How Much Does TEFL/TESOL Certification Cost: Is It Worth It?

The English language is getting worldwide recognition as the world’s largest language including native and non-native speakers. It has become a necessity to know the English language better to succeed. This has increased the demand for learning English languages.

If you wish to teach the English language without prior teaching experience, then you need TEFL certification. There are numbers of TEFL/TESOL certification courses available, both offline and online mode. It is a strenuous task to find out the correct course to pursue. 

TEFL certification course gives you the knowledge to enhance your skills as a qualified teacher, prepare lessons for students as per their need, and improve their English language knowledge.

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After finding the correct one, one will think of its cost and worth. Lets us dwell through the information about how much TEFL/TESOL certification cost, and is it worth it?


We are talking so much about TEFL/TESOL. But we have to know what it stands for? TEFL is Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TESOL is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language. Let us learn about these two in little detail.

TEFL provide tutors with the expertise required to teach the English language to students from non-English speaking countries from Asia, Africa and America. It gives you the experience to handle a classroom and to teach students English as their second language. It is a globally recognized course because of its huge demand in non-native countries. TEFL certification can be your qualification or add-in in your resume.

TESOL is a recent addition to English learning courses. It is less known than TEFL. TESOL let you learn and teach the English language in both English speaking and non-English speaking countries. For individuals who have not decided their career choice and want to try this, then it is a great choice to apply for this course.

Why it is necessary? 

TEFL/TESOL certification is the best option when you are planning to teach English as a second language. Having a TEFL certification along with your bachelor’s degree will enhance your chances of getting a job abroad. If you are keen to settle abroad for a good-paying job then having TEFL certification can up your chances. It is necessary when it comes to teaching English to non-native speaking students.

TEFL certification will certainly open the doors for numbers of opportunities for you. It will not only teach you, how to teach the English language but also it will teach you how to teach.

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Benefits of TEFL/TESOL certification

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TEFL teaching is not done traditionally. This training thus imparts you with professional skills that will boost your confidence and will model your career. It gives you a superior location when it comes to applying for a teaching job abroad. You may not need teaching experience when you have TEFL certification with you. Also, it makes you competitive for a good position and a handsome salary. Doing a TEFL certification will help you with your communication skills and planning of your schedule or lessons.

TEFL certification trains you to conduct lessons for non-English speakers. It gives you the confidence to conduct classes more efficiently. It will also prepare you to live and work in a foreign country.

As the need for TEFL teachers is rising in the global professional world, doing this course with few days of practical classroom training will open the doors of high-paying jobs globally.

It is not bounded that only to professional English tutors to have TEFL certification. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can learn TEFL methods if he/she pursue to have teaching as a profession. It is a great alternative for a career.

It is a great course when it comes to social service. By learning the TEFL certification course, you can open a small English teaching school for poor and needy people.

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How much a TEFL/TESOL certification cost?

According to TEFL India, there are two types of TEFL course; premium and regular.

The premium package includes 120 hours of lessons for three weeks in various parts of India.

In this package, they provide an internship with the assistant in job placements. TEFL certification cost for a premium package is around 66000 INR or USD 1050.

The regular package includes 120 hours of lessons for three weeks. This does not include an internship or any job assistant. TEFL certification cost for a regular package is around 55000  INR or USD 850.

There is a Combo package also available. It includes 120 hours for three weeks and three months paid internship.TEFL certification cost for a combo package is around USD 1500.

Though an e-certificate is available with the above course, you may have to pay for a physical copy of a certificate.

TEFL certification cost depends upon various factors. Here is the list;

  • Type of certificate
  • Places from where you are getting it.
  • The number of hours covered in the curriculum.
  • Self-paced or tutor based course.
  • Course accreditation.

The international standard for TEFL certification includes 100 – 120 hours of lessons, six to ten hours of teaching practice in live lessons. There are four types of course structure available for TEFL.

Onsite at home

Onsite at home is the most favourable and functional way to do the TEFL certification course. It is preferred in high paying regions like the middle east. These courses are usually taught at a university. They give you classroom experience. TEFL certification cost for this course around $1500 – $2500 for four weeks.

If you opt for this course then you don’t have to consider the expenses that come along with it, in terms of living, food etc.

It is not recommended to do this type of course if you planning to work internationally. If you opt-out of this course, you will not know the cultural differences, educational methodology and job opportunities in a particular country.

Onsite at abroad

Doing a TEFL course abroad has its benefits. It is a great experience when you planned to do a TEFL course abroad as it makes you familiar with native surrounding and its culture. Applying for a job is also easy when you do a course abroad, as you are already familiar with people and their way of working. You also have a social network that will give you a recommendation for a job. TEFL certification cost for this type, of course, comes around $1000 – $2000. They may be cheaper in some countries. You will have to think about expenses like airfare, visa, accommodation and food, and in-city transport if you opt for this course. 

Online TEFL course

The most trending and affordable way of learning TEFL certification course is online. It is popular because it is available at low costs. If you are planning a career shift, you want to try whether a TEFL course is good for it or not, then you can go for the online option. Once you are satisfied with the results then you can opt-out for a more detailed curriculum.

Online TEFL courses cost around $250 – $ 600. Before registering for an Online TEFL course, check with course accreditation, tutor’s qualification and any hidden payments, as it is easy to get cheated in an online course. 

Online TEFL courses cost varies because there are accredited by multiple global bodies, to maintain the standards and demands of a TEFL course. There are plenty of institutes that offer the best TEFL certification. Even you can create one in future. There is an abundance of TEFL courses available in the market with different and lucrative online TEFL costing.

If you have to choose between various options available for an online TEFL course with its cost then, do check for its training quality and its recognition in institute both native and abroad.

Hybrid TEFL certification

The Hybrid TEFL certification course is a combination of self-paced lessons along with some classroom experience. The duration of this course is for four weeks with some online practical lessons. TEFL certification cost for this course is around $300 – $1000. It does not include the cost of certification and airfare if you need to go abroad for practical lessons.

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Factors must consider when it comes to online TEFL certification cost are listed below;

  • Physical certification
  • Fee for job placement
  • Books and learning material.
  • Cost for tutoring hours

Is doing TEFL certification worth it?

Of course, it is worth it now when the world is going towards globalization. Doing TEFL certification is worth doing if you are looking for an online job with a good salary package. Your online TEFL course cost will get covered with this kind of salary package. It is also worth it when you are planning to go and learn overseas for a long period.

Mistakes to be avoided when choosing an Online TEFL course

  • Non accredited course.
  • No practical practice training.
  • Cheaper courses.
  • The assumption about in-person coaching is better than online coaching.
  • No job placement
  • Not contacting a representative of an online company before registering.


In summation, having a TEFL/TESOL certification will add to your CV. if you see yourself settling in abroad, planning to teach English as a second language to some native students then doing a TEFL certification online or offline is a great choice. TEFL/TESOL certification costs go around $1500 – $2500 if you choose to do it in classrooms. Online TEFL costs go around $250 – $600. 

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1. Does TEFL help find a good-paying job abroad?

Yes, TEFL helps to find a good-paying job abroad.

2. Is TEFL and TOEFL same?

 No, they are not the same. TEFL gives you the qualification to teach abroad without teaching experience. On the other hands, TOEFL is a language test, that a student needs to get into an American university.

3. Is TEFL certification worth time and investment?

Yes, It is worth time and investment.

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