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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the Income Tax” Albert Einstein

The complexities of taxes faced by a normal human being.To overcome the confusions “One Nation One Law” was implemented that is the Goods and Services Tax. To make it easy a lot of institutions came up with GST Certification Course.

There are three types of GST in India




This helps distinguish between inter and intra state supplies and mitigates indirect taxes 

Well,a lot of reforms done by the Modi government, Introduction of Goods and Services Tax in 2017 is one of them.

What is Goods and Services Tax?

Goods and services tax that customers bear when they buy any goods or services, such as food, clothes, electronics, items of daily needs, transportation, travel.

It is an Indirect tax, not directly paid by the customer to the government, levied on the manufacturer or seller and the provider of services. The sellers usually add the tax expense into their costs and the price customer pays is inclusive of GST.

It took almost 17 more years for its implementation.


2000– 2004-2006-2007-2008-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017

2000- A Committee set up by the Prime Minister for drafting Goods and Service Tax law for India.

2004-A task force reported a need to implement this law and improve the indirect tax system in India.

2006- Introduction of GST on 1 April 2010 by the Finance Minister of India.

2007-Central Sales Tax rates reduced to 3% from 4%.

2008-GST dual structure is finalised by the EC for separate legislation and levy.

2010- A Project launched for the computerisation of commercial taxes.

2011- Introduction of Constitution Amendment Bill for enabling the Goods and Services Tax Law.

2012-Initiated by Standing Committee, stalled due to lack of clarity regarding Clause 279B

2013-Goods and Services Tax report presented by the Standing Committee.

2014-The Finance Minister of India reintroduces the Goods and Services Tax Bill to the parliament.

2 015-Cleared by Lok Sabha but stalled in the Rajya

2016- A clean chit from the President of India and the law’s amended model is passed in both the Houses of Parliament.

2017- The Cabinet approves four Supplementary bills on Goods and Services Tax. The Goods and Services Law implemented on 1 July 2017.

“ No matter how bad a child is ,he is still good for a tax education”.

This quote should motivate you to enter the complex world of Taxes without fear and now after Goods and Services Tax made simple.

Goods and Services Tax Certification course

Lets see various Goods and Services Tax Certification Courses available in Delhi

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Set up by an act of Parliament)-

The Goods and Services Tax Certification Course organised by GST & Indirect Taxes Committee.This course is available only for Chartered Accountants that means only member of the institute.

Course Duration-10 Days Course(option 1- on Saturday and Sunday only

Option 2- Monday to Friday- 2 Weeks)(9.30AM to 5.30 PM)

Applicable to- Members in Practice, Service and Auditors

CPE hours-25( On attending the Classes) + 5 (After appear in assessment test)

Structured CPE hours to members

Fees for the Course- ₹1 4,000 plus applicable taxes for Delhi, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad , Jaipur

₹12,600  plus applicable taxes for other cities

Course Coverage:

-Definition and Concept under GST


 -Time of Supply

– Place of Supply

 -Input  Tax Credit

– Transitional issues


– Registration

– Returns

-Payment and Refund

– Assessment

– Offences


-Advance Ruling, FTP

– Customs Duties and Ethical Practice 

– Overview of GST

-Exemption List of Goods and Services , Miscellaneous Provision

Henry Harvin GST Certification Course-

Came 10 months before Goods and Services Tax. It was featured by Hindustan Times and Aaj Tak for this achievement. This Course has been ranked In Top 3 by Training’s 360. A free 1-year membership program is given worth ₹4,000 which includes benefits like

-E-learning Access- Recorded Videos,PPT, Case Studies

-Internship-This benefit can be availed with Henry Harvin or Partner firms.

-Job Opportunities-Information is given regularly through mail

-Interview Skills-Support in Clearing Interviews with Startup’s and Top Corporates

The benefits of Goods and Services Certification Course from Henry Harvin are-

  • 100% Practical Course
  • It covers all the Hot Topics -GSTR 3B,GSTR 2A, New provisions of E-invoicing, How to take ITC incase not reflecting

Classes are available on Sunday too.

Trained by professionals with 20+ years

Certified GST Practitioner Certification from Government recognised Institute.

Course Duration– Option 1- Classroom training of 32 hrs | Option 2-Live Online training of 32 hrs 

Applicable to- Chartered Accountants aspirants

                           Chartered Accountants

                            Company Secretariats

                            ICWA ,LLB Practitioners

                            IAS aspirants

                           GST practitioner

Cost of the Course-₹9500

Course Coverage-4 modules, covering all the important topics like GSTR 3B, GSTR 2A, new provisions of E-Invoicing,Ways to take ITC incase not responding.

