Have you always been aspiring to be a teacher with a TEFL certification and willing to explore jobs in your dream country? Well, then you have hit the bull’s eye by landing on the right page!!!

Before we delve deep into the subject matter let us recollect as to Who is a Teacher?????

TEFL Certification in India

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A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dream”.

Teaching English opens up horizons to a successful career that can take you all over the world. English is in great demand and you will find enthusiastic students of various age groups just waiting to learn the language . Although some countries allow the native speakers to teach without a degree or certificate, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course could enhance your job prospects and thus helping to hike your earning potential. Most importantly, this certificate can help you to enhance your skills and knowledge to be a more effective teacher for your students.

Welcome to North Carolina!!!!

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

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North Carolina with a fantastic weather, captivating climate and a prosperous and thriving job market , surrounded by the nicest of neighbours has become one of the sorted destination of USA for young ambitious professionals and growing families.

In choosing the best 10 TEFL Certification North Carolina, an extensive research showed the following institutes topping the chart for North Carolina region. However the online certification courses enable one to get registered and pursue the course beyond the geographical boundaries of the world.


This course is designed to ensure that the student clear the best TEFL Certification Online North Carolina, Examination on the very first attempt itself. The exclusive training of Henry Harvin will allow you to learn and understand the English Language along with its complexities especially beneficial to non English speakers.


Henry Harvin

This course is designed to ensure that the student clear the best TEFL Certification Online North Carolina, Examination on the very first attempt itself. The exclusive training of Henry Harvin will allow you to learn and understand the English Language along with its complexities especially beneficial to non English speakers.

This certification helps one to grow and strengthen the inner confidence and core competence towards being a professional educator. The course curriculum is designed in a special format with original lesson plan to nurture the most powerful teaching acumen and methodologies without any discrimination or bias.

Duration of the Course:

  • TEFL COURSE online: 120 hours of lectures conducted by the industry expert.
  • Post Training Support: 24*7 live Online BrushUp sessions.

Cost of the Course:  $ 299

Salient Features of the Certification:

  • It is the most sought-after TEFL course in North Carolina.
  • A 120 hours best instructor-led Online TEFL certification online course.
  • Regular and exclusive LMS support is provided.
  • Job support available.
  • Outstanding Faculty members with vast experience.
  • AAEFL Best TEFL Certification online.

Why Henry Harvin is the Best?

  • Clear the TEFL Certification Exam
  • Understand the nuances of teaching
  • English to non-English Speakers
  • Enhance your confidence in class
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of learner’s psychology
  • Design a unique and original lesson plan to teach the participants.
  • Enhance your productivity by adopting effective time management techniques
  • Develop out-of-box thinking pattern and innovative ways to connect with your students
  • Platform to delve into the sea of knowledge related to English language
  • Most credible and recognized Certification
  • Boundless job opportunities from all over the world
  • Get access to a distinctive platform of most highly paid jobs as a certified teacher
  • Explore new boundaries with rich natural and cultural background
  • Create a niche for yourself with AAEFL certification.

Also Check: https://us.henryharvin.com/tefl-certification-course-online/

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. IT

International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) have been at the forefront of teacher training for over 20 years and with their wide variety of online and in-class courses they have the perfect course to suit every individual need.


International TEFL and TESOL Training

Once graduated, the trainees have a distinct advantage in the global job market as qualifications are actively sought after by employers in all corners of the globe.

Whether one choose to study from home via one of online TEFL courses, or would prefer hands-on instruction at one of the international training center, a TEFL certificate from ITTT will guarantee a new teaching career getting a flying kick start.

Duration of the Course:60 hours Online TEFL Course

Cost of the Course: $199

Features of the Course:

  • Engages the students in continuous Course Assessment.
  • TEFL/TESOL COURSES very well designed for Native and Fluent English Speakers
  • Participants have 6 months duration to complete the course and get certified
  • The courses are led by experienced and highly qualified teacher trainers from the industry.
  • Associated with the best recruitment partners in the market
  • Best TEFL Certification online

Website: https://www.teflonline.net/

3. Oxford Seminars


Oxford Seminars

The TEFL online course of Oxford Seminars cover a comprehensive range of teaching skills helping one to establish as a effective ESL teacher. The course gives a realistic exposure to the participants thus enabling them to be adept as a professional instructor that the ESL schools look out for.

Duration of the Course: 120 Hours

Cost of the course: %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;1295

Key Features of the Course:

  • Comprehensive 120-hour TESOL/TEFL/TESL course with small class size
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors
  • Comprehensive curriculum and course materials
  • Personalized job placement service
  • Live Experienced instructor led Online study.
  • Be a certificate holder of an internationally recognised course.
  • TEFL Certification North Carolina.

