree. 

The salary may seem a little lower than other countries but it is more than enough to lead a decent lifestyle.  As a teacher, you need to spend 12 to 25 hours a week so that you get much free time to experience the Spanish culture. 

Having a TEFL certificate also increases the chances of getting private coaching in Spain therefore, you can extra money to support yourself initially.

Teaching English in Italy

Italy is famous for its food and culture as well as it has a large job market of teaching English abroad without a degree. ITTT is such an appropriate teaching English abroad program that allows you to enjoy Italy to the fullest besides teaching.

TEFL certificate can increase your chance to obtain a job of English teaching but you have to do thorough research about your contracts. If you are looking for a public school, know every detail of how the Italian education system works.

It is better to be prepared for lower pay initially and make sure you have enough finical capability to support yourself. If possible, try to learn a little Italian. Knowing Italian may also help you to get more attached to the local community.


6. i-to-i TEFL

i-to-i TEFL has offered standard quality teaching English abroad programs since 1994. These programs are uniquely designed for travellers who seek to teach English overseas.

i-to-i TEFL programs not only include TEFL certification but also provide adventure trips as well as paid internships. i-to-i approved TEFL certificate is appreciated by thousands of employers around the world and as a result above 175,000 candidates have completed this course.

The best thing about i-to-i TEFL is that it has partnered with 300 schools and institutions which ensures a stronger network for the aspiring participants for teaching English abroad without a degree.

This program offers travellers both long and short period journeys as a part of the TEFL experience to different countries of the world including China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and more.

i-to-i has a wide range of courses in which the 120 hours TEFL program is very popular. With this certificate, you are able to apply for better schools to teach English abroad with a higher payment. You can avail 60 hours TEFL program as well.

All these courses are combinations of all essential elements that are very useful to train the candidates properly for teaching English in foreign countries. It makes sure that every graduate gets recruitment as a English teacher abroad after completing the courses.

i-to-i courses cover all the necessary things to train you on how to teach English worldwide by providing you accurate ideas of grammar and vocabulary, classroom management, lesson planning along with a practice teaching session.

Paid internship in Vietnam

i-to-i offers an amazing journey to the traveler English teachers to Vietnam for four to five months. They will get a chance to educate the children by improving their skills in the local schools of Vietnam. If you have done the 120 hours course you can confidently teach the students and you will be provided a 20 hours in-classroom training along with that.

Vietnam has a high demand for English teachers; therefore, it creates a big job opportunity for the aspiring candidates looking for teaching English abroad. i-to-i certificate course helps you to teach students of different age groups starting from 4 to 18 in the main cities of Vietnam. The in-class teaching programs and combined courses make you teach English to the local students effortlessly. 

You are allowed to get $700 per month as a living allowance and housing is also provided for the interns. An intern can get up to $700  as a bonus after he has successfully completed the internship. Since the cost of living is low you can live a standard lifestyle without any hassles.

TEFL Experience in Cambodia

i-to-i offers short period programs for two months to have a trip to Cambodia. This is an outstanding opportunity to travel all around Cambodia and teach English in a private school.

Once you are done with the 120 hours i-to-i certification course you are qualified to teach students under the age of 3 to 16. You will have a seven-week practice teaching course for the real ground experience of a classroom. 

It is not about work only because at the end of the course you will get to spend a week freely and visit the country for ultimate relaxation.


7. International TEFL Academy (ITA)

ESL teachers who are seeking an improved teaching English abroad program can easily rely on the International TEFL Academy for a great future. 

ITA provides accredited TEFL classes in different countries across the globe. You can also avail part-time online classes along with job advice upon completion of the course.

ITA’s online classes help you to acquire all the required skills for teaching English abroad without a degree and how to maintain the classroom with confidence. 

You need to spend 10-12 hours per week for the online classes and if you are completely ready to teach English abroad the ITA expert advisor will guide you to get started with the process.

Another interesting thing you would like to know about ITA is that you can get in touch with more than 25,000 alumni who can help you with travel tips and teaching guides for teaching English overseas.

With ITA’s  accredited TEFL certification you will be qualified to teach English without a degree in foreign countries. You can take help from ITA’s job advisors in person throughout the process of your job search and they will guide you efficiently as they have been in your place in the past.

Teaching English abroad in Colombia

Along with natural beauty and rich history, Colombia has a great opportunity for the aspiring ESL teachers to teach the local students for excellent academics and a brighter career.

A large number of private schools and the ministry of Education invite foreign instructors to teach English in Colombia whereas some of the local schools are arranging interviews in advance for the ESL teachers.

Besides having a TEFL certification a candidate preferably requires to have a BA/BS degree to teach English in Colombia. Before applying for an interview, you must research thoroughly about the perks and opportunities offered by a specific school. It is also better to find out the job during the peak hiring months that is from mid-January to August.

You will be recruited to the public-school program and English language school. An aspiring candidate needs to speak in English fluently though it is not mandatory and a non-native English speaker can also apply for teaching English in Colombia.

You have to make sure that you have a Tourist Visa or some work visa so that you can easily start your new life in Colombia. Usually, you need to spend 20 to 30 hours per week in the classroom except for the preparation time and at the end of the month, you will be paid $500 – $1050 USD where the start up cost is around $1000 to $1600.


