Do you Require a TEFL Certification Course to Teach Abroad?

Have you imagined teaching English abroad? Teaching English abroad is one of the most enthralling and enriching things you can do. If you are going to start browsing countries and job opportunities, you will have to get yourself a TEFL certificate to put yourself forward for the task.


“Do I truly need a TEFL certificate to teach abroad? The answer is, yes. The answer is covered in this write-up where I’ll tell you why getting your TEFL certification Surely provides a benefit over teachers who don’t have one.

A TEFL certification is a ticket you can earn before becoming a teacher abroad; it’s a document to prove you’re skilled to teach English abroad.If you have your mind ready on teaching in a country where the TEFL certificate is needed then yes, you do require your TEFL to teach abroad.

Check out the best TEFL courses in Oklahoma city and apply today to be certified to teach English abroad. There are some best TEFL certification courses mentioned below:

1. Henry Harvin Course

Ranking at no.1, Henry Harvin online TEFL certification course, the registration process is simple and you can go for this course remotely within your suitable schedule according to your needs.

● 120 hours course

● Live interactive classes

● TEFL certification course in South Africa by Henry Harvin education:

a. Easy learning access

b. Complete training videos + Brush up sessions + Best teaching practices + Quizzes

c. Trained and highly qualified instructor

d. AAEFL certification

This is one of the best TEFL online certification courses provided by Henry Harvin at a reasonable price.

Please Check:

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

2. Oxford Seminars TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certificate Courses in Oklahoma City, OK

Oxford seminar is one of the best and major provider of TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification courses in Oklahoma City. Earn certification and join thousands of graduates teaching English across the globe.


  • Earn your certificate with a 120-hour course
  • Both teachings facilitate providing in-class component and online course
  • Course held over 3 weekends March 6,7,13,14,20,21  9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Eligibility

a. You should be 18 years older

b. No degree is needed to take the course

c. This course is taught at a first-year college level

  • Course charges

a. The charge of the course is $1295 includes all course materials

b. $95 do deposits; $1295-$100 zoom discount; $1100 due 2 weeks before the course starts

c. $1095 full payment; $1295-$100 zoom discount and $100 early bird discount

  • Oxford seminars Oklahoma City course held live via zoom

Check- TEFL Certification Course in Maryland

3. Oklahoma State University ( OSU)

Millions of trainees all over the world work with TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) trainers to get knowledge and better understanding the English language. Here you would also learn how to teach English to various audiences, including business. English students and young learners once you have finished this course, you would be eligible to apply as the TEFL teacher.

The office of ISS (international students and scholars) is assisting the university and its international group in the right employment of federal regulations that impact this constituency, facilitate the teaching, and cover the growth of international students and scholars, exchange of culture and advancement at OSU and the Stillwater community.


  • Evidence of English competency can be in the form of an official PTE, TOEFL academic, or IELTS score. The score must be from an examination taken within the last two years
  • Eligibility

  1. Minimum needs are TOEFL 79 iBT/550 PBT, 44 PTE academic or 6.5 IELTS academic stream
  2. candidates who show extremely extenuating circumstances or other evidence of undue hardship may be admitted without a PTE, TOEFL, IELTS, or academic score if approved by the Dean of the graduate college
  3. Candidates with a TOEFL score at least 61 iBT/500 PBT, but less than 79 iBT/550 PBT (or an IELTS academic stream score of 6.0), and who depict unusual academic vow may be allowed to graduate study on conditional status upon petition to the graduate college by the graduate program
  4. Candidates who earn TOEFL score of at least of 61 iBT/550 PBT, but less than 79 iBT/550 PBT ( or an IELTS academic stream score of 6.0), should successfully accomplished at least 12 weeks of study at an in-depth English program recognized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education State Regents
  5. Minimum 8 weeks or two-thirds of the 12 weeks should be given at an advanced level
  6. Application charges can be paid online with MasterCard or VISA


  • The OSU international application charges are $90 and are not refundable. It must be deposited before your application can be processed

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4. TOEFL Prep Courses in Oklahoma City

The TOEFL (Test of English as a foreign language) is considered a highly reputed test conducted across the world, including right here in Oklahoma City. The professional TOEFL test prep services provided are assured to assist you to reach your highest possible score the first time.


