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Junior MBA course was introduced by Navin Valrani, Arcadia Education’s award-winning CEO. He wasn’t only educated within the finest business schools within the world but has also successfully led several companies across a variety of industries. It’s an educational initiative to help Students Bridge the gap between academic learning and the real world.

This Program helps them to get theoretical knowledge and learn how to solve real-world problems and situations including deepening their knowledge, skills, and abilities through Junior MBA Course that they require for future professional success. The Junior MBA program will help them to learn about different professionals like Doctors, Engineers, auditors, Income tax officers, and other professions?

It helps them to understand the basic terminologies of our daily life:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Senior Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Trainer
  • Team Leader
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Vice President
  • Employees
  • Assistant Manager

When they hear such terminologies daily which they are unaware of the position their job roles, what skills they contain, or what makes them reach that position? 

That’s when Junior MBA comes to picture which gives the basic knowledge of Business. 

To help you in your quest of exposing your kids to the concepts of management, Henry Harvin has come up with a Junior MBA Program.

Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA course

Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA course is one of the excellent courses that is offered for kids. For kids from grades 3 to 8, the course is a perfect mix that offers kids a platform to explore and enhance their skills.  project and role play-based program where the child learns and understands the concept by doing the activity.

The Course is a 32 hours instructor-led training and the class is a 1 to 1.5-hour class. The classes are kept short as kids can understand well and they cannot handle long duration classes 

The children learn by Discover and develop and transform. SEL( Socio-emotional learning)  is part of the everyday curriculum at school which is built on 5  casel self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

The Junior MBA course is based on the enhanced use of these concepts. It originates the question whose answer is sought by the student by applying the concepts learned.

Kids are made to understand the concepts through experiential learning and role-play through learning with fun activities. The course focuses on effective fine gross motor skills and interpersonal communication skills, emotional intelligence, and strong social and collaborative skills.

Some kids entrepreneurs started their entrepreneurship at an early age, 

Sebastian Martinez founded “Are you kidding “with a passion for having colourful socks. In 2014 with help of his big brother Sebastian started the company for bright and zany socks. The company is a great success.

Lily Born, the founder of the “Kangaroo cup“, designed the cup for her grandfather who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. The cups had 3 legs which made them more stable and can be easily stacked for storage.

Ryan Kelly founder of “Dog Treats” was a result of his love for dogs. He noticed the dog treats that were being offered were not up to par, so to give his pet a perfect dog treat he made the dog treats in consultation with the veteran and experimented with his mother. It was a huge success and resulted in huge success.

In most of the scenarios, we observe that one thing led to another. And giving the child an environment where he or she can think innovatively is very important. 

At Henry Harvin the Junior MBA Course is a program that is devised on real-world scenarios and concepts that are taught by no other school. Money management tools and techniques. Principles of entrepreneurship are included in the course.

The Henry Harvin junior MBA course is a road map devised to introduce how the business functions, It includes the following aspects.

Guides the kids How to Recognize Opportunities– In all the above examples as we may have noticed there is some pain area and solution to that  So where there is a problem their solution, entrepreneurs find the answer to that. Thus the recognition of opportunity instigates the creation of a product or service on which people become dependent. A basic rule to start this is to encourage the child to innovate ways to make good the areas of their dissatisfaction.

Solving the problem on their own:– It’s very important to make decisions and if the child is guided to make decisions at every step he cannot be independent. At any sign of adversity, the child has to be ready to face it and handle it on their own. Children should be allowed to make informed decisions and be self-starters and problem solvers. For this, the child should be given opportunities where he feels independent.

Adapt to  Resilience:- resilience means adapting well in case of adversity. The child should understand that failure is part of growing and it does not matter how many times you fail if you get up and work hard again. Asking the child the difficult areas and root cause for it and working together for it. And next learning is failure is ok until and unless you don’t give up.

Help kids to start their business at an early age:-  The lemonade stand, renting the basketball, selling Halloween candy are examples of child business skills. It doesn’t matter if it has happened numerous times or the venture is a failed business or the profit is not very good.

The activity leads to how to sell themselves and handle rejection. It also helps to overcome anxiety and concerns.

Financial knowledge:- kids are never too young to learn about finances. And they can always learn to save money and invest in things that matter. And at the same time kids also need to understand they can’t just expect the money they have to work hard to earn it. The course guides the kids not to go impulsive shopping. and treat them like adults to develop the feeling of accountability for their finances. 

Goal Setting is important:- Goal setting is yet another skill that is to be developed, there  are lots of books that are written on goal setting. The children need to understand the concept and try to achieve it. It is easy to understand and difficult to implement the process, so if this starts at an early age the child develops the habit. Goals have to be


  • S – specific
  • M – measurable
  • A – achievable
  • R – realistic
  • T – timely or time-based

This can be started by completing the to-do list which may comprise doing maths homework, eating lunch, reading a book, etc.

Technology Skills:-  In this world of technology the children are exposed to tech-savvy things,  Computers are an essential part of our life and children must know how to operate those things. Some games and codings involve in-depth computation and reasoning that is needed in almost every profession. Exposure to those helps to develop logic and creativity. 

