Articulate Storyline 360 empowers you to create an e-learning course you can imagine for any device imaginable, from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Storyline 360 is the part of Articulate 360, which has everything you need for the entire course. Daniel Brigham walks through the most important aspects of creating e-learning in Storyline.

He projects the full process from idea to delivery, covering key features like slide creation, building in interactions, and deploying e-learning. You would love to learn more about how to incorporate JavaScript in the Articulate Courses.

This course will help you to create specific modules which are used frequently in creating interactive e-learning. I have taken a practical approach and in this course, you will learn step by step how to create real-world e-learning projects using Articulate storyline 360.

Following are the top 10 Articulate Storyline 360 courses in India:

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s Institute provides one of the best Articulate Storyline 360 Courses in India.

Features of this course-

  •   Be trained by the institute’s best facilitators.
  • Henry Harvin Certified Articulate Storyline 360 Training Course is Ranked among the Top 3 institutes in India.
  • It’s 9 in 1 Course which provides- Training/ Projects/ Internship/ Certification/ Placement/ E-Learning/ Bootcamps/ Hackathons and Gold Membership.
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Facilitators.
  • 24×7 Lifetime Support & Access which means Live Projects+ Guaranteed internship+ Weekly Job Support+ Recorded videos+ Monthly Bootcamp Sessions+ Interview Skills+ Career Services.
  • Mobile App Access to Moodle E-Learning Portal with the exclusive learning management system (LMS) at the tip of your fingers.
  • Hall of Articulate Storyline 360-course Certification will be achieved in your name.
  • Trainers are carefully selected with their years of experience, have also delivered lectures, and are currently impaneled by Henry Harvin institute.

The other benefits are Lucrative Income; You are exposed to a world of other opportunities; As a freelancer, you can choose the place and time to work; Expand your knowledge in every field to a much greater level to deliver good content; Good writing skills allow a writer to communicate his/her message effectively.

Other important courses offered by Henry Harvin-

Content Writing Course helps you in learning various types of content writing which is in demand for the industries today. The quality of your content and command over language gets stronger and high-quality content leads to improve Search Engine rankings that help in the growth of the business.

Course Types, Benefits, Fees:

To Know More Information about Fee Structure please check it here:-

Cities in India offering the Articulate Storyline 360 Course –

Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Online

Henry Harvin also Provides these Courses

2. Udemy:

This course takes the approach of learning the Articulate Storyline 360 course in India through the Udemy Institute. The intention is to help you to become an independent developer in the Articulate Storyline 360 course so that you can be successful in learning the skills.

The academy helps to share knowledge with the world and helps the organizations to prepare a path ahead- wherever it leads. Udemy shows empathy, as their team curates fresh up-to-date courses from the marketplace and makes them available to the customers. The academy is committed to changing the future of learning for the better. With access to billions of data points, they provide a unique perspective on the most in-demand job skills.

 In the Articulate Storyline 360 Courses in India, Udemy courses are worth the money. Udemy’s platform offers plenty of advantages. They are-

 – You’ll never lose access to the content you have purchased for the lifetime of the course itself. Content on Udemy continues to evolve consistently.

– The courses are self-paced for the working adults to learn new skills in their spare time.

– Direct chat options with the instructor depending on the course.

– You will also get access to plenty of ratings and reviews about the course.

– You can prepare to earn several technology certifications on Udemy.

 Learn more about content writing Courses that relate to Udemy’s top 6000+ courses. Writing content with clickability and creative quality is both a science and an art. Content writing enhances a wide range of disciplines from blogging to SEO, to on-page descriptions to sell a product or tell a story.

If you have an interest in a subject and are ready to commit yourself to an online course, then Udemy is certainly worth it. The academy also provides affordable courses. Below are the most popular courses:

Fee structure for the course ranging from Rs 360 to Rs 2000

Duration of the course: 6 hrs to 10 hrs

 Udemy’s academy course is located in Gurgoan-India.

3. Koenig-Solutions:

Established in 1993 in India, is one of the leading IT training organizations in the world. It has its unique USPs is spurring with competition meeting the needs of customers, creating new jobs, and supplementing talent pools with its presence globally.

