If you are someone who is seeking a job opportunity abroad in teaching? Here is a quick guide for you on how you can teach English abroad by becoming a TEFL trainer. It may not sound as convincing, but there are many countries where English is not the most commonly spoken language and such countries are always looking for trainers who can teach English,  resulting in generating a lot of work opportunities abroad. 

English is the international language of business, politics, science, and communication, and it is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people worldwide, according to the world algorithm. Having a TEFL certificate allows you to work in any part of the world since English is desired to be learned in many countries. Recently, countries like Spain, Austria, and China have started to develop an interest in raising general English language learning. Also following a larger number of population travelling has motivated the language importance on a global scale creating momentum.

Having a good command of the English language is a great prerequisite in one’s professional life creating more space for opportunities. TEFL trainers are welcomed at teaching positions at private schools and universities and are in demand more than ever. Teaching is one of the rewarding professions and with TEFL it is also on the lucrative side of decent income with an opportunity to travel around the world.

What is TEFL?

TEFL in long-form is Teaching English as a foreign language, there are many countries like Spain where English is not their native language and they predominantly hire trainers to teach English wherein TEFL certification becomes significant. The salary and working conditions both vary from country to country but this gives a wonderful opportunity to comfortable and interesting lifestyle experiences. Usually, the job doesn’t require previous teaching experience or any specific qualifications also there is no such age limitation for becoming a TEFL trainer.

Here is a 6 steps guide on how to become a TEFL trainer

STEP 1: Enroll in TEFL course 

Firstly research for a good institute and enrol yourself for the TEFL course. Henry Harvin Education’s n TEFL Certification course is one of the prestigious AAEFL certification programs for the TEFL Course with 40 hours of Interactive Instructor-led online training.


Henry Harvin Education evaluates the candidates to evolve and enhance their confidence in the class, helps with providing an understanding of the nuances of teaching English to non-English speakers. Enables the candidates to develop the capability to think outside the box and gain a wider perception of the subject. You gain a clear insight about the course to a distinctive platform of the most highly paid jobs as a TEFL trainer. Taking up the course is only the beginning of your journey but self-evaluation and improving your skills with every lesson will help you to overcome the difficulties you are facing to avoid them to happen in the future.

A TEFL course will boost your confidence and provide guidance on how to manage a classroom, plan activities, and teach a lesson. It will also provide you with a deeper understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching English as a foreign language, allowing you to provide your students with the education they deserve.

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STEP 2: Continue your formal studies

It is very important to know the subject in detail with reference to grammar, phonetics, etc. Carry out your research covering all the important aspects in and around the certification this will help you have a clear picture about TEFL and to become a successful TEFL trainer. Read articles and newsletters related to TEFL and practice to improvise.

STEP 3: Gaining Experience

Get your hands-on varied experience concerning all kinds of class sizes and ages. Do not hesitate in developing your resume with emphasis on demonstrating the ability to train others, including your achievements, and rewards as they add more value to your experience list.

STEP 4: Choosing the location

Well, this is a very important step to find the best work location for you to settle as it may result in a culture change. Working as a TEFL trainer may provide you the flexibility of making money while traveling however, TEFL trainers are expected to be stable as to become a well-established staff at an accredited institution. You will possibly struggle to get long-term employment if your records show short-term positions.

STEP 5: Finding the right job

Finding the right organization to work for and connecting with the right people can take a lot of time and effort. Include all of your contact information so that the company or organization can locate you effortlessly. The trend of the virtual class is booming and is the new normal amid the covid pandemic. Try virtual teaching, which is more flexible and advantageous for you. This may seem time-consuming at first, but as you develop solid networking skills, finding the appropriate fit will become much easier. Several firms will assist you in connecting with students so that you can work on behalf of the company, which is a great alternative for you.

