When discussing writing tools for authors, we mention how challenging it can occasionally be to write every day. In particular, when we are attempting to reach the dreaded word count or deadline. However, it can be productive and pleasurable if the correct tools are used for the right job.

Even seasoned authors frequently need inspiration to keep writing. Writers should employ the appropriate tools for their writing, much like professional chefs who value their knives in the kitchen.

Back then when tools weren’t available plentiful, writers often requires feedback, revision tips, and more from readers or editors. But as of right now, the best content writing tools will assist writers in honing their abilities and improving their work by offering helpful advice.

Here is the list of Best Writing Tools for Every Writer

The creation process will be optimized and the workflow will change with the correct tools in place. Similar to giving you more time and resources so you can work more quickly than before while still being creative.

If you are a blogger, content writer, or SEO content writer you might agree with me regarding these tools which you might have come across or are about to. So here are some of the list for best writing tools that at present might be of good use for beginners or even experts in the field. Each of these addresses a particular problem with the writing process.


Microsoft Word is a word processor made by Microsoft that is often referred to as Winword, MS Word, or Word. As part of the Microsoft Workplace suite, it provides productivity tools for offices.

You can use Microsoft Word to construct presentations, reports, letters, and resumes of a professional standard. Microsoft Word provides capabilities such as spell check, grammar check, text and font formatting, and more, in contrast to a simple text editor. Mail merges, a spell checker, styles, tables, headers & footers, WordArt, columns, margins, and other complex capabilities are a few of the features available.


Website: https://office.live.com/start/Word.aspx

2. Google Docs

It’s no secret that Google Docs is one of the best writing tools out there, just like Microsoft Word. This cloud-based editor lets you access and edits your documents anytime, anywhere for free. If you install the app, you can edit offline on tablets, computers, and phones. Whether you want to create content for business or personal use, Google Docs is the best writing tool for you.

Google Docs is the equivalent of the classic Microsoft Word, but instead of being unmanageable and annoying—it’s useful and easy to use. The main benefit of Google Docs is that you can use it anywhere—it works offline most of the time—it’s lightweight, void of unnecessary features, and free of use. A Google Doc is also great if you need to work with an editor or client who wants to make comments or suggestions without interrupting your work. One of the best features of Google Docs is its capacity to integrate it with writing software,  a dictionary,  a free grammar checker like Grammarly, and many more.


Website: https://docs.google.com/document/


Grammarly as a writing tool is a must for every writer in their tool kit. It is a writing assistant that runs in the cloud and can be used with numerous platforms.

It is a browser add-on that will find any spelling or grammar mistakes in your work and let you fix them before uploading. There is a premium edition that is accessible that can assist you in writing more successfully even if the bulk of spelling and grammar mistakes are fixed in the free version.

The subscription edition offers synonyms, more complex grammatical hints, and even writing style recommendations, but the free version just provides the most fundamental grammar, syntax, and punctuation suggestions.

You may use the free Grammarly Chrome plugin to help you make grammar corrections as you compose emails, Facebook posts, and other content on your browser.

Website: https://www.grammarly.com/

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a writing tool with an AI-powered writing mentor, style editor, and grammar checker. They’re a fantastic substitute for Grammarly, in my opinion.

You must first upload or paste your content into their editor to use this service. After that, you will receive a summary of all the improvement recommendations, which are divided into three categories: grammar, spelling, and style.

Additionally, they publish the most popular readability metrics, such as the Flesch-reading score, which evaluates how easy it is to read your text. Reading becomes simpler the higher the reading score.

The free edition offers grammar and spelling checks for up to 500 words. The subscription version provides in-depth analysis reports with recommendations on how to strengthen your writing’s sentence structure and style.

Website: https://prowritingaid.com

5. Hemingway Editor

Another free writing tool that offers an alternative to content editing is Hemingway. The color highlighting of their enhancement ideas is one of Hemingway Editor’s most intriguing features. Their recommendations concentrate on a few crucial elements of your writing, like adverbs, passive voice, and readability.

These are fundamental recommendations highlighting all passive voice usage and adverbs, and daring you to strengthen your sentence structure. It’s like always having ready access to a grammatical tutor who will help you write better.

This device bears Ernest Hemingway’s pen name, Pulitzer, an American novelist.

Website: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

6. Bit.ai

Bit.ai is an all-in-one document collaboration platform that features a powerful digital content library and a smart editor for creating interactive live documents. As a result, all of your content will be in one location, and teams from sales and marketing will be able to track how users engage with shared documents.

Every organization, branch, and the team uses a different combination of online resources, files, and digital tools. The world is changing so quickly that it has become difficult to communicate strategies, ideas, and activities. It is now challenging to work with cross-functional teams, remote teams, outside partners, and clients.

Website: https://bit.ai/

7. Answer The Public

One of the best free content writing tools for coming up with blog topic ideas is Answer The Public. It is an advantage to search for data related to the topic you are looking for, or else it would be hectic to come up with ideas yourself.

You could enter “digital marketing” into Answer The Public and hit search if you were writing content for a digital marketing campaign. The results of the subject-related investigation will then provide you with a list of subjects that are associated with it.

