The most desirable of any kind of job is the prospect of the opportunity of travel the job can offer with a good salary. Who wouldn’t wish to be a part of such glorious occupation? If not anyone, a wanderlust out there would understand well what it means to earn well and have the opportunity to travel.

2021 seems to be a challenging year. What with the pandemic that has made the world come to a standstill, the education sector is the worst hit. The restriction of staying confined to home safety has thrown the education sector to the edge. Nonetheless, online education is a life saviour.

Travel wanderers can make use of this time to bag a TEFL Certification Online to make sure that travelling and earning resumes right after the world gets back to normal.

The below list will help you learn about the best TEFL Course Online to start your TEFL course certification journey in 2021.  

1. Henry Harvin Education

 Henry Harvin is one of the biggest web-based learning communities that has won the market of online education with its demanding services.


Building a career overseas can be a daunting job without proper guidance. Henry Harvin’s TEFL Course promises to carve this path for you with professional guidance and access to the top-notch community of job providers looking for immediate recruitment.

Simple to get to, simple to learn, and simple to execute has made the web instructional supplier accomplish a demanding space in the online community.

This is a 120-hours TEFL/TESOL online accreditation course that will help you understand every nook and cranny of the career.

Course Insight

This is a 40hours trainer-driven course with 24 hours of Community meetings spread more than a year. The students get 50 hours of E-learning access with plentiful course content, easy-to-apply instructional methods, video content, and much more. The course is jam-loaded with the advantage of limitless access to multiple trainers for 1 year from the time of admission. This means a student can revise the same content from various trainers spread over a year. 

Course Takeaways

•Access to 1200+ Jobs in 20+ COUNTRIES GLOBALLY.

•American Association of EFL (AAEFL) Certification.

•Attend Unlimited Batches with various educators for a year.

•Live projects+ Recorded Videos+ Internship+ Interview skills+ Weekly Job support + professional services+ Access to E-Learning + 44 free Modules + network with 23000+ recognized alumni around the world.

•12+ Webinars to Brush-up the ideas.

•Mobile App Access to Moodle E-Learning Portal.

Weave your creative English ideas with Henry Harvin’s professional TEFL course certification to fabricate a solid career overseas.

Check out- TEFL Course in Delhi

2. myTEFL

myTEFL with its 35 years of TEFL experience settles on an incredible demand for TEFL Course Online. Regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or searching for updating your classroom management abilities, my TEFL has everything to offer that suits your demand.

Course Insight

This is a 120-hour course which comes in 4 classifications.

Basic with $139 USD for 40 hours and Advanced with $249 USD for 80 hours, Professional with $299 USD for 12 Hours. Online Education includes Master TEFL Instructor with $349 USD for 140 hours. Visit the site for more data.

Course Takeaways

•Accredited Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate 

•Instructor-drove and Tech Support With Personalized Feedback

•24/7 Worldwide Access to Your Course Via Multiple Devices

•Charitable Contribution

•Free TEFL Job Placement Assistance For Life.

•Lifetime Course and Library Access

Apply for myTEFL TEFL course online and connect with professional educators on board to assist you to land on potential job providers seeking to gather up myTEFL graduates.

Visit myTEFL for more details.

3. International TEFL Academy

In your search for TEFL course certification, you probably would have already found out about International TEFL Academy.

International TEFL Academy has instructed more than 5,500 English teachers in more than 25 areas everywhere in the world and alone in 2018. Globally certified by a few recognized associations and a professional-driven study venture has carved a successful path for   International TEFL Academy to win its direction through student’s demands for an information-stuffed and job-oriented TEFL course content.

In case you’re somebody who is gotten with the trepidation of effectively crossing the bridge of TEFL certification to settle abroad, ITA offers an aide from day 1 to make your excursion less overwhelming.

