As per the Chinese proverb” Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. Hence, we should continue to learn and educate ourselves till our last breath. In the 80s, if someone used to be a graduate, it was considered a big deal.

Little bit of history

By the 90s, the momentum slightly changed and post-graduation was considered as the highest degree which any person could attain after which people were expected to get into full-time employment and serve their families by supporting them financially.

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Life in the early 80s and 90s was confined to a fixed social set up. By that I mean there was fixed time for everything. Time to finish one’s education was till age 25 after which one was expected to settle down till 25 or 26 in the job and in one’s personal life. Things, however, have changed drastically in the 20th century as everything is uncertain today

Life has become robotic nowadays. Nothing is the same as before. Earlier social norms used to decide for man and every human being used to abide by those norms. However, man today has taken accountability for himself, for his actions.

Present scenario

Due to the persisting competition in all spheres of our lives whether personal or professional, it has become imperative for us to keep ourselves updated. For instance, in our personal lives, we should be up to date with the latest fashion and keep our wardrobe updated.

We are also expected to be well aware of what is happening around us and in the world so that we can have meaningful conversations with our near and dear ones and should not feel the fear of being left out in the cold if we are not well attuned with the latest updates.

Similarly, to fight the potential challenges which our professional lives have to offer in the near future, we should be ready to upgrade our knowledge sometimes. Those times have passed when simple graduation or post-graduation was enough to keep a person going and be successful in the same job for a lifetime.

In existing professional set up, every employee is expected to offer their USP (Unique selling propositions) to their employers (existing or potential) to keep them going or to attain a lucrative job offer.In fact, many multinational companies these days are encouraging their staff to upgrade themselves by arranging short certification programs which would polish their existing knowledge and update them with a current market scenario which the employees can use to create opportunities for their firm and for themselves as they can expect their further future growth on the basis of it. You can expect promotion also with a handsome pay package.

Now let us see which all certification programs are gaining momentum in current times and offering hike in salary, designation: –

  • Management courses- Project management course (PMP), Six sigma (Green, black and expert)
  • Writing courses- Content, creative, technical, medical
  • Digital Marketing- Google Ads course (Google Ads training), digital marketing certification.
  • Finance- GST course, Income tax specialized course, accounting and taxation course
  • Law-RERA (Real estate regulatory act)
  • Analytics-Data science course, Python, Artificial intelligence, advanced excel, Machine learning, business analytics, marketing analytics

Although there are many certification courses existing in the market as mentioned above by me today I would only like to throw more light on Project management courses.

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What is Project Management

Before talking about courses, let us first try and understand what exactly is Project management? It is the application of processes, skills, knowledge and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to project acceptance criteria.

Major constraints

Although there are 4 major constraints that project managers should be aware of: –

  • Time
  • Scope
  • Cost
  • Quality

Job of a PM

Hence, the job of PM (Project manager) is to plan, organize and direct in completion of specific projects for a firm while ensuring at the same time that these projects will be completed on time, within scope and budget.

Also, there are 5 phases of Project management as developed by Project management institute (PMI). This includes initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing the project.

Difference between PMP and PM

People usually think that project manager(PM) and (PMP)Project management professional are the same but ideally there is a difference, every PMP is a PM but every PM cannot be PMP. Hence, let us understand what is PMP certification.

It is basically a professional certification that has a very high value in job market these days. In order to attain this kind of certification, there are certain requirements (both educational and experience criteria) that professionals must meet before they can apply for it.

Eligibility of PMP Exam

This exam has 3 requirements: –

  • 5years of project management experience
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • 7500 hours of leading and directing Projects


Work of PMP is basically to improve the success rate of projects by applying standardized project management principles. PMP certified managers can get employment in government, private sector. Although the PMP certification exam is slightly difficult to crack as it not only tests your knowledge about the subject but also checks as to how do you apply your knowledge in different practical situations. Moreover, you can take the PMP certification exam for a maximum of 3 times in 1 year.

PMP certification is meant for any project manager who would like to specialize in traditional plan-driven project management. As per CIO magazine, PMP is one of the top paying certifications in the world. Project management institute in the 10th edition of the project management salary survey reports that PMP certification holders earn 23% more than non PMP holders.

