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In today’s era everyone is running in competition. To fill the gap between needs and desires people are striving in their day to day life to do better every day.

Being self employed is the new trend and this means earning for self and running own business. It is very important for one to understand certain essential traits that one must have to successfully run and operate a business.

For this we should first understand what do we mean by business. Business indicates to run any commercial activity that involves trade of services or products to generate and rotate money. By understanding this we get a clear idea that one should be specific about what business he or she is intended to do.

There are various courses that we do in order to successfully run a business like MBA, a mini MBA, etc.

What is a Mini MBA Program?

The students interested in learning about business are rising, therefore there has been a flexibility in the types of MBA programs.

The Mini MBA program is a course that depends upon the student’s needs. If a student wants to add to their degree a comparatively short course about business studies, then mini MBA is the course for them.

In this program, the content which students study in a MBA program for two years is basically taught in 40-50 hours of tuitions. This program teaches how to sale a product, it gives a brief understanding on business and preparing students to understand business in depth.

Who is this program for?

This program is for those students who don’t want to spend two years on a proper MBA program or for businessmen or women who want to enhance their knowledge about business. Mini MBA is also for people who want to enhance their knowledge in this area.

Top 5 Mini MBA Skills for Teenagers

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford

As Henry Ford rightly said, business is not only about money it is about the ethics, and the skills we incorporate/need to run a successful business.

#1 Leadership

Leadership skills in business are when you organize other people to achieve a shared goal. Whether you are in a management position, or you are leading a project, you need to motivate and inspire other colleagues to complete the tasks given to them, according to the assigned deadline.

Leadership skills include ensuring proper communication among everyone in the company, strategic thinking and planning, knowing how to train new employees and step in and take control when there is a need in various situations.

#2 Team management

Team management is the capability of a person or a group of people/organization to manage and coordinate people or their team to perform a particular task. It holds great importance in business as it helps in achieving group objectives or targets, proper team management results in a reduction in conflicts, proper management increases productivity and it also helps in the development of the society.

#3 Decision making

Everyone has different choices in making a decision, but making the wrong decision for a company/organization can have severe impacts on the company. So, a businessmen/ businesswomen need to learn to make the right choice in a decision. The aptitude to make a decision is not something everyone’s born with, it develops over time.

#4 Communication skills

Communication skills are the capability of an individual to draw out the lack of communication between employees, and employers. These skills revolve around how to deliver and receive different kinds of information. Communication skills are also important to promote business in the market. It is also used to create good relations with customers.

#5 Sales/Marketing skills

Marketing skills help a business to accelerate and become a success because these skills help to know what the market or customers need. Marketing skills makes a person stand out in front of the others as they make you more aware of what develops in the industries. Mostly, marketing skills are important because it helps you sell your products or services to other company or buyers.

Some Examples Of Mini MBA Programs

International Mini MBA Program

  • Duration: 16 days
  • Fees: EUR 9,900
  • Location: Boston University

Executive Development Mini MBA

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Fees: EUR 1,750
  • Location: London School of Business & Finance

London School of Business and Finance - Wikipedia


Masters of business administration would help one to sharpen the skills required for establishing, running and operating a healthy business. The Mini MBA Program is designed to give individuals with such skill, a higher end by dispensing theoretical and practical approach to willing aspirants. The best phrase to conclude this is,”Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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