The Junior MBA programs are training courses designed to deliver MBA style curriculum to school students. These are considered vital and essential as they provide students with financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills.

They also encourage collaboration, critical thinking and brainstorming among students which can later open doors to employment opportunities

Many skills like strategic thinking, analysis, etc. are essential for the Junior MBA. However, in the future, if you wish to climb your own ladder to any managerial or executive level position, having eminent leadership skills are of utmost importance.

Why Leadership?

1. Understanding and motivation

Through leadership, you will be able to understand your peers better. Due to this, you will be able to inspire and motivate them every day to meet the goals and visions set forth.

This will also allow you to keep your workers organized such that they work together efficiently and produce desirable outcomes.

2. Teaches critical skills

Leadership skills also teach teens to collaborate and work together. One will also learn to think critically by having long-term and short-term visions, reasoning.

Leadership also inculcates decision making into a student, which he/she can use optimally in the future.

3. Promotes Innovation

For understanding the perspectives of other people, and making strategies, a student (as a leader) will have to innovate to meet the needs of customers.

Leadership will encourage teens will allow a team to try new things, and seek better and different approaches.

4. Responsibility

Being a leader in Junior MBA as a teenager will increase the amount of social responsibility on his/her shoulders.

Some of these will include strategic thinking and planning, problem solving etc.

Qualities of a true leader

  • Decisiveness
  • Endurance
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Drives for a change
  • Accountable and responsible
  • Motivating and inspiring

Leadership qualities are not only necessary in the professional world but also important as a person. It is vital to imbibe them from an early age.

Many Junior MBA courses for teenagers like the Henry Harvin Junior MBA course not only give entrepreneurship skills to the developing youth but also provide opportunities for them to lead.


Leadership can be interpreted as a lighthouse rather than a lifeboat which does not rescue people but guides them to their way to the shore by giving its own example. 

In the business world having leadership skills is paramount. A true leader is able to convert challenges into business opportunities. Not only this, but he is able to motivate and inspire their workers.

For having polished leadership skills in the future, building upon them as a teenager via Junior MBA courses is very important. In this blog I have mentioned why leadership is the most important Junior MBA skill for teenagers and the traits of a leader that they should imbibe.

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