Is PMP certification worth it? Find out in 4 steps

Benefits of PMP certification

  • Enhance your career opportunities
  • Learn new skills and speak the right language
  • Earn more money

Project management courses can be very helpful

  • Students learn about project life cycles
  • tools and techniques are given for structured planning
  • how to overcome risks and manage change
  • manage stakeholder’s expectations


Finally, let me take you through

Top 10 Project management courses in Kolkata

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s PMP course has been ranked #1

PMP certification offered by Henry Harvin Management academy showcases the comprehensive knowledge and skills of project managers. Moreover, this certification helps its students to reach at higher positions in different sectors like manufacturing, IT, finance, Healthcare etc.

The academy has internationally acclaimed and certified PMP trainers with 10 years of industry experience and has trained 900+ individuals globally. It helps its participants to gain the competency required to lead and manage vast, complex projects.

The course focus is on enhancing strategic and business knowledge. In addition, the institute also helps in acquiring advanced knowledge in Project, resource, value, schedule and risk management. It makes you eligible for over 3000+jobs across the globe.

Students are made aware of various contemporary tools used in project management such as Gantt charts, task fragmenting, mathematical project organizing models. The course is designed as per the latest version of PMI’s Project management body of knowledge guide-6th edition.

Price Rs 12,500

                  Key points

  • 36 hours online training
  • Lifetime membership of Academy
  • Study material updated
  • LMS (Learning management system) access
  • Recorded videos
  • Live brush up sessions of up to 24 hours after completion of core online training sessions
  • 100% placement assistance, internship, project support and money-back guarantee
  • Opportunity to work with well-established companies
  • Hallmark of PMP next to your name
  • Live projects
  • 9 industry case studies & 16 real-world examples
  • end to end engagement through group activities, brainstorming sessions and presentations
  • Weekly 10+job opportunities offered

In a nutshell, Henry Harvin is recognized for its quality and uniqueness.

Must check – PMP Certification course in Kolkata



2. Simplilearn

Simplilearn PMP certification training course is proud to have a 99.9% pass rate and offers a 100% money-back guarantee. It began as a project management blog in 2009 after which it began as a leading online training provider.


In addition, it also provides a certificate of completion for 35 contact hours which is a basic requirement for taking PMP exam. The course is as per the latest version of PMI’s Project management body of knowledge.


Highlights of course

Self-paced learning

  • Lifetime access
  • 8 industry case studies
  • 6 hands-on projects
  • 7 stimulation test papers
  • 24*7 support
  • $499 one-time fee

Blended learning

  • (90 days) flexible access to online classes
  • Faculty-led online training
  • Everything in Self-paced learning
  • $999 one-time fee

3. Knowledge Hut

It is a global registered education provider of PMI which organizes 200 workshops every month and has trained 1,50,000 professionals till now.


Self-paced learning – access days -180 (Rs 6500)

Live online classroom- Rs 8999


Key Benefits

  • 100% PMP money-back guarantee
  • Certification journey support
  • Earn 35 PDUs on course completion
  • 6 mock exams with 1,200+ practice test questions prepared by industry experts
  • Exam application assistance
  • 35 hours of instructor-led sessions
  • Access to case studies, the latest articles

4. Excelr

PMI registered education provider. It is a training and consulting firm with its global presence in Australia, UK, Canada.

Why Excelr?

  • Experienced and certified faculty
  • 3000 practice questions, 5 stimulated tests
  • 35 contact hours PDUs
  • Free project management templates
  • Self-paced videos
  • WhatsApp support
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 97.3% pass rate


Liver virtual sessions Rs 14750, self-paced learning Rs 8999


5. Sybex

It is best for working professionals as it offers a learning approach that meets real-world schedules and the company also offers unique training by the name “bite-sized” to help students master the entire lesson in about 30 minutes.


The course provides 14 hours of lessons broken up into 30-minute videos. Each lesson complies with PMP exam format, scoring requirements and exam limits and has over 1000 practice questions, mock exams,25 to 35 PDUs and a visual progress report for each domain which would help students to self-assess themselves.


The institute courses are cloud based and fully PC and MAC compatible. Students can start practicing on one computer, pause and resume on another. Also bookmarks and notes can be stored online. There is a provision for mobile app which is available with PMP Exam platinum review course.