Koenig offers courses and certifications on Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, AWS, EC-Council, Open-source, Oracle, Isaca, Citrix, CompTIA, PMI, and many more. 

In the Articulate Storyline 360 Courses in India, Koenig- Solutions teaches the participants ways to find out about how systems are tested for business acceptance and about other areas covered such as test design and planning, as user acceptance testing and delivery of business benefits.

 The course strengthens the theoretical concepts by using realistic, practical case studies, from which the participants will be benefiting experience through management and business acceptance techniques.

Upon completion of this course Articulate Storyline 360 course at Koenig-Solutions you will be able to accomplish:

  • Knowing ways of how to make a business case, ensure a strategic fit, and indicate critical success factors and key performance indicators.
  • Knowledge in the creation of a delivery plan, having identified key stakeholders.
  • Having skills in implementation and delivery.
  • Knowing to review a business case, revise and reassess the benefits.
  • Knowing the methods of how to root business change at an organizational level. 

Articulate Storyline 360 course in India at Koenig-Solutions create compelling e-Learning content, working with audio and video including accessibility to HTML 5, adding triggers and actions, working with slides, creating quizzes, working with audio and narration, and publishing in various formats from Storylines for the best LMS compatibility.

The fee structure at Koenig-Solution: Rs 39000/-.

Duration of the course: 4 to 6 days.

Koenig-Solutions is located in Delhi         Goa         Chennai       Bangalore.     

4. Stratbeans:

Understands the importance of your learning needs and with collaboration ‘e-Learning Brothers’, we aim to save your development time and money with effective Templets and Stock Assets Library.

e-Learning Brother offers the ultimate template which helps to create more interactive and inspiring courses in less time. They guarantee the largest and most powerful library of cutout people, templets, stock phots, PPT Graphics and Interaction Builder.

Articulate Storyline 360 in India at Stratbeans acts as Articulates strategic training partner, offers beginners and advanced hands-on training for the Articulate suite of tools via classroom and virtual options.  

While this pandemic has been a bane the training world, especially the e-learning arena has become the major hotspot for people from all industries and spheres. Since Articulate keep on bringing new features with updates, it never gets old.

There is a 360° image edition feature that is scheduled to come in near future. Using this feature, you can insert a 360° image and add markers on it to impart the learning. Isn’t it amazing? 

Many techniques are used for creating engaging content some of which are listed below.

  • Whiteboard animations
  • Motion graphics
  • Character-based scenarios
  • 2d- 3d design
  • Comic strips
  • Special effects
  • Operations

Stratbeans in partnership with Articulate 360 provides full service and support for the development and implementation of e-learning based programs across the globe, feel free to exchange creative ideas

The fee structure at Stratbeans: Rs 70000/-. 

Duration of the course: 15 Virtual sessions.

Stratbeans in India: Pune           Bangalore             Mumbai          Noida.

5. Stylu solutions:

In today’s world of massive competition struggle to be the best and tussle to trounce competitors, effective documentation can surely set you apart.

Documentation needs can be diversified in nature-while sum need a marketing language and tone with fancy vocabulary, others need simple communication, with clear and crisp language.

Stylu solutions identify its clients to provide appropriate content. well-written documents in the form of user manuals information guides, knowledge-based articles, eBooks, e-learning courses, brochures, etc. are a wise investment, as this customer queries and educates them directly, thereby reducing the efforts and costs involved in maintaining a helpdesk or support team.

 Advantages of Articulate storyline 360 courses through Stylu solutions are:

  • Flexibility-Technology demands new updates and faster systems all the time.
  • Mobility: A place that has an internet connection is a place to take advantage of.
  • Community
  • Online Support
  • Progress Report
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Easy ON The Pockets
  • Information Retention
  • Eco-Friendly

The advantages help you to see the growing opportunities in e-Learning. you can contact companies involved in e-learning content development through Stylu solutions, to build e-Learning courses that are easier and accessible.

Stylu solution is in Mumbai India.