 You get a Goods and Services Tax Practitioner Certificate by this process too 

 -Registration- The Counsellors guide you after checking you and register you for the right batches which leads you to the right GST Certification Course.

-Attend Classes-After these classes, you get credits to be eligible for the Certification.

– Give GST Assessment-Deliver the assignments and activities using the GST classes as part of the practical assessment system to become eligible for the GST Practitioner Certification.

-Get GST Practitioner Certification -On Completion CGP GST Practitioner Certification from Government Recognised Institute.

The Institute of Professional Accountants  

-The objective of Goods and Services Tax Certification Course is to provide professional and practical training to accountants, junior accountants and tax consultants. This course will focus more on practical trainin of Goods and services Tax Practitioner

It is an online course conducted by CA’s with Industrial training experience

Course Duration-30 hours Course covered in 15 sessions two hours each.

Applicable for-Accountants , Junior accountants , Tax Consultants 

Goods and Services Tax Practitioner Course eligibility- Students who have completed 12, Fresh Graduates of

Course Fees- Is at very low price

NIFM Accounts Academy-

The GST Certification Course helps professionals and students to get certified as a Professional in Goods and Services tax, Indirect Taxation and Tally ERP 9  It enables you to understand the key areas of impact in businesses. This course has complete GST cycle from registration to claim it tells in detail about the concept of reverse change.

-The course is based on 80% practical trainings and 20 % theoretical.

– you study in smart well -equipped classrooms with audio visual aids.

-There is availability of weekend batches too

-100% placement assistance is provided

Course Duration-two months

Applicable for– Students aspiring for a Career opportunity in accounting and taxation domain

Under Graduates


Senior- Mid level Accountants 

Finance professionals like CA, CFO, Finance Directors, Tax Directors

SMEs, Analysts, Traders

Working  Professionals 


Business heads, Business Owners


Freelance Accountants 

Course Fees-₹25,000 + GST

After the course:

-Professional Goods and Services Tax Certification from NIFM

Practical Industrial Training 

Computerised Entry and Finalise Reports

E-filling of GST with automations of Periodical filling

Get help to work as a free lancer if required 

100% Industry point of view practical training which will help you in the Corporate world.

SLA Consultants Delhi –

Goods and Services Tax Certification Course is available on the Web and Desktop. It is an E- Accounts, E-Taxation and E-GST Practical training. Course.Classes available on modules. The training is given by  3 to 5 Corporate Trainers.

 Course Duration – 200- 210 hours

Course Curriculum- it is available indifferent formats and can be tailor made according to your needs

                                E-Accounts, E-Taxation and E-GST

                                E-GST and Income Tax Training

                                Advance Tally ERP for GST Brochure

DGA Professional Institute –

The Goods and Services Tax Certification course offers real-time training with experienced, qualified and friendly trainers. Job oriented training will help you in companies. Free PD Class and placement offers for various courses. Fully Wi-Fi enabled Campus and Classrooms. Weekend batches available.

Course Duration-15 days

Classes-Mon -Friday 1 hour/day & Sat-Sun ,21/2 hours/day

Course Content:

Tax Structure in India

About Indirect taxes

Central Taxes and State Taxes

About GST

Benefits ofGST

Types of taxes under GST


GST Common portal

GST Registration Form Filling

Uploading required documents

Get Certification of Registration

Attitude Goods and Services Tax Certification Course

It gives 100% job oriented training classes.They provide with Tally  E- accounting course too.The course is available online too.

Course Duration—40 hours ( Regular / Weekend batches are available

Course Content-Goods and Services Tax PDFs, Goods and Services Tax Tutorials, GST  videos and GST books are updated for students to get maximum benefit and are of ready after completion of the course.


It offers the Goods and Services Tax Certification Course comes with  30 days Monday back guarantee. Udemy has many best-selling online courses and it gives you the facility to learn at your own pace. At the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be GST ready or the coming future. The course is available on mobile and Television.

 clearTax aims to provide our learners with all the information and tools required to prepare themselves to face the new tax regime.

Course Duration- Do at your own Pace

Applicable for-CA aspirants, CA, CS, IAS aspirants, ICWA, LLB practitioners and aspirants, Tax practitioners and accountants.

 Course fees- ₹4,800

 Course Contains-  27 Sections, 299 lectures, 42 hours 52 minutes length

Higher Qualification

 Master in GST

 Practical Course in Goods and Services Tax Return filing

Complete Tally ERP 9 (GST) Course 

Basics of GST

GST Registration

GST Registration (Articles)

New GST e-learning certification by clearTax

CAclubindia offers GST Certification Course

Considering the requirement from GST beginner to GST Expert. The course has 28 hours of video classes and can be done at your own pace and convenience. It is easy to grasp.