PMP Exam Gold Course


  • $395 one-time fee
  • 25 PDUs
  • 14+ hours of lecture videos
  • Two full-length mock exams
  • Online test bank with 1,050 practice questions
  • 675+ electronic flashcards

PMP Exam Platinum Course

  • $495 one-time fee
  • All Gold features
  • 35 PDUs
  • Partner until you pass guarantee
  • Companion mobile app
  • Print or e-book PMP review guide

Also check-PMP Certification course in Bangalore


7. BrainBOK

It has a very different and unique way of approaching PMP exam prep by offering a subscription-based app that is interactive than a traditional training course. Moreover, it offers economical and affordable pricing options to meet the needs of its students.



  • Self-study tool kit based on latest PMBOK and licensed by PMI
  • Unique ITTO explorer which present PMBOK in engaging way
  • 1000 sample questions, 2000 searchable flashcards
  • Quizzes with performance tracing reports


Premium Plan

  • $59.99 for 90 days
  • ITTO pack
  • Flashcards pack
  • Mastering PMBOK Exam 1

Plus Plan

  • $109.99 for 90 days
  • All Premium Plan features
  • PM study guide (online)
  • PMP Practice Exam 1
  • PMP Formula Challenge Exam
  • PM Formula Guide (PDF)

Pro Plan

  • $149.99 for 90 days
  • All Plus Plan features
  • PMP Practice Exam 2
  • PMP Practice Exam 3
  • Mastering PMBOK Exam 2
  • 35 hours’ certificate


8. PM training

Founded in 2004 by Christopher Scordo (PMP, ITIL) author of many bestselling exam preparation books after which it has been recognized as a training platform. It offers both instructor led and self-learning classes, offline exam preparation tools and free membership to PM training’s online exam practice system. However, it can cost 100 to$600 more than simplilearn.

PMP Certification Boot Camp

  • $598 one-time fee
  • 35 hours of interactive lessons and material
  • PMP Exam Prep Course Manual (e-book)
  • 250+ printable PMP course slides
  • PMBOK Guide Knowledge Area Study Guide
  • PMP formula cheat sheet
  • Printable PMP “Memory Map” exercise
  • Printable PMP process maps
  • PMP mock exam and knowledge quizzes
  • PMP glossary and test-taking exercises
  • Training online membership 

PMP Live Classes Online

  • $1,398 to $1,548
  • Focused PMP certification curriculum
  • Extensive study tools
  • Training online membership
  • One-on-one QA session with the instructor
  • PMI application and audit assistance
  • Email access to PMP instructor
  • 100% guaranteed pass rate

You may want to check out- PMP Certification course in Chennai

9. PM prep cast

It has coached over 30,000 project managers on their way to become PMP certified. I give preference to this one because of its accessibility as it provides downloadable videos and study materials especially for mobile devices. Provides 50 hours of training videos.


  • $229 one-time fee
  • Full-featured PMP training course
  • Recorded, video-based lessons
  • 35 contact hours’ certificate


  • $299 one-time fee
  • All Basic features
  • Exam simulator (90-day access; 1,600+ questions)
  • Unlimited simulator exam repeats

Also check-

10. Projecting IT

It is an APMG accredited training organization offering extensive trainings on project management, planning, scheduling, tracking, costing and reporting.

Course deliverables

  • Provided training to over 5000+ professionals on best practice project management
  • Experienced trainers with work experience of 15 years and above in project management
  • Training on real time project scenarios
  • 2500+ certified professionals
  • Maximum interactive group workshops
  • Best pass ratio in the industry (project management certification exam training course)
  • 45 PDUs and participation certificate
  • Crosswords
  • Assignment, practice questions
  • Baseline assessment test
  • Exam readiness checklist

Refer to to know about its cost.

Would just like to conclude my entire blog with the famous Quotation by Benjamin Franklin “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” irrespective of whichever institute you would like to enrol for as I have tried my best to present before you my knowledge about Best PMP institutes.

Happy Learning? ….All the best!! ?

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Q-1. Is PMP better than MBA?

Ans. MBA is done to become a manager, it is generalised whereas PMP certification provides specialised knowledge and has a higher value in the job market as compared to MBA.

Q-2. Can I do PMP after my MBA?

Yes, both of them are an excellent combination but you should have Project management as a subject in MBA

Q-3. Is PMP equivalent to masters?

It is superior to masters in Project management as it involves 7500 hours of actual experience. On the contrary, masters in project management are purely theoretical.

Q-4. Does PMP expire?

PMP certification cycle lasts for 3 years during which you need to earn 60 PDUs (Professional development units) to renew your certification at the end of the cycle.



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