ITA offers a practical approach to get through TEFL certification program. It is recognized by the GOAbroad.com Choice Award for Best International Organization in 2018 with about 5,000+ individuals trained every year to teach English Overseas. The alumni have worked in 80 nations overall permitting ITA to pack an A+ rating from the learners.

Course Insight

This is a 170-hour Online TEFL certification program that qualifies students for showing up for teaching jobs online and abroad in over 80+ nations. ITA provides 150 hours of coursework and 20 hours of in-person preparation to make you qualified to run a classroom online and offline.

TEL has designed the course with a time demand of 10-12 hours each week to help you sail through the journey of TEFL certification. Visit the ITA site for more details. Selecting the right place to teach abroad is the first challenge for the learners. TEL has got your back by recommending to you some of the desired job seekers looking for immediate placement with a good salary.

Course Takeaways

•Earn a lifetime; authorized Online TEFL accreditation that qualifies the students to apply for jobs in over 80+ countries.

•Work with the ITA counselor to design your journey. All the ITA consultants have worked abroad and had the experience firsthand. ITA professionals understand your demands and give you valuable feedback.

•Learn from ITA professional educators available 24/7 to provide the required assistance.

Visit International TEFL Academy for more information.

4. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

International TEFL and TESOL Training was established in 1993 and are the only online TESOL course provider that is licensed by the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organization. With knowledge-packed information and detailed insight into the necessary skills required for an English instructor, ITTT with no second guess is another incredible choice for you.

Course Insight

IIIT has come up with a variety of program structure-Online courses, In-class courses, and combined courses-each meeting the demands of the participants with the best services. The courses are internationally accredited and satisfies global standards.

You can give wings to your dream of teaching abroad with IIIT worldwide TEFL course certification.

IIIT additionally gives EFL/ESL instructors with the demanding skills and preparation needed to be a refreshed and compelling TESOL educator.

Online Course Options-

60 hr TESOL/TEFL certificate course

* 120 hr TESOL/TEFL certificate course.

* 50 hr certificate in teaching young learners: CTEYL

* 50 hr certificate in teaching Business English: CTBE

* 140 hr TESOL/TEFL DVD certificate course.

* 250 hr Diploma: Diploma in TESOL.

Program Duration

1-2 Weeks

2-4 Weeks

5-8 Weeks

9-12 Weeks

Course Takeaways

•All course materials

•24 hour Tutor support

•Internationally acclaimed affirmation

All the courses are 100% available online and will make you qualified for working or chipping in as an English language educator at home or abroad.

5. Asian College Of Teachers

If you are determined about changing your career prospective and settling abroad, AST places you in a decent place to go ahead with your vision. AST is as of now working in India and 15 others nations- UK, USA, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and others.

Bagging multiple awards with a 40,000 + Alumni base and 14 years of experience Asian College Of educators (AST) has a course variety meeting the needs of individual learners.

Course Insight

AST conducts synergistic classes for anybody intrigued to learn the whole way across the globe from home solace. Choose a region in Teaching Young Learners or Adults and dive into live meetings with mentors and cultivate peer association and collective learning.

Go for any class choice and resume your TEFL course venture virtually. Visit ACT official site to become familiar with the courses.

Course Takeaways

•Course charge ranging from 8,000 INR-45,000 INR (Taxes as relevant)

•Globally recognized certification.

•ACT TEFL courses are credited by TESOL Canada and TESOL USA

•ACT guarantees a 100% situation ensure.

A TEFL certification from a challenging TEFL course supplier like Asia College of Teacher (AST) will assist you with securing deep-rooted freedom to live and work abroad as an EFL/ESL educator.

AST offers you plenty job choices to start your career immediately after the completion of your certificate. You can easily apply for the courses from the solace of your home.

Visit https://www.asiancollegeofteachers.com/ for more details.

6. INTESOL Worldwide

“Set free the Wanderlust in you and travel the long-desired destinations through the TESOL Teach and Travel Program,” says INTESOL WORLDWIDE. Meeting the needs of teacher trainers in addition to understanding the prerequisites of a comprehensive study hall, INTESOL has painstakingly coordinated its practices to properly satisfy the needs of the learners.

