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TEFL course or in its longer form Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a training program to teach English to those people who are from those countries, that don’t have English as a primary language. The field TEFL represents one of the fastest-growing educational sectors in the world. If you are an aspiring English teacher who completed the TEFL course there are thousands of career scope for teaching English abroad to native and fluent English speakers in all corners of the globe. Having a TEFL certificate is like an important gate pass for your entry to go through the doors of opportunities. 


Ways for Opting the TEFL Course

TEFL course can be done either online, in-person and also there is the option of a combination of both courses.

1. Online TEFL Course

This course is a great choice if flexibility in your schedule and location is your preference. The best option for those people with a busy schedule. The course is often self-paced and is also less expensive compared to an in-person TEFL course.

2. In-Person TEFL Course

In-person TEFL course is a better option for those who want to be TEFL certified in a shorter time. Usually, in few weeks you can complete your TEFL certification course. You can also choose the option of TEFL training abroad. However, these courses are usually more expensive.

3. Combination TEFL Course

This choice is the combination of both online and in-person classes. In this course format, the TEFL course provider will arrange opportunities for you to do in-person teaching with your students. It will give you a chance to apply what you have learned.

4. Accredited TEFL Course

Selecting a TEFL course that is accredited, means the curriculum and methodologies of the course are approved by a third party. For creating that stronger influence on the employer choosing the accredited TEFL course is the best option. Since the majority of employers will only consider applicants whose TEFL certification meets some minimum standard. The accredited TEFL course in the form of assurance of the quality of TEFL course provider.

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5. Importance of an Accredited TEFL Course

Finding something genuine is the most important aspect to consider when choosing the TEFL course. As there are hundreds of courses to choose from, many of those are not of the required standard. Some are created with fake promises of high-quality training at low prices. Some of the advantages that come with the package of accredited TEFL course are:

 An Accredited TEFL course increases your chance of finding a job. Most employers will only consider that applicants whose TEFL certification meets some minimum standards. As the course that is of minimum 100 hours duration. Thus accreditation from a body that sets these standards is most important.

Accredited TEFL course gives you the guarantee of providing good quality training meeting the criteria that are imposed by the accrediting body.

Accredited TEFL course gives you the points of distinction to recognize authentic TEFL course providers and not fall into the trap of shady TEFL course providers.

TEFL Course Duration and Qualification

There are colleges and private training providers all over the world for TEFL courses. You can opt for the TEFL course that is:

Full-time course of 4 weeks or 120-hour duration

The part-time course of 11, 16, or 36 weeks.

Distance learning course.

TEFL qualifications are:                           

Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults ( Cambridge CELTA)

Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages (Trinity CertTESOL)

Level 5 TEFL Diploma.

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6. ESL Teacher

ESL is teaching English as a second language. ESL teacher educates that student whose first language isn’t English. ESL teachers may work with students of all ages and from a variety of backgrounds. They often use real-time context to help students better understand the complexities of the language. ESL teaching includes instructing the students on reading, writing, and to converse effectively. ESL teachers have different options for teaching students. They can teach students in their own country or abroad and also they can work remotely.

7. Responsibility of ESL Teacher

ESL teachers are responsible for preparing lesson plans, preparing progress reports, customizing lessons to accommodate differences in learning style. ESL teachers who are working with adult learners are often required to work for extra teaching hours to cope with the working schedule of their fully employed students. Flexibility is important in their teaching style to work effectively with students of all levels.

8. Skills Needed for EFL Teacher

For a successful EFL teacher, some skills are required as interpersonal communication, problem-solving skills, cultural awareness, foreign language skills, and time management skills. 

9. Online ESL Teacher

Working from home as an online English teacher and earning a full-time income is a perfect career option for all enthusiastic teachers. An online ESL teacher teaches students from all around the world who want to learn English. Students may include both adults and children from around the world. You can also choose to teach either adults or kids. Some of the ways you can work from home as an online ESL teacher:

10. Freelancing

Is a good option for experienced online ESL teachers as they have complete control of their working schedules. Can self decide about the factors as who they want to teach, how to teach them, and what material to use for teaching.

11. Online ESL companies

There are various online ESL companies whose job is to connect online ESL teachers with students. When you work with these companies you work on behalf of that company. It can be a great option for those who want to start a teaching career but don’t want the struggle of advertising themselves.

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List your services on an online marketplace

This is a great option of working from home for online ESL teachers if you are beginning your online teaching career. If you want to focus on teaching adults rather than younger students. They are free to sign up, an individual can apply via their websites and their requirements are lower than online ESL companies.

