We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we create them

Albert Einstein

Critical thinking is one of the major aspects which will surely help the teenagers and would give them an edge to any career they pursue.

But what is Critical thinking? According to me it is the rational analysis to evaluate our surroundings depending upon the given situation.

It also somehow revolves around our ideologies and the power of questioning by not following things blindly.

Have Humans Lost The Ability To Think Critically?

Let’s give a glance to a fact to understand it in a better manner. Earlier pigeons had the capability to hunt for food but now they have totally lost it because of us as we feed them with grains on the balconies.

Many of you might not find the connection but I can explain . We humans too had the skill of critical thinking but after the inventions of search engines most of our critical thinking abilities have been lost.   

Most of us are now dependent on the Internet starting from homework to the submissions of assignments.

Importance Of Teen MBA’s And Critical Thinking In This Generation

The ability of questioning and thinking differently are the need of the hour which enhance the critical thinking ability.

The youth must give  an opportunity to grapple with questions that don’t necessarily have one correct answer. 

Critical thinking skills are fluid and versatile. They can easily be transported between professions, tasks, subject areas, and niches. 

And they can be applied and reapplied to all sorts of situations, dilemmas, and puzzles.

Teen MBA’s give a forum in order to develop our critical thinking skills.

How Does Teen MBA’s Enhance Our Critical Thinking Skills

Teen MBA’s are a platform to nurture our skills of critical thinking.

We are generally given tasks which our brains have to really work out in order to accomplish it by the stipulated time.

The tasks given might be solved in a different manner from child to child .

This reflects each other’s perspectives and viewpoints and shows their critical thinking abilities.

Thus it is important to enroll in these MBAs and this age is the right time to get exposure to the industries.

How Can We Inculcate Critical Thinking Skills?

To Inculcate The Art Of Critical Thinking The Following Skills Are Necessary:-

  • Observational skills : A good observer is a good listener too because he or she can analyse their surroundings well and they will think twice before commenting.
  • Analysis: The next step is to analyse the situation with proper facts and data from different sources so that one can take an independent and unbiased decision.
  • Inference: This skill is basically a technical skill which helps us to analyse the situation better.
  • Communication skill: It is one of the most important skills as the sender has to give his message in such a manner that the receiver is able to understand it.
  • Problem Solving: If we are able to decode the problem it is necessary to find a solution for it too with the help of our appropriate skills.


Thus now it is the time to instil critical thinking in everything we do in our life in order to be unique and let’s enroll for Teen MBA’s.

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