We find ourselves in the midst of a world altering crisis of historical proportions. As the dust settles, we learn to adapt to a new restrictive lifestyle. The Work from home culture has become the new norm. Digitalization and automation have become a requisite in the strive for social distancing, and because of this, we are consuming more content than ever before.

Content writing is gaining immense popularity as a much, sought-after profession due to the increasing market demand globally.

Let’s find out what it takes to become a successful content writer, the different writing styles you need to specialize in, and the essential content writing tools and skills to master.

A content writing course from a reputed institute, offering a specialized and interactive program, is crucial in developing a strong foundation. Reputed institutes will offer excellent career guidance, follow-up sessions and internship programs.

Hyderabad, a corporate hub for major multinational companies and IT firms, houses top-ranked institutes for content writing. Let’s uncover the unique features of their courses, and what makes them stand out.

1. Content Writing Course by Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin Writing Academy boasts South Asia’s oldest Content Writing Course and is recognized by the American Association of EFL & Content Writing Association of India.

The course is designed to polish your writing skills through practical training with real-world projects, case studies, and assignments. It is focused on Experiential learning using GCAO (Goal Centric Action-Oriented) Pedagogy.

 What you get:

  • Globally recognized CDCW (Certified Digital Content Writer) certification.
  • Over 30 content types.
  • Essential language skills.
  • Technical know-how of basic website creation and personal blogs.
  • Graphic skills for PPTs, logos and designing newsletters.
  • Advanced research skills.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills.
  • Recorded videos of all sessions.
  • Monthly brush up sessions for a year.
  • Job placement assistance and weekly job notifications.
  • Free one-year membership of Henry Harvin Content Academy LMS (Learning Management System).

Content Writing Course with Gold Membership

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Also Henry Harvin Provides these Courses-

Medical Writing Course assists you to indite health-related content, latest health news, medicine, and drugs development. Medical writers have to learn all aspects of medical terminology. Moreover, they have to comprehend the medical marketing of health care products. Henry Harvin gives you the best platform with magnificent mentors to complete this course.

  • Medical writers can join multifarious organizations like Medical communications specialists, Medico-marketing writers, Clinical researchers, Clinical educators,etc.
  • Medical writers are not merely in demand for pharmaceutical companies; however, they can have a huge scope in hospitals, newspaper segments, healthcare journals,etc.
  • Henry Harvin ensures a hundred percent success to become a successful medical writer. Medical writing is one of the most emerging fields during this cut-throat competitive world.

Technical Writing Courses from Henry Harvin teaches you the fine art of transforming information and data gathered through a process and experimental work into technical documentation. Henry Harvin ensures to mold you into a successful technical writer.

  • Henry Harvin offers both online and offline modes for technical writing.
  • It provides the complete six modules to cover the entire syllabus of technical writing.
  • They provide you the best industry-experienced instructors for an excellent understanding of this course.
  • They conduct brainstorming and live sessions for in-depth knowledge of this course. Live projects and case studies are the additional benefits provided by this intensive course.

Academic Writing Course helps you to write different types of writing like academic papers, study materials, guides, Tutorials, E-learning, instructional design, question banks, workbooks, etc. Henry Harvin strives to give its students the best learning experience.

  • It provides one day- 4 hours intensive training to give you exposure to academic writing.
  • You can develop the unique prowess to create incredible academic write-ups with  talented mentors.
  • You will be able to write coherent write-ups and build up confidence with expertise in academic writing.
  • You can cultivate the potential to explore different styles of writing and become proficient to write all the segments of academic writing.

2. Ace Web Academy – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

certification course for content writing

Starting off as a web design and development service provider, Ace Web Academy now imparts training in related fields. They offer customized modules delivered by expert faculty.

The certification course covers:

  • web content
  • blogs
  • social media posting
  • press release classifieds
  • one-liners
  • general articles
  • content writing for mobile devices
  • content designing
  • content adaptation

Their target audience is web-designing companies, SEO companies, publication houses, media associates, news agencies.

The course is 20 hours of classroom training and 18 hours of simulation practise, online training facility is also available.

