A press release is a short news story that serves as your business voice. You can publish it in your company website or magazine to promote your goods and services. 

The press release can also be passed on to journalists or editors who can print the story in their publication. If you have to write a press release for your website or some publication but not sure where to start, don’t worry as we have you covered.

Here are 7 tips to help you write a press releaseTip#1: Publish something worth telling

Don’t use press release to promote your underselling product or service as the press releases is not an advert. In fact, you have to find a newsworthy story that incites interest among readers about this product or service. 

Tip#2: Find Your Media Audience

A press release is written keeping the media audience in mind. You have to tailor it according to the readers or viewers of the publication.

If the same press releases are sent out to different news houses, change the headline, initial paragraph and quote for every news group.

Tip#3: Write An Attention-Grabbing Headline

A headline that stands out can attract a wider audience. The heading that answers

6 questions – Who, What, Where, When, Why and How about your company has great potential.“The journalists use headlines to assess whether your story is worth telling. If it doesn’t capture their interest, they’ll probably discard the press release.”– Mukta Govind, Sr. News Editor.

You should use catchy phrases in the main text that will get more eyes to your news. The readers not only remember these phrases but also, use them to discuss your news with other people.

Tip#4: Be Specific In Description

The body of the press release should be very specific. Ideally a press release is about 300 to 400 words so, make sure you state relevant and factual information only. Write body paragraphs in non-bold, font-size 12.Tip#5: Follow the inverted pyramid structure 

Structuring your press release in the inverted pyramid format enables you to display crucial information first. The media persons will simply sift through the structure to know whether your product or service will be of use to their audience. 

The basic format is as follows:

  • Short, crisp headline telling what your news is about. Follow it with your company name, logo, and release date
  • 1st Paragraph: Summarise up the entire news in 1-2 sentences
  • 2nd Paragraph: Tell why your news is important
  • 3rd Paragraph: Describe who’s involved, how things happened, etc.
  • 4th Paragraph: Add relevant quote of CEO or company’s spokesperson to add credibility to your information
  • 5th Paragraph: Direct readers to more details about the product or how to get involved.

Tip#6: Write in the third person

A press release doesn’t target the audience directly so, you have to write in the third person. Instead of writing “We launched a product”, write, “ABC Ltd. has launched XYZ….”


Tip#7: Present only one news per press release

If you have more than one news to share, you should probably write separate press releases. 

“Decide where to end one news and begin another one. If you need to add more information, make ‘notes to editors’ and put it at the end of the release.” 

– Sonia Khatri, Content Writing Expert, Henry Harvin Education


Follow these tips to write a newsworthy story and connect with your target readers. 

For further information, contact Henry Harvin Education experts and learn to write various types of content such as articles, blogs, assignments, website content, etc. professionally.

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What is a Press Release?

A tool delivered to the media for a purpose of providing information, to get coverage and noticed by the target audience. Basically, meant for marketing and promotional purposes.

Why are Press release important?

1- Press release distribution is inexpensive ie cost effective.
2- It boost your company’s visibility.
3- It helps to established any business as an industry expert.
4 – It can easily be spread from one publication to other.
5- It helps in attracting investors by highlighting company’s advancements and successes..
6 – It improve brand image and drive customer interest.
7- important means of world wide easy distribution of the information.

Are there any disadvantages of press release?

The disadvantages of any press release can be:
1- If it is poorly written it will not connect to the audience.
2- It not always necessary that it reaches to the intended audience as the competition is fierce.
3- It should be short and precise. It needs to tell a story and should posses a journalistic content.
4- It’s headline should grabs attention.

Give the steps of writing a killer Press Release?

1- An important Headline is always important
2- The opening para should be magical enough to grabs the reader attention.
3- Always consider the publication the press release is being written for.
4- The interesting press releases are having facts and quotes.
5 – Keep it short and precise.
6- Highlight the important keywords that needs to be emphasized on.
7- Infographics content are always very easy to understand

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