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8. Plan My Gap Year

With the help of Plan My Gap Year teaching English abroad programs you can teach interested students who positively need your guidance for a better future. It provides you job opportunities in different countries all over the world including Bali, Cambodia, Fiji, Ghana, Morocco etc.

There are new volunteer programs every year that covers countries like Costa Rica, Peru, etc. and here you get a chance to teach a large variety of students starting from disadvantaged children to young adults across Asia and the South Pacific region.

Plan My Gap Year has started its journey from 2011 and successfully recruited 3000+ volunteers globally. It offers internationally accredited TEFL Express online Courses of 60 hours with a view to learning the basic principles of teaching English abroad without a degree. There is an experienced team who keep on watching your performance and assesses it annually.

Teaching English in Morocco

Morocco is a country in North Africa that has one of the largest English teaching job markets for the traveler teachers since there are so many young people looking forward to developing their English skills.

But 87% is the literacy rate of students aging under 15 to 24 and the public secondary schools have the maximum dropout rates all over in the world because of the indifference of the Government, not willing to spend much on Education.

With My Gap Year teaching English abroad programs, you can inspire the young students not to leave the school in between so that they can continue their study for a better future.

This TEFL certificate of Plan My Gap Year along with the university degree will definitely help you to get a job of teaching English in Morocco where you need to stay almost six months for a great impact.

Volunteering in Nepal to teach English

Plan My Gap Year brings a chance for you to work with the poorest communities of Nepal in which more than 40% of adults are not literate. Therefore, they definitely need proper guidance to enhance their basic English skills.

As a native English speaker, your duty is to educate them with basic English so that they can have a better career in the future.

You have to teach 20-30 students at the local community centers. For a two-week stay, the program fee will be $375 at starting.

9. Agape Volunteers

Agape Volunteers is renowned for its teaching English abroad programs that have been started since 2011. It is one of the best opportunities for people who want to travel and teach English without a degree in foreign countries.

Agape Volunteers specifically works for volunteering, tourism and overall development in several countries of Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and more.

This is a registered UK charity which consists of experienced volunteers having proper knowledge of teaching abroad industry so that they can help you the best for teaching English abroad without a degree.

Volunteer English Teaching in Ghana

There are lots of eager children to develop their English skills in Ghana but they usually do not get that chance. As a volunteer English teacher in Ghana you have to teach in the local schools partnered with Agape Volunteers.

It is definitely a great opportunity for you to educate the unprivileged children with basic English and influence them to study more so that they can have good academics as well as a brighter future.

As a teacher, you would like to teach in those school because of the enthusiastic students and you have to remember that your duty is not only limited to classroom teaching but you also need to get involved in other activities like games and sports as a part of their learning.

You will be teaching in the school for five days a week and then being the Agape Volunteers, you are offered to travel around the country to explore its history, natural beauty and culture as well.

Teaching English in Kenya

Agape Volunteers provide you the great opportunity to teach English in Kenya since there is a lack of funds and trained teachers to teach the students efficiently. You will have to teach in the local schools where the students are very interested to learn.

You will get help from the experienced volunteers on how to make your classroom curriculum and you are also allowed to bring your own ideas in the classroom in order to improve the basic English skills of the underprivileged students.

Besides teaching 5 days for a week you will also get free time to roam around the country for some relaxation and make close contact with the culture and natural beauty of the country.

10. Abroad

Abroadly is a platform that offers you for teaching English overseas and get your TEFL certificate with their affordable, high standard teaching English abroad programs.

Due to its connection with different noteworthy programs running on globally, you can join any of them as a volunteer or paid intern and you can teach English in foreign countries as well.

Abroadly mainly works in the field of Education and development of child and youth, therefore the aspiring travelers are offered to join more than 150 exclusive programs to make their impact on society.

Besides Education and development, Abroadly also take initiatives for construction and community development, sports, health, human rights and wildlife conservation which makes you work for the betterment of the overall world along with teaching English abroad without a degree.

You can also get a chance to have a scholarship of $500 so that you can use them effectively in any part of your journey.

Volunteer teaching trip in Thailand

Abroadly connects you to Camp Thailand that offers a three-weeks trip to Thailand to teach English as a volunteer. It provides you both the chance to educate the students by improving their English skills and know the Thai culture from the core.

There are several schools across the country that you can select as per your wish and if you want your TEFL certification online or offline, they will give you a chance to complete it with them.

They make sure you get a job of English teaching after completing the programs.

So far above 3000 volunteers have joined in this program to make an impact on the life of the local children. The best thing about this program is that you can enjoy a tour in Thailand including sightseeing, hanging out on the beaches for relaxation beside this volunteer teaching.

Volunteering to teach English in Costa Rica

Abroadly helps you to get in touch with uVolunteer with a view to teach English in Costa Rica where you can guide the students to develop their English-speaking skills as a native English speaker.

Learning a little bit of Spanish will help you to work with the students more efficiently so that you focus on their basic English grammar including spelling and punctuation. Your task is to make lesson plans and make an assessment of the students under the supervision of a qualified teacher. 

You can influence the students to speak in English with more fluency that will help them to choose a better career in the future.

You are also allowed to enjoy outdoor trips during this period of teaching with a view to know the culture of the country accurately.

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