3. Online Idea Lab – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

Online Idea Lab
content writing

Online Idea Lab features their content writing training in 3 different programs of increasing complexity and depth.

a. Content Writing 101

The first level is the basic introduction to content writing, ideal for freshers and those with no background experience in the field. Some of the topics covered are:

  • role of a content writer
  • traditional writing vs. web writing
  • fundamental rules of web writing
  • important tools
  • anatomy of a blog
  • introduction to SEO
  • plagiarism and article spinning

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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This program is comprised of 10 hours of interactive classes, 6 activities and assignments, 5 quizzes and a final project with trainer guidance and feedback.

b. Content Writing Foundation

This level takes the complexity up a few notches, and all topics are addressed with more intensity and detail. These are a few of the additional concepts introduced to the participants:

  • website content writing
  • competitor analysis
  • online reputation management
  • engaging blog titles
  • supporting blog images

This program is comprised of 20 hours of interactive classes, 12 activities and assignments, 10 quizzes and a published blog on the institute website.

c. Content Writing Advanced

Advanced is the third and final level in the program by Online Idea Lab. You get complete in-depth training in a vast array of content writing elements such as:

  • fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing
  • monetizing blogs by Google AdSense
  • psychology of web users
  • legalities of freelancing
  • social media as a tool to promote yourself
  • affiliate marketing

This program is comprised of 120 hours of interactive classes, 50 writing activities for practise, 20 quizzes and a final project with trainer guidance and feedback.

4. Skills Upgrader – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

content writing for social media marketing

Skills Upgrader provides a content writing program that offers 16 hours of classes and a whopping 70 hours of practical assignments. The approach is to cultivate hands-on expertise.

Let’s take a peek at their practical segment.

Build your website-20 hours

  • purchasing a domain
  • buying a web hosting
  • installing WordPress
  • setting up HTTPS
  • website and logo designing

SEO-20 hours

  • research optimal keywords
  • research competitor keywords
  • seed keywords of your website/blog
  • on-page SEO strategies

Social Media Marketing-15 hours

  • create and optimize profiles on social media
  • sharing content on all social media platforms
  • create guest blogging plan
  • sharing content on online communities
  • usage of power words in content

Freelance Content writer Portfolio-15 hours

  • optimal use of lead magnets on website/blogs
  • writing credible email content
  • creating portfolios for freelance
  • reaching out to clients

5. Nest Soft – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

Nest Soft has over 18 years of experience in the industry and boasts having successfully imparted training for over 35000 students and professionals.

They offer customization of the course syllabus, course duration and timings as per the requirement of the participant.

The curriculum is divided into 6 modules. The objective is to start with the fundamentals, uncovering individual goals and providing insight into aptitude and talent. A considerable focus is given to communication skills and grammar to optimize writing quality.

Nest Soft promises 100% placement assistance with a certificate of completion.

6. Web Trainings Academy – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

career options for content writers

The training is designed for upcoming content writers as well as writers with some experience in the field. Participants are given a thorough understanding on the processes and procedures for content writing followed in business organizations.

Course objectives:

  • understanding the impact of promotional messages
  • adopt different techniques for content writing
  • understanding the impact of mass media promotions
  • differentiate content for different media purposes

Modules covered:

  • introduction to content writing
  • steps before writing
  • blog writing
  • website content writing
  • proposal writing
  • writing for public relations (PR)
  • writing for brochures
  • social media posts
  • project work and career development

7. Lead Academy – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

online copywriting course

Lead Academy showcases a vast range of online training, accessible all over the world. Their courses are designed and delivered by industry experts comprehensively. You can choose to broaden your skillset to kick start your career or upgrade existing skills.

They have a provision on their website, for employers to very certifications issued.

Writing courses provided:

  • freelance writing
  • novel writing
  • script writing
  • screenwriting
  • copywriting
  • business writing
  • blogging

8. RISECO – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

content writing course for beginners.
job opportunities for certified content writers.
cost effective courses for content writing in India.

RISECO is an accomplished content service provider since 2000, having over 1850 satisfied clients. Their cost-effective content writing program is PCWC (Professional Content Writer Certification). It is a 2 month course designed by Mr.Sanjay Nannaparaju (Thought Leader-Content Writing).

