“He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own”.

TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After the TEFL Certification course you get a professional opportunity for teaching English abroad in all corners of the globe to native and fluent English speakers. 


Other related courses to teaching English are

  1. TESOL- Teaching of English to speakers of Other languages

  1. TESL- Teaching English as a Second Language 

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

View Course

  1. CELTA-Certificate in English Language to Adults ( now known as Certificate in Teaching English to speakers of other languages ).

Chose according to your Aspiration

Before you study about best  TEFL Certification Courses, it is important to know the difference between TESOL, TESL  and TEFL Courses as they all prepare you for different environment to teach.

Choose the Course according to your aspirations and understanding the difference as 

TESOL Course will help you if you are interested in teaching English to native and non – native speakers.

TESL Course will help you if you plan to teach English in a native speaking Country.

TEFL Course will help you if you plan to teach English in a non- native Country. 

Best TEFL Certification Courses in Chennai

Chennai is known as the”Gateway of India”. It  has many historic landmarks and buildings, long sandy beaches (Marina Beach of Chennai is the longest beach in India) cultural and art centre’s and parks. It is a place to visit ancient temples and rock cravings.

It has sparkling sunny weather all year round. The city is one of the best centre’s for finishing the TEFL Course with many opportunities.

1. Henry Harvin (Best TEFL Certification Course in Chennai)

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

This TEFL certification course helps you clear the exam in the first attempt. To understand the basic problems faced in teaching English to non- English speakers. It will help you to evolve and enhance your confidence in class. The highlights of taking a course from Henry Harvin are

  • It is available online to help you take the course in the comfort of your home
  • It helps you gain in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology 
  • You can create unique and original lesson plans
  • The course has the highest degree accreditation from AAEFL recognised globally
  • The Certificate has a lifetime validity

-After each topic , a small assessment is conducted to judge the understanding of that particular module.

-To earn a higher salary than your counterparts.

Course Duration-120 hours of course material

Availability of the course is 

  • Online
  • As a weekend course 
  • On a part- time basis
  • Through regionally accredited colleges and universities 

Henry Harvin TEFL Courses fees:


Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course is Provided:

Delhi Mumbai Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Bangalore Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

To check out more about the course check out the website of Henry Harvin 

2. Asian College of Teachers

Contact No. + 91 9739615888

 The 3-week In-class TEFL Course will equip candidates with modern TEFL teaching methodologies and open doors of opportunities for teaching English abroad. You get a globally recognised Asian College of Teachers Certificate which is accepted all over the world.This  course provides 100% job assistance in various institutions.

 The teachers of Asian College is the centre for conducting the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge test all over India. You can opt for this test after completing TEFL Certification Course to upgrade their teaching skills and get certified by Cambridge.

In this program you will learn about latest TEFL methods, lesson planning and preparation and classroom management. Teaching practice sessions are also conducted in local schools in Chennai which will help to prepare better to succeed as ESL or EFL.

 Course Duration-

  • 3 week in-class TEFL Certification Program
  • The comprehensive Program covers 120 hours
  • Teaching Practice is included 

Course Fees-450 USD only

 3. Intesol worldwide 

Contact No. +91 9674933512

To fulfil your dreams to become an English teacher there are many tailor-made courses available at Intesol worldwide. This course is specially created to provide proper training and skills to the educators interested to shape the rudimentary steps of the students. The course can be pursued by all. Graduate from any discipline with basic knowledge of English is the simple requirement for TEFL Certification Course. The highlights of the course are

  • Best tutor support is provided along with study materials

  • It includes activity-based learning 

  • It provides an Internationally accredited certificate

  • Placement assistance is given for any location in the world

  • Accommodation is given at a nominal cost

  • Course Duration-3 week intensive learning | 140 hours of in total

  • Course Fees- ₹50,000 | USD 735

4. ECS IELTS Coaching Center in Chennai

Contact no. : +9197506 10101

This is an internationally acclaimed English language school, Canada and Australian Immigration and overseas educational consultant located in Chennai, Pondicherry and Coimbatore. Highlights of this Course

  • It is an International program of training for teachers with innovative techniques and creative learning processes in the field of teaching.
  • This course gives an opportunity to work abroad as an EFL/ESL teacher.
  • The faculty members are TESOL Canada certified and accomplished teacher trainers, they are master trainers  certified by the International University of repute and have extensive school teaching and training experience 
  • Lifelong job opportunities for all the TEFL course graduates.

5. London College Of Teachers TEFL Certification Course

Contact no. +44 808 271 1535

This Institute is located in Chennai, a bustling city is also the second-largest importer of BPO and IT services in India as well as offer teaching opportunities. So the best way to embark your career if you are a teacher is to enrol yourself in TEFL course in Chennai. Highlights of the course

  • His course is mentored by experienced academicians in the TEFL/ESL industry.
  • It is a globally acclaimed course with the latest teaching methodologies 
  • It will help you to handle the classroom with proficiency.
  • Assistance is provided with accommodation 

Course Duration – 3 weeks | 150 hours course for teachers

Course Fess-₹45,000(inclusive GST) | $650 US | 540 GBP

The fee is divided into two sections deposit and balance


One can pay the deposit by Credit Card or PayPal, Wire transfer, Pay U Money


You can pay the balance by PayPal or cash or bank transfer directly to the training centre on the very first day of the course.