INTESOL is the most seasoned and rumored TEFL training institution that is composing its victory tales for 23 years.

The students are trained with modern technologies and demonstrated practices in the best way which has acquired INTESOL its worldwide acknowledgment.

Course Insight

TEFL Online courses allows time adaptability permitting the students to seek after the courses whenever it might suit them with 24 hours support from a gifted guide.

The course incorporates 120 Hour TEFL+ 150 Hour TESOL+ 180 Hour TESOL+350 Hour TESOL+ IELTS Training+ Teaching English to Young Learners + Teaching Business English. Each course is globally recognized which opens pathways for the learners to teach in any part of the world.

Course Takeaways

•Globally recognized TEFL instructor-led courses

•Flexible study choice with no time limit

•Pursue an ALP, a trusted UK-based awarding association credited TEFL course.

•Pursue adaptable TEFL course accessible in various: Online, face to face, and mix of both.

•Highly qualified and trainer drove courses.

•Gain access to the well-known TEFL job seekers.

•Job help is accessible to every one of the students as per their choices after the finishing of the course.

INTESOL doesn’t give an age cutoff and anybody over the age of 18 years can apply for TEFL accreditation. The students don’t need prerequisite knowledge to apply for the courses.

7. AP Teacher Training Institute

This TEFL online course is another choice for somebody who needs to venture to every part of the world and make money simultaneously. AP Teacher Training Institute offers classes both online and distance education. 

APTTI combines the most recent strategies for TEFL, second language procurement, grammar teaching, skills to enhance language proficiency, diverse homeroom the board, and ESL Lesson arranging.

Course Insight

Certificate in TEFL

Span: 120hrs/4 months

Course Fees: USD 199/Rs. 12,000 + GST

Level: Basic

Diploma in TEFL

Time: 200 Hours/a half year

Course Fees: USD 299/Rs 18,000 + GST

Level: Advance

PG Diploma in TEFL with One Specialization

This course is specially planned for Young Learners of Business English.

Duration: 280 Hours/10 months

Course Fees: USD 399/Rs 25,000 + GST

Level: Expert

PG Diploma in TEFL/TESOL (Two Specialization)

This course is specially planned for Young Learners and Business English.

Duration: 360 Hours/a year

Course Fees: USD 549/Rs 35,000 + GST

Level: Expert

PG Diploma in TEFL/TESOL (5 Specialization)

This course is particularly designed to teach Young Learners, Teaching Business English, Teaching Phonology, Teaching Grammar and Classroom Management

Duration: 540 hours/year and a half

Course Fees: USD 600/Rs 40,000 + GST

Level: High End

Course Takeaways

•Learn without time and location limitations.

•Internationally acclaimed coaches. Learn under the guidance of scholarly tutors from North America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

•Certified courses

•Offers free help and regular job updates.

AP Teacher Training Institute has very much planned its course to prepare you for showing the English language to non-local speakers. The competitors applying for APTTI are effectively positioned in schools, foundations, and corporate areas.

Visit https://www.onlineteacherstraining.com/ for further details.

8. Oxford TEFL

Oxford TEFL was established in the year 1998 and has effectively prepared 5000 instructors since then. The master coach group on board is qualified with at least DELTA/DipTESOL. Trainers are themselves indulged in the TEFL industry which makes it simple for the students to draw the roadmap to abroad as instruction comes from the firsthand experience of the mentors.

British Council certified Cambridge CELTA and the Trinity Diploma in TESOL courses with different projects has acquired little acknowledgment past the city the course is offered. 

As an Oxford Candidate, you will doubtlessly discover the way to TEFL vocations with professional coaches.

