What Is Mini MBA?


Mini MBA is a fairly new program strategically designed for students aged 13-18 who are interested in careers like business and management. This program acts as the basic foundation for those amongst us who wish to learn about the fundamental and principal functions of a successful business. This program is taught by highly qualified individuals that equip the students with corporate etiquettes and personality development. It is ideal for students who aim to study business subjects like, finance, accounting, economics, management, marketing etc. in college.


Skills Needed Beforehand

If you are looking for an intensive and comprehensive introduction to business, this is the course for you. However, in order to ace this program here are some skills you must brush up on before joining the junior MBA course:

  • TEAMWORK: You mustn’t be hesitant to work with a large, diverse group of peers. You have to be cooperative in order to make this program a success.
  • LEADERSHIP: While you must know how to work in a team it is also crucial to not get intimidated by your peers’ opinions and stand your ground if you believe you are right.
  • INITIATIVE: Taking initiative is perhaps the best way to get the most out of this teen MBA course. You must be willing to speak up at all times and not shy away.

I personally found this video extremely helpful, do check it out!

Skills You Will Acquire

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill”

Wilbur Wright

That being said, here are some skills you can expect to gain once you are done with the mini MBA program: 

  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Analytical thinking intends to observe and research a topic in order to investigate complex issues, make decisions and develop solutions. Analytic skills are now a requirement in multiple job descriptions.
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Teen MBA course is designed in a way so as to equip the young minds with comprehensive communication skills. As you probably already know, that most business careers partially work on how convincing one’s communication skills are, that’s why this is one of the best prowess you can gain from this program.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: The tasks you are expected to do as a part of this program train you in project and time management skills and how to work well under pressure. It gives you a primary insight on how you are expected to complete assignments in college.
  • GENERAL BUSINESS UNDERSTANDING: Although it is obvious that the understanding of how businesses function comes with time and experience, the Mini MBA program lays the basic foundation that helps you understand chief business situations.
  • INTELLECTUAL CREATIVITY: By the end of your teen MBA course, you are better equipped with the ability to develop new concepts than you were before.


CONCLUSION: All in all, you might find the mini MBA taxing, however in the end you will realise that you are more learned now than you were before. As teenagers, programs like these are exactly what you need in order to get a vision of the real world that awaits you post high school! From my personal experience I can assure you that by the end of this program you will feel more mature and confident. After working in such a professional environment you ought to be more assertive and confident of your ideas. Such an environment forces you to step out of the casual behaviour most teenagers possess. It is the perfect opportunity for young adults to take the first step towards their futures. Let me know in the comments down below if you found this information helpful and whether

you intend on participating in the mini MBA program!?

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