The Early Learning process helps a Student to explore more vividly. Junior MBA course is especially for the student of class 8th- 10th.

Parents needs to look ahead of theoretical knowledge and learn to implement and explore solving real-world problems and situations rising up.

Thus, In the Junior MBA course a student will be learning the basic skills:

  1. Entrepreneurship and Decision-making skills
  2. Data analytics and market positioning
  3. Problem-solving with technology

By keeping in mind that students these days are aware of technology so well that they are experimenting and creating innovative projects/ products. To solve Daily life issues being faced by the world. 

Entrepreneurship and Decision-Making Skills 

The skills of entrepreneurship will help them to be self- dependent and take decision at certain situations which may rise up at a personal or professional level.

How to examine the situation from all perspectives before taking any step in life. Students will be able to learn time, money, and resource management factors.

Data Analytics and Market Positioning

The concept of data analytics and market positioning will help them learn; how a person starts his business from a Baby step to BIG 5?

The journey, the struggles, and the sacrifices these basic terms will teach them the real-world scenario from the big whales of the corporate sector. They will be able to learn how to compete in situations and never give up. 

Problem-Solving with Technology

Students these days are so much aware with technology at tender age because they are born and brought up in a Digital and smart era. Thus, the Smart kids will provide smart solutions to all upcoming problems.

They will be able to learn new software and implement programming and management skills together to solve various hypothetical or uncommon challenges with their developed skillset.

Also, the biggest example is from Bihar where student recently has create a sensor-based sanitizer machine at home itself at a lower cost to help the nation in this pandemic situation. 

The course Junior MBA consists of various case studies solutions of Big MNC’s like Amazon, Dell, Spotify, etc.

Being a student of 13-14 years old experimenting with new technologies and having so much exposure is an achievement in itself. 

Through the Junior MBA course initiative; we believe in empowering and enriching students’ minds. Filled with knowledge ahead of the curriculum and co-curricular activities they learn at school. 

What is Junior MBA Course ???

Junior MBA program will help students to learn about the doctor, engineer, income tax officer, and various reputable professions.

They will be viewing the daily insights of their life and work culture. Along with that Junior MBA program will help them to understand the basic terminologies used daily: 

  1. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 
  2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  3. Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  4. Director 
  5. Manager
  6. Employees 
Junior MBA

We hear such terms and positions daily but; what is their basic job roles? what skills they persist in? or what helps them to reach certain positions?

Junior MBA will help to go through and learn all Basics

What is the Goal of the Junior MBA Course?

The very simple goal of this program is to train students at a very early age to develop certain skills ;

  1. Develop their minds to think critically
  2. Provide students with basic skills ahead of their age
  3. To enhance their presentation skills
  4. Learn the Teamwork spirit 

The creation of a course is done focusing on age group and level of understanding of primary school student. 

Junior Manager

Why should I join the Junior MBA Course ?

The primary school students must join the course to develop academics and train mind to react prominently to real-world problems.

The basic reason to join the course is explain in 3 basic steps to have better understanding ;

Step 1: Get an Insight before Actuality 

Before joining MBA at an age of 23-25 years old individual will be able to learn terminologies at a tender age of 10-15 years.

This can help to decide well for future; whether they want to pursue post- graduation in Business Administration or Masters of Technology?

Step 2: Expanding your Knowledge 

A student is a very curious creature at such an age. They love to learn and explore all the new things either technical or non-technical.

The Junior MBA course will help them to answer all their doubts and curiosities, which often makes parents annoyed when asked repetitively times. 

Step 3: Mind of Imagination 

To provide justice to the above text the Junior MBA will help the student to learn, how to have an entrepreneur mindset?

And helps setting up a great empire by the time a UG or PG student normally learns the basics. 

The student will be able to select the domain of their interest and explore much more. To spread wings of creativity and enrichment in the right direction. 

Why Do Parents Pay So Much for Fencing? MBA

Is “Junior MBA Course” worthy of its name?

Yes, before enrolling this must be the greatest doubt and setback which comes in mind before opting for the features.

Some might find it creative and curious whereas, some might be finding it a troublesome and waste of time and money.Thus, to justify the name it is very clear that Junior MBA is nowhere similar to regular 2 years MBA Program created to show the need for an hour.

It’s an online short term course for primary school students to help them explore the diverse culture and real life issues.

Many students lack financial support and leadership skills because of the situations faced during growing age. Thus, the Junior MBA course will help them to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset .

This help them become more independent and encourage students to be able to sponsor and be responsible for their own education and learnings.

What is the Success Rate so far?

The most explored question when person invests in something is similar to when a person download an app he check the ratings and reviews. What is the status? What are the feedback? How many people loved it?

Thus, i would like to acknowledge you with few of the top universities of US and UK who have already adopted this course in their university. 

The Universities are having Online classes with a duration of course between 5 -12 weeks. It helps the students to understand the business Concepts really well.

How will the student’s performance record?

As it’s an Online Course, still the student’s performance is recorded through weekly submissions of respective case studies solutions. Also, before providing the certification for a particular course the student need to submit an end- term project.

This will be a milestone of their success and the biggest stepping stone in their career Path.

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