If I ask you what a doctor does or what a painter does, you would reply immediately. On the other hand, if I ask you what a CEO does, you would start by thinking! In today’s day and age, when the market has come to occupy such an important role in our lives, it is necessary that we understand what a CEO’s job entails. And what better way than to teach children from the school itself the role that a CEO plays in running famous businesses in the world. The answer is through a Junior MBA. 


The Junior MBA is a program that provides a learning platform to children, mostly from grades 8-12, where they discover through discussions, brainstorming, on-site visits and presentations, the beginning, and running of business houses. 

Importance of Management in Everyday Life

Management is an integral part of every step of a person’s life. First, when a child is small, he faces management in the form of toys and pocket money. In the next stage, a teenager has to manage their academics, peers, time division, extracurricular activities, etc. then comes the point of time when they start taking bigger management responsibilities like college, internships, and placements. Hence management is the 

What is a Junior MBA?

Children have some inborn capabilities and talents. The junior MBA program is basically a unique way of tapping the inborn entrepreneurial foresight in a child rather than just satisfying this talent with the fulfillment of certain goals. The course is built keeping in mind the age group, to inspire and teach students the basics of business management. It brushes over the 1st year of an MBA program formulated in an easy to understand and practical curriculum. 

Children’s innate creativity with the help of this program comes together with entrepreneurship and they learn to brainstorm and often come up with very intellectual and practical ideas. Learning about business from an early age gives a student a clear perspective of the business world and helps them give an entrepreneurial view of the world. It aims to give basic knowledge about business management to children, the main pointers being:

  • Develop the critical thinking ability of a pupil
    • Give pupils the basic financial literacy 
  • Promote collaboration among pupils
  • Enhance their present

Why Junior MBA?

We often come across people who are trained to be accountants, engineers, doctors, or lawyers but they have side shifted into a business. And if you ask them why it turns out that they discovered that they’re really calling was actually entrepreneurship. 

People who are in their thirties, forties, or fifties today have not been exposed early in their life to the workings of ‘entrepreneurship’ unless they actually took an MBA degree after their graduation. The closest they got to business was playing the business game of ‘Monopoly’! 

So this essentially means that they took longer to figure out that ‘selling’ or ‘management’ was their calling.

The children of today have an advantage in this respect because of the ‘junior MBA’.  This program allows children to have a sneak-peak into the management of a business and its various facets while in the school itself. And this allows children to take well-informed and timely decisions about their career without wasting time.  

Course structure 

The ‘How’ of a Junior MBA

The junior MBA program makes use of real-life case studies to make children understand the workings of corporate houses. For example, successful business models like The u experiences and basics of finances are talked about. To add to this children are exposed to how businesses can have a positive impact on society by way of Corporate Social Responsibility.    

This course is designed to help children both their creativity as well as their entrepreneurial skills and help them evolve their business sense. It provides them with basic entrepreneurial skills and knowledge that will help them in the long run. Due to the discussion-based nature of this program children develop confidence and a sense of collaboration. This intends to prepare them for the personal, academic, and professional journey ahead. 

With 2 formative assessments through a batch, this course is taught in a discussion-based format. Various successful businessmen and entrepreneurs share their personal experiences with them as a part of the course structure. The junior MBA is offered from level one and goes through areas like finance, management, marketing, and other aspects of a business. The pupils are taught in a friendly and neutral environment and this increases their confidence. And to give the pupils the real experience of a business or a sales pitch, 2 summative assessments are held in which they are required to deliver a presentation in front of an audience.

Only licensed Je MBA schools are eligible to hold this program and can only be conducted by a certified MBA teacher. It is the junior MBA licensing team’s responsibility to ensure the schools stick to the curriculum and the same for arranging guest speakers. Arcadia Education is among some good junior MBA schools in the world.

Core subjects in Junior MBA

This course is designed to be easily comprehensible for children, based loosely on the first year of the MBA program. The conduction, complexity level and delivery are carefully designed for the targeted age group.some of the main topics covered in the junior MBA program are:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Company and team set-up
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Introduction to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

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