If I ask you what does the acronym of MBA means to you, then probably you would say, “The Masters of Business Administration.”


However, if I were to tell you that for me MBA means “Masters of Basic Adroitness”, then probably you would be shocked.

In this blog, I am going to elaborate on my personal abbreviation for mini MBA and also discuss the 4 mini MBA skills for teenagers.


So you must be wondering why we should do an MBA in the first place. Well doing an MBA pays off well in the future. An MBA graduate from the top- B schools has an annual package of at least RS. 18lakhs.

An MBA degree increases your employment span from Human Resource sector to technology and the IT sector.

Being an MBA graduate you don’t have to depend on others for employment, you are able to generate employment yourself.

You must have seen the popular show Stranger Things, if we take Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) out of the equation then the show becomes incomplete.

Same can be said for a person and MBA, without an MBA a person isn’t able to reach his full potential and remains incomplete throughout his life.

Top 4 mini MBA skills for teenagers:-


  • One of the most important qualities inculcated by a Mini MBA is leadership skills.
  • Teenagers learn how to take initiative, how to step up to the need of the hour.
  • It is very essential for our teens because they are the ones who comprise our future. Programs like TGelf are specially aimed to develop leadership qualities in teenagers.


Teamwork is a skill that can make your proffesional life enjoyable.
  • For Mini MBA’s teamwork is an important topic to teach. This particular skill has been listed in the top 10, “Must Have Skills” by Graduate Management Admission Council’s Corporate Recruiters Survey Report 2017.

A skill that every employer seeks in his employee is teamwork. So for future interviews don’t forget this key aspect.

Analytical and Problem Solving skills

thinking skills
The more brain will function, more your thinking skills will get polished.
  • Have you ever bowed down in front of a problem that seemed too difficult to solve? (exclude maths!!)
  • Well, what a Mini MBA does is that it teaches their graduates how to analyze business situations.
  • Also, students take part in discussions with many stakeholders which not only improves their analytical skills but also gives them an overview of the corporate sector.

Communication Skills

  • Raise your hand if you are a shy student who is always reluctant to speak up. Well these Mini MBA courses make you a confident lad who is never reluctant to present his views.
  • Also in the future when you will be presenting yours or your company’s projects then you would require these oral skills to bag your company the deal.


These Mini MBA’s equip you with all those necessary skills that are necessary to get a top job across all sectors of employment.

These Mini MBA not only help you get jobs but also make you changed and a better person.

Make sure to leave a like and comment below and tell me what is the most important Mini MBA skill according to you.

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