Course Insight


Online TEFL Starter

Advanced TEFL

Trinity DipTESOL


Cambridge CELTA (100% on the web, full-time)

Cambridge CELTA (100% on the web, low maintenance)

Cambridge CELTA in Barcelona

See all CELTA courses

Course Takeaways

•Prepare TEFL CV/Resume.

•Indulge in demo class planning.

•Get told of new position opportunities. Join Oxford TEFL Jobs Facebook page to keep up to date.

•Receive a list of jobs around the world.

•Get Visa Support and work grants (if necessary).

•Receive Oxford references into occupations- Oxford composes a reference for you!

•Join Oxford TEFL Connect Community to connect with different educators, get connections to partake in events, receive links to join online workshops and online courses, or request learning sessions from mentors. Oxford TEFL Connect has got everything covered.

Join Oxford TEFL Connect to support your learning experience. Oxford TEFL Connect is a platform for TEFL teachers and a go-to-place to discuss your difficulties with people from inside the field and get direction from experienced instructors. Oxford TEFL Connect is for all as of late qualified TEFL educators or instructors who are searching for opportunities to look over their skills and associate with different educators from different parts of the world.

9. International TEFL and TESOL Ltd

ITT (International TEFL And TESOL LTD) is an enlisted organization in the UK. It additionally has affiliations in the US, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Thailand, South Africa, and 42 different nations.

As an International TEFL and TESOL Ltd learner, you receive guaranteed opportunities to work in countries like China or Vietnam. ITT helps you with the entire process of legalizing your certificate for $40 to$200 relying upon your necessity.

Course Insight

ITT gives 5 specific TEFL Online courses that you can finish with your time preference. Every module is packed with videos, texts, and quizzes. You can finish the courses at your speed which implies you can have limitless access to the course materials.

•Basic EFL/ESL Learning: 60 Hours with $65.00

•Advanced Learning: 120 Hours with $89.00

•Professional Teacher: 180 Hours with $119.00

•200 Hours Teaching Practice: 200 hours with $219.00

•Government Regulated: 168 Hours with $209.00

Course Takeaways

•Learn Essay Writing

•Classroom Management

•Lesson planning

•Learn the best ways to instruct language structure to youthful students.

•Learn how to prepare students to compose academic writing.

•Learn how to instruct online to a youthful student.

•Learn the teaching of phonics.

• Courses licensed and perceived around the world.

•Guaranteed Job placement.

10. i-to-i

Completely credited and controlled by the UK and US Government, i-to-i is the number 1 supplier of TEFL courses with 99% business accomplishment with most TEFL instructors working around the world.

To help you start your TEFL venture, i-to-i has thought of the idea of Pay in 2. Pay in 2 is essentially an installment choice offered by i-to-i to pay for a 420 Hour Advanced TEFL Diploma in two portions. The students pay half of the underlying instalment that opens total admittance to every one of the courses and materials. The remaining can be paid within 30 days of your joining.

Course Insight

TEFL Certificate: 180 Hours on the web ($270.00)

TEFL DIPLOMA: 300 Hours Online ($440.00)

TEFL Advanced Diploma: 420 Hours Online ($300)

Course Takeaways

•US Recognized Courses (DEAC – supported)

•FREE Study Guides

•Bank on highest paying job suppliers. 

•100% online and accessible 24/7

Without further ado launch into your TEFL adventure today with i-to-i TEFL course online.


The above TEFL course providers are in no order of preference. Go for your own choice of TEFL online educator which adheres to your requirements and build a wonderful learning trail to teach and settle in abroad

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2. Does a TEFL certificate enhance the chance to teach abroad?

Yes, a TEFL certificate certainly enhances the chance to teach abroad. All the top job providers look for a TEFL certification in the desired candidate.

3.Does a TEFL certificate guarantees employment?

Yes, TEFL certification guarantees 100% employment.

4. Is TEFL a good career choice?

Yes, TEFL is a good career choice. It is entirely possible to make a good career out of TEFL.

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