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  • This article provides a detailed review about Henry Harvin Content Writing Course.
  • This article also provides an insight into what content writing is, the career prospects of a content writer, and the advantages of taking up content writing as a profession.
  • Before diving right into the primary subject matter of the article, we will first look into the details of content writing as a whole.

What is Content Writing?

  • Content writing is typically carried out for digital marketing purposes; it implies the planning, organizing, and drafting or editing of web content, as per the client’s requirements.
  • Content writing, as a broad concept, includes under its umbrella blog posts, personal blogs, articles, scripts for videography and podcasts, etc.

Content writing is a crucial element for several different formats of writing, such as –

  • Keynote speeches
  • Landing pages
  • Social media posts
  • Web page copy
  • Email newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Youtube video descriptions
  • White papers
  • Podcast titles, and more

How to Become a Good Content Writer?

  • A good content writer needs to have sufficient command in the linguistics and grammatical of whichever language the content is usually required in.
  • A writer also needs to engage in an ample amount of research to generate authentic and attractive content.
  • The written article needs to be studded with the appropriate number of keywords, to make it SEO-savvy _ meaning, it needs to be written in such a manner that the article ranks upper in the search engine online.

Deleted: Deleted:In order to become a good content writer, instead of beginning right away, it is suggested to learn content writingbecause the content writing courses help in creating a unique style of writing for every individual writer in order to attract a target audience; in analyzing, organizing and selecting correct and valid keywords.

Advantages of taking up content writing and content writing course

  • The content writing courses pave a path for your career in the field owing to the diverse set of skills that you acquire after the completion of the training.
  • A good content writing course helps you become a competent employee at your workplace, making you have the edge over your peers in writing online projects, CVs, resume, cover letters, etc.
  • The main reason why content writing can be considered as a lucrative option is that content writing is widespread in demand, whereas the content writers are tight in numbers.
  • In essence, thus, professional content creators are always in high order. Such a nature of request helps one to take up the profession both on a full-time basis or on a part-time basis.
  • Doing the needful on a part-time basis enables one to have an additional source of income.
  • Taking up content writing as one’s profession enables one to avail of a flexible work schedule. It feeds your passion for writing, allows you to work from home, does not pressurize much as compared to other nine-to-five jobs.
  • The salary of a professional Web Content Writer falls approximately within the pay bracket of INR 32,000 to INR 34,000.
  • Becoming a professional content writer allows one to gain knowledge in a variety of topics about digital writing, marketing, and content strategy. It expands one’s course of expertise. 
  • For someone who loves to write and express thoughts in the form of words, content writing is an appropriate part-time profession.
  • Such people not only use such opportunities for pocketing some additional income but also uses them as scopes to showcase their inherent ability to write and create. 
  • For people who operate personal blogs, content writing courses enable them to work harder for their blogs and to increase their audience following. Performing digital marketing processes for one’s blog becomes more comfortable.
  • Dedicated content writing leads to an improvement in one’s language, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • One keeps on growing more proficient with the amount of content created. Content writing also enables one to find their unique writing style.
  • Depending upon the quality of content written in a blog, entrepreneurs and business owners can cultivate and extend their market; they can boost their services among new markets, audience segments, geographies, etc.
  • Content writing, on a part-time basis, helps students to get internships and certifications to their names that add on to their profiles. Possessing a diverse profile enables a student to have a better career and placement prospects over his/her peers. 

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Why Henry Harvin Ranked No.1 Content Writing Course in India?

  • Henry Harvin was the first institution to launch Content Writing courses in South Asia.
  • The institution is one of India’s leading learning communities; it not only offers training in content writing, but also in business analytics, financial analytics, machine learning, python, etc.
  • Henry Harvin’s content writing courses online as well as offline is among the best content writing training programs available.
  • Trainings360 India had ranked Henry Harvin as #1 in providing Content writing Courses.
  • The course offered enables its contenders to research and investigate thoroughly on any given topic and to develop appropriate content, making use of skills about creation, evaluation, and reorganization. The course is an international level certified course.
  • The instructors engaged in teaching have more than ten years of hands-on teaching experience in Digital Content Writing and Content strategy.
  • The students at Henry Harvin are encouraged to boost their creative thinking while creating content, along with putting their analytical thinking to work. Henry Harvin has so far trained more than 1100 batches.

What does Aditya think about Henry Harvin content writing course?

Step #1: Course Duration and Course Fees

  • The course duration is different for classroom training and online training. It is set at 32 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of Live Online training.
  • The course fee for 4 hours of Live Virtual Classroom training in Content writing is INR 3,000.
  • Henry Harvin is set to begin a new course titled Content Writing Foundation Course Live Online training – this program will run for 8 hours. The course fee for this program is INR 8,000.

Step #2: Check Course Format

Henry Harvin provides classroom training, led by one or more than one instructor. It also provides for Content Writing Course Online through the allotment of live virtual classrooms and live projects.

