If you have been tasked with writing content for a website, creating engaging and compelling content should be your number one priority. Writing quality content is an art that requires time and practice to perfect. In case you are unsure of what and what not to write, don’t panic! Here is a list of the 5 top do’s and don’ts to write content that enhances readability, quality, and SEO performance of your content: Do’s
#1: Organize Your Content

  • Prepare an outline of all the ideas that you want to include in the content.
  • Start by introducing your topic. Divide the main body of your content into several paragraphs such that you deal with one idea per paragraph. 
  • Conclude your content by summarizing your ideas and solutions offered in the previous paragraphs. 

#2: Catch Readers’ Attention

  • While the content is intended to get your message across, you have to ensure the readers read it too. 
  • Display relevant information clearly so that readers are intrigued to read the rest of it.

“The visitors will hardly spend a few seconds before they move on to another website, so you have to hold their attention and provide them with what they’re looking for.
”-Rajiv Sharma, Content Strategist.

#3: Review Your Content

  • Check your final draft for any incomplete information or errors. 
  • You can read the content out loud or ask someone to read it to find any mistakes that you might have missed. 
  • Edit all structural and grammatical errors before posting your content.

#4: Use Call-To-Action 

  • A Calls-To-Action (CTA) is a link or image inviting a visitor to become a customer. 
  • You can make your content even more effective by including CTA that converts visitors to regular consumers.

#5: Meet The Deadlines

  • Make sure you provide your content punctually to the web design team so they can blend the content with their design and launch the website timely. 
  • Missing deadlines take away your credibility as a writer and impacts the overall quality of the website.

#1: Plagiarize Your Content

  • Publishing copied content can get your website penalized or even eliminated from search engines. 
  • Similarly, using random images without permission can get you sued. 
  • Your website deserves original content so, write everything from scratch and use legal images only.

“If you are running out of ideas, try googling! You can find several ideas on the internet but you must use them only as an inspiration. Never plagiarize.”                                  -Srishti Shukla, SEO Content Writer. 

#2: Write Complicated Content

  • Simple and easy to understand content appeals to readers as well as search engines. 
  • If you are dealing with a complex topic, break your content into easily understandable chunks. 
  • Keep paragraph length to 2-3 lines. Add bullet points and visuals to make your content readable.

#3: Bombard Readers With Promotional Content 

  • Your content should be a careful mix of promotional and informational text. 
  • Instead of bombarding readers with sign up invitations, provide them with helpful information that they can understand and become a consumer if they are interested.

#4: Ignore Readers’ Needs

  • You might have a lot of information about various topics, but your readers might not have the same level of information. 
  • Use your content as a medium to connect with your readers and meet their needs at their level.

#5: Sound Like A Machine

  • If your content feels like it reruns from a dictionary or sounds like narrated by a machine, your readers will not be able to sense a personal connection.
  • Make sure your content voices your style and thoughts that readers can relate to and engage with.

Conclusion Follow these do’s and don’ts while composing your website content.
“If you are still not sure about how to write good content, Henry Harvin Education provides content writing course that can help you write organized and optimized content. Just get in touch with our experts and know how you can develop your writing skills.”

                                                               -Kounal Gupta, CEO, Henry Harvin Education.

What is the benefit of learning any content writing course?

You learn to create original and unique content by opting for Online Content Writing Course. You learn how to avoid plagiarism. You get enable to detect your factual and grammatical errors. You learn various tools to upskills your writing ability. You learn how to work as a freelancer apart from working on any professional front.

What are the various mistakes that you need to avoid while writing any content for your blogpost?

During framing the content for any blogpost you need to avoid the mistakes viz.
1- Never forget who your target readers are?
2- You have to have devote time for the research of the topic.
3- Neglecting keywords while writing will not allow your post to rank on the search engine.
4 – Never Ignore to proofread or edit your blog post
5 – Don’t forget to present your information under proper sub headlines.
6 – Poor SEO

What are the results of neglecting the Dont’s while content writing?

If you will not follow do’s and dont’s of content writing the results will be
1- A plagiarised content will be formed
2- Using random images will get you sued
3- Improper text formatting will lose readers interest.
4 – If promotional and informational text are not managed well, the correct info will not be passed to the target customers.
5 – Complicated are never appreciable

What are the tips to write a good content?

1- A catchy headline
2- A hook to attract the reader’s attention
3- Proper research work
4 – Stick to the keywords
5 – An interesting opening paragraph
6 – A unique content free of plagiarism
7 -SEO optimised content
8 – Proper deiting and proof reading.
9 – Inclusion of facts, figures and quotes whenever required

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