  • TOEFL test prep services, adjusting to prepare non-native English speaker
  • Fully customizable, aspirants are able to build their own learning plan in an endeavor to increase their learning potential
  • Learners get to choose many interactive online courses and individual private tutoring classes with Elite professional trainers
  • each candidate is provided access to a number of other tools and resources like TOEFL practice tests, which are formed to provide aspirants a benefit of relating with the TOEFL on test day
  • TOEFL in-person class

a. 28 hours in total, class course, in-person

            b. The course charges is $1590 but early booker can take advantage of the discount and graph the course at $1490 only

  • TOEFL private tutoring

a. 12 to 48 hours package personalized one-on-one tutoring, live online in-person

b. Online hours package also available

  • TOEFL private course

  1. 12 hours course, personalized one on one course and in-person, live online
  2. TOEFL private course of $1590

  • TOEFL practice tests

  1. Online available
  2. It’s totally free of cost $0.00

5. TEFL Oklahoma City | ITTT – TEFL Certificate

This is how the TEFL certified realize, they have got from their course used, and how they strategize to put into action what they learned.

ITTT has been the market leader in the provision of high-quality teacher training programs since 1993, providing thousands of graduates each year.


  • With ITTT you can earn complete TEFL certification by learning online on your own and then teaching English online right
  • Online certification courses offer

  1. 150 hours expert package with trainer aid of $199
  2. 550 hours expert package without trainer from $899
  3. 470 hours PROFESSIONAL package with trainer assistance of $799
  4. 470 hours PROFESSIONAL package of $699
  5. 250 hours TESOL diploma course with a trainer (+free course with the trainer of $599)
  6. 250 hours TESOL diploma course without a trainer (+free course without trainer of $499)
  7. 220 hours MASTER package with trainer resistance of $399
  8. 220 hours MASTER package of $349
  9. 170 hours TEFL certification (specialization in teaching online) without trainer off $289
  10. 170 hours TEFL certificate (specialization in teaching online) with the trainer of $369
  11. 120 hours TEFL/TESOL course with trainer and videos (+free specialized course of $349)
  12. 120 hours TEFL/TESOL course no trainer of $239
  13. 60 hours TEFL/ TESOL course with trainer resistance and videos of $235
  14. 60 hours TEFL/TESOL course without trainer off $199

  • Online courses, in-class courses, and combined courses
  • The TEFL guide/course divided into five elements:

General information; TEFL/TESOL qualification; finding a job; preparing to go; job prospects – country by country

6. ELC (English language Center) – English Courses for University – TOEFL/IELTS Prep-Business

English language center has built the career of thousands of students just like you worldwide to learn English as a second language.

English language center has been teaching English language classes to International trainees for 40 years in the Oklahoma city


  • Easy training and free textbooks
  • Professional and qualified instructors to assist you to learn English faster
  • IELTS and TOEFL prep classes
  • Small sizes class
  • Free English skills lab with ESL teacher
  • Convenient minimum-cost student housing
  • Free celebrations and field trips
  • Free breakfast, coffee and tea, juice, and serials
  • Learning English is like a fun here!
  • Learner-oriented in-depth English program whose goal is to provide research-based, competitively priced training
  • Application process

  1. Fill the ELC application online or come to ELC to apply in-person 
  2. Paste a copy of your passport photo page to the online application form
  3. The best copy of your VISA to the online application
  4. The application fee is $75. You may pay in-person or online

7. Varsity Tutors – Oklahoma City

This is one of the best and an Award-winning TEFL- Teaching English as a foreign language certification training course in Oklahoma City.

TEFL certification boost to make trainees operate classrooms and develop learners’ English language skills.


  • You can get aids as you study for TEFL quizzes and tests, and general guidance in your certified course
  • Eligibility

  1. You need to two possess a minimum of High School diploma or GED when seen English is a must
  2. You are able to finish a university-level course that includes lesson plans, exams, homework, as well as practicum
  3. Learners need to complete a minimum of hundred hours of coursework and 6-20 practical hours from a recognized institution providing an accredited curriculum

  • Perks in classroom

  1. TEFL certification training course can help your certification process by assisting you to do your best in TEFL courses
  2. if you have a homework assignment that needs you to demonstrate your ability to create a quality lesson plan. Ine certification training, your trainer can give tips and strategies to assist you to prepare lesson plans that boost learners knowledge while meeting classroom objectives

  • If you have to write a paper concentrate on the recognition of various trainees learning styles, your training coach can go over these learning styles while assisting you to develop your writing capabilities
  • If you are preparing to take the TEFL test, your Oklahoma city TEFL certification class trainer can give techniques for upgrading your exam skills
  • Let’s say your test covers the process of simplifying complex concepts in English grammar, your trainer can come across this process, so you can feel better about your strength to answer questions on the exam with confidence
  • If you have to take multiple-choice questions, you can learn ways to reduce incorrect or impossible answers
  • Your trainer can also give tips for maintaining a schedule to meeting your deadline as time management is essential in the completion of TEFL certification course
  • Classroom environment

