Project management plays a vital role in an organization from execution to completion of each task. Whether you are a beginner or a highly – skilled manager, Project Management Books prove to be a tremendous path-enlightening guide. To become a successful project manager, one should have unlimited cravings for knowledge and updates. Only this quality will make you proficient and highly skilled in each management aspect. Reading related books will help you to learn more about the latest principles and ideas.

Project Management Books

Top Project Management Books

 A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge  –   Seventh Edition


This book comes to the top of the list and is published by the Project Management Institute, which provides a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. It’s the best resource for learning for candidates preparing for PMP exams. Moreover, it covers all the principles and fundamentals of project management. This book also updates the latest processes and Tools for successful projects.

Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide

If you are a beginner, this book by Greg Horine is an excellent solution. First, it will give you all the knowledge of basic concepts, challenges, and terminologies in project management. Further, this book also provides point-to-point information, considering the reader is a fresher, so handling many things at a time is manageable. You also get practice sheets and test papers to revise and evaluate what you have grasped.

The Art of Project Management

This well-illustrated and easy-to-understand book by Scott Berkun guides you to becoming a successful project manager. It has excellent tips about project management skills in the workplace and with the team. In addition, the author explains modern types of project management practices and tools, from goal orientation to execution to successful project completion.

Agile Project Management for Dummies

The book’s authors are Mark C. Layton, Steven J. Ostermiller, and Dean J. Kinaston. It’s about Agile frameworks and project management, with real-world experiences as examples. This book is easy to read and covers various advanced concepts with agile tools and techniques that professionals use in diverse projects and industries.

Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager

This book by Suzette Blakemore and Kory Kogon is a savior if you don’t have official management training. Despite that, the bosses expect you to handle and manage projects smoothly. Maybe you are not officially titled a project manager, but you can successfully proceed by reading this book. The author provides helpful tips and tools for managing challenges during project management. So, this book will give you practical knowledge about risk management, performance reports, business analysis techniques, and, last but not least, program sequencing techniques.

Scrum: The Art Of Doing – Twice the Work in Half the Time

Authors Jeffrey Victor Sutherland and JJ Sutherland provide knowledge about Scrum in the book. Scrum is a more efficient way of project management, where a team plans, executes, and successfully achieves a project by working on a common goal. It explains the shortfalls of traditional management methodologies and techniques.

Harvard Bussiness Review: Project Management Handbook

It’s a comprehensive Guide in which Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, a project management expert, guides you toward a simple and efficient framework to ensure the project’s success. Most importantly, it explains how and when to use agile, traditional, or new hybrid methods.

Managing Multiple Projects

The Author elaborates on how managers can balance priorities, manage expectations, and increase productivity. More specifically, it’s about the present management scenario. Here, professionals should be able to juggle many projects at a time instead of concentrating only on one big project. This Project Management Book is essential for developing skills and knowledge to help you manage many priorities together and simultaneously meet deadlines. It explains real workplace examples with innovative ways of making a project successful, from planning to execution to completion.

Project Management QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner’s Guide

Chris Croft’s book is perfect for learning how to deliver world-class results through precise planning and strategic resource management. It describes effective, flexible, and profitable project management methods. This book is perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, and new or experienced managers.

Strategic – Planning 

It’s a Practical Guide to Strategy Formulation and Execution. This book by B. Keith Simerson promotes the concept of strategic – planning in management. It introduces how to create, evaluate, and successfully execute a plan.

The Lazy Project Manager 

In this book, Peter Taylor describes how to be twice as productive and leave the office early by adopting a more focused approach to life. This book is up to date according to the twenty-first century. It suggests managers use various techniques to do project work effectively and more innovatively, leading them to be intelligent and successful managers through daily activities like speech and reading newspapers.

Best Institute for PMP Course

To get a successful career in project management, you first need to acquire the proper qualifications to be called a project manager. One of the most famous institutions is Henry Harvin Education, which provides you with thorough online learning in project management. Let’s look at the Project Management Courses offered here:

Henry Harvin proudly ranks among the top 500 global Edtech companies. The new PMP course covers the best practices mentioned in the latest PMBOK Guide edition.

It’s a globally industry-recognized certification for project managers. This course helps learners to foster expertise, confidence, and leadership skills.

Here are the top benefits of learning with HH:

  • 9 1 course – 36 hours online training, sessions, projects, internship assistance, Govt of India recognized certification,100% placement support, E-learning access, Masterclasses, Hackathons, one-year gold membership.
  • Use a unique training methodology: live projects, goal-centric, goal-oriented pedagogy, leveraging industry case studies, and end-to-end engagement.
  • Internationally acclaimed and certified PMP certified trainers with 10+ years of industry experience.
  • Skills covered: conflict management, team leadership, process improvement, engaging stakeholders, compliance requirement management, and training team members.
  • Career services include placement drives, premium Henry Harvin job portal access, and personalized job consulting.


These Project Management Books are only a few from a vast list of books that help enhance your management skills. From planning to execution to completing a successful project, it will upskill you at every level if you’re friends with these reading materials. Many of these books help in PMP exam preparation. Additionally, You’ll learn about many industrial experiences that will undoubtedly lead you to perfection. They keep you consistently updated with the latest methodologies and tools for project management through experts. Ultimately, the manager should be dynamic in approach. One should be efficient in delivering a successful project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the goal of the Project management handbook?

Ans: The project management handbook illustrates vital tools and processes. It provides thorough information about all policies and rules in project processing and contains examples of real industry-based projects.

Q.2 What are the weaknesses of PMBOK?

Ans: PMBOK has weaknesses like lack of flexibility, increased administrative overhead, and slow adaptation.

Q.3 What is the latest edition of the PMP book?

Ans: The 7th edition, released in 2021, includes information about agile and hybrid project management systems. 

Q.4 Name some books for project management beginners.

Ans: For beginners, there are many books, like  Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Greg Horine, Project Management Quick Start Guide by Chris Croft, and Project Management for Humans by Brett Harned.

Q.5 What can a Project manager learn from books?

Ans: As a proficient project manager, you should always be ready to learn more effective and latest methodologies. Reading these books lets you update yourself with new management techniques and tools.

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