 Gives a clear step by step discussion and coverage of relevant advance ruling in the course will make it very beneficial for existing tax professionals like CA, CMA,CS Advocate and other tax professionals.

 Easy to understand as it comes in Hinglish 

includes Monthly Webinars for updates 

E-Certificate is given on completion 

Course Duration-Video Duration 37.8 hours

Applicable for- This course is helps you to become an expert in GST or want to become a Certified GST Practitioner

CA in practice

CA students and fresher CAs to learn basic and advanced concepts of GST

Retired officer of the Commercial Tax Department of any State Government of the CBEC and has worked in a post not lower in rank than that of a Group – B gazette officer for minimum period of two years 

Sales Tax Practitioner , Tax return preparer under the existing lax for a period of not less than five years.

Facilities in this course- Monthly webinar will make every participant updated of entire course. This will provide opportunities to interact with the faculty for their queries on a monthly basis.

New return System in GST covered

Case studies like Advance Ruling, AAAR,High Court judgement

Training instructor -CA Arun Chhajer.GST faculty with Ministry of MSME PPDC, Government of India and also SGST.

Course fees-₹ 6,599

Course Duration- expires in 5 months ,60 hours of viewing from the date of registration.

Goods and services tax Certification online course –

You can do this comprehensive free course issued by the Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes e-audit unit at the Commercial Taxes Department of the Government of Karnataka.

-ICT Academy features a series of video sessions by subject matter experts, renowned industrialists , financial advisors and Corporate leaders.

-GST books are available free of cost online by CBSE.

The doors were opened of this act, it lead the way for aspiring student for higher level jobs with a good pay scale too.

Goods and Services Tax Course has brought about a boon in the finance and accountancy for many and a lot of job openings has been there.

“ Given that Chartered Accountants are in short supply, even mid – sized financial firms have hired finance graduates instead of just Chartered Accountants. We expect  see the demand for at least 20,000 finance professionals to come up in the coming year” said by Ajay Shah, Vice President, Recruitment Services, TeamLease Services.

After the changes brought about in multiple cascading taxes levied by the Central and State governments, all businesses adapted the new tax regime and went digital. Taxation, accounting and data analysis came in great demand.

Large corporates opened the need for special department of GST, in result jobthe departments work together software and the taxation. For example Ernst and Young a consultancy firm in India witnessed 60% increase in hiring.

“ Almost all our Indirect Tax hiring in FY 2017 was GST related.” Said Sudhir Kapadia , National Tax leader , EY India.

Government Certified Course increases the value of  your Goods and Services Tax Certification. Let us see the benefits given by the Government Certified GST CourseThe change in the tax structure increased the need of specialist GST professionals o upgrade and maintain the accounts.

Doorway has opened to a lot of jobs which includes specialisation in taxation, accounting and data analysis

GST Certification is a big boost in your job profile.

Who are Goods and Services Tax practitioners? 

The CGST Act defines the expression’GST Practitioner’ as any person who has been approved under section 48(1) and which empowers him to act as such practitioner with respect to furnishing of returns of the registered taxable person.

Role of GST Practitioners in GST

The functions of the GST Practitioners on behalf of the registered persons

  1. Furnish the details of outward supplies
  2. File returns
  3. furnish returns 
  4. To furnish annual returns
  5. furnish final return
  6. make deposit for credit into the electronic cash ledger
  7. File a claim for refund
  8. File an application for amendment or cancellation of registration
  • Validity period of Goods and Services tax practitioner Certificate- The certificate is valid life long
  • No person

Goods and services tax practitioner exam and validity of GST registration certificate

Such person is to pass the examination within a period of one year of the date conducted.

Impact of GST on businessman

GST brought  all kind of industries and businesses into the tax bracket, increasing the taxpayer base. It is an online procedure which includes registration, payments, refunds and returns. Filling returns for businessman is easy now.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs with a turnover of less than ₹20 lakh are exempted but the burnt is felt by claim input credit unless the supplier has complied with GST.

Eventually forces the informal businesses to register themselves under GST or just perish.

Impact on Citizen of India

The biggest tax reform in India renewed the hope of India’s fiscal reform program regaining momentum in the economy.If we look at the long term benefits, there will be lower rates of taxes, also minimum tax slabs. 

In short, For a motto of “One Nation One law “ but to make it successful and useful for the whole country we all as a country should work for it in a unified way to make it a success. To progress in the financial and accounting sector goods and services tax GST Certification Course is the need of the hour.

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