The course is taught by faculty having years of experience and it includes gamified and experiential learning even role-plays are an important part of it through which children demonstrate the skills learned. The classes are short and involve the child from the start of the class, the child feels independent and develops confidence. 

The program is specifically designed keeping in view the age group and ways that can make learning fun. 

The motto of a Junior MBA course? 

  • Transferable skills
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Decision-making skills 
  • Degree specializations 

Transferable Skills

It provides new skills and knowledge to our Junior MBA Course holders to achieve more knowledge about the current industry and Entrepreneurship. The hard and soft skills that they acquire during the course will help in other roles. They are a larger number of MBAs who are working in tech, health care, consumer goods, government offices, and many other industries.

The skill that they acquire during the course will give them the strength to learn leadership, analysis, creative thinking, cultural awareness, and communication, it will also help you find your way toward your goal.

You may start your financial firm as Bajaj Finance Ltd which is one of the leading NBFC and to 10 Finance companies. Its headquarters are in Pune it focuses on consumer lending, small and medium-sized enterprises it’s a value-added service. It offers retail fixed deposits and wholesale fixed deposits. It is engaged in life assurance distribution, general insurance distribution, an open-end fund distribution. 

Networking Opportunities

Since our kids are already aware of social media and technology and its function. At a business school, they will interact closely with talented individuals from all over the world, which will help them to experience, and expose to different business practice, culture, and their points of view. Our Junior MBA students will be able to solve any hypothetical or uncommon challenge with the skills that they acquire in this Junior MBA course. It will help them to learn new software, implement programming and management skills. The connections you make also helps you to learn the most valuable aspects of Junior MBA, make sure you utilize the time in and out completely to gain more knowledge through networking. 

Decision-Making Skills

Junior MBA improves the skill of decision-making by- themself at a certain point it may be professional or personal with which they would learn to take a risk also helps them to be self-dependent It also helps them to examine the situation in life before making any decisions in life which will help them to learn about money, time, and resource management factors through Junior MBA course. 

Degree specializations

It is very important to make our Junior MBA students go through this program. It is a 12-week program designed to deliver a Junior MBA style curriculum to primary school students. 

The main motto is to deliver the Junior MBA modules to children aged 6-12 years with four learning goals. To encourage students to think critically to provide basic financial literacy skills to students to encourage collaboration among students to improve the presentation skills of students. The junior MBA program is considered essential for students as it provides them not only with financial literacy skills and helps them with entrepreneurship which will help them in the long run.

Is Junior MBA Course Required?

Yes, it is very much required for our kids. Since I have come across many people who would have trained to be Doctors, Accountant, IPS Officers, Engineer, or Lawyer. Later they would have sifted to move into business. The reason is real calling was actually for entrepreneurship.

If you ask the middle age people who would have not been exposed to early in their life to become entrepreneurship until they took an MBA after their graduation. They would have known business by playing the business game or Monopoly in their lifetime.

Later they have realized that ‘selling’ or ‘management’ was their calling. 

Today’s children have an advantage to sneak-peak into different types of education like Junior MBA. Junior MBA program helps them to improve their management of business skills while they are in the school itself. This will help our students to make a well-informed and timely decision about their career without wasting time.

Structure of Junior MBA

The Junior MBA program is a self-esteemed program that makes our kids face real-life case studies and help them to understand the working of corporate houses. For example, successful business models like Airbnb, Alibaba, Flip kart, Hopscotch, Firstcry, and Ola. 

This will also help our Junior MBA to expose to how business can have a positive impact on society by way of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Junior MBA course helps our kids in their creativity as well as their entrepreneurship skills and help them evolve their business sense. Junior MBA program helps children develop confidence and a sense of collaboration. Which will help them to prepare for the personal, academic, and professional journey ahead? 

 In Junior MBA there are 2 formative assessments through a batch, this course is taught in a discussion-based format. There are successful businessmen and entrepreneurs also share their personal experience with them as part of the course structure. The Junior MBA is offered from level one and goes through areas like finance, management, marketing, and other aspects of a business. 

Junior MBA pupils are taught in a friendly and neutral environment which will help them to build their confidence. Junior MBA gives them the real experience of business or a sales pitch, 2 summative assessments are held in which they have to deliver the presentation from the audience.

The main goal of the Junior MBA program is to train the students at an early age so that they can develop the required skills at an early stage.

  • Their mind will develop to think critically
  • It also provides students with basic skills beyond their age and ability
  • It also enhances their presentation skills
  • Learn to work as a team with team spirit 

Junior MBA course is designed in such a way that they are focusing on the age group and their level of understanding of the primary school students.

Why should primary school students join ?

Primary students should join the Junior MBA course to develop academic and train minds to react prominently to real-world problems.

These are 3 simple steps that can answer our question as to why Junior MBA:

Step 1: Get a clear picture before Actuality

Before they even can think about even joining an MBA at the age of 23-25years old an individual will be able to learn all the terminologies at the tender age of 10-15 years (primary student). This will help then to decide their future in advance whether they want to pursue post-graduation in Business Administration or Masters of Technology through Junior MBA.

