A Project Manager assigns work to the team. The team works on the projects. The bonding or the connectivity between the Project Manager and the respective team is managed by another person, in other words, called a Project Coordinator. The person looks after all the tasks linked between the Project manager and the team. The Coordinator manages all the teamwork and conveys the final report to the Manager.

The person manages the progress of the project and assists the team. Also, They handle several tasks specific to their companies. Besides, they are expected to drive the meeting plan and organize project logistics. The primary goal of a Project Coordinator is to monitor the daily progress report and update the details to the Project Manager.



What Do You Understand About a Project Coordinator?

The person who plays an important role indeed in assigning work to the team and getting daily progress reports from them is called a Project Coordinator. Also, he has to report all the details to the Project Manager. A Project Coordinator acts as a connection between the team and the Manager. Moreover, the person should lead the team by guiding throughout the project lifecycle. Also, the Coordinator has many responsibilities to improve productivity.

Skills Required To Become a Project Coordinator:

The name itself defines that the person should coordinate with the people around them. To meet the requirements of this job the Coordinator should inculcate Project coordinator skills. Let us find out some of them.

  1. Good Communication Skills: Good Speaking skills are required to communicate confidently with the team and Manager. Also, Good Writing skills are required to Communicate with them through effective Report making. 
  2. Preparing Documentation: A Project coordinator should be more careful while making important documents like budgets, daily reports, etc.  They should have a proper knowledge on using the Computers and Data entry part.
  3. Time Management: Time is the most important aspect during the deliverables of any project. A Project Coordinator should keep an eye on tracking every task in a project. 
  4. Leadership Quality: It is not an easy task to manage a team. The person has to lead the team and be available to guide the team.
  5. Problem Solving: A Project coordinator has to be ready to face challenges with a positive attitude. The person should be capable of solving small issues without any difficulty.

Main Duties of a Project Coordinator:

Project Coordinators have so many responsibilities in developing the project by handling many tasks with a positive attitude. The important duties are as follows:

  • Keeping track of daily project development
  • By Giving thorough updates to the Project Manager about the daily report.
  • Ensuring the team has received the required resources to complete the task.
  • Initiating the client’s meeting and getting feedback from them. Besides, they have to look after the schedule of meetings.
  • Oversee the project acquisition procedure.
  • Team members are reported to the Coordinator. Additionally, they have to submit a daily report of their work. The coordinator also observes the team during the time of deliverables which is one of the important milestones of the project.
  • Help the Project Manager create Project Management records, including scope statements, project plans, budgets, and schedules.
  • Encourage cross-team cooperation to assist team members in completing tasks and producing deliverables.
  • Arrange meetings with stakeholders, and produce reports.
  • Assist project managers in keeping an eye on team performance and project progress so they can update project stakeholders.
  • Also, Project Coordination skills Involve bookkeeping, managing purchase orders, preparing reports, and other financial paperwork.

Difference Between Project Coordinator and Project Manager:

The Project Manager indeed assigns tasks and observes the performance of the team. The person schedules the work in a planned manner. Also, the Project Manager observes the work planning and performance of the Project Coordinator. The main goal of a Project Manager is to manage the team and the project.

There is indeed a strong collaboration between them. Even though every project requires both professions, it’s practically a need for larger projects. Moreover, In the absence of a project coordinator, a project manager may become bogged down in the hectic work of the project and neglect to provide the necessary oversight of its activities.

Project Coordinator Salary:

Even though this job has less demand, they can earn an attractive salary package.  The Project Coordinator’s salary ranges from 3.5L to 8L.

Project Coordinator Job Qualification:

This job profile requires the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Management
  • Graduation in Business Administration, or a similar discipline.
  • Knowledge of Project management software and Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

A few Certification courses give practical knowledge on Project Coordination like PMP(Project Management Professional) and CAPM(Certified Associate in Project Management

Most organizations want at least two years of expertise in Project Coordination, Project Management, or related sectors because it’s a sensitive role. On the other hand, experience may occasionally be replaced by education and training.

Why Become a Project Coordinator in Your Career?

This is an ideal job profile when you have the following inbuilt characteristics. Let’s find out them.

  • Excellent Organizational skills
  • A keen eye for detailing
  • Interpersonal and Communication Abilities
  • Program managing skills
  • The capacity to merge into any field.

If you have the above skills, the project Coordinator job is the best profile to choose. Moreover, many companies with big projects like Amazon, and NIIT offer job placement for Project Coordinators.

Even though this profile is an initial position, later on, they are promoted to Program Managers, Portfolio Managers, or Project Managers through their experience.

Henry Harvin Education

Rating: 4.6/5

Henry Harvin Education is indeed the largest global upskilling company. They offer 1200+ live certification courses and diploma, degree, and doctorate programs. PMP certification is a Gold standard Project Management Course for Professionals. The course covers the latest best practices that help to prepare for the latest PMP examination. The PMP course also helps the professional to learn the necessary skills.

 Project Coordinator

Course Curriculum:

The PMP course involves six modules to learn the course systematically. Both the Project Manager and the Project Coordinator have similar job descriptions. The Project Manager position holds more responsibilities than the Project Coordinator Position.

  1. Business Environment
  2. Start the Project
  3. Plan the Project
  4. Lead the Project Team
  5. Support Project Team Performance
  6. Close the Project/Phase

Course Details:

Henry Harvin Education provides PMP courses with

  • 36 hours of Instructor-led sessions
  • 12 hours of live interactive sessions
  • Assignments and Mini-projects
  • 54 Guided Hands-on Exercises.
  • 1-year Gold Membership
  • Interviews and Hackathons
  • Guaranteed Internship with top MNCs and Henry Harvin
  • Also get access to Job Portal and Personalized job consulting
  • Certificate not only from Henry Harvin education with International recognition but also NSDC Certification


Becoming a Project Coordinator is indeed not a typical role as the profile gains less credibility. However, many companies with big projects need this position to lead the team. Because the Project Managers have so many responsibilities and are unable to spare time for team management. So, the Project Managers are responsible for deciding whether they need the Project coordinators in their team. But the Job profile is a high-paying one based on its demand. Professionals who are aspiring to become Project Coordinators can learn the respective course. 


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Q1. Which Institute Offers The Best Course to Become a Project Coordinator?

Ans. Henry Harvin Education indeed has worldwide recognition and offers the best certification course for Project Coordinators with Job assistance.

Q2. Is Project Coordinator a Good Position?

Ans. Yes, if you have strong project management skills and leadership qualities.

Q3. What is the Next Position of a Project Coordinator?

Ans. They can be promoted to Project Managers and Project Directors based on their work experience.

Q4. Can a Project Coordinator Have Decision-Making Authority?

Ans. No, They don’t have.

Q5. How Does The Role of the Team Lead and Project Coordinator Vary?

Ans. Both lead the team by providing inputs and guidance but the work pattern varies based on the expectations.

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