STEP 6: Working with patience

Teaching English overseas can be a life-changing experience, but selecting the right location and planning to settle might be daunting. You will learn some things along the way, and you will improve with each session and establish your teaching expertise. Be practical, and gradually begin with doing input sessions on teaching grammar to receive reliable feedback that will help you develop over time.

Whom you will be teaching?

Upon completion of the certification program, this may be the first question you will ask because the students’ ages, backgrounds may differ depending on where you are teaching, whether you are working for a school or corporate executives. Despite the differences between each of these groups of learners, gaining professional experience and learning the skills required to deliver effective lessons will ultimately make teaching much easier for all groups of learners. The students in your classroom would be coming from different walks of life, so it is necessary to establish a bond with them which will make the teaching and learning process easier.

The world is Your Marketplace.

With a TEFL course certification, you have access to an almost infinite number of teaching jobs around the entire globe, and the world is your marketplace. Moreover, Asia has a huge market for TEFL trainers in countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. There are usually government programs that recruit a large number of foreign teachers to work with public schools. Also, there are several opportunities to work with private language institutions that take up English language teaching by appointing a private tutor. The pandemic has created more opportunities for virtual teaching which has made it possible to teach without travelling. 

There is a huge demand for teaching English in the USA and Canada with much emphasis on ESL ie English as a Second Language. Every University and college offers ESL programs alongside government institutions. Even though there is enormous demand for ESL trainers it is a bit difficult to gain a working visa in the US for non-citizens. The demand for TEFL trainers in Egypt is also quite high in locations like Cairo, Alexandria the opportunities are high in numbers.

TEFL is not just a teaching certification but a key for acquiring international citizenship. While travelling abroad, you will meet people from all walks of life, from foreign tourists and backpackers to local businessmen, university professors, and government officials. If you make an effort to stay in touch, there is a good chance that something will come of it. Life surrounds you with a plethora of opportunities; all you have to do is recognize them and act on them.

Roles of a TEFL trainer

  • The trainers are responsible to prepare lesson plans, progressing reports, customized lessons to accommodate differences in learning style which enthuse and inspire students, and promote the enjoyment of learning. With a greater focus on their actual classroom experiences, teachers should involve themselves in self-training programs to get better insights into the learners’ needs.
  • TFEL trainers working with adults are expected to work extra teaching hours to align with the work schedule of their employed students by adopting a flexible adulthood-oriented approach. Adult learning criteria and characteristics should be used to interpret learning and teaching activities. Among the most important barriers to learning, learners’ anxiety different learning problems should be taken into account more seriously to establish a good rapport.
  • The flexibility of time is a significant factor in teaching to work efficiently with students at all levels. If you are virtually teaching across the country you have to be efficiently deal with the time difference between the two countries.
  • The trainers are expected to possess skills like interpersonal communication, problem-solving skills, time management, etc. The trainer should act in a way that seems attractive, trustworthy, and skillful. Personal characteristics such as warmth and positive regard, nurturing hope, and being non-judgmental and compassionate are critical.

Benefits of TEFL certification

How a TEFL certification program can benefit you with the circumstances considering teaching abroad and in a foreign school education system.

1. Classroom confidence.

It can be intimidating to stand in front of a class and teach grammar topics that you are still learning yourself. This is where TEFL certification can put an end to all of your worries and give you the confidence you need to master any teaching position in a foreign classroom without hesitation.

No matter where you teach, the kids are the same all the time; all you have to do is give yourself a push to confidently conquer all of your anxieties and try. It may not be flawless at first, but remember that with practice, you will get the knack for it. Because you’ll most likely be teaching in a non-English speaking country, you’ll also learn how to properly communicate with individuals who don’t speak your language, which is a very useful skill if you’re planning a career on a multinational business platform.

2. Resume Booster

Teach abroad experience adds a lot of value to your CV and helps you stand out as distinctive. The TEFL certification adds up as a unique qualification that opens the door to worldwide employment options by allowing you to think and communicate cross-culturally and react quickly. The worldwide teaching experience provides you with the superpower of understanding a lot more about world culture, which will be an impressive characteristic of your work because work culture and teaching culture varies significantly around the world.