Unique features:

  • After completing one month of training, the participants will get an opportunity to earn back their fees. They are given paid writing projects (subject to availability) as assignments to apply their newly learned skills.
  • On successful completion of the course, participants can apply and join RISECO’s team of content writers.

9. BRITISH COUNCIL: – Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

This course is specially designed by in-house English experts. It provides a vast range of techniques to increase the vocabulary and above all improve your writing. Here one can get a variety of approaches to develop creativity in writing. 

  • Fiction, short stories, poems, and dialogue are covered in their syllabus.
  • They have experienced teachers who will guide you towards your goal.
  • Lively and interactive sessions are one of the main features of this course.
  • But the curriculum does not cover academic or technical writing.
  • 36 hours of learning will happen through online classes and 14 hours of interaction

This course will help groom you as a successful writer by improving your uniqueness, thoughtful attitude, etc.

Course Duration: 50 hours I 9 weeks I Weekend online classes

Course Fee: INR 9,000 per participant.

What is Content?

“Content is King”– Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote this famous quote in his essay in 1996. He referred to the internet as a marketplace for content. And who could possibly disagree. In fact, I would build on that quote, and safely state that the internet has evolved into a marketplace for everything.  

All information that is read, heard and viewed is content. It can be educational, informative or recreational based on its functionality.

The medium of delivery or the way it is presented to the consumer would be: –

  • Digital: all content received from electronic media in the form of data e.g. computers, tablets, phones, televisions, etc.
  • Non-digital: books, newspapers, brochures, posters, live performances, theatre, plays, etc.

Let’s talk about the Smartphone … a portable handheld device owned by almost every human on the planet. It has opened the doorway to content from all over the world, on demand, at the touch of a button.

If we stop and think about it, every idle moment amidst our daily activities, finds us reaching for our smartphone and diving into a pool of digital content.

Our daily consumption of content is so profound that it has seeped into our subconsciousness … online shopping, surfing social media, podcasts, music, news and entertainment, reading a book, studying, watching a movie. We truly live in a virtual world.

All this content or information, is scripted by a content writer.

Who can become a content writer?

Content writing is a skill-based job profile. You have the option of freelancing or acquiring a full-time engagement. It gives the flexibility to work from home. Age, qualification or gender is immaterial for this profession.

To become a content writer, most would think all you would need is a desk, stationary, a computer, internet connection, a creative mind and good language skills. However, in order to offset the magnitude of competition, you need to conform to the requirements of digitized platforms. You need to learn the proverbial “tricks of the trade” to stand out from the rest.


Making writing an easy and fun activity.

Teaching a suitable way of expressing the writing art.

The nine-week creative writing course here helps you use your imagination and creativity and get into the habit of writing. You can realize your dream and discover the inner talent.

Signing Off

These were the top 9 content writing courses in Hyderabad. Most importantly, the program should not only cater to your personal requirements and budgeting, but also provide you with all the necessary inputs to make your career in content writing lucrative.

There are several institutes providing online content writing courses globally, a little bit of research will only do you good.

If you love a good story and enjoy putting thoughts to words, become a certified content writer and embark on this wonderful journey of scribing.


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Is there a minimum qualification to become a content writer?

No! If you have good language skills and an active imagination, you can pretty much get into this field. However, do consider enrolling into a content writing certification course.

What are the job opportunities for a fresher in content writing?

Get into blogging. Consider enrolling into internship programs to make your mark. Freelancing is also a lucrative option.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a type of content writing that deals with advertising and promotional writing. It involves a persuasive form of writing that should be catchy and appealing.

List out the most profitable Freelance Writing Niches I should consider?

 Technical Writing, Ghost Writing, SEO Writing and Financial Writing.

  Why is finding a niche for your freelance copywriting important?

Finding a niche for your freelance copywriting is important as it helps you to identify what you do well and choose what types of writing projects you should accept. By choosing where to focus your writing skills, you can produce great content in that field and become an expert.

  What is a writing portfolio?

 A writing portfolio is an online page that shows multiple links or images for your writing samples.

What is the most commonly used portfolio?

Documentation portfolio is one of the most commonly used portfolios.

 What is the purpose of a writing portfolio?

Writing portfolios are used as a tool that reflect on strengths, weaknesses, personal goals as well as those specified by the teacher, the individual writing process, and more.

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