The practice of present Project Management has been in vague and misnomer form since ancient times.  The people in the mid-20th century made a significant change in the project-management field of industry, Health care, Banking and Finance, Construction, Telecommunication, Power sectors, Aerospace, and information -technology around the globe.  The changes led to a great psychological transformation within society.  The prevalent-dominant scholars precisely understood the need for talented project management professionals.  As a result of it, a non-profit organization comprises the founder members Ned Enigma’s, national CPM Marketing representatives; Mc Donnelly Douglas,  James Snyder, chairman of the board;   Susan Gallagher, a project manager; SmithKline, French Laboratories; Eric Jennet, the first PMP; Brown and Root; and Gordon Davis, former vice-president founded the project management institute (PMI)  for a project management certification to meet the need of professional in the USA.  


Primarily, the Project Management Institute is an American non-income organization.    Considering its necessity, thereafter, many nations adopted and implemented PMI in their respective professional fields. 

  PMI sets the standard of ethics in the project management areas. It also studies, educates, frames ethics for industry, publishes Journals, organizes project-based conferences, and presents an internationally recognized certificate.   It defines the need for project management certification in project management for the free exchange of project management problems.  It also outlines a platform to understand: solutions and applications, coordinate academic studies striving, develop common dialogue and plan, improve communication, and offer guidelines for instruction and career development in project management.  

The PMI Accredits the PMP Certification Internationally

The PMI developed a full-fledged certification program to acknowledge talents and review considering the need for skilled project managers in diverse professional industries.  To qualify for the course, the candidate must have three years of project management experience, 4500 hours leading and directing initiative, and 35 hours of project management education with a four-year degree.   The PMI affords PMP certification which is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers.  Project management certification is the most valuable benchmark. It gets its recognition everywhere in the world. As a project manager, the certification empowers you to work in any industry with any plan

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

 Why do you need a project management certification?

Project management certification is recognized globally. It is an essential part of the certificate.   PMP certification approves the achievers that they have gone through a precise-planned certification program. They can perform well with all kinds of project management in any industry effectively.  Project management certification covers all three vital components: time, cost, and scope.   PMI has scheduled a 240-minute long PMP exam that consists of 200 questions and multiple-choice questions for earning PMP certification. For the preparation of the PMP exam, you are required to review the PMP handbook. 

 The Project Manager is a decision-maker, and by way of his decision, he influences people, resources, and the environment. The candidates often make mistakes and get puzzled over taking appropriate action for a proper project management course.  If you are already in project management or you want to excel in your career in project management. The project management certification in 2020 is the best course for your profession. Here we enlist the top 5 project management certifications in 2020. You go through the courses as we discuss the project management courses as observed: 

CAPM certification:

 CAPM is one of the most popular certifications in the IT industry. CAPM symbolizes the certified associate in project management. It is an entry-level PMP training. The PMI administers the CAMP certification. CAPM deals with the fundamental knowledge of project terminology. It shares the method of effective project management with the aspirants of Project management.

 The prerequisite of the CAMP examination: 

You require a higher secondary level or any international equivalent degree and 1500 hrs of project management experience. Once you have bagged the certification. It remains legitimate for 5 years.  Afterward, you need not attend any professional development unit (PDU) for the renewal of your license. 

  If you are already a member of PMI, It costs 245 American dollars to renew your certification. In the case of others, you have to pay  300 American dollars. Once you achieve your certification, you become the choicest person in the IT industry. You can expect one hundred and one thousand American dollars from the dominant IT companies.   The course is also available online and in class settings at Hanry Harvin Institute. You can enroll in the course. They will prepare you for CAMP under the PMP exam and PMP training.

CSM certification:

CSM stands for certified Scrum Master. The CSM project management certification is recognized globally. The Scrum Alliance administers the CSM certification.  The CSM teaches you an Agile project management framework. In the CSM Project Management training, you learn various team structures and manage the work in a concerted attempt.   The course helps you grow into a perfect professional to manage a Scrum team to work together.  It also teaches a project team role, occasion, and artifacts. 

 Eligibility: there is no specific certification required to finish the CSM certification.  You require a 16-hour scrum course in –person. Once you attain the certification and license settlement, it can enhance your profile quality. The certification remains valid for two years. After every two years, you have to pay 100 dollars for the renewal of the certificate. 

The examination consists of 50 multiple-choice questions to answer within the limit of 60 minutes.  

The CSM is very similar to the   PMP exam program. CSM covers Scrum and Agile works, Scrum Values, Scrum team roles, Scrum occasions, and Artifacts.

 The course price is from 1000 to 1400 American dollars. Once you get your hands on the certification. You get recruited by top IT companies with a salary of 91 thousand American dollars.  The course is likewise available online as well as in the classroom setting at Henry Harvin institute.

Prince 2 certification:

Prince stands for Projects in Controlled Environments Certification (PRINCE2). The Prince 2 certification is considered the standard de facto within the area of project management.  The ELX group administers and offers the  Prince 2 certification.  The certification importantly specializes in directing, copying with, and delivering projects across all phases,  pre-venture, initiation, and delivery. The ELX group divides the Prince 2 certification into two different certifications Prince 2 foundations and Prince 2 practitioners.