6. ITTT TEFL Certification Course (TEFL Course in Chennai)

Contact no.  6662242270

There is a wide range of TEFL Certification Courses. Each of our courses varies in study style, length of the course, and overall cost. All the courses  are based on the same core value of providing training which is both practical and of the highest standard.

Online – This course can be undertaken either with the assistance of a personal tutor or completely without tutor assistance. There is no time spent physically in the classroom or with a tutor face to face. Teaching is done through online videos.

 An ideal way to study if you are already working and don’t have time. It can be taken from any location in the world.

Combined TEFL Certification Courses-This course brings together the best facets of both the online and in-class teachings. The theory is studied online with your own time frame which is followed by attendance at one of the combined course training facilities to gain practical classroom experience in teaching English. This course is good for you if the intensive nature of 4-week residential course is not appreciated.

In-Class TEFL Certification Courses-This course is based on entirely at one of the International training facilities. Throughout the course, you will teach English to real students on a practical level in the classroom. This is a full-time course and will last 4 weeks. The training facilities are based in Thailand, Egypt, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Argentina, Costa Rica, England, the USA, Italy, Spain France and the Czech Republic.

 This is a perfect opportunity if you want to learn the principles and applications of TEFL by teaching English in a practical on-site environment.

Diploma TEFL Certification Course-This diploma is the most advanced qualification. It is an exclusive online course which follows standard TEFL Certification. There is a facility to choose an online tutor. It is designed to enhance the existing skills of EFL teachers who already hold a standard TEFL Certification. Advanced Concepts are taught in this course. This will require you to provide your own insight and opinions on a variety of different subjects.

Master Package – It is a good option if you want to complete multiple certification courses. It contains three of he most popular line courses 120 hour TEFL Certification Course+ 50 hour Certificate in teaching business English +50 hour certificate in teaching English to young learner’s.

Professional Package- This includes an advanced-level training course. There are four online courses in it 120 hours online TEFL certification course +50 hour certificate in teaching business English +50 hour certificate in English to young learner’s +250 hour TESOL diploma course. This package has the option of tutor support.

Expert Package- It is a complete range of online courses. It includes six courses to lead you to success 120 hours TEFL certification course +50 hour course in teaching business English +50 hour course in teaching English to young learner’s+250 hour TESOL Diploma course+50 hour course in teaching English online+30 hour certificate of teaching practice recognition. This package can be completed with or without the support of an online tutor.

Course Duration

  • Diploma TEFL Certification Course 250 hours
  • Master Package 220 hours
  • Professional Package 470 hours
  • Expert Package 550 hours

Course Fees-

  • Online TEFL Certification Course$199
  • Combined TEFL Certification Course$1500
  • In-class TEFL Certification Course $1490
  • Diploma TEFL Certification Course$499
  • Master Package-$349
  • Professional Package $699
  • Expert Package $899

7. British Council In Chennai

Contact no. 0120-4569000

Cambridge endorsed TEFL Certification Course provides a better technical knowledge helps you start a global career. This course mainly covers 

  • Learner’s  and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
  • Language skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing
  • Language analysis and awareness 
  • Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
  • Developing teaching skills and professionalism

Applications in this course are processed in order of receipt. So it is better to apply early to avoid disappointment.

The course is full time online course- The online option is approved by Cambridge English Assessment according to their International quality standards. Unique features of the course are

1.It makes you work flexible with the full support of experienced tutors

2.You can take the course from any location

3.learn to be a teaching professional for both face to face and online teaching contexts.

4. Gain experience and professional development for new future job opportunities.

A part-time online course-It is an opportunity to take the course over an extended period and continue with your normal teaching or professional commitments at the same time. It is an ideal course if you have not studied for a certain time and would benefit from more time to adjust to the pace and demands of the course.

 It is also a good course if you are changing careers into teaching and would benefit from background reading and reflection. The trainees should have enough free time to attend two evenings a week and Saturday.

Course Duration-

  • Fully online 120 hours
  • Part-time – 120 hours

Course fees-

  • Fully online- ₹1,50,000(non -refundable)
  • Part-time -₹1,50,000

8. APTTI and International TEFL Canada

It brings TEFL Course in Chennai. It is a full-time 3 weeks program with some pre-reading materials. It works in association with International TEFL Canada which is globally recognised TEFL body providing certificates to TEFL and TESOL candidates across the globe. The organisation comprises of people with decades of experience in the ESL field and had taught across the globe.

 The highlights of the course are 

-Unique language teaching methodologies are taught

-the teaching of language skills-listening, speaking, reading, and writing

-different ways of teaching young learner’s and adults are taught

– Concentration is more on Phonology, grammar and lesson planning

-Classroom management skills are taught

-Practicum includes- Observed Teaching, Peter teaching and practice in a real classroom.

