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TEFL is the shorter form of the term Teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you are an aspiring teacher and want to teach English abroad then TEFL is the term where your search ends. The TEFL industry is expanding over the years and the range of opportunities in the field of TEFL is increasing vastly. With the English language being the language for international business a growing demand for TEFL teachers is evident around the world.

TEFL Certification in India

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TEFL Course

TEFL course is the qualification that allows you to teach English to foreign students anywhere in the world. A Good TEFL course trains you in the fundamental concept of teaching English to non-native speakers. The typical duration of a TEFL course can be between 120-160 hr. A good level of English is expected for successfully completing the TEFL course and for overall understanding the key teaching concept within it.

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TEFL Certification

It is a commonly required qualification for new and experienced teachers who want to teach English to non-native speakers in abroad countries. With a TEFL certification, one can qualify for a teaching position with more reputable schools and language institutes, giving better benefits and increased salaries. Accredited TEFL certification from a globally recognized independent body is necessary. It is proof of your primary qualification required to teach English in foreign countries.  

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TEFL Certification Online

Selecting the best TEFL certification online course qualifies you to teach English online, or in abroad countries. The TEFL certification online courses are suitable for those who reside at other places or locations where the course provider in-person classes are conducted. The TEFL certification online courses are designed in a way that enables the candidate to learn at their own pace from anywhere in the country. For the person with a busy schedule, it is a popular choice and also you can manage the course at your own speed.

Importance of TEFL Certification

Having a TEFL certification is important as it is the basic qualification you need to find a job teaching English as a foreign language. Having a TEFL certificate is also helpful in countries where obtaining a visa is otherwise being very difficult. With the TEFL certification, an individual can qualify for the teaching jobs as it is the minimum entry requirement, it gives you the necessary skills required to teach in abroad countries, you will learn how to plan lessons for foreign language learners, understanding the concept of English grammar and more, will help you to set apart from the candidate who is not TEFL certified. TEFL certifications qualify for teaching positions with more reputable schools.

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Online TEFL Course And In-Person TEFL Course

 TEFL course can be completed either online, or in a classroom, or there is also an option of a hybrid TEFL course( combining both online or classroom study). If you want to train as a TEFL teacher you will have to decide which format of TEFL course to choose from. Some points of comparison of both types:-

In-person TEFL Course usually lasts for four weeks and demands 30-40 hours of training per week.

 Generally, classroom TEFL courses contain teaching practice sessions.

The Classroom TEFL course is intensive and full-time and will require one to attend training at a specified time and location.

An in-class TEFL course might be more expensive than an online TEFL course. As with many additional costs of accommodation, daily expenses, and flights all these in addition to the course fees if your course is abroad.

If a self-directed study is difficult for you an in-class certification is the best choice for you.

An in-class TEFL course abroad is a great way to meet different people from all around the world.  

Online TEFL Course The online TEFL course requires 120-hr of training which can be completed in 20 days. But mostly maximum duration is of six months to complete the online TEFL course.

Generally, most of the Online TEFL course providers won’t offer teaching practicum, but some of them offer teaching practices.

The online TEFL course covers the same material as in the classroom TEFL course but with that, it also offers the flexibility of your timing schedule and place to do the course.

The cost of the TEFL certification online courses may vary depending on the type, level, and the number of hours you want, to be TEFL certified. But overall TEFL certification online is the most affordable option.

Online TEFL courses are a popular choice among those with a busy schedule and are self-paced, allowing you to earn your qualification with work, school, and family schedule.

With the TEFL certification online option due to the flexibility of the course, you can travel and parallelly get your certification also.

TEFL Teacher Job

After completing the TEFL certification course there are ample job opportunities available for TEFL teachers all over the world. TEFL jobs can be either full-time or part-time. TEFL teachers can find the job in following institutions worldwide: Public school, international school, Private language schools, universities, and colleges. The teaching jobs are available from nursery to secondary school levels and up to college and adult level English teaching positions.

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Online Teaching Job

Online teaching jobs from home can range from the blended course that offers a combination of both in-person and online, or either in fully online mode. Due to technology, it is possible to teach English abroad without actually moving to the other side of the world. And the best part is that this job doesn’t require a work permit. If you are a qualified teacher with experience in classroom settings, then online teaching can be your big step ahead. Online teaching is a flexible teaching career option. And also online teachers are in high demand. Online English teaching job opportunities are on massive growth over the past few years.

Teaching Practicum

Practicum involved putting into practice what you’ve been learning throughout the course and creates and delivers your own lessons in front of real students. A practicum involved evaluated teaching practice with actual English language learners. TEFL teaching practicum adds real value to your TEFL certification. And with the teaching practicum option, signifies that extra works have been done. For TEFL training practical option students are asked to complete a minimum of six to ten-hour of observation, tutoring, and teaching practice in an EFL classroom. One needs to spend at least six to ten hours observing an EFL class or working with the students in some capacity. Adding a practicum option to your TEFL training will significantly enhance your teaching skill.