Prince 2 Foundation is an entry-level credential that manages the primary project management principles. It teaches and makes you proficient in primary project management terminology and methods. 

Prince 2 practitioner certification is a higher certification for an advanced experienced project manager who already holds the Prince 2 foundation graduates certificate. As of now, they are looking to become an expert in this domain. The course helps improve the skills and capabilities across several key business disciplines in the industry.   The reason is good quality Prince 2 certification, big IT companies search out the professionals of Prince 2 practitioners certified experts.  

The Prince 2 certification exam follows the PMP exam pattern.  The prince2 foundation course contains 60 questions and closed book exams in a period of 60 minutes.  The Prince 2 practitioner course carries 68 questions open book exams within the limit of 150 minutes.  The Prince 2 foundation certificates do not require any prerequisites.

 On the other hand, for the Prince 2 practitioner course, you are required to clear one of these exams: Prince 2 foundation or project management professional certification or certified associate in project management or international project management association level proves that you have mastered the basics of project management. 

The certification exam format for the Foundation course consists of  60 60-question closed book exams for 60 minutes. The PRINCE2 Practitioner course, the course conducts an open-book exam with 60 questions in a period of 60 minutes. 

 The course price is one thousand American dollars for class training and exam package. For foundations and practitioners, the online certification training package is three hundred American dollars. The Prince 2 exam covers all aspects of the project, planning, and quality analysis to run an effective project. Once you have achieved the certification, you may anticipate an average salary of 98000 American dollars from the top IT companies.  The certification remains valid for three years, and at the end of the year, you need to reappear for the practitioner exam.

PMI- ACP certification:  

Agile Certified Practitioner Certification is the fastest-growing certificate project management course. The project management institutes offer the Agile certified practitioner course. With the present industrial shift and huge adoption of agile methodology, PMI-ACP has bewitched the course to the level of extensive popularity in the current industrial phase.  You acquire the primary elemental knowledge by the course that is necessary to complete any agile project for ACP project management perfectly. This is a variance–certified program.  It covers the many elements of the industrial project management exam domain consisting of Agile Project Management principles, value-driven delivery, stakeholder engagement, project team performance, problem exposition, resolution, and continuous improvement of products, processes, and people. 

 What are the preconditions for the certification?

 The aspirant of ACP must satisfy two sets of qualifications as stated: have a secondary degree and 21 Hours of contact Agile project management training,12 months of Agile Project work experience within the last three years, and  16 months of general project experience in a period of past  5 years or have a four –your bachelor’s degree, 12 months of general project experience in less than the 5 years, and 8 months of Agile project work experience during the last 3 years.

  The pricing is for the PMI ( project management Institute)  435 American dollars. In the case of others, you have to pay 495 American dollars. The certification remains valid for three years, and for renewal of the certificates, the credential holder must earn 30 PDUs in Agile topic every three years. The certification helps you to work on an agile team with perfect responsibilities in any project management Industry.   When you get your hands on the certification, the top IT companies hunt for you with a hefty salary. You can expect around 125 thousand American dollars of an average salary from the top companies.  

The PMP certification is a golden standard certification across the globe.

PMP certification:

PMP is the top project management course in the listing of project management certifications in 2020. PMI considers the project management professional certification as a paragon of certificates worldwide. PM Pi governs the PMP certification. It is one of the most sought certification courses by intermediate-level professionals as the aspirants are looking for the most important career encouragement.  It makes you eligible to work with any technique in any industry across the globe.  

Project management training and exams cover all three domains: time, cost, and scope. PMP also covers all the strata of the project management process: project initiation, planning and execution, tracking and control, and closing. 

The course precondition is that.  You have to clear any one of two sets of requirements for the PMP certification program. You must have a high school diploma or an equivalent degree, 5 years of project management experience, and 35 Hours of Project Management professional training or project management education or be a certified associate in Project Management certification (CAPM certification ).  Or

 You must have a four-year degree, 3 years of project management experience, and 35 Hours of Project Management professional training.  or project management education or be a certified associate in Project Management certification (CAPM certification ). 

PMP certification and PMP training is a meticulously designed hard course as it empowers credential holders to supervise all the ranges of the project perfectly. 

 The PMP exam includes 200 questions to answer in a period of 240 minutes.

PDU is a unit to measure an individual’s professional skill as a professional development unit. 

PMP certification is an integral part of senior project managers across all industries. 

Henry Harvin is one of the topmost organizations in the field of PMP certification. It is a global-registered PMP certification class provider that has produced thousands of dynamic PMP professionals through PMP training with flying colors. So you can enroll with Hanry Harvin and reap all of the advantages it offers you.  

The cost of the examination for the PMI member is 405 American dollars. And for non-PMI members, it costs 555 American dollars.  After the clearance of your exam, The PMP certification will remain valid for three years. 

To get the renewal of the certification, you require 60 PDUs every three years and pay 60 American dollars.  With PMI membership, you can reach and locate books on project management and download a free copy of the PMBOK Guide commercially.  PMI accredits the  Henry Harvin PMP  certification course. Once you get your hands on the certificates. You get recruited by top IT companies around the globe. You can expect an average of 25 percent more salary than any other non-certified project Management course. 