– outstation candidates are given assistance with accommodations during the course.

Course Duration-150 hours

Course fees- USD 700 | ₹45,000 + GST

9. Cambridge Assessment English (TEFL Course in Chennai)

Contact no. +44(0)1223 553311

A unique opportunity to gain your TEFL Online certification. You need to dedicate 45 to 55 hours per week to studying then you can gain the most recognised TEFL certification. The qualification has the same depth of study and recognition as the face to face option. There is an experienced team of tutors. All you need is a pod internet connection and motivation to teach. There are dynamic workshops held and input sessions. Comprehensive career services are there. The classes are held Monday to Friday.

What is the online teaching practice like?

At the beginning of the course, you are divided into smaller teaching              

Practice groups and assigned to an experienced teacher to guide you.

-you will teach 6 hours in   total of groups between 6 and 12 students on average.

-you will receive one to one support planning your classes.

-you will observe your peer and give them feedback  their classes

-all classes are taught  via online platform, Zoom, and you teach minimum  two levels.

There are two types of assessments 

  • Teaching Practice in which you teach online for a total of 6 hours working with adult classes at a minimum of two levels of ability.
  • Written assignments here you will complete four written assignments.

Course Fees-€1500

10. Online Level 5 TEFL Certification Course

Contact no.  332.255.2417

Only one course is offered over here TEFL Certification Course. This is the only institute that has received official recognition from government-regulated bodies both in UK and the US. This course is DEAC-approved. The online version of this course is the most flexible way to get TEFL qualified.

All enrolled n level 5 course include a free top-up course in teaching young learner’s, teaching business English or teaching online and 1&1.This certificate is equivalent to he following qualifications

  • a diploma of higher education 
  •  a foundation degree
  • Trinity certified TESOL

This online course is designed to give maximum knowledge in the shortest time frame.To gain real life teaching experience without attending one of the campuses there is a 10 hour Teaching Practice course.

  • Course duration-4 to 6 weeks divided in 10 units
  • Course fees- $530 

Why is TEFL Certification Course beneficial?

This course is for you if you have a motivation to teach and want to travel places too. It is a complete package which helps you to increase your present job profile too.

Better pay is the first benefit of doing this course, it helps you reach a higher bracket pay scale as you attain the certificate 

  • You can not only opt for better jobs in your own country but jobs are available Internationally too. It is better to go through International teaching agencies that will help you with the necessary paperwork.

They not only help in-flight reimbursements it arrange in housing too.

  • Teaching different age groups requires a lot of tactics and techniques. That means confidence is needed to prepare appropriate lesson plans to in your students attention. So, completion of this course gives you a boost in confidence level.
  • You become a pro in Pedagogy which means in planning teaching methods. More than imparting knowledge teaching involves doing it in a proper techniques and methodologies.
  • Teaching is at all levels unlike the young lots. After doing this course you are able to teach adolescents and adults too. Not only class rooms but online too , you learn to adapt to teach in different environments.
  • Phonology is an important factor in English language or any language for that matter Phonology precedes grammar and vocabulary too. It is important to master the phonetics of a language and how we speak.Expressions,smilies, and idols are all different facets that are mastered in this course which is very important to teach
  • It is acceptable world wide o there is no country where this course is not beneficial for finding job opportunities.
  • This course helps you in obtaining Visa in the form of job opportunity in Countries like China too. If you acquire a job in China then Chinese embassy will help you to get the visa.
  • It is a lifelong certificate no need to renew it.

Is the Tefl exam hard to pass?

No, it is not hard to pass if you study with full inclination. It is an intensive course of study. A lot of time is spent on reading books, digesting information and trying to understand theories of learning and methods of teaching. You will find it challenging if you are not very academic and not been to a classroom for a long time. The situation will be tough if you haven’t written an essay in years or writing is not say for you.

Many people believe that you cannot fail the TEFL exam but it is not true. The standards are set quite high to maintain the reputation of the course and moreover they are going to train the future of the world so the exams are tough to clear and checked quite strictly.

These are so many reasons which invite you to do this course but let us see 

Who can opt for TEFL Certification Course?

  • The minimum age requirement for this course is 18 years.
  • Educational requirements are  high school diploma/ GED(or equivalent)
  • Enthusiasm, motivation, and determination 
  • Flair to teach and flexibility 
  • Interview with a TEFL Trainer
  • You should have a native level of English speaking d the ability to read and understand English language materials 
  • If you are already a teacher it will help you to reach higher job profile.

Learning a foreign language, and the culture that goes with it is one of the most useful things we can do to broaden the empathy and imaginative empathy and cultural outlook of children” Michael Gove 

To be able to teach someone is a gift given by God. Teaching is one of the noblest professions on this Earth. TEFL Course will help you achieve your aims in life and visit different destinations in the world. Happy teaching and learning As it is a complete process.

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