Importance Of Online TEFL Course With Teaching Practice

  Having an internationally recognized TEFL certification is your opportunity to put forward all the theories and strategies that you have learned during your TEFL course and make the best use of them to be the best foreign English teacher. Practicum is the method of experience to get in front of the class of students and having that confidence of being ready for the future class of English language learner.

Why do You Need an Online TEFL Course With Teaching Practice

Helps in Overcoming Your Fear

 If you are a beginner in the English language teaching field. And if it is your first day of teaching. You are already puzzled by many things going on in your mind. As like adjusting to the new culture, about accommodation facility, complicated visa process, making friends, daily essentials shops, grocery store, etc. Having acquaintance with a surrounding atmosphere all these things are sufficient to pressurize the situation and make the mind freeze. To not fall into the trap of stress and fear. Completing an Online TEFL course with teaching practice is the best way to gain victory over your fear and public speaking hesitation. Thus with practical experience, you can manage the classroom with confidence. Even with lots of things going on in your mind. But now you know how to handle the situation.

Practice Reflects in Your Teaching Methods

There is no better preparation than an experience of teaching practicum from your online TEFL certificate. With the experience of practical teaching, you’ll be able to deliver an amazing lesson. This put a stamp on your decision of diving into the world of language teaching. With the teaching practice, you’ll be able to manage the class with grace and honesty.

Get That Extra Point for Teaching Practicum

You’ll have a better choice of employment if you have got the reference letter and experience. The practical experiences you have got are the best way to access more job flexibility. Many teaching jobs in abroad countries mention the specified number of verified classroom hours. So you can broaden your search for TEFL teaching jobs by adding a practical component of an online TEFL course. Thus teaching abroad or online is all about a new adventurous journey that starts from the moment when you enroll in an online TEFL course with teaching practice.

Better Management of the Classroom

During your teaching session sometimes even with the carefully designed plan and wonderful teaching ideas, there is always room for error and mistakes. Mismanagement of classroom activities that were scheduled to take place, more explanation on English grammar aspects as from the vast world of English language some information, or knowledge of British language may be still unclear or quite confusing. But as you are teaching English in abroad countries you are expected to be the expert of the subject. Still, some questions will come of about which you are not that sure or you haven’t got the answer. Thus, managing this type of situation is quite challenging. This is where your practical knowledge of teaching is implemented and shows you the way. It makes you able to give an acceptable reply. And it will be easier for you to handle this type of situation.

Experience Those Memorable Moments

When you decide you actually want to become a TEFL teacher. With that decision comes all the hard work, struggles, and stresses of teaching English abroad. But the best part of the teaching job is involvement and relationship that will gradually form with your students and school community. In a classroom of students when you prepare a lesson plan and it works according to your way then there is that sense of happiness which you can feel by seeing the smiling and joyful faces of students. So, all these are the precious moment which proves your decision of opting for the online TEFL course with teaching practices to be worthwhile.

Follow the Method of Synchronization

Maintaining the lively and energetic atmosphere in the classroom is of utmost importance. A TEFL teacher must have the skill of realizing the student’s energy and interest and going according to that flow of interest and energy level, also keeping within the margins of your curriculum demands. Hence, choosing an online TEFL course with teaching practice is a great way to acquire these teaching skills that will make your future class enjoyable for both you and your students. And with the practice of this method of teaching, you can be a perfect TEFL teacher.

Thus, a teaching practice session in an online TEFL course is much important factor from different viewpoints. And it contributes a lot to be the best foreign English teacher for your students and your future employer.

Online TEFL Course with Teaching Practice Provided

Here is the list of Online TEFL course provider that offers the TEFL course with teaching practice session:

1. Henry Harvin Education

The online TEFL course from Henry Harvin is one of the best TEFL certification programs. The course is certified by the American Association of EFL (AAEFL). It is a 120-hr TEFL online certification program. With the enrollment in the TEFL course from Henry Harvin, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple hands-on projects to gain the necessary experience to develop your career. Also, you will gain access to countless job opportunities in 20+countries globally. On registration for the TEFL course with Henry Harvin, you will get one-year membership that includes live projects, recorded videos, internship, interview skills, weekly job support, career-oriented services, access to e-learning, and many more. From the 120-hr duration of the course it provides 36 hrs of interactive instructor LED core session, after that 24- hours of intense training session expanded over the next 12 months specifically designed to prepare students for practical reality, then 60-hrs of E-learning access, with abundant teaching tools and techniques, assessment and more. So, the practical knowledge and actionable skillset that you’ve gained working on projects, simulation, case studies all that will make you ahead of the competition.