Step #3: Check Course Content

  • Both the online and offline content writing courses follow the same curricula. The curriculum is divided into six modules.
  • The topics that one learns when undertaking this course includes – Language Skills, Internet Skills (keyword planning, website making), Business-technical-SEO-blog writing, Academic & research writing, and communication & content strategy.
  • The course content is structured in such a manner that the student becomes proficient in more than 30 types of content writing formats and acquires skills to translate their ideas into words efficiently.
  • The student gains training on how to research efficiently on topics to create content; they are also taught to employ advanced language skills to write for International Content Writing purposes.

Step #4: Check Facilities Provided to Learners

  • The students taking Henry Harvin’s content writing course online can avail up to 50 hours of e-learning access. The e-learning access allows students to learn via an extensive collection of recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies.
  • Henry Harvin also provides ₹6000 worth of monthly brush up sessions absolutely for free for one year – 12 such meetings are conducted.
  • The students are entitled to Learning Management System (LMS); they are also provided with additional supplements that help them in the efficient delivery of projects – these supplements include Logo Software, Guides/workbooks, Question making software, etc.).
  • Apart from the underlying content writing course, Henry Harvin also holds Academic Writing Workshops.
  • In these workshops, the students acquire skills to create unique academic content such as educational guides, tutorials, workbooks, question banks, etc.

Step #5: Evaluate After Training Facilities

  • After the students complete their content writing course, they are provided with both paid and non-paid internships, which they can enroll for either at Henry Harvn itself or at Henry Harvin’s partner firms.
  • The students are also presented with job opportunities, and work offers every week, after completion of their training.
  • At the end of the course program, Henry Harvin also provides 100% project support at the workspace, along with placement and employment support.
  • The students are facilitated to get freelance projects not only in India but also in the US and the UK.
  • The post-training facilities also include recorded revision videos and monthly brushup sessions.

Step #6: Understand Unique Features

  • The one-year membership of Henry Harvin Content academy also allows the students to gain access to e-learning and brushup sessions. The trainers at Henry Harvin are a part of the Empanelled Domain Experts of the Henry Harvin Education.
  • In essence, such qualified trainers help the students to gain top-class training enabling a very fulfilling learning experience for them. Graduation from Henry Harvin allows an individual to add the estimated hallmark of Certified Digital Content Writer (content writing) after his/her name.
  • Henry Harvin facilitates its students to focus on learning along with doing General Curriculum Outcome (GCO) Pedagogy. After one completes training, Henry Harvin grants one certification with affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India.
  • The students are taught to edit and clearly craft consistent content. Henry Harvin has links with more than 55 college partners and 150 corporate partners.

Step #7: Evaluate the Skills Acquired

  • The content writing course at Henry Harvin offers an overall development in the skills of content writing. Henry Harvin masters individuals for the growth of their career and the development of their skills in the content writing industry.
  • Content Writing Course is narrated and explained by most qualified, skilled, experienced, and most expert certified writers having a remarkable knowledge of content writing, multiple Proficiency, Marketing, and unique teaching methods.
  • A graduate from Henry Harvin content writing course becomes well-versed in matters of SEO and SEO writing, google guidelines, Paypal banking, and ESCROW accounts.
  • The students gain skills in website designing, creating basic web pages and personal blogs; they can also create newsletters, logos, and PPTs, owing to their graphic skills.
  • Henry Harvin teaches its learners to develop authentic content such that it appeals to the target audience. The students gain marketing and content strategy skills.
  • Henry Harvin allows its students to achieve perfection in research and coherent organization of content. Language and grammar skills, editing skills, other digital skills.

Step #8: Check Centres Pan India

  • Henry Harvin has its learning centers across more than seven countries and 25 cities.
  • Apart from a widespread network of centers in Delhi only.

Step #9: Check Companies Hiring

Few of the companies which hire from Henry Harvin are American Express, HCL, BSNL, Airtel, Microsoft, etc.

Henry Harvin Trainers


  • As seen very clearly, the content writing course provided by Henry  Harvin is not only cheaper, but it also has a briefer duration. Henry Harvin is a more budget-friendly and compact alternative to IIM Skills, as far as content writing is concerned. Henry Harvin also provides classroom training, led by one or more than one instructor.
  • Based on the above comparison, it can be well concluded that Henry Harvin is a better institution to learn content writing from. First and foremost, it is pocket-friendly. It has enough experience in training individuals for content writing courses online.
  • It has trained roughly 2800 batches in content writing and has seasoned experts as trainers. The skills that one gains at Henry Harvin is exemplary – the training helps individuals in Blogging and leveraging their blog posts with the help of Google Adsense.
  • The trainers get an authentic experience in the field of professional content creation; they develop practical content strategy skills to make their content gain online attention.
  • The course content offered by Henry Harvin is comparatively more varied. Such a diverse curriculum enables the trainers to gain lucrative opportunities not only in their current workspace but also in other alternate workspaces.
  • The courses are very open and multi-faceted – they are suitable for several people, including digital marketers, professors, corporates, homemakers, aspiring entrepreneurs, etc.
  • The trainees also gather knowledge on research and promotion of their created content. Henry Harvin is reliable, competent, and highly recommended in the field of content writing training. Owing to several reasons varying from the diverse syllabus to extensive student facilities, to learn content writing, Henry Harvin is the better others.
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