  1. TEFL certification course training is given in a virtual classroom. You can sign into from home or any other location with internet access
  2. You have the opportunity to communicate with your trainer and classmates in real-time
  3. This means you can get instant feedback whenever you have concerns or queries
  4. If you would like for the resistance outside of the classroom setting, you can request a one-on-one session with your trainer

  • You can utilize the learning skills you earn in an Oklahoma city, The TEFL certification class to develop your career as a TEFL learner or as a college student if you plan to start your studies at schools like Oklahoma City University
  • Flexible classroom scheduling, providing you the opportunity to select from 2 weeks and 4 weeks sessions

8. Certificate in TESOL – Oklahoma

This is an undergraduate certification in TESOL (Teaching English to speakers of other languages) which offers learners with the basic pedagogical background required to teach English to non-native speakers


  • Teaching English as a second language to International learners studying in the US
  • Teaching English as a foreign language in overseas universities, schools, or colleges
  • Teaching English to bicultural/bilingual English Language Learner (ELL) and limited English Proficient (LEP) learners in adult education program

 and public school systems

  • It is a 15 hours program
  • Required 9 hours courses

  1. ENGL 4013 English grammar
  2. ENGL 4043 TESOL
  3. ENGL 4173 internships in TESOL

  • 6 hours, two elective courses

  1. ENGL 2243 language, culture, and text
  2. ENGL 2443 world languages
  3. ENGL 4003 histories of the English language
  4. ENGL 4033 discourse analysis
  5. ENGL 4063 descriptive linguistics
  6. ENGL 4073 introductions to social linguistic
  7. ENGL 4080 studies in linguistics
  8. ENGL 4083 applied linguistics
  9. ENGL 4093 language in America
  10. ENGL 4143 language and technology
  11. ENGL 4520 problems in English


  • The TESOL certificate does not switch with it certification for public school employment. Learners who wish such certification must satisfy specific state and University needs

9. Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second language – Central Oklahoma

This course includes TESL grammar, practicum in TESL, linguistic teaching English as a second language, Resting/EVAL in the ESL classroom/bilingual Second Language Acquisition, foundation of educational research, and TESL portfolio.


  • Students completed a practicum in which they study and experienced teacher at the starting of the course and then teach one or more classes on their own
  • The MA-TESL program combines a solid theoretical foundation in TESL theory with teaching experience
  • Learners prepare themselves for the job by writing job application letters, CV, and statement of teaching philosophy in TESL
  • Learners also complete a Portfolio course, which works on preparing a presentation for academic conferences
  • The program can be completed by most learners in 1.5-2 years
  • Evening batches are available so convenient for working learners and some courses are provided online also
  • International trainees take advantages of the major community of UCO internationals and from assistance given to them including the BELL tutoring point, where they can get support with their English free of cost
  • Program graduates work in private and public schools at the K-12 level in private language Academies and in-depth language programs, for non-profit institutions, and universities, and colleges both USA and overseas. Some graduates also work as administrator of the Federal Grant Program, and as faculty in the MA-TESL program
  • Financial teaching support is available as well
  • Courses

   Learners pursuing this degree will complete a total of 33 hours; 3 hours of research, 6 hours of language courses, 9 hours of electives, 3 hours of capstones, and 12 hours of pedagogy courses

  • Admission requirements

  1. At least 3.0 undergraduate GPA (overall) needed or 3.0 undergraduate GPA (last 60 hours completed), and 15 hours of undergraduate English with a 3.0 GPA
  2. Trainees may earn unconditional admission by attaining a score of 150 (verbal), and 4.5 (analysis writing) on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
  3. Learners with a native language other than English must provide proof of English language proficiency
  4. Online application for admission
  5. Official documents of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from each organization attended with all degrees posted. All transcripts needed from approved organization

10. Oklahoma ESL Teacher Job Description and ESOL Certification

Oklahoma State Board of Education is taking charge of testing, regulating, licensing, if needed, disciplining all instructors around Oklahoma.

In order to become an instructor as ESL in Oklahoma, you must have a good command of the native language and how that language will affect the way that they learn English.