Step 2: Exploring their Knowledge

This is the age where they will be very curious to discover a lot of new things and experiment them either if it is technical or non-technical. This junior MBA will help them answer all their doubt s and curiosities which often make parents annoyed if they are repeating the same question.

Step 3: Imagination

To provide justice for the above text this junior MBA will help the students learn, how to be an entrepreneur mind-set. It will provide them a great opportunity by the time UG or PG student normally learns the basics. 

Our Junior MBA students will be able to select their interest in which domain they would like to explore more. Creativity and enrichment wings will be spread in the correct directions. 

Is “Junior MBA” worth of its name?

This must be the greatest doubt and setback which comes in mind before opting for anything.

Most of us think it very creative and curious about it whereas some might think it is troublesome, a waste of money and time. Thus it justifies its name very clear that Junior MBA is nowhere close to regular to a 2year MBA course created to show the need for an hour. 

Junior MBA course is a short online course for primary school students which will help them to explore the diverse, culture, and real-life issues personally or professionally. Junior MBA  will help them to be more independent, stronger, and wiser to make their own decisions In life and be more responsible for their education and learning.

Is this course allowed in all the Schools?

Junior MBA course is not allowed in all the schools they are licensed only for eligible school and eligible MBA teachers can conduct the course in school. It is the Junior MBA licensing team’s responsibility to ensure the school stick to the curriculum and the same for arranging the guest speaker. Arcadia Education is among some good Junior MBA schools in the world. Similar to this Junior MBA also has a lot of programs available for our young students below are the few programs listed.

Junior CEO 

It is a program that starts from class 10 and learns to lead with the entrepreneurship. This is the decision-making skills of a Chief Executive Officer.


 This helps in discussing the topics of value proposition, market sizing, unit economics, team design, business planning, pitching to investors.


 This also helps them to overcome the challenges that they face such as Zero-to-one. It will help in creating and to pitch a business plan to potential investors.

Real-World Skills 

It helps them to improve their decisions making ability, financial planning, and budget skills. Which will helps in long term thinking ability to identify the opportunity.


It helps you to gain knowledge along with that you will also have-Ivy League Faculty Certificate. A real-world business idea students can work on.

Junior CMO 

It is a program with 10 classes that influence the world with moist strategic communication skills of Chief Marketing Officer.


The discussion on subjects like Market segmentation, Product Posting, New product development, Invisible marketing, Brand communication.


It helps them to create and launch their viral ad campaign.

Real-World Skills

It helps them to identify patterns, improved research skills, concept development the ability to negotiate, strategic communication. 


They have achieved their very own ad and campaign through this course along with the certificate- Ivy League Faculty Certificate.

Junior CTO 

Again this is also 10 classes that go beyond coding and build the analytical and problem. Its solving skills of a Chief Technology Officer. 


It helps them to learn about Algorithms and functions, types, and use of Artificial Intelligence, human-computer interactions, web applications.


Our Junior MBA learns to solve a business problem with an app-based solution.

Real-World Skills

It helps them in understanding emerging technologies and how to use them, analytic mindset innovation, and problem-solving through Junior MBA. 


They will be able to create their first working app-based solution with the certificate- Ivy League Faculty Certificate.

How successful is Junior MBA Course so far?

This is very a common question asked by everyone when they are investing in something. Similar to when a person downloads the app and he checks for reviews and ratings. What is the status? Checks for feedback? How many people loved it?

 I would like to acknowledge you with a few top universities in the US and UK. These have already adopted a Junior MBA course at their university. 


 Harvard Business School: Has a Junior Achievement fellowship which offers an average of five (5) $10,000 fellowship each year

Awards are given to the students with at least two years of experience in Junior Achievement. It’s either as a mentor in high school or as an advisor in or after college. 

Financial need is not required for this fellowship since the selection committee will considerate as one of the several factors hence committee is mainly interested in the quality of your Junior Achievement experience. 

Your contribution to the program and how the program has affected your personal and professional development. These fellowships are awarded annually, and the current recipient should re-apply for the fellowship each academic year.

The endowment to fund the number of Junior Achievement Fellowship at Harvard Business School. It was established by Royal Little, former Chairman of Textron, Inc.: the late James E. Robinson, former head of India Head, Inc.: and the late Lawrence Fouraker, HBS Dean from 1970 to 1980.

The university is having online sessions with the duration of course between 5- 12 weeks which helps students to understand the business concept very well. 

List of programs for students

An Online Program for Entrepreneurship Skills for CEO

Imagine your child working on Amazon’s business strategy in the wake of Walmart’s acquisition of Flipkart. As they handle the choices a business leader must make, they improve their decision making and become future entrepreneurs.  

An Online Programme for Data & Marketing Skills for CMO

Starbucks plans to launch a new product line. They recruit the help of your child to assist them. From board market segmentation to brand announcement, your child will travel a rapid route through an attraction work of marketing. 

An Online Program for Tech and Coding Skills for CTO

Big Basket asks your child to generate a program that will automate monthly shopping for families. As your child learns coding, algorithm, and problem –solving skills. He/she evolves into a tech genius!

This will be an innovation of their accomplishment and major stepping-stone in their Career Pathway.

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