Mini MBA


Mini MBA is the best course for business professionals to enhance their careers in a short time. It is a short-term course that covers all the content of traditional MBA courses. The traditional MBA course usually takes 2-years to complete, whereas mini MBA courses focus on providing the…

Are you trying to find ways to acquire new skills? Are you seeking to revamp your career or unsure about your career path? Do you need guidance for your start-up? Are you a teenager finding areas to consume your summer onto productively? Are you hesitant if you will…

Mini MBA courses bring us closer to the real world and that too faster than an MBA course. Taking a Mini MBA course is an excellent choice because it will be the perfect base for an MBA course in the future. There would be a lot of questions…

Did you know that more than 1/3rd of all top positions are held by Mini MBA graduates? Moreover, according to a recent survey by Bloomberg Business, MBA alumni saw an 80% increase in their salaries upon graduation! Are these statistics not interesting? Do you also want to further your…

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