Henry Harvin Institute professionals curate the competitive subjects for PMP training and foster expertise, self-assurance, and leadership professionalism that might be important to fulfill the needs of the project. Let us have a glimpse of the top 10 benefits of PMP training bestowed upon us at Henry Harvin Institute:

  • Triggers your business professionalism and project management aptitude to a higher level. 
  • Empower project managers to enhance PMP ideas and their best usage in overall dealing with all varieties of the project at all stages.
  • Nourishes your project management professionalism, leadership, team management, eager thinking, and consumer-oriented steering.
  • Helps you gain project management, resource management, liability management, cost management amalgamation, change, control, program management, Gantt charts, and other kinds of cross-cutting statistics and professions. 
  • Expand your skills to Identify, Analyze, and Solve Project Management problems.
  • Elevate your career
  • Develop your organizational productivity with superb time planning professionalism. 
  • Comprehend current tools used in project management comprising task fragmenting, structure, aid allocation, mathematical project blueprint, project price assessment, and cost control. 
  • Makes you suitable for over 3,000 job catalogues worldwide looking for Project Management professional certified specialists. 
  • Trains and makes you resilient in making plans and adapting them to the context and limitations of the project and submitting the project on time and within the allotted budget and resources.

Henry Harvin conducts the PMP certification both online and in class settings. You can attend the course from anywhere you feel convenient.  To attend the class, you require digital devices with sound internet connectivity. The institute arranges the class with sound teaching support and guidance. The managing body charges affordable fees from the aspirants. The institute authority guides you perfectly under highly qualified and experienced management teachers.   It also provides you with internship opportunities and assists you with several job placement supports, 

   PMP certification is a comprehensive course. Once you get your hands on the PMP certification. You become a great project manager. The top IT industries search determinedly for such great project managers. 

  Besides Henry Harvin,   Several top universities offer different types of project management professional courses. Here, we have a  list of amongst  top universities in the USA : 

MIT Sloan School of Management 2. UC Berkeley 3. Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J. 4. University of California, Los Angeles. 5. Boston University. 6 Southern New Hampshire University. 7. Baylor University, 8. University of Pennsylvania, 9. George Washington University, 10. Purdue College of Technology, 11. Villanova University, 12. Roosevelt University 13. Walden University.14 University of Idaho, 15 New York University, School of Professional Studies, 16.  Capella University, 17. Bellevue University and so on. 

You can complete your project management course at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the above-stated universities. 


Projects diversify the world. The project managers are the agents for transforming the entire globe. This is the one professional field wherein you never feel dull. You remain dynamic throughout your project management journey. You undergo PMP training and PMP exam rigorously and achieve a gold-standard PMP certification. 

PMP certification is a rewarding career for Project Management professionals economically, socially, and psychologically. Once you obtain the PMP certification. You open the doorways to the comfortable and pleasant material world. It fulfills your entire cherished dream in your life.  You get a lucrative job at Top companies. You can earn a lot of money with project management. 

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Q1.What is project management?

Ans. Project management applies the experiences, techniques, apparatus, and skills to project activities to meet project requirements. The concept of management has already been in practice in various domains since olden times.  However,  a dramatic change happened suddenly in the field of management and emerged as a unique profession.  At the appropriate time,  An American non-profit organization founded  PMI  and introduced PMBOK.  PMI governs the project management course that focuses on goals, resources, and programs for each project. 

Q2. Where can I get a job after the PMP certification?

Ans. The PMP certification truly makes you successful.  Eventually, you prove your knowledge by working in any company with any complicated state of affairs from any location around the world. Top IT companies continuously hunt for PMP-licensed credential holders.  Top IT companies like  Apple, Google, Cargill, IBM, Boeing, and  McKinsey &company recruit you with a high salary with the PMP certification. You can expect more than 125 thousand American dollars per annum. 

Q3.Can I attend the course online?

Ans. The practice of present Project Management has been in vague and misnomer form since ancient times.  The people in the mid-20th century made a significant change in the project – management field of industry, Health care, Banking, and Finance, Henry Harvin conducted an online PMP certification course. You can join it from anywhere you feel comfortable.  The best thing you need is a computer, Smartphone, and stable internet connectivity to attend the course.  The institute management charges affordable fees to the aspirants and provides them with all kinds of support to make them proficient in the PMP certification course. You can fulfill your dream with the aid of enrolling yourself with Henry Harvin PMP certification online.

Q.4 What are the other alternative top project management courses different than PMP certification?

Ans. Here, I bring you a few outstanding low-cost project management courses. They take less duration to complete the path. They are CAPM certification, CSM, Prince 2, and PMI-ACP. The institute teaches you the courses the same as other courses.  Once you cover  PMP training and the PMP exam of the concerned courses. You get recruited at top IT companies. You can expect a high salary from those reputed companies. 

Q.5 Who can do a PMP certification?

Ans. PMP certification is best for the

  • Project managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Project Coordinators:
  • Program Managers:
  • Consultants Anyone who wants to grow in this field.

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