We are living in the age of mobile internet. The mobile traffic is increasing rapidly, making it imperative for your content to be “mobile-friendly”.More than 50% of the digital content consumption worldwide happens on mobile. comScore 2017 mobile usage report states that the percentage of mobile users has already surpassed the percentage of desktop-users. Despite the extensive use of mobile devices, many businesses haven’t yet optimized their online content writing and design for mobile success.  Here are 3 ways to write content that is easy to read and follow for your mobile readers:  

Way#1: Improve Your Text There is a difference between the viewing patterns of desktop-reading and mobile-reading audience. You need to follow these practices to optimize your mobile text and make the biggest impact:  

  • Headline: According to CoSchedule, headlines with about 6 words get the maximum click-throughs. Keep the headline short so that it easily fits on the device’s screen. 
  • Summary: You can incorporate a summary in the first paragraph of the text that clearly outlines the reader what to expect from the post.
  • Chunking: To make your content easier to read on the small screen, you can group related content into small, snackable groups or “chunks”. Chunking is a useful technique to improve the structure of your content and make it mobile-friendly.  

“Nielsen reports that chunking can help create meaningful, visually appealing content that makes sense on the whole. You can use images, subheadings, white spaces, short paragraphs, and text styling to chunk your content.”                                       -Rohit Verma, Website Content Developer.

  • Use simpler words: Consider using shorter, simpler words in your mobile text. The simpler the words, the smoother will be the reading experience. To trim bulky words from your content, use the Hemingway app that suggests simpler alternatives to complex words. 

Way#2: Improve Your Graphics Visual content is a simple way to make your content mobile-readable. Graphics give a visual edge to your text that keeps readers interested. However, you must make your graphics optimized for mobile. 

  • Optimized Images: A reader is more likely to view images than read the text. If your images strengthen your argument, it can be good for your content. Make sure you offer a valuable piece of information directly after an image to keep the readers interested.

Faster load time ensures your images load quickly. There are many tools that you can use to compress and optimize your images for social media and website.

  • Optimized Videos: With continuous growth in the number of users watching videos on their mobile devices, you must ensure that users watch videos in your text. You can embed videos through Youtube or Vimeo to ensure increased traffic. 

Way#3: Improve Your Design Improved text and graphics will help only if your website design is mobile-friendly. Follow these steps to improve the design:

  • Responsive design: It means that your content can adapt to fit the screen and design. By having a responsive design, you can ensure that your website can be viewed on all platforms.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): These HTML pages appear higher on search results of the mobile devices. You can use develop AMP to significantly improve the mobile-readability of your content.
  • Sidebars and Navigation tools: These tools enhance the desktop-user experience but are a mere distraction for mobile users. Try to remove these altogether from your mobile content.

Before publishing, view your content on your mobile device. If the content looks too long, edit it to make it shorter, introduce white spaces or use text styling to motivate readers. 
   “With the soaring preference for mobile reading, you must create content that attracts modern mobile users. You can use simple ways to tweak your content and improve its mobile-friendliness.”

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What is mobile content?

Mobile content is any type of electronic media which is viewed or used on mobile phones, like ringtones, graphics, discount offers, games, movies, and GPS navigation.

How to write Mobile content?

Headline: Keep short headlines, a headline with 6 words get the maximum click-through. outline should be incorporated in the first paragraph itself. Make mobile-friendly easier to read chunk of the content.

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