The TEFL certification course offers an interactive and immersive experience of teaching the English language. The course includes 130-hr of online course work with 20-hr of practical teaching experience. The duration for completing the course is of three months. Feedback and support from an individual tutor are also provided. This TEFL certification online course is accredited by the ACCET, an organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The course is made with teaching practice sessions to best prepare you for the classroom wherever in the world that might be.  

3. ITTT Teaching Practice Training Options

ITTT is the institute that has been providing high-quality TEFL courses that can be completed either in-class or online. According to the demands of the TEFL industry, they have developed a certification course with a subsequent teaching practice session. They provide a 150-hr (CTP) online TEFL course with teaching practice. The course is especially for those who are unable to attend a training center in person. And who require a practical teaching component with their certification. This TEFL certification online course is divided into two phases: – Phase 1- This part is completed online consisting of teaching methodology, lesson planning, improvement of English grammar, etc. Phase 2- This part is dependent on the demonstration of the participant through the actual teaching of real English Language Learners (ELLs). This part of the course can be done in any school or language center of your choice. It is essential to complete at least six one-hour lessons. Their other option is of 150-hr online TEFL course with a live practicum, which is completely online. It involves completing the 120-hr TEFL course depending on your own pace. Then in the second part, you will undertake a further 30 hrs of study which includes observation of experienced teachers at work, and 6-hrs of teaching your own lesson while being under the observation of the same teacher.

4. The TEFL Org.

This is an internationally accredited and market-leading TEFL course provider. They provide advanced TEFL courses with online teaching practice. The institute offers practical online teaching experience before heading into the world of online English language learning. This advanced level of TEFL course is specifically designed for those who already have TEFL qualifications. This course gives you the opportunity to create and deliver the online lesson and gain valuable feedback and advice from an experienced TEFL instructor. This TEFL certification online course offers three sessions of two-hour duration. This includes a needs analysis for students, how to utilize a range of classroom activities online, observing online lessons in action and make your own lesson plan, review of teaching methodology. There are several activities also involved in online English language learning.  On completion of the course, you will get a letter from the instructor giving brief feedback on your teaching as an online tutor. This letter can be used as part of your job application.

5. i-to-i-

 The TEFL course is designed for those who want to practice their teaching skill before stepping into the online TEFL classroom world. This online TEFL course certification with a virtual teaching practice session with highly qualified online tutors will give you the essential skill and confidence to start your TEFL career. You can enroll in this practical training session alongside or after completing a 120+hour TEFL course. The course includes teaching skills preparation tasks, live online teaching practice, feedback form which can be used as a reference letter. And it proves that you’ve taken part in an online teaching practice session and will boost your employment potential, a 2-hour webinar with an experienced tutor, post-webinar reflection task. The course will equip you with the essential tools you need to start building your TEFL career.

6. TEFL Solutions Teaching Practice Certificate

This online TEFL course has been developed to provide you with recognition for the teaching experience gained. Those who want to avail themselves of a wide variety of job opportunities. Often referred to as the “on-the-job” teaching experience. Your teaching experience can be in-class, online, or tutoring. For the practical experience of teaching short duration courses are there that is meant as an add-on for those teachers with experience or TEFL certification. TEFL teaching practice certificate of 20-hr. This teaching practice certificate comprises of two components and one needs to complete: 1. 10-hr of actual teaching 2. 10-hr of teaching observation. This short duration course is designed for those TEFL teachers who have completed an online TEFL course and want recognition for teaching experience, and those who want to earn a practical teaching qualification. Thus, this TEFL certification online course provider provides separate courses exclusively for practical knowledge and experience purposes.

These were some of the online TEFL courses with teaching practices that make you job-ready for the role of TEFL teacher. The teaching practice session is important to give priority while choosing an online TEFL course. Since it is the perfect way to gain valuable classroom experience before you start applying for TEFL-related jobs at home or overseas. The importance of TEFL certification with practical teaching experience is inevitable.


The teaching practice session in the online TEFL course is must adds-on. As it prepares you for the real world and gives you the essential skill, experience, and confidence for a good start to your TEFL journey. They are beneficial as it gives the opportunity to learn from others; also it gives you the privilege to learn the most from your mistakes. Overall it makes you feel prepared before the actual start of your teaching job.

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Q.1 What is TEFL?

Ans. TEFL is the qualification to work as an English language teacher either online or in almost any country of your choice.

Q.2. What is TEFL Certification Online?

Ans. The TEFL certification online courses are designed for those who wanted to learn according to their busy schedule and from any place in the country.

Q.3. What are the Career Prospects for a TEFL Teacher?

Ans. The TEFL teacher job can be full-time or part-time. The jobs are available in schools, colleges, language institutes, etc.

Q.4. What is the Importance of Teaching Practice Sessions?

Ans. The teaching practice session will significantly increase your teaching skill and give you the confidence of being ready for the future TEFL teacher job.

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