  • Eligibility

Step first: Complete your TESOL degree and teacher prep program

  1. you should have complete your bachelor’s degree from a recognized teacher preparation program
  2. If you take your degree at a University, or college in Oklahoma, you must get a certification recommendation from that organization
  3. If you completed your degree from an out-of-state organization, you will be needed to submit a form for an out-of-state review
  4. During the final years of studying you will be needed to complete a learner teaching process; the duration of which will be given by your University, or college

  • Step second: Take and pass the required exam

            As an ESL teacher, you will have to take the following exams:

  1. OGET (Oklahoma General Education Test)

           i. Exam covering the core general  knowledge

           ii. 100 MCQs and one writing assignment

           iii. The minimum passing grade for this test is 240

           iv. Exam fees: Registration fee $40; test fee $75; CBT free $35

  1. OPTE (Oklahoma Professional Teaching Exam)

i. Exam covering professional knowledge

ii. 75 MCQs and 3 written assignments

iii. Minimum passing grade is 240

iv. Exam fee: Test fee $150; CBT $35

  1. OSAT (Oklahoma Subject Area Test)

i. Exam covers the specific subject of ESL

ii. 80 MCQs and 1 written assignments

iii. Minimum passing grades to 240

iv. Exam fee $90

  • Step third: Apply for licensure with an ESL Endorsement

            After passing exams, you would be qualified to enroll for your ESL teachers certification from the Oklahoma State Department of Education. If you already have a teacher’s certificate, you may add ESL as an endorsement.

you must follow the steps when applying for certification in Oklahoma:

  1. Submit a criminal background check to the Oklahoma State Board of Education
  2. you may apply for certification by the State Board of Education website or a paper application
  3. You must submit a $50 application charge
  4. You must submit your official transcripts to the board
  5. If you already have a full out-of-state certificate, you do not require to have a recommendation from your director of teacher education from your degree conferring organization
  6. You will be required to submit evidence of teaching form
  7. Your certification will be valid for 5 years

  • Step fourth: Maintain your certification and continue your education

After getting your ESL teaching certification for 5 years, you must apply for renewal of that certificate. This may be done by sending a paper application or online. The renewal fee is $50.

You must also satisfy one of the following options for continuing education:

  1. Complete a minimum of 3 years of school experience from a recognized University or college


       b. If you are have completed less than 3 years of school experience, you may substitute course work in professional education from an approved college or university based on how many years you have completed

  1. 2 years completed – 3 semester hours
  2. 1 year completed – 4 semester hours
  3. 0 years completed – 5 semester hours

How to Get Teaching English Jobs – TEFL Online Certification Course in Oklahoma 

Let’s have a look for the best TEFL online certification teaching English in Oklahoma and the opportunities in this beautiful US state, get certified to teach English as a foreign language and begin teaching English in your community or abroad!


There are a total of 50+ units, let’s check out one of the top five

  • Wyandotte – In this unit 1 seen how important it is to plan a lesson carefully before working with receptive skills
  • Wynne wood – Unit 2 takes grammar as a focus, which creates fear in both instructor and learner, according to the author
  • Wynne – In this unit you develop your learning about conditionals that if you used to know only zero, first, second, and third conditional
  • Yale – You would get ‘Present Tense’ knowledge in this unit, concentrate on present tense and its 4 aspects which make the topic easier and clear
  • Yeager – You can view what attitude instructors should have at the lessons in this unit. The first video helps you to view and understand the main errors of the instructor during the lesson

Can I Teach English Oafter Becoming TEFL Certified?

TEFL certification will qualify you to teach English online also, a leading market that offers opportunities to earn a good payout teaching English as a foreign language, whether you are living in any country, or if you are teaching English abroad in a non-native English speaking country. Many English teachers abroad teach English online part-time as a way to supplement their income as an English teacher.

Some also teach English online full-time which provides them the chance to move more frequently from one country to another, while still earning money because they can teach English online from any location as long as they have good internet access. Most teachers are able to make a minimum of $10-$20 (USD) per hour with a flexible work schedule.

Besides, the above-mentioned advantage there are various advantages briefly discussed below:

This certification boosts your market value at the international level; high-income opportunity; develop your classroom confidence; stabilize your global career; give value to your CV or resume; freedom and ability to work overseas; during an online TEFL course, you can do your full-time current job, etc. and many more.

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Frequently asked Questions:
. How Many Hours is Needed for a TEFL Certification?

The complete course is of 120+ hours however it depends on how much time one can finish off the TEFL course. A licensed TEFL certification includes a 100 hours of learning and training.

2. What are the Criteria for Taking the TEFL Course?

All you need is one should be 18 years and above. They even enroll working or retired personnel

3. Does TEFL Certified Teacher Get a Good Salary Package?

Yes, a TEFL certified teacher is a highly recognized and in-demand job due to its good income. Teaching is always a much dignified and praiseworthy profession.

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