Website: www.oxfordseminars.com

4. University of North Carolina Wilmington


University of North Carolina, Wilmington

All across the world, millions of learners work with the TEFL certified faculties to learn and understand English Language . UNCW offers an internationally brilliantly designed online course so that after the certification is granted, the qualified participant can teach English abroad or wherever as the need arises.

Duration of the Course: 120 Hours

Cost of the Course: %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;695.00

Benefits from the course:

  • Get certified to teach English all over the world.
  • Gives classroom confidence.
  • Find better-paid teaching work.
  • Opportunity to work/travel
  • Provides the TEFL Certification online North Carolina

Website: https://uncw.edu/

Also check-TEFL Certification Course in Ohio



TEFL Connect

This online TEFL certification course is designed to offer all graduates the tool to establish themselves as professional English teachers placed remotely anywhere globally.

University level Professors equipped with Master’s Degree or PHD degree are the mentors imparting knowledge to the participants. Webinars, Videos, lectures along with 20 hours of hands on practical session is the gateway to success.

Duration of the Course: 170 Hour Online

Cost of the Course: $ 1399

Features of the Course:

  • International accreditation granted
  • The course offers exclusive Job Support available
  • Extensive Online coverage and learning

Website: https://www.teflconnect.com/

6. International Teacher Training Organization-ITTO


International Teacher Training Organization ITTO

ITTO’S internationally recognised Online TEFL certification course gives the desired training which is the standard followed by eminent schools around the globe to earn a professional and well paid in the market.

All graduates recieve the necessary skills , confidence and ability to make a mark in the industry. TEFL Online Certification prepares the participants to develop teaching acumen through the masterful course content.

Duration of the Course: 140 hours

Cost of the Course: $ 325

Features of the Course:

  • The Course Curiculum is internationally recognised.
  • Online classes are delivered through Moodle, a learning platform used by top Universities.
  • Knowledge gain through interactive video sessions.
  • Lifelong Job Contract worldwide is offered
  • Course conducted ny Eminent Faculty members of the industry.
  • Best TEFL Certification Online.

Website: https://www.tefl-online.com/about-itto/

7. Council On International Educational Exchange -TEFL


Council on International Educational Exchange

This TEFL online certification is made to best prepare fir the best of professional world of teaching for wherever in the world that might be. Most schools require at least a 120-hour best TEFL certification online, but CIEE has set it’s standards very high in terms of Duration and the curriculum content.

Duration of the Course: 150 Hour of Online Course.

Cost of the Course: %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;1100

Feature of the Course:

  • Comprehensive Job Assistance Guide provided.
  • Individual mentor for feedback and evaluation.
  • Practical hands-on session for nearly 20 hours is the USP for a real time experience.
  • TEFL Online session is for 130 hours .
  • sharing of knowledge and ideas by excellent pool of peers.
  • Best TEFL certification online

Website: www.ciee.org

8. TEFL Org


The TEFLorg

TEFL teachers explicitly develop the training courses to empower one with the skills, knowledge and above all, the courage to become a great teacher after being awarded the degree.

Throughout the transition to becoming an English language teacher, the participant will get the highest level of TEFL preparation from detailed course content to extensive support from the available tutors and team of experts.  

They ensure they consistently deliver high-quality accredited courses and they maintain their TEFL Jobs Centre, which is brimming with life-long job opportunities for all their TEFL course graduates.

Duration of the Course:  30 Hour Course Online

Cost of the Course: $ 449

Key Features of the Course:

  • Internationally accredited and recognised TEFL certificate issued
  •  The internationally recognised BAC, SQA and ODLQC accreditation centre of the TEFL Org
  •  Lifetime CV support by TEFL org
  •  Lifetime access to their TEFL job portal
  • 30-hours Virtual classroom online with expert Industry leads as mentors.
  • Best TEFL Certification online.

Website: https://www.tefl.org

9. Mytefl



With over 40 years of combined TEFL experience, the team and partners make myTEFL a great choice globally. They been teachers, training managers, writers, editors, publishers, consultants and just like you, travelers and adventurers at heart.

The accredited TEFL certification North Carolina , opens many doors and gives an access to a world of exciting opportunity wherever you want to explore as a professional

Duration of the Course: 120 Hours of TEFL Online Course

Cost of the Course: $299

Why mytefl?

