Is PMP Certification Worth It in India?

The value of PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is something that confuses many individuals, because of the increase in the popularity of many other certifications. 

PMP certification is in great demand in the current scenario considering the field of project management. It requires extensive work to get the PMP certification. Certain questions arise in the mind of many individuals like, will it bring any value for them? Or what special is it that PMP certificate holders have which non-PMP certification project managers don`t have?

PMP certification is renowned globally and it can have a great impact on your career as a Project manager. When you go for an interview in the project management industry and your competitors do not have PMP certification then automatically, the chances of your getting the job are higher. 

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Being PMP certified means that you are already aware of the technical knowledge about the industry and know about the best practices used in project management, which makes you the best candidate for the job.

What makes PMP certification worth it

PMP certification can assist you get better pay

PMP certification holders earn around twenty percent more than their non-certified peers. Not just in India but a PMP certified candidate earns well across the globe as PMP is a globally recognized certification. It will mean you already have a lot of project management experience. 

One of the pre-requisites for PMP certification includes 4500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects. The words PMP certified before your name, will create a positive image among the people and they will presume that you have appropriate amount of knowledge in the field of project management. 

It will prepare you in such a way that you will be able to evaluate your own talents and skills as well as others. It will enhance your leadership skills and make you a good leader.

Better career opportunities at global level

Project Management Professional certification is a globally recognized and valued document, after completion of which you can work as a project manager in any industry, with any methodology and in any location. The PMP certification indicates that you understand the global language of project management and connects you to the world of professionals, organizations and worldwide experts.

Enhances work and efficiently

PMP certification empowers you to work in various situations that you may not work otherwise. It will allow you to learn about new tools and techniques that will help you work more efficiently and decrease your chances of project failures. As a manager, you will come across various complex situations as well as diverse problems, PMP certification will help you to handle all these situations very efficiently.

More Value for an Organization

Certified project managers are a valuable resource for any good organization. generally, good companies demand certified PMP managers because they believe that certified PMP managers can lead the project more efficiently and help achieve the desired results. Hence, the job opportunities are enhanced greatly by completing the Project Management Professional certification.

From the above-said points, it can be crystal clear that getting a PMP certification is like a golden opportunity for the project managers and is a certification course worth doing. To enhance your abilities as a project manager it is recommended to have this certification, as it is recognized globally and adds tremendous value to your bio data. 

Even in India, people having a PMP certification are preferred over non-PMP certified candidates.

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  1. As correctly said by the author, PMP certifications are getting popular day by day and even the demand for certified Project Management Professionals is quite a lot. But many individuals might be confused about the perks one can avail of after being certified. This is something this blog explains in very simple words.

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