Content writing is the most effective technique to increase internet traffic. Creative writers have been educating readers and making money through content writing for years now. The content writing industry is expected to attract over 130 million bloggers by 2020. If you are an aspiring writer looking to make a mark in this profession, here are 5 brilliant writing tips for those looking for career opportunities in content writing:

Tip#1: Start With Research: If you are writing about a product or a service, make sure you know who your target audience is. A thorough understanding of the product or topic you are writing about is also necessary. You must research credible sources to find original and relevant information. 

 “You should check what kind of content your competitors are publishing. It is a good way to know what has been already written so that you can offer something unique to readers.” 
 – Surbhi Prakash, SEO Content Writer.

Tip#2: Find Relevant Keywords: Before you create your content, you should find out what topics people are searching the most. You can do this by researching keywords or terms related to your product or topic. You should include these keywords organically in your content. This will significantly improve the chances of readers finding your content when searching for the topic on popular search engines.

Tip#3: Write Catchy Headlines: It is extremely important to create a catchy headline, probably more important than creating the content itself. A powerful headline followed by great content can capture readers’ attention and result in website conversions. You can include words like incredible’, ‘simple’, ‘effective’, ‘stunning’; numbers like 7 tips’,‘5 formulas’; questions like How to’, ‘Why you need etc. in the headline to attract the user.  Make sure your headline is short and to the point. It should give the reader a clear idea about what your content talks about.

Tip#4: Organise Your ContentA good piece of content is easy to read and follow. That’s why you should always organise your work in a logical format that flows well. The best writing format includes 3 sections – Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion.

  1. The introduction describes the topic of your content and offers some context.
  2. The Main Body explains the topic in-detail and offers examples and evidence in support of your topic. 
    Divide the main content into sections with subheadings to retain readers’ interest and encourage them to read the entire piece. You can link your content to other articles or websites to give your readers some more context.
  3. Conclusion concludes your article by providing a summary of what you have discussed and offers suggestions. You can also include a call to action in the end so that readers can get back to you for further information.

Tip#5: Add Images and Videos A simple way to increase viewership of your website is to include supporting imagery and videos. If you have some good visuals that can offer more context to readers, you should include them in your content.

“Engaging images can increase time on site and encourage viewers to click on your content. According to Hubspot, content with good images get 94% more views than those without supporting visuals.”                                       

-Pankaj Goyal, Freelance Writer.

Conclusion“Follow these tips to master the art of quality content writing. Make sure you edit your content before publishing it. Good luck!!!”

Is Content writing a good Career option?

Content writing is the most effective technique to increase internet traffic, the Content writer is already making good money by preparing good content and educating readers, The content writing industry is expected to attract over 130 million bloggers by 2020. Opting for a good online content writing course helps us achieve these benefits at the earliest.

What are the content writing tips for beginners?

Start with good research, find relevant keywords they should be organically included as they improve chances of readers finding your content, write catchy headlines, organize your content, add images/video.

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