Of course, you simply need a topic if you want to write something. What happens then when you’re stuck on topics to write about? AnswerThePublic steps in to help with it. This website is helpful if you need writing inspiration for subheadings or subtopics. You can use the search field to enter one or two words, and AnswerThePublic will display the most recent Google searches on the subject. As a result, SEO content writers will find it useful.

The free version offers you only 2 searches per day. Whereas the paid version offers unlimited searches and other criteria.

Website: https://answerthepublic.com/

8. BuzzSumo

Another tool for article writing that can help you come up with blog topic ideas is BuzzSumo. You can conduct a topic or keyword search and then look at the top blogs on that topic using the basic edition of this content production tool that is free. You may immediately determine how well-liked and successful a piece has been by looking at the ranking and social media shares listed for each item.

Additionally, you can use BuzzSumo to find influencers, keep an eye on competitors, and set up alerts for particular phrases, names, or websites.

BuzzSumo is a terrific tool for content marketers in particular since it enables you to effortlessly interact with Influencers and displays the top trending subjects on the Internet. It’s an excellent writing tool for digital marketers that are unsure of what to write about but want to produce fascinating content.

Website: https://buzzsumo.com/

9. Ubersuggest

The article writing tool Ubersuggest provides content recommendations by examining the web articles that have received the highest traffic on your topic. You could be motivated by this to write your next significant essay. Using Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension, you can get data on your keywords’ competitiveness, CPC, and monthly search traffic in one place.

These recommendations are excellent if you are already confident that you want to discuss a particular subject. However, it’s not very useful for coming up with brand-new keywords and content suggestions.

However, the wonderful thing about Ubersuggest’s keyword tool is that you can use it to produce various keyword types. Additionally, you can choose keywords for your blog and obtain an SEO assessment for your website using Ubersuggest.

Website: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

10. Google Trends

One of the most exciting free article writing tools available is Google Trends. Enter your keyword of choice to see what has become popular on this subject recently, or browse the most often used terms and phrases around the globe. Choose a date range for your search intent and see how viral a certain topic is trending globally or region.

By accessing the tool, checking what searches are trending right now, and then delving into a topic for more information, you can explore Google Trends from the top down.

For instance, the following outcomes are displayed when searching for “digital marketing” for the last 12 months:

  • Digital marketing tools
  • SEO digital marketing
  • Digital marketing affiliate links
  • And more


Website: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=

11. Coschedule

Writing a great headline is crucial, as any blogger, marketer, or copywriter would confirm. A headline is your content’s first contact with the world and often determines whether or not readers will read it. Therefore making it an essential component of the writing process.

In addition to increasing sales and click-through rates, Coschedule can help you create headlines that will increase views on social networks and search engine results. Using Coschedule Headline Analyzer, you can write headlines for blog entries, email subject lines, or social media posts.

The tool evaluates your headline’s overall structure, grammar, length, keyword density, and readability and even shows you sample subject lines for emails and Google searches.

Website: https://coschedule.com/

12. The Most Dangerous Writing App

Have you ever procrastinated writing? If so, this software is for you. A writing tool called The Most Dangerous Writing App deletes everything you’ve written if you stop typing after a set amount of time.

This can be the tool you need if you feel like you have writer’s block or are easily sidetracked by advertisements. Most of us write far too slowly and take an excessive amount of time to consider, mull over, and worry over the words we’re putting down on paper.

When you first use the tool, it might sound intimidating, but after you get used to it, you can use it to get things done and make better use of your time—especially if you have a submission deadline approaching.

Website: https://www.squibler.io/dangerous-writing-prompt-app

13. Power Thesaurus

The thesaurus tool known as Power Thesaurus, which can be used to look for synonyms and acronyms, was created expressly to identify creative versions of familiar phrases. Thesaurus.com, which is run by the same business that runs Dictionary.com, is the most well-known thesaurus tool.

When you write, you may occasionally wish to add words that have a similar meaning, but a powerful thesaurus may help spice up the content. With these tips, you may make your writing better by using more varied vocabulary and creating clearer, more engaging content.

Your word choices reveal a lot about your writing style. Because you could tend to utilize the same meaning repeatedly but with different word kinds, it could occasionally sound cliche. Therefore, a power thesaurus is a tool that can assist you in discovering new expressions that will expand your vocabulary and, as a result, improve your content writing.


These are some of the top writing tools available, so there you have them. A good writing tool may do a lot to keep you motivated, help you focus, increase your vocabulary, and provide you with a fantastic user experience to make the task enjoyable.


Q. What writing tool is most frequently used?

Google Docs is by far the most popular and commonly used writing program.

Q. Why are writing tools necessary?

Software that assists writing is referred to as a writing tool. For instance, writers do have a block in their approach to writing at some point while they pen down their thoughts. This usually takes a lot of time to conclude what to write. But as of now, there are many AI’s that assist writers whenever they reach this situation.

Q. What do content editing tools do?

Software programs called content editing tools are made to assist writers in modifying their work before it is posted online. They include plagiarism detectors, grammar checkers, spell checkers, and more. Some content editors go so far as to make recommendations for enhancing the writing.

Q. What do editing and proofreading tools imply?

ProWriting Aid. 
Hemingway App.
Ginger Software.

Q. Which five writing tools are there?

Microsoft Word.
Google Docs.

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