3. No Expiration

With TEFL certification, your opportunities to teach English overseas never expire, and unless you already have full-fledged experience, nothing can stop you from traveling the world with never-ending job security. The certification allows you the option of working for a job or doing freelance work, which gives you the freedom of working hours and being your own boss. Because there are no age restrictions, you will be able to attract more versatile opportunities that will allow you to grow and earn experience without any constraints.

4. Better Paying Jobs

Having a TEFL certification automatically earns you higher-paying employment wherever in the world; with the certification, you are deemed more qualified than a typical graduate, which can lead to massive job opportunities. With job markets struggling due to the recession and job loss, TEFL certification provides you with the opportunity to earn a decent income while living and working abroad. Over the last decade, education requirements have progressed to the point where more trainers are accepted with an accredited TEFL certificate.

5. Travel the world

One of the greatest perks of TEFL certification is that you can travel the world while earning money, which is a dream job. You gain experience through living in a different nation, blending in with the culture, and exploring its geographical beauties. As a graduate, you’ll be in an excellent position to work abroad, and you’ll find it easy to obtain working visas for some of the world’s most lucrative TEFL markets, such as the Middle East, Japan, and South Korea.

Online TEFL Companies

Teaching English online is a fantastic approach to TEFL because it offers a lot of flexibility as well as excellent pay. You can teach and make money online from anywhere in the world. Here are a few online TEFL companies that can help you locate your dream online TEFL job and you can start earning right away.

1. PalFish

PalFish is a super-easy app designed to look for your first online TEFL job because it offers pre-prepared lesson plans. All you need to get started is your TEFL certificate and a device to teach from, and you can begin teaching right away. PalFish is a fantastic alternative for new online English teachers, with hourly rates ranging from $16 to $22. You don’t require any previous teaching experience as long as you have a TEFL qualification.

2. Preply

Preply is yet another platform that makes it extremely simple for new TEFL teachers to obtain work. You can teach students of all ages from any location in the world and determine your own pricing. Because Preply offers language training, you may even learn a new skill and start earning money. Preply allows you to choose your own pricing, wherein English tutors often charge between $15 and $25 per hour.

3. Skima Talk

Skima Talk is another platform that allows you to choose your own hourly rate. It is extremely flexible and simple to sign up, making it ideal for freshly qualified TEFL teachers searching for their first online TEFL employment. New TEFL teachers, like other businesses, start out low to attract students and then raise their fees as their student numbers and experience rises.

4. Italki

Italki is a global platform that brings students and teachers together for one-on-one instruction. Even if you’re a first-time TEFL teacher, your TEFL certification allows you to apply for a Professional Teacher position right away and get the best wage. As an online TEFL teacher with Italki, you determine your own pricing. Professional Teachers can make between $10 and $80 per hour.

5. Cambly

Cambly is an excellent choice for a beginner TEFL teacher without a degree. You can interact with learners from all around the world, which is a fantastic opportunity to learn about different cultures while earning money. You can normally earn around $10 per hour, but if you’re chatting with your pupils, you’ll be paid per minute.

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What qualifications are required for TEFL?

As long as you can communicate in English and has a good knowledge of the language you can enroll in a TEFL course.

What is the best technique to teach English abroad?

With a TEFL certification, you can teach English anywhere in the world, either as a freelancer or as part of a school.

How much are TEFL trainers paid to teach English abroad?

The income may vary depending on the country you are teaching in you should enquire about it with your employer when you start teaching.

Is there any age restriction for TEFL trainers?

No, there are absolutely no age restrictions as long as you can teach and cover all the important topics with reference to the subject. In fact, institutions will welcome you if you have a good experience and skills to share with the students.

Is previous teaching experience needed?

It is not completely essential to have previous teaching experience, be ready to start at low pay, gain a good deal of experience and work your way up. It’s all about gaining experience.

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