  • The course is an ideal blend of theory and practical base.
  • A dedicated tutor always at the service with a very prompt and dynamic customer service.
  • The graduated students get am amazing platform to serve back an professionals as per the industry needs and requirements.
  • TEFL certification online North Carolina. * Global recognition of the TEFL certification.

Website: https://mytefl.com/

10. International TEFL Academy


International TEFL Academy

The online TEFL certificate at ITA is a very affordable TEFL course in North Carolina with a long and detailed list of resources for its future teachers. This internationally accredited academy offers global job search guidance option which is valid lifetime, university-level instructors, an interactive environment, webinars, and much more.

The online TEFL course North Carolina includes curriculum in lesson plans like classroom management, teaching group classes from advanced to beginner, use of multimedia teaching methods, and basic principles of teaching. It is compulsory for every TEFL candidate to complete in-class teaching.

The course has been specially designed to provide all course graduates with the tools and knowledge to be successful as Professional English Teachers.

Duration of the course: 170 hour TEFL course online

Cost of the course: %%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp;1395

Features of the Course:

  • Great Alumni Community and Support
  • Provides the best Job search guidance in the industry
  • TEFL instructions provided by University Level Professors.
  • Accredited TEFL course got the students need.
  • Best TEFL Certification course online.

Website: https://www.internationalteflacademy.com/

After getting TEFL certified online, you actually have scores of various opportunities to teach anywhere your heart desires, including online. If you know your way around a computer well enough to take an online TEFL course, then you actually breeze through the skill of learning and teaching online.

Certification allows one to explore several well respected online English teaching companies and potentially earn more money than the certificate-less professionals out there.


The Happy Bunch.

What is a TEFL Course?

TEFL is the abbreviation of “Teaching English as a Foreign language. Getting a TEFL certification online is a brilliant way to enhance your credibility as a Teacher while maintaining a flexible routine in your day to day way of life.

Who is a TEFL Certification for?

TEFL Certification is suited for individuals seeking an international teaching position abroad including -but not limited to only University/ college graduates, inexperienced teachers and expert educators.

TEFL Course North Carolina are way more convenient and flexible offered round the year with no specific fixed dates, teachers can begin online TEFL training instantly being remotely present in any part of the globe. Do check the Top10 Online TESL Certifications courses to draw inspiration!!

Requirement for Online TEFL Certification

  • Be at least 18 years or above.
  • Minimum educational requirement of a high school diploma/ GED(or equivalent)
  • Telephonic interview with a Certified TEFL course counsellor.

Note: Non – native English speakers may also be asked to submit a one page statement or undergo an English Proficiency Test eg IELTS score.

Career Pathways Post Certification.

  • Gain skill required to teach Abroad.
  • Stand out in job applications.
  • Earn a higher salary being associated with reputed schools.

Even for those who are enthusiastic and have hearts still set on teaching abroad have much to gain by starting out teaching online. You can keep your schedule flexible while gaining real world teaching experience that will later give you an impetus when scouring jobs abroad. Teaching online is also demands a lower commitment  to test the waters of teaching English before you sell all your belongings and move overseas for long term settlement.

So these are the Top 10 TEFL Courses in North Carolina. Getting TEFL certified online from Home can surely have it’s perks.

Your TEFL journey is just around the corner!! It lives on your Wifi enabled device only to make it simple. Since, you are already scrolling through this article, you infact have already got everything get going for that online TEFL Certification course.

Now is the Time to Reach for the Stars:

So, fasten your belt and let’s get going and get yourself primed and ready to learn the beauty of English Language as per your own schedule and to ultimately  become an expert from far reaches of the world!!!

Get TEFL Certified Online From the Comfort of Your Home and Couch !!!!


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Frequently asked Questions:

1: How Many hours is Mandatory for a TEFL Certification?
The entire course is of 120+ hours however it depends on how quickly one can finish off the TEFL course. A licensed TEFL certification includes a hundred hours of learning and coaching.

2: Will the TEFL Certificate Ever Expire?

The foremost advantage of getting a TEFL certificate is that it’ll never expire. One certificate and you’re good to travel the world ,validity of which is lifetime. Apply just once for your Certificate post completion, the certificate thus granted becomes all your for a lifetime.

3: What is the Criteria for Taking the TEFL Course?

All we require is you need to be 18 years and above. We even welcome even retired personnel

4: Does TEFL Certified Teacher Get a Good Pay Package?

Yes, a TEFL certified teacher is a highly recognized and in-demand job due to its salary package. Teaching is always a much respected and praiseworthy profession.

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