How do you think your website will perform in comparison with your competitors? The answer to is to know what domain authority is and how to increase it. It is also useful to know how to calculate it.

Domain Authority is a metric many companies use to track how their digital platforms and their strategies will perform or are performing.

But what does this metric do? And how does it affect a website’s performance or how does it improve it? How does this metric work in calculating the status of various website performances? Let’s read on to understand it.

Domain Authority (DA): Definition

Domain Authority is a search engine score that predicts how likely your website is going to appear or rank on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This system was first developed by Moz but now has many versions from different sites.

The score of Domain Authority ranges from 0 to 100, the higher the score is, the it is more likely to perform better. But a thing to note is that this metric is not used by Google as the factor in determining the ranking of the website in the SERP, thus it’s not a metric that will improve your ranking rather this is something you can use and study to see the status of websites. Moreover, it is SEO knowledge you would find helpful in developing your website. You can become an expert in this field by joining SEO Courses in India.

How is Domain Authority Calculated?

DA score is a machine-learning calculation and is calculated by evaluating various factors such as the backlinks, linking roots domain, the total number of links, and so on. This score can be used for comparison and even to track how long a website can maintain its score.

This is because the score will fluctuate from time to time with the addition of more data or when different data are added with time to the calculation.


Additionally, one more thing to take note of is be different sectors’ websites need different forms of links to make a good score. The factor determining an educational website score will be different from factors determining a medicinal website.

How to Get My Website’s Domain Score Checked?

One can check their website’s DA score in Moz’s Link Explorer or in the SERP analysis section of Keyword Explorer.

you can easily check the Domain score for free in Link Explorer by typing in the URL like in the search bar and the results will come up in a few seconds. Along with the DA scores, they also show you the Linking Roots Domain, Scam Score, and Keywords ranking.

What is Domain Authority

How to Increase Domain Authority

To know how to increase DA scores, let’s first learn what is a good DA score. First of all, there is no bad or good score generally but your score matters only in the context of your competitor’s scores.

For instance, sites such as Wikipedia with high-quality external links have high DA scores but small sites with fewer backlinks have lesser DA scores, but this doesn’t make the small business’ score bad as the score is in comparison with only their competitors in their landscape.

Now coming to measures that can be taken to Build Domain Authority.

Good Content

 Everything always comes down to the content, what kind of audience it will cater to, and how much.

Thus, finding the right audience and making sure their needs are met and they remain with the site is a must. Creating unique and great content will naturally draw in more attention and this will automatically bring in backlinks. Notably, going viral with your content is the surest way one can get the desired backlinks.

Another thing is to make sure you are updating your old content with the changes necessary to draw in a newer audience.


 The focus should not be only on the quantity of the link but the quality of it. Good quality external links are needed to increase the DA score thus we must make sure to get as many external links as possible with priority given to the good quality links. When you get inbound links, check to make sure it is relevant and those links have do-follow.


 Study your competitors and their websites, and also study what kinds of inbound links they can get. From this, strive to make sure you can get it as well. Mark the similarities and make changes as necessary so that your work stands out from the rest.


In this era where social media is the norm, you must take full advantage of it. Follow the trends necessary and advertise and promote your content on various platforms to bring in more audience.

SEO Knowledge

In content creation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge is a must. One should be knowledgeable in SEO to understand the Domain Authority. Thus, gaining knowledge in this field is very useful. So, if you are interested in content creation and are curious about SEO knowledge, you can go for courses in this subject. One of the best institutions to learn this will be Henry Harvin Education.

Learn More About Domain Authority -Henry Harvin’s SEO Courses

Henry Harvin is an educational platform that provides many courses on different subjects in an online platform. It is a highly credited institution with affiliation to institutions like Microsoft, Amazon, NSDC Skill India, etc.

Moreover, They provide interactive online classes and with each course, an internship is also provided with practical needs in mind. Moreover, they have a great placement drive that has proven an 85% employment rate among the students. This resulted from them having great job partners like Freshworld, Naukri, and more.

So, if you are interested in taking up SEO Certification Courses, Henry Harvin provides all these courses at this time Advanced SEO Course and Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification Program Course


Certainly, Domain Authority is a score one must learn to access how their websites or domains are performing. This can allow one to learn how to improve their websites and how to go on from their current stature. Furthermore, it is a metric that showcases what your strong suits are and where you can improve. Thus, it is more advantageous than burdening.

However, increasing the Domain Authority score is very time-consuming. So, it will take years to perfect, slowly one at a time. But that doesn’t mean we should give up, rather we should try to achieve more, keeping in mind all the things we learn in the process.

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1. Are Domain Authority scores needed?

Ans. Domain Authority scores are needed to make sure you can access the performance of your website.

2. Is Domain Authority used by Google in determining page ranking?

Ans. No, by no means DA scores are used to determine the ranking of websites in SERP

3. How to check DA scores?

Ans. DA scores can be checked for free in Link Explorer.

4. Are Domain Authority’s scores constant?

Ans. No, they are not constant and will fluctuate as new data are added.

5. How much DA score is considered good?

Ans. There is no definite answer to this as the score depends on the landscape of scores in which you are competing.

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