6. JPA Solutions:

JPA Solutions is the leading Articulate Storyline 360 courses training institute in Chennai, India. JPA Solutions is one of the dynamic and modern training institutes providing Articulate Storyline training to candidates. We offer an ideal blend of hands-on training as well as a mix of consultancy training offering you the productive skills to enhance the candidates.

Corporate training in Chennai that provides a holistic solution to the business concern. The speciality in them are client coordination, quality training, effective results, and speaks about the philosophy of excellence.

They follow a strict methodology including case studies, practical assessment for a trainee as a corporate expert. supervised training with professional trainers is a mandatory qualification that every trainer must possess.

Transparency program for every domain which means to article the training execution and bring transparency in every arena.   

The objectives of JPA Solutions Articulate Storyline Training emphasizes how the candidate will be trained on how to work with slides, how to add images, shapes, characters, text, how to create projects from scratch and more efficiently by our experts. The candidates also will learn how to add interactivity to slides through triggers, hotspots, buttons, text entry areas, etc. Apart from this the candidates also will learn how to get engaged with the quizzes, how to publish the projects of eLearning for the most massive audiences etc.

Course and fee details: It ranges from Rs 5000 to 50000 depending on the course.

The course is fully practical, is essentially a 23hrs programming session.

7. The Knowledge Academy:

This academy is the world’s largest and most established provider of training courses globally, with extensive experience of providing quality-infused learning solutions – with the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses, in 1000+ locations, across 190 countries.

As market leaders, it has successfully trained over 1 million delegates – demonstrating their internationally-renowned trust and unrivalled premium quality, to all of their aspiring learners.

The Articulate Storyline 360 courses in India covers through The Knowledge Academy. The Articulate Storyline Masterclass Course Outline is a one-day course divided into four sections, and each has its aims and objectives. The first section shall provide an introduction and overview, alongside skills such as a preview of the project, slide and story view, new projects, the various templates, and how to save a project.

 The second section shall detail scenes and slides. Specifically, the opening and closing of slides and the properties of slides. Also, working with text like adding and editing text boxes.

Graphics and arrangement of objects shall be the concern of the third section. The last section is about triggers and actions, such as buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons. It also includes screen recordings.

Ways to take this course:

This is our most popular style of learning. They run courses in 1200 locations, across 200 countries in one of their hand-picked training venues, providing the all-important ‘human touch’ which may be missed in other learning styles.

  • Highly experienced trainers
  • State of the art training venues
  • Small class sizes
  • Great value for money

 The course also provides 5 days of classroom training. If you want to take your exam, need to apply directly to Project Management Institute (PMI)* to book and take your exam.

8. ECorp Trainings:

ECorp Trainings & Services (ECT) is incorporated with Articulate Storyline 360 courses in India. ETC has a strong focus on the training in latest IT Technologies to serve IT industries. It has soared high in various Business and versatile technology areas, ECT has assisted companies for better Business performance by implementing the industry best practices being followed globally.

ECT is specialized in providing Corporate & Online training, HR Consulting using industry best practices that help companies to promote their strategic business initiatives into tangible benefits. ECT has infinite strength to provide innovative and flexible delivery models (on-site and off-shore).

Through Articulate Storyline, 360 courses ECT has a unique blend of professional strength assisting IT industries, Oil and Gas Sector, Government organizations, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, Managing and Trading, Financial institutions and Service industry to achieve their business goals.

Courses offered at Ecorp Trainings:

1. Designing course

2. HR & Finance course

3. Programming Course

4. IT Admin Course

5. Storage & Networking Course

Services provided:

  • Online Training
  • Corporate training
  • Classroom training
  • Project Support

ECT has qualified and experienced trainers, who implement real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Recordings of each session will be shared thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Duration of the course: 40 hrs

For Fee Structure reach the website

ECT Courses Available in India:  Ahmedabad          Chandigarh       Kochi   

Gurgaon      Hyderabad        Chennai

9. Aims Digital India:

Digital India is a concept to change the education system in India. The Articulate Storyline 360 courses in India bridges the literacy slippage through the course.

The Indian Government launched the Digital India campaign to make government services available to citizens electronically through online infrastructure improvement and also by enhancing internet connectivity.