Teaching the English language to a non-native speaker or the speaker of another language is a wonderful career choice, but one should also keep in mind some important factors. Teaching ESL abroad is a great way to improve your teaching skill, also it is a way to connect with students who might come from a different culture.  

Here are the 10 facts about the TEFL course and Teaching ESL that you should be familiar with:

1. Great Way of Familiarizing

Visiting any country for a vacation time and experiencing their culture is one thing, but immersing yourself into another culture for a period of time is actually enriching, allowing you to live and work in some incredible places. This is a great way to understand a new culture, forming a deep connection with an international crowd.

 If you are working as an ESL teacher getting involved in local events of that place is also one of the add-ons which might never happen in your normal job. With the English language teacher career option, you can broaden your horizon geographically. It provides you that fabulous prospect. English is the language of the international business world, so there are students all over the world looking for a certified English teacher. There are endless options and most of the teaching jobs also offer advice and assistance in visa processing and accommodation facility.   

2. Variation of ESL Teaching Jobs

There is a wide variation of jobs depending on the particular place or location. About English teaching job opportunities there are lots of information floating in the information world. Some of the information is sometimes true and sometimes they’re not. You should make proper research to figure out any option before your final decision. The range depends on factors as where you want to teach, who you want to teach, how long you want to teach, your teaching style, etc.

Deciding on the place you want to teach is going to make a difference not only to yourself but also decides how well you are going to do your job. Choosing the foreign destination you want to work in might be the most difficult and important choice to make. Every place is the glory in itself. There are different pros and cons related to a particular destination. But you have to be clear in your vision of what you are looking for.

3. Significance of TEFL Certification

However TEFL certification isn’t technically required for qualified teachers. But it is super beneficial for your professional development and your success as a TEFL teacher in abroad countries. There are different methods of teaching skills needed for teaching your subject matter in a foreign language. TEFL certification is important for any aspiring teacher to teach either in abroad countries or for an online ESL teacher.

The TEFL certification course prepares you for teaching non-native English speakers. Opting for a formal TEFL course will not only add a valuable certification to your resume. But some of the courses also provide support in job search, help with resumes, and recommendation. The key focus of the TEFL course is the learning skills to teach English language learners, adapting the required teaching style and strategies for each student. Thus, if you want to start a career in teaching the English language it is worth getting TEFL certified.

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4. Provide Wide Areas of Opportunities

ESL training to non-native speakers is a fast-growing sector. Since English is an important medium of communication globally. TEFL course provides an excellent career scope for ESL trainers. They can enjoy an international career along with a high pay package. ESL teaching not only provides one with a scope to travel the world but also develops their personality in such a way that one is ready to adapt to any given situation or location.

 As with ESL teaching skills the person gained, it can be applied to every field or career they enter. Since with the experience of ESL teaching, the person develops the quality of leadership, organization, management, mind reading, and much more are there. It’s like if you can teach, you can do almost anything. Many countries around the world provide excellent TEFL job opportunities to work as an EFL/ ESL trainer.

5. Grammar and Creativity in Lesson Plan

Teaching grammar to ESL students is one of the toughest tasks commonly faced by most ESL instructors. Also understanding it and conveying them in an understandable way is also challenging. Being an ESL teacher it is their duty, to make sure their students understand how grammar works and how to use it. As in traditional teaching patterns there is a specific curriculum that must be followed by the teachers.

Thus there is no scope for creative ideas and thoughts. Some academies may require you to follow a specific course material but the method of implementing them is always in your hand as long as you are still meeting the goals set by your academy. As an ESL teacher, you can make that variation. Since learning is an ever-ending process. Similar to the student, the teacher also learns with them, however with the nice and structured curriculum and with practice you can become a perfect ESL teacher.

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6. Growing Demand for ESL Teachers

Due to the concept of TEFL, many teachers have to leave their school at the end of their contract, sometimes to move on to another school in another destination or to return to their home. This clarifies that every year, there are thousands of job openings at the place wherever you want to teach. Since English is the international language of communication, and it is a skill that is in high demand. English language teaching skills have an enormous effect on a person’s academic and career success.

Because of the demand for English teachers, many non-native speakers opt for the choice of training to be English teachers because of the wide scope of job opportunities provided. ESL teachers help the student understand the fundamentals of the language and increases the understanding level of all its aspects. Teaching ESL means that you need to spend extra time explaining the language so that you can then perfectly explain the classroom lesson.  

7. Acceptance of Technology for Learning

Technology is an important aspect of our lives. In the present time, it is an important tool for learning any language also. Computers, tablets, e-readers can be instrumental in learning English. As they offer interesting, interactive, and motivating activities for students of all ages. ESL teachers working abroad will be increasingly expected to contain technology as a part of their teaching methodology.  

Thus, the ESL teachers who are planning to teach abroad should be prepared to adapt to the classroom environment in which there is a blend of both online and classroom-based learning. As blended learning will be the norm of teaching English. In the classroom, ESL learning is expected by including more use of technology it may be on smartphones, tablets, or interactive games, etc. An online ESL teacher also uses technology to teach English using interactive approaches, conversations, games, activities, and role-playing.

8. Benefit of Multilingual

When you are hired as an ESL teacher you may be placed in non-English speaking countries or atmosphere. Since there is a higher demand for ESL teachers in non-native English-speaking countries. The concept behind having a teacher who can speak native-level English is to provide that related atmosphere to the students that allow for total immersion in the classroom and also promoting better communication in English among the students. Depending on the location where you are teaching you may be required to learn other languages to express and communicate yourself more effectively with your students.

However, knowledge of a foreign language isn’t a necessity for being an ESL teacher. It overall depends on your personal preference. But knowing some of the local phrases will be definitely of help if you are placed in a foreign location. Having a basic knowledge of some words in the local language will make your life much easier running the daily task of life

9. Option of Volunteering

For those who aren’t sure if teaching overseas is your cup of tea. This one is the best option you can first try on. It is one of the great ways to learn about the ESL student group. As one of the key features of volunteer English teaching is that it allows you to picture yourself in a paid position. If you want to teach anywhere in the world, volunteering will open up a huge range of possibilities. Before you are ever fully committed to make this lifestyle work for you. Since visa processing is difficult in many of the countries but because of volunteering, you’ll be able to go to these places.

Volunteer positions at summer camps in places like Italy and Spain are especially popular. The volunteering position also gives you more free time to explore the place which you have chosen for ESL teaching. Since this position requires a lower time commitment. Usually less than 20 hours per week. Nevertheless, you still need to take the job seriously. But utilizing that time to become familiar with the place is a pretty good idea though.

10. Vacation Time

This is one of the biggest perks of becoming a teacher. Summer vacation is a chance to relax. As for all those hard-working teachers, some time off is much deserved to recharge their batteries. But vacation policy is different everywhere. Some of the positions are great for vacation and offer as much as three months of time off other positions however are much more unassuming giving approximately two weeks vacation a year.

 So, before joining any company or school make sure to ask questions and carefully review any contract and employment agreement. At every places vacation policies is different. But as it is said, “ A teacher’s work is never done”! many teachers also enrol in professional development courses, works on curriculum projects, teach in summer camps,  attend seminars or workshops, studying the language of their new host country, etc.


The demand for English teachers is at an all-time high. The career prospects for ESL teachers are not only raising in countries such as China, South Korea, and Brazil. But is also growing in countries where English is an official language, such as the USA, UK, Canada, etc. TEFL certificate is a qualification that’s recognized internationally. ESL teachers work with students all over the world who come from different cultures and language backgrounds.

 The English language plays a very important role for the people whose native language is not English. For effective communication, language skill is very important. Thus, ESL teachers must make language skills an important part of their lesson planning. Teaching English as a second language provides the fundamental language skills that equip non-native speakers for future success in schools, business, career, and to the society at large.

Thus, if you have a passion for the English language and a desire to help non-native speakers you can use it to enrich their lives and can bring that sense of fulfilment for your contribution to society.  

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What is the role of an ESL teacher?

ESL or English as a Second Language teacher specializes in teaching non-native speakers of all ages and levels in reading, writing, and conversing of the English language effectively.

Does a TEFL course is required for ESL teachers?

In some countries, a TEFL course is mandatory for an ESL teaching job. TEFL course will give you the required teaching skill, job guidance and will make you best prepare for your future career.

What is the role of an online ESL teacher?

Online ESL teacher conducts their classes in virtual method, rather than traditional, classroom settings. With online ESL teaching, you can conduct classes from anywhere in the world.  

What are the ways to work as an online ESL teacher?

For working as an online ESL teacher you can work with online ESL companies, sign up on teaching job websites, can also choose the option of freelancing.

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