It also aims to empower the Nation digitally in the domain of technology. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launched the Campaign on 1st July 2015.

The Articulate Storyline 360 course refers to Digital India as an umbrella program that covers multiple Government Ministries and departments weaving together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them can be implemented as part of a larger goal.

Nine Pillars of Digital India:

  • Broadband Highways.
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
  • Public Internet Access Programme.
  • e-Kranti- Electronic Delivery of Services.
  • Electronics Manufacturing.
  • e-Governance Reforming Government through Technology.
  •   Information For All
  • IT for Jobs
  • Early Harvest Programmes

Duration of the Course: 6.6 to 11months

Fee Structure for the Course: Rs 3198/- per month

 The motto of Digital India is “Power to Empower”.

10. ONLC Training Centers:

 The most widely used Articulate Storyline 360 courses in India leads the ONLC Trainings centres with e-learning software with hand on, instructors to create e-learning in the storyline.

Storyline 360 lets you create interactive and engaging courses that look great on every device. The program is straightforward for beginners, yet powerful enough to handle the needs of experts.

Articulate Storyline 360 course includes a content library of high-quality visuals, templates, and characters to give a professional look. To engage your audience to add more Captions and Zoom effects. Storyline 360 is an industry standard for creating SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model).

 Attend live, instructor-led Articulate storyline 360 courses with ONLC. You can attend ILT(Instruct-Led Training) from your location with a quick setup or from any ONLC centres for an interruption-free learning environment.

Course Offerings:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Microsoft Technical
  • Process & Programming
  • Server & Security

Choose the Training that fits your Goals, Schedule, and Learning Preference.

Duration of the course: 1hr for 6 weeks

Fees for the Course: Rs 11000/-

Student Reviews and comments have embedded the training where a trainee went home with satisfaction and confidence. they would recommend ONLC to others.


Henry Harvin Institute according to me is the best as the courses are designed to transform our profession and career to the next level with both creative and business. The opportunities available for personal and professional development are nearly endless. During the pandemic, Henry Harvin’s content writing course has enhanced me with good writing work.

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Q1. What are the advantages of a content writing course?

Ans. Content Writing can improve your Search Engine Ranking. It can be used to move customers along the sales path. Completing writing projects, meeting deadlines, and following content requirements in terms of style and project specifications.

Q2. Will blog writing gain confidence in a student?

Ans. Yes, one of the advantages of blogs is that it allows you to build and control your online identity. We all struggle with confidence at times when it comes to clicking the publish button. So keep publishing your blogs to increase your confidence.

Q3. Does Henry Harvin provide placements?

Ans. Once the course program, Henry Harvin provides 100% project support at the workspace, along with placement and employment support. The students are facilitated to get freelance projects not only in India but in the US and UK.

Q4. How do we get advising or tutoring online?

Ans. Students who need advice can receive those services in person, on the telephone or by email. If necessary, a web conferencing session can be arranged. Online tutoring information is also available through web pages.

Q5. Can we travel while taking online courses?

Ans. Yes, students may log on from anywhere, as long as they have computer access and the Internet.  In some areas, internet access may have restrictions from utilizing all features in their online courses.


  1. Henry Harvin is a very good institute for the articulate storyline 360 training, the trainer is very knowledgeable his teaching methods are very effective. Highly recommended!

    • Thank you, Anmol. We the team members of Articulate storyline 360 Training at Henry Harvin appreciate your gesture and wish you all the very best for your career and life.

  2. This is an Awesome blog on the best Articulate Storyline 360 Courses in India specially for freshers. I truly appreciated learning from this course from all the forthcoming of the teachers, material , project and tests.

  3. I started developing compelling and interactive material after taking the Articulate Storyline 360 Course, which has improved my views. Thank you for assisting me in my professional development.

  4. These are the best institutes Articulate Storyline 360 Courses in India, my suggestion would be to opt the Henry Harvin course as it is a valuable certification course with relevant information’s .

  5. sheetal kumar Reply

    Creative writing training is the course I have been meaning to learn and the article posted in this website is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